Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blingy Little Chandy & Brass Knuckles

Thank you all so much for your encouraging, supportive, and heartwarming comments concerning my new running regime.
You made me smile with each one and I wanted to reach out and hug each and every one of you! 
Many of you mentioned that you were inspired to get back in an exercise routine
or keep going with the one you already had. That was so wonderful to hear!
I'm so glad to be a part of a community of gals who are incredibly open, honest, 
and willing to share their faith and encouragement 
- not only with me but with all those who read the comments.
You touched us all, you know.  :)
 I will be praying for all of you as I run each day.
You are an inspiration and a true blessing! 
We CAN do this...together!

I received a Facebook message from my fellow junkin' sister, Pam, last week Saturday.

"Found new shop we MUST check out.
Want 2 go?"

She didn't have to ask me twice.

So, the next morning, under a cold, dark and stormy sky promising thunder,
we made our way to the small town of Allegan -
the same place where the summer monthly antique market is held.
We were headed out of town a few miles,
off the beaten path to a place called 

Located at 3791 - 122nd Avenue in Allegan, MI

 This impressive 6,000 square foot shop boasted repurposed and redesigned goods and furniture created by passionate artists who meet the green generation by creating artwork out of the past. It is a place of one of a kind, eclectic custom creations.
No photos were allowed to be taken in the store because of the uniqueness of each piece, but it was truly a feast for the eyes and a place to inspire!

As we wandered the aisles, amidst oohing and ahhing and pointing of fingers, 
my eyes landed on this sweet, little blingy chandy hanging over a vintage door.

I stared.
I oohed.
I ahhed.
I smiled at it.
It smiled back.
I asked if it worked.
It did.
I told it, "I must have you!"

I plan on finally kicking the light on our second floor landing to the curb 
and replacing it with this charming little beauty.
So long, old boob light.
Hello, gorgeous!


maybe it'll end up over the side table in the guest room...
OR maybe over my bedside table.
Decisions, decisions...

After a couple of hours nosing around, trying on some really cool what I call "mixed media" clothing
(mix of sweater/lace/denim in one piece),
we hugged our treasures to our chests and headed out to our next destination.

As the dark clouds rolled and boiled overhead, threatening more rain, 
we followed an old sign pointing the way down a dirt road...
 into a deserted parking lot...
overgrown with weeds.

" you know where you're going? This just doesn't look right. There's nobody here, 
and it just looks spooky..." (I asked hesitantly)

"Don't worry!  I know where we're going!" (sounding way too confident for her own good)
"It's right up here!"
(This coming from a woman who weighs 98 pounds soaking wet.)

"Uhhhhhh......THIS place? This looks reeeeally creepy. Are you sure it's even open.....?"
(secretly hoping that it wasn't and we could turn around and escape back to civilization) 

"Yup!  See the sign?  It's open! Truuuuuust me!" (sounding even more confident than before)

Yeah.  Ok.  Sure....

While attempting to push any thoughts of being burglarized, abducted, 
or just plain never heard from again,
I cautiously got out of the car and followed overly-confident-Pam into the cavernous old building.

After an initial few minutes of being creeped out because there was just something weird about this place, 
the owner walked out of the back room.

My mind went into overdrive.

OK...what are you going to do if he tries to grab either of us...?
I'll hit him with this big lamp.
Is there a back door to this place....?
Yeah, behind HIM.
Is he following me.....???
How fast can you run in heeled boots, Shoemaker....?

[Sorry. But that's just the way my mind rolls, folks.
I was brought up to be overly cautious and very aware of my surroundings at all times.
I even carry my keys between my fingers like brass knuckles on the way from a store to my car in case I have to pop someone in the chin with my fist.]

Didn't expect that out of me, now did you?  :)

Anyway, the owner was gracious and welcoming.
He gave us both a great deal on the treasures we dug out of the mountains of junk in the warehouse-like building.
There was everything from old Christmas ornaments to retro vacuum cleaners,
piles of suitcases to vintage furniture.
One of which was a beautiful dresser with girlie legs and embellished corners that kept calling my name from a darkened corner.
I looked at her twice, squinted my eyes and imagined her with a lovely coat of creamy white (or even a heavily distressed pale turquoise!),
 and told her I'd come back for her.
There was no room in the car for her right now.  :(

But I did haul this little guy out from under a table.
I haven't a clue how old he is, but he was solid and cute,
and for $20, he was coming home with me.

