Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boho Bliss Bathroom

Cooler weather outside my windows means warming up things inside 
here at Heaven's Walk.
Not only am I craving homemade chili and stew,
hot chocolate and baked apples,
but also...

textural and visual warmth.

A bit more color.
A bit more texture.
And maybe a bit more bling thrown in for good measure.

I have found myself reintroducing color again, little by little.
Deep blue, aqua, pink, and rose.....faded and worn to perfection.
Vintage florals sprinkled here and there among the always-and-forever creamy whites.

I'm gradually learning that mixing patterns is a good thing
and not scary or "noisy" to the eyes if done correctly.
Just keep one color consistent throughout your fabrics 
and don't mix more than three or four different patterns. 

I've been introducing more textures over the summer, too.
Layering is the secret here.
Nubby linens, smooth linens, and ruffles.
And lately, vintage wool rugs have been embracing this old house.

A mix of 
rustic + sweet
dark + light
matte + bling
is nothing short of perfection in my world.

After I brought home this Turkish prayer rug from the antique market last month,
and after seeing The Husband's sweet reaction to it,
I knew I wanted a couple more of these beautiful old worn rugs scattered around ~
especially for the colder months ahead.
They're a good thing for happy toes that live in a drafty, old farmhouse,
believe me.  :)

So, the hunt was on.
This one arrived at my doorstep a couple weeks ago
and ended up in my bathroom.
Dark and faded and perfectly worn.
I love it just as much as the one in my office.

So did The Husband, bless his soul.

We have plans of ripping up this carpeting in the near future to see what lies beneath.  We're hoping it's the same original oak flooring that we have throughout the rest of the house.

The little crystal hanging candle holder was moved here from my office 
for a little romance while soaking the evening away.

(Still trying to figure out how to blog in the tub....)

I wanted some type of tray to lay across the tub like I saw Courtney do with her claw foot tub.  But the silver tray I had wasn't near big enough to do that.
So, I kept searching in the abyss of my basement and came up with a beautifully worn and chippy sea green board that I picked up at a garage sale along the lake shore a couple years ago.
Although I had no idea what I was going to use it for at that time,
I bought it strictly for the color and patina.
Two dollars well spent.

It was the perfect size for the expanse of the tub.

I added some roses and a bar of French milled soap in a vintage soap dish Debbie gave me.

The sheer, pink fabric on the tub is just an old window valance I threw there because I loved the embroidery on it ~
and you know I'm all about draping pretty, drapey things everywhere now.   :)

Pass the Calgon and champagne, please!
This girl is going for a nice, hot soak in bohemian blissfulness...

~ Blessings ~

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  1. Beautiful! LOVE the rug..where did you find it?? xoxo Rachel

  2. Hi Laurie,
    I love your bathroom and the rug is beautiful!


  3. Laurie, The room is so serenely peaceful. The rug adds just the right amount of texture to the neutral room. :-)

  4. The draped fabric in the bathtub reminds me of the movie Gigi..the aunt sits in the tub at one stage and the bath has doilies draped over the sides..quite gorgeous but I don't know whether it was really done at the turn of the last century or not! xox

  5. What beautiful taste you have Laurie - looks like a bathroom out of Europe!!!
    And I love the bling too!

  6. Looks gorgeous Laurie, beautiful job!!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  7. It's all so gorgeous and bright! beautiful to relax =)

  8. Oh what a heavenly bathroom--I could soak in a bubble bath all day! Those roses are gorgeous too.

  9. Great idea to use the board! What a pretty bathroom! Can't wait to see what you find under the carpet. That's part of what makes older houses so much fun.

  10. Your bathroom looks wonderful !!!....♥....Ria......

  11. Love it, Laurie. Even though the rug has a lot of colour, it doesn't look out of place in this serene setting because of it's worn faded look. Perfect addition to this lovely space.

  12. Enjoy,it's a beautiful romantic spot to bathe.x

  13. Soooo pretty, Laurie!! Love the little bits of color, and the different textures you've brought together in that room. It's perfect!

  14. Laurie, You have just the right touch. I loved that worn old rug. Smiles to you, Susie

  15. Oh my gosh, what a great spot to just soak and relax, Laurie!

  16. Can I snap my fingers and end up in your tub please?!?!?! Wow, I could disappear in there for hours (maybe with a glass of sparkling wine...or the whole bottle!). Gorgeousness Laurie!

