Monday, June 14, 2010

Project #2...

Good morning, lovlies!

Well, Project #2 was a kinda, sorta, instantaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, type of thing.

I headed to the building supply store to look for my fav color in a quart of paint to slap on the sap buckets that hold pots of lavender on my front porch. I nabbed those wonderful little treasures at a lake shore antique market hubby and I visit once a year during the summer - a huge old barn on the way to the lake shore, filled to the brim with treasures and trinkets. 
We always find something there to take home.

  Those buckets have graced that prized spot on the porch since we moved here - holding fragrant lavender in the summer and glorious rose-colored mums during the autumn months.

But I was soooo tired of looking at pink buckets.  I needed a change. I needed "Heaven's Walk Blue", ya know?  Something more sea-sidey and beachy looking. Pink had played it's part in my life for a while, but with the new beachy spin on Heaven's Walk, 
it was time for a change.

This is the only photo I have of those buckets. 
Ha!  But wait til you see the finished product!

So I stood there in front of all those sample chips of paint searching...searching...
Til my eyes landed on the color my heart was aching for.

Back at home, I eagerly opened up the paint can and instantly fell in love.

I first sprayed black gloss paint down onto the rims of the buckets.  I wanted to give them that old French sap bucket feel.  When that was dry, I coated those babies with that beautiful, perfect sea-green, aqua, green/blue - whatever you want to call it - color.  Actually I fell in love with the name of paint, too.  "SEA ISLE".  Nice, hmmm?  It was perfect! I couldn't believe that it actually matched the color in Heaven's Walk sign.

 Ok.  So this is not the greatest photo for you....BUT I'm also giving you a peek at Project #3, too, that was also very very fly-by-my-seat and spur of the moment.

After sitting many times in that rocker at my friend, G's, antique shop and having a hot cup of tea with her, for some odd reason, last fall I decided that it must come home with me.
Why hadn't I noticed how wonderful it was before?  

Must'ave been a 'blonde' 'senior moment'......

Must'ave been whatever she spiked my tea with.....

It was originally white from what I could tell.  Someone had painted it a purpley blue color. It was ok, but not my idea of the perfect beach side rocker.  I knew that I would paint it someday. And I also knew what color I wanted it.

You can just make out the color of it in this pic.  
(Along with the 'before' sap buckets...)

HOWEVER, come to find out - Krylon stopped manufacturing my absolutely most favorite color spray paint in the entire world called "Tidepool". 

It was very close to the "Sea Isle" I found, but with a tad more gray to it.  And in spray form.  Much easier for painting wicker.

I was devastated!!! I was panicking! I was desperate!!  I called around, Googled it, wrote to Krylon, begging and whimpering how I needed more of that spray paint!  I had projects to complete! Didn't they understand?!  I even suggested to them to create a special colors for different type 'themes' customers were trying to convey. Like a City Theme (grays, blacks, whites, taupes), a Garden Theme (roses, pinks, purples), 
a Beach Theme (TIDEPOOL, whites, aquas, blues, tan) get the idea. 

Evidently, they didn't think much of it.  I never heard a word back.....

Sooo....with wet brush in hand, I tentatively started painting the wicker with "Sea Isle".  Dabbing, squishing, globbing, swiping. I had no idea how long this was going to take me, but by George, I was going to do it.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. Yes, it took longer than spraying it would have - and my brush looked almost as bad as the one did after poking into all those lattice squares on my arbor (see "Square by Square" on 5/11 for that intriguing story).

But I was just jumping for joy with the results.

Is that not THE most beautiful color in the whole world?

What do you think?

So.....two more projects completed at Heaven's Walk.
I think it's been a very productive spring so far!

How are your spring projects coming?

Oh, and before you go.....I would so appreciate any ideas you could offer up to this chic who is in a dilemma.

Should I paint my front door?  
If so....what color?

I was actually considering slathering it with 'Sea Isle', but just not sure if it would compliment the forest green roof shingles.....or doesn't that matter?


{ Hugs } to you all!

~ laurie



  1. Oh Laurie~~~the chair and buckets look wonderful!!!! LOVE that color against the white siding. Your chair cushions look super with the new color too.
    What a lovely little corner of Heaven.
    Hugs, sister of mine.

  2. Laurie-Everything looks Lawrence Welk used to say (not a fan myself but my mother loved him).. I absolutely ADORE the shade you picked. Perfect! I think your door would look fine in that color. We have a green roof too (white siding) and, sad to say, we have the same dark green door as our roof. But, I would not hesitate to try the Tidepool color. I mean~if you hate it a repaint on the door is a pretty quick fix....use it through the summer-by Fall you will know whether it is right or not. Oh! You are one person I wish I lived closer to...we would have SOO much fun-with all our projects. I am not allowed to visit some friends anymore because I "create projects" for them (some of them (read that as almost all) are quite un-handy) and it puts a burden on their husbands to do a "Diana Says"! LOL- Personally, I think it's good for them!

  3. I did not know Kyrlon discontinued "Tidepool" I better really think what project to use what I have left of it on.

    Sea Isle looks nice on the computer screen. Is that a Krylon color too?

  4. Rita - "Sea Isle" is a Valspar brand, I believe. I picked it up at my local True Value Hardware store, and I think they carry Valspar paint. It's not "Tidepool" for sure, but very close, and comes in cans, not spray, unfortunately.

    Diana - thanks for the encouragement! :) I may just slap some "Sea Isle" on there this week to see what it looks like!

    Debbie - Muuuwa! xoxo

  5. Laurie-I forgot to tell you before-Your garden bed by your porch-looks absolutely, divine(ly)(digustingly) weed free. Shall I send you some weed seeds so it can look like mine? (okay-I'm jealous-it is beautiful). D

  6. LOL! Thanks, Diana! I'm insanely obsessive about weeds poking their intrusive little heads up in my gardens. They don't live long around here! :) Plus I swear by 'Preen & Green'. It helps with my!

  7. You know what? Your porch area looks GORGEOUS! The buckets, the chair, everything. SO pretty!

  8. That is a gorgeous color! I love all of the colors of the sea and like your idea of the collections! Beautiful flower bed and porch! ♥

  9. It looks wonderful. I like the color. If you had a paint sprayer you could just have the paint color matched. My paint sprayer was my biggest downfall because now I want to paint everything. I even asked my husband if we could paint our '96 Civic ourselves.


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