I also unearthed a round basket that I will Frenchify
with the same technique I used here.

The pretty silver Italian vase will get a coat of turquoise
and a whisper of gilding wax on the raised rose embellishments.
I purchased the wonderful wax from Amy at Maison Decor.
Both of these treasures will be for sale in my booth at Doster Emporium very soon.

The little flowered porcelain vase for $3.00 was just too sweet to pass up, too.

As we left the empty parking lot under a torrent of rain,
I heard Pam say.....

"Next time will ya just truuuuust me....???  I TOLD you this was going to be the best place ever!"

Little did she know that my keys were between my knuckles all the time we were there.....

~  Blessings ~

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boho Bliss Bathroom

Cooler weather outside my windows means warming up things inside 
here at Heaven's Walk.
Not only am I craving homemade chili and stew,
hot chocolate and baked apples,
but also...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Planked Table

Plank top tables.

What is it about them that capture our hearts so?
You see them all over blogland, in magazines, and in stores.
They're a hot item right now,
and are a beautiful addition to any style decor.
They bring back memories of old farmhouses,
prairie homes, and grandma's beach cottage.

I found myself staring at our kitchen table recently
wanting something different,
but not wanting to spend the money on a new table.
Being a gal who has a new found love of power tools,
a vision formed in my mind.

Although I like the base, the top is currently one large piece of wood.  
Kind of a 1970's farmhouse style.
 Nice. Solid. 
But not planked.

Photo taken late Spring 2012
I asked The Husband the other day how difficult it would be to remove the top and replace it with some pine planks.
No surprise that I got the "hairy eyeball" first, 
then a good roll of the eyes,
and finally a big groan.
"It would be more difficult than you think...." was the reply.

Rest assured, I'm not giving up on this idea. 
It will happen.
Though he may come home to find our kitchen table dismantled and laying all over the kitchen floor some day.
I've got ants in my pants about this project, girls.

So, while I was sweeping out the basement of the barn yesterday,
(casually and sneakily eyeballing the wood we have stored there),
I rediscovered this old planked table that I had purchased from a friend who decided not to use it in her home.
It was shoved into a dark corner just waiting for a makeover.
I had plans of repainting it and bringing it up to my booth in the spring to sell.

I hauled it up to the house and into the kitchen.
I painted it in the kitchen because it was sooooo hot and humid outside 
and I wanted to be in the AC.

It was painted dirty glossy white, and in dire need of a coat of ASCP.
I had visions of a bare wood top, but after spending hours sanding and sanding and sanding,
(and vacuuming and vacuuming and vacuuming)
I gave up and decided just to repaint it.

A couple coats of 'Old White' to the rescue.
A bit more sanding before my arm fell off.
A light coat of Clear Wax.
Buff, buff, buff, buff, buff, buff....
(switch arms)
buff, buff, buff, buff, buff, buff, buff, buff.


Placing towels under the legs to scoot it across the floor and into the living room,
I manhandled this heavy little table into the corner,
replacing the square end table that was originally there.



I think it makes the room feel a little more rustic and less formal.

And of course, I'm just loving those planks.


The lacy candle holder is actually an upside down vintage metal lampshade purchased at the antique market last month that I sloppily painted with Old White and then accented it by adding little touches of Gilding Wax. 

The old, worn shells are from a beach on Sanibel Island.

Alabaster lamp base: Allegan Antique Market; Florentine tray: eBay

Multiple layers of black, blue, and gold paint rest beneath the new creamy white.

I can imagine multiple decades of loving hands kneading bread and serving meals on this sweet little planked table.

There will be multiple future decades of it living here at Heaven's Walk.

~ Blessings ~

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prayer Rug & Paisley Love

Last Sunday, Michelle and I met up once again for a day of treasure hunting under a hot and sunny August sky.
Allegan Antique Market never fails to delight my senses and stretch my imagination to it's limits. With blog inspiration bouncing around in our heads, and hands itching to nab some good deals, we set off down the numerous rows of vendors.

Michelle was searching for beachy decor for her darling cottage by the lake,
 and I had my shabby chic-bohemian radar set on high.
It wasn't long before we were making a trip back to our cars to unload our weary arms.

Wait....just wait....til you see what I brought home.
I think this was my favorite trip so far this year because of what ended up in the back my SUV. Treasures that my heart has been aching for...waiting for...searching for.

