Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project #1: Completed

Good morning, friends! How are you?

Ok. So I've kept you in suspense long enough, I guess.  I know that I promised in an earlier post that I'd share with you a couple projects that I had been diligently working on and had happily completed. 

(and I'm still wondering why in the world I waited so long do start them...)

Project #1:  Tired Old Outhouse

When hubby and I moved here, we were delighted to see the original outhouse sitting out in the back yard, snuggled up to a maple tree and facing the side of the barn.

(Though we were MUCH more delighted to see bathrooms inside the house!)

It was painted a deep pine green and trimmed in white - which was okay, but it blended into the surrounding landscaping and felt a little non-descript and dated. The paint was chipping and peeling from years and years of sitting out in the sun, and was sorely neglected. 

But to be truthful, it was actually still very much usable. In fact, the guys who re-roofed our house last summer used it all the time - soggy toilet paper roll and all (among discarded acorns and walnuts from wintering chipmunks and squirrels, who evidently were quite cozy all winter long).

It needed a little TLC (and a fresh roll of t-paper).

I had tried to make it look a tad bit more welcoming (and not so scary) by hanging an antique lantern by the door, added a cement birdbath, and had done a little gardening around the poor thing, but it was time for a more intense make-over.

So, after a good power wash, I was ready for paint.  My sister, Debbie (at told me about the new Behr Ultra paint her husband (who works at Home Depot) suggested.  It contains a primer along with the paint. 
So it takes less coats.

What a great idea!

The next issue was color.

And why, do you ask, would color be an issue?

What color would YOU paint it?
Hubby so lovingly suggested that I should paint it red..."like the barn, honey."

"WHAT??!  RED?  ICK!  ARE YOU KIDDING?" I thought, 
my eyes all squinty and mouth curled in disgust.

"Honey, I think white would be better so that it matches the house," I said out loud, 
smiling sweetly.

"No, I think it should match the barn," he pressed.

controlling the urge to roll my eyes.

"Honey, don't you want it brought back to it's original state?  It used to be white, you know.
Trust me. White will look better," I said out loud and
insanely sweet.

He shook his head and rolled his eyes...

Of course, I took that as him giving in.  
Wouldn't you?  *wink

So after only two days of painting and two coats of paint,
the project was completed!

I painted an old window frame and hung it on the side of the outhouse to give the structure more texture and interest.

And after freshening up the lantern with a new coat of spray paint, hung that back up.

And, of course, placed a new roll of t-paper inside. 

The tired, old outhouse looked neat, clean, and became a trio with our house and new arbor.  
It just seemed to 'fit' now. It sparkled in the sunshine.

So, during happy hour on our deck that evening, hubby so eloquently said, 
"You know.  It DOES look nice painted white. You were right...
.........this time."

Cue --- rolling of MY eyes....

Stay tuned for Project #2.

Sweetly yours!

~ laurie


  1. LOVE it Laurie! You did a great job. I did an old red garage one time (our neighbors let me as it abutted both properties). I spray painted the back of a window with black paint, and painted the frame and mullions white) and mounted it on the side of the garage. It looked so "real" because of that black window that people would forget and hear and noise and go up to peer in the window. I can't wait to see your next project.

    Good choice on the Behr...that is all I ever use anymore...and Consumer Reports puts it right up at the top for price and quality.

  2. Oh Laurie...I love the way the little outhouse turned out!!! So sweet! as sweet as an outhouse can be. The window sash and lantern really finish it off. Good job sis!
    Thank you for the mention of lakehouse...muah.
    Love ya!

  3. Too fun! It looks great!! The white is so clean and fresh!

  4. Hello Laurie.. Your little outhouse is soo charming! Great color choice! I have been poking aroung your blog some and I am your newest follower :-)
    I love that top view of the hosta in the sweet woodruff.. That is gorgeous!!

  5. yes an outhouse should be white LOL. Love the transformation. I can remember my grandparents had outhouses in the filbert orchards when I was a kid. The TP was a Sears or Wards catalog--ewwwwhhh now when I think about it... pretty gross!
    btw--thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  6. haha your answer on my give away post made me laugh... I will ask for your husbands name if you win unless you want to cook your vanilla yogurt ;)

  7. Good evening Heaven's Walk,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your outhouse transformation glad you went with the white.

  8. You were right, the white looks great and the window and fountain are just the right touches to bring it all together. So awesome you have a property old enough to have the original outhouse!

  9. What a wonderful transformation!

  10. I began reading and came to the question...of what color and said out loud...definitely WHITE! Kept reading...and *grin* you painted it WHITE! Now just hang a pretty wreath of flowers on the door...and done! lol :) It looks great!

  11. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by BenderOak Gifts. Your Blog and your blog posts are so pretty. I found this post so inspiring (and more of them, lol!) My Boyfriend and I are currently looking at houses, and our dream is to find a little place with it's own little outbuildings (even an outhouse)! It's amazing what you've done with some paint and creativity.


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