  17. I love color and you are adding a little bit here and there, love it. I love the look of white and worn, and so wish I could do it, but I have this weakness...color.
    Got a chicken in the oven this morning, just to warm things up a bit. I need to remember to close the windows when it gets down in the 40s at night!!! Nippy nights are here again!
    Hope you are well and having fun piddlin' around that beautiful old place of yours. Are you thinking pumpkins yet? I am...

  18. Hi Laurie,
    I love what you did. It's beautiful.
    Debi @Adorned From Above

  19. Great job, Laurie....Love the brightness of the bathroom, the run, the wooden board, the roses, everything. Have a beautiful Sunday. Susan

  20. Laurie,
    Your bathroom is a beautiful retreat! That is why I love white on walls.You can change things so easily.Add different colors and it works!

  21. These pictures are beautiful. I love that candle holder and all the little touches.


  22. Beautiful, simple. The rug adds great texture and color.

  23. I have a thing for vintage rugs as well. Let me know if you figure out how to blog from the tub! ~ Maureen

  24. Absolutely love the board across the tub, it's perfect with the pretty soap and roses... Just an old board, and now it could be in a magazine it's so cool...!


  25. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Laurie!!! I love your wood 'tray' ~ that is so gorgeous!! Might have to borrow your idea for my bathtub since I have recently moved my big old silver tray... always changing things around here! ;) Your rug is perfect- so beautiful. As for blogging from the bathtub- maybe an iphone? xoxox, Courtney

  26. yes, yes, yes, laurie. to all of it. i am loving your turkish rugs and the impact they make with the rest of your choices. it just WORKS. for me, it makes things feel european and aged and wonderful.

    what a clever tray too!

    happy sunday, lovely.


  27. Your bathroom is just goreous. Love it all.

  28. Georgeus Laurie! I've been away from blogging for awhile and was pleasantly surprised when I recieved your blog post in my gmail. Everything T your house looks so calm and serene. Hope all is well with you. How is your mom?

  29. I LOVE your rug! I think it looks perfect in your sweet bathroom...a bit of color and texture and something nice to sink your toes in! Enjoy! :)


  30. Perfect for soaking away the chills this winter :)

  31. Gorgeous!!
    A hot bath on a cool fall day...perfect!

  32. always! You have such a beautiful touch in all your styling of vignettes and rooms.
    Mary Alice

  33. Laurie,
    So sweetly displayed is your shelf across the bath!Love the prayer rug addition and the "bling"!!! You, totally, crack me up with the bit about blogging in the tub! Dear just need a rubber ducky! EnJOY your soak!!!

  34. SO PRETTY!!! I love the bead board paneling. And the tub is dreamy!!! Enjoy! I'm with you that the fall weather is making me want "comfort foods" but, it's not cold enough yet here in Texas. Just cooler than it's been. Send us some cooler weather soon! Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.

  35. okay how about a T&T (tub and tea) not B&B, maybe Andea Bocelli cd, candles, mmmchocolate?

  36. Okay Laurie, so you KNOW I'm having total Rug Envy again! *Winks* Your Boho Bathroom looks so Inviting and Relaxing... there's nothing quite like soaking in one of those old cast iron claw footed tubs, we Love ours! Thanks for dropping by for a Blog Visit and asking about The Man, he's doing better each day and can now get around without the aide of his walker! It will take quite a bit of time for the full Recovery and Rehab, but we're greatly encouraged by his progress thus far.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  37. Don't be surprised if you find me in your tub before you get there. Love the rug, so very pretty in it's muted colors. In the midwest too cold not to have rugs on our floors in the winter. Love you bead board in the bathroom, hubby won't let me! Don't soak to long, don't want your fingers to look like prunes. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  38. loving the wood plank ~ so full of charm! such a sweet idea. We are still having sunny days here in Seattle, so i'm in the garden getting as much done as i possibly can out there in the gardens. A few changes coming here to Fishtail Cottage inside...i can't wait to start that process! look forward to seeing what you are up to...xoox, tracie

  39. It is beautiful. Have a peaceful soak. ox

  40. Your bathroom is gorgeous and the rug is just perfect!

  41. WOw this is so beautiful Laurie!! Magazines will be calling~I love that board, how smart of you! ANd the rug is wonderful too.