This was my first purchase of the day.
Yeah...I know you're drooling.
I was, too.
It didn't take me but 2 minutes to decide to dance away with this little French beauty.
She was neat as a pin, clean as a whistle, and I didn't have to touch her with a paint brush at all.
Total perfection.

The finish was just perfect and the shabby chic fabric pristine.

I love the mix of feminine with the rustic plank-top desk in my office.

This is where I do all of my paperwork
while gazing out the window into the rose filled flowerbed surrounding the new

Glass lamp:  Meijer's

Ok, I see you're drooling again.
I assume it's over my new vintage Turkish prayer rug?

Oh, yeahhhh, baby......

I saw this gorgeous thing crumpled up on an old church pew. 
I almost walked by it.


But I noticed it out of the corner of my eye and once again,
poor Michelle was nearly toppled as I dodged around her and flung myself through a group of hot, sweaty people to get to it.

"How much?", I breathlessly asked.
"Forty", said he.


I had just reluctantly passed up another prayer rug up from a different vendor who was asking three times that much!

Currency flew in the air like autumn leaves as I pulled out my cash to pay the man before he realized what he had actually said.  I didn't even try to chew him down, afraid that he'd change his mind.

He watched me warily as with heart pounding, I thrust my money at him,
heard the Hallelujah chorus in my head,
and grinned stupidly at him like The Joker.

I wanted to wrap myself up in it and dance my way back to the car yelling,
"Look what I found!  Look what I found!!"
But I knew that Michelle would probably desert me for someone who wasn't quite as dingy.

Be still my beating heart.....  :)

Gorgeous deep blues and pinks, and beautifully faded and worn in all the right places.

This beautiful addition to our old farmhouse was even more special when I showed it to The Husband.

He stood there, mouth agape.

He said, "You've GOT to be kidding....."

My heart sank.  Oh no....I thought for sure that he would love the deep, rich colors or just poo-poo it as another one of my fanatical purchases.

"What's wrong...?", I asked tentatively.

He answered by telling me, "You're not going to believe this, but we used to have a rug just like this in the farmhouse I grew up in. I would pull it over next to the floor register on cold winter days and play on it with my metal trucks."

 I could see his eyes were almost on the verge of filling with tears as he continued to stare at the rug ~ sweet memories swirling in his mind.
My heart melted and I smiled.

Hours later, I actually found him sitting on it giving Maizie a tummy rub...

Oh, how I love that man.

The framed oil paintings you see on the shelf above Maizie's crate
were painted by my mom and dad decades ago.
Dad painted the one on the left.  Mom's is on the right.
Mom loved Dad's sweet lilacs so much that she wanted to try her own hand at it,
so Dad coached her while she painted her own version.
I can still remember them sitting at the kitchen table working on it together.  :)

Large wooden rosary:  me

I draped a vintage lace netting curtain that I discovered at a favorite vendor's booth
over the French door.
It's a sheerer version of what I previously had there.

Another sweet treasure was this canvas rose painting.
I adored the simplicity and the colors.

It's resting against a vintage mirror (I brought home last month from the antique market)
on top of the bookcases in my office.

Yes, that's the same chandy from last month's antique market sitting there on the bookcase.
I hadn't quite decided where to hang it yet, so i plunked it up there so I could wax the floors one day.  Loved it so much up there, that's where she's staying for now.

I did purchase another larger chandy for the center of the living room which I'll show you later.
Yep....two chandies in two months.
Call me obsessed.

My last purchase of the day was this large piece of cotton/linen paisley fabric.
Light and airy and very bohemian.

Do you notice the color that's softly floating back into Heaven's Walk?
Maybe it's the autumnal feeling evenings, or maybe it's the fact that some of our maple trees are turning color and dropping their leaves already,
but I'm embracing the deep, rich warmth these colors are adding to this old farmhouse.
I love the contrast of creamy white and silvery blue linen,
and the deep pinks and purples of my weekly dose of fresh roses
against the darker accents.

I threw the faded paisley fabric over the tri-fold screen in the corner of the living room.

Now, the hunt begins for more prayer rugs.
I want to see them scattered all over these glorious old wood floors
here at Heaven's Walk ~

and now I know The Husband would love to see that, too.  :)

Ruffled linen throw and pillow slip: Ticking & Toile

[If any of you see any for a decent price, would you let me know?]

~  Blessings ~

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