  42. That board is exactly what I've been looking for. I thought inside the box before and was looking for one of those metal deals. Yours is so much prettier and rustic and will get the job done! Your bathroom is lovely and the rug really tops it off. I use a lot of white as well, but I can't help but through in color for rugs and throw pillows. I've already changed my pillows out for fall. This is California so we have to decorate to pretend it's a season so we can get "in the mood".

  43. I with you on the cravings! LOL I always love your pictures. Love the board you used over your claw foot tub, great idea! Three Mango Seeds

  44. Your bathroom is beautiful Laurie! and love the rug.

  45. Me ha encantado conocer su blog, enhorabuena por él y su trabajo, me encanta el diseño y todo todo todo. Te sigo. Besitos

  46. Oh, it's lovely, lovely, lovely!!! So pretty!

    I can just imagine sinking down into that beautiful bath. I have bathroom-envy!!


  47. This is soooo beautiful Laurie! I was in Goa for a while and had a chance to be in a boho bath. But it had very little white and lots of colors. Love your interpretation! It's perfect. Girly, boho, chic- what's not to fall in love :)

  48. Your bathroom is gorgeous. The white theme is refreshing and calming. It makes you want to stay at the bathroom all day long.
    Interactive Presentation

  49. Ahh, simply heaven Laurie! I adore your old board tray and the claw foot tub. The rug looks fabulous, and I didn't even notice the floor was carpet. I thought it was a patterned floor.
    Love that crystal light, too!
    Enjoy the spa time in here...

  50. I always smile when I see your latest changes. I just love it all. An old board, who would have thought. :) My Dad threw tons of those away, when he moved from the farm. :(

  51. I love your bathroom Laurie! Each touch is so special. The fun is finding just the piece you want and you have inspired me to find an old board. I'd love for you to share at Totally Transformation Tuesday. I hope to see you there. Have a great week. :-) Peggy

  52. Love the rug ... but you already knew that. :)

    You don't have to truncate your posts to stop the scrapers ... they're stealing posts via the RSS feed, not the published post as it appears on your blog. Go to the RSS Feed settings in your dashboard and select Short from the drop down menu on the Site Feed tab, save it, and you're done.

  53. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE your style Laurie!
    sending hugs...

  54. What a gorgeous bathroom! Thankyou for sharing! You have a beautiful home!

  55. So simple, yet so the board and candle holder. Thanks for sharing this with us at the All Star Block Party.

    Shasta @InTheOldRoad

  56. So airy and lovely! I feel clean just looking at the pictures! You are welcome to link up on tomorrow's Photo Friday over at Ladies Holiday! Cheers!

  57. your post just pulled me in the more I read and the more pictures I saw... just beautiful! I wish I had such a lovely place!

  58. Sigh, I feel relaxed just viewing your photos. Following you. :)

  59. What a beautiful bathroom. Love that claw tub. You relax and get a spa feeling just looking at your beautiful pictures.

  60. A Bohemian bubble bath sounds like the perfect way to spend a chilly evening! So lovely...

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  61. This bathroom looks so gorgeous!! Nice job putting it together. I'm so glad you linked up at Romance on a!

  62. Hi Laurie,

    Your bathroom is so beautiful, simple, and serene. You've done a beautiful job !!!! I'm also LOvin that turkish rug too.
    Have a great week,

    ~ Stephanie

  63. Perfect touches Laurie, especially like the aged wood and the bling! Beautiful with the roses and soap - a gorgeous bathroom - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  64. Laurie, you are a girl after my own heart. There's nothing I like better than a good soak in the tub. I'm afraid if I had one as sweet as yours I would be a prune because I would never want to get out. Love the chippy green wood turned tray. Perfection in the bath, indeed! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  65. I will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates.

  66. I just had to make you a STAR tonight in the "lamp lineup" over at I Gotta Create!

    Thanks so much for partying with The Wildly Original Crowd!
    <3 Christina

  67. Stopping over from your feature at I Gotta Create to say hello. So of course I had to leave my comment on the Bliss-full bathroom.


  68. Saw your feature at I Gotta Create. So inspired by your story and love your Bliss-ful bathroom!



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