Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sharing What Is Good

Well, our new year didn't start quite the way I imagined it would.

My husband and I were both sick over Christmas.
He caught a nasty cold and cough and spent almost two weeks on the sofa
while I oiled him up with immunity boosting, anti-viral therapeutic oils
and kept him well supplied with tissues.
I placed two home diffusers in the living room.  One at the head of the sofa and the other at the foot, 
and went through copious amounts of essential oils to aid in his breathing and congestion.

He became such a believer in these Young Living Essential Oils that he began asking for me to anoint him every few hours because they provided so much relief for him.

Knowing there was a pretty good chance that I would be on the receiving end of any errant cooties flying around the house, I oiled myself up every other hour and swiped my nose with Animal Scents Ointment laced with Lavender, Egyptian Gold, and Exodus II as a preventative measure.
I did catch a bit of a cold, but it only lasted for three days. I believe it was so short lived because of these wonderful gifts from God ~~ gifts that God intended as our medicines.

While traveling this "oily" journey, I continue to learn more and more about their healing properties. That, in turn, is forcing me to take a second look at what is in our pantry, what groceries I buy, how we eat, what we put in our bodies, and what we apply to our skin. 

Then, it dawned on me.

Each drop of an essential oil we use contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules. (yes..that is a real number). If we're using these oils because they contain the power not only to heal us when we're sick, but to nurture and preserve our health when we are well, 
why in the world would I want to eat something or put something on my skin that is full of chemicals and is genetically modified? It's totally defeating the purpose of using these pure oils to stay healthy!

I read in my "Healing Oils of the Bible" that the oils' molecules deliver oxygen molecules to our cells, and can erase or deprogram miswritten codes in cellular memory. They can actually help fight cancer. They carry electrical charges, usually electrons or negative ions, which are healing and healthful. So, when we are eating things that weren't natural and organic, we certainly are not helping these oils to work optimally.

It was time for a change.
A BIG change.
Yes, it would be more expensive...because for some odd reason, eating healthy costs more than eating processed food.
But how many times have you have heard (or said yourself),
"When you have your health, you have everything."

So, I want to share with you what is good in our life right now.

I am running on my treadmill religiously at least four times per week, not allowing myself to stop until I log in at least three miles.  Today I started using the incline to push myself even harder; determined like never before to lose a few pounds before spring arrives.

I begin every other day by "oil pulling".  Taking a teaspoon of organic coconut oil, adding a couple drops of Thieves mouthwash (which I just love) to it, and swishing it around in my mouth for 15 minutes while I shower. It pulls toxins and bacteria not only from my mouth, but from my body as well.
It's all about prevention.

Some deliciously scented organic goats milk soap and shea butters arrived from Taproot Farms in Alaska. I love the feel of the silky soap, and the butters are so healing on winter dry skin.
(Not to mention, I'm totally diggin' the name of the soap.)

My long-time girlfriend who is also my hair dresser, gave me some Matrix oil to try on my hair.
I adore it. It makes it soft and manageable and keeps it healthy. It also smells absolutely heavenly.

I switched from coffee to organic tea spiked with cashew milk, raw honey, and a few drops of essential oils (cinnamon bark, Thieves, lemon, peppermint, and Slique). The cashew milk provides protein that keeps me full all morning long.
I make a Kefir smoothie at noon and nibble on some organic turkey jerky.

Grocery shopping is taking me longer. I read every single label and put items back on the shelf that have too many ingredients.  I am looking for the fewest ingredients as possible and if they are organic, all the better. It amazes me at the amount of chemicals, toxins, GMOs, and unnecessary additives that companies insist on pouring into their products. So disgusting.
We also stopped drinking any type of sodas due to all the chemicals in them
(like formaldehyde....really?)
My go-to drink is water with a few drops of lemon, lime, tangerine, or grapefruit oil in it.

We are eating more fruit when we get hungry. Bananas, apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and oranges. They are filling, nutritious, and provide fiber and energy.

Our pantry shelves are gradually getting filled with organic almond butter, raw honey, quinoa, organic coconut and flaxseed oil, protein bars, ground chia seeds, and hemp protein powder. 
We eat only "clean" meat. Organic turkey or chicken burger or home-processed venison is used for chili, goulash, or tacos.  Air-chilled organic chicken or salmon are our favorites in soups or stir-fry,
with lots of bok choy, broccoli, green beans, carrots, onion, mushrooms, and red pepper.

We sprinkle ground chia seeds on top for an extra boost of protein, antioxidants, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Cold winters days are spent reading about healthy living,
learning as much as we can...

with a bit of decorating thrown in for good measure, of course.

In my studio, standing in front of a favorite tiny painting from my dad...

I create more dream catchers,
while my husband putters away in his work room.

And as 2015 marches forward toward the promise of a healthy spring...

our goal for a natural, organic, holistic, healthy, healing way life blooms
in this old farmhouse.

Watercolor by my dad.

"You are the content of your character. 
You are the ambitions that drive you. 
You are the goals that you set. 
You are the things that you laugh at 
and the words that you say. 
You are the thoughts you think 
and the things you wonder. 
You are beautiful and desirable 
not for the clique you attend, 
but for the spark of life within you 
that compels you to make your life 
a full and meaningful one. 
You are beautiful not for the shape of the vessel,
but for the volume of the soul it carries.”

~author unknown

By the grace of God, we strive to carry our healthy souls forward in a full and meaningful life...
and share the goodness that we are blessed with.

We taste and see that God is good.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Faux Russian Folk Beds & Shabby Vignettes

The guest room has been sitting like this all summer long.

The twin bed mattress/box spring brought home from my parents' house 
jammed at the foot of the double bed between two large dressers.
The room pretty much unusable...except for The Husband's desperate attempt to wriggle around them to get to his underwear drawer (poor guy),
and me vaulting over them to put laundry away (Kodak moments).

I've been nudging (i.e. nagging) him to build me a couple of Russian folk beds for this room,
but time has been escaping us both with the holiday seasons.

It must have been the antibiotics/pain killers that I've been on for a tooth infection
(which is a whole 'nother story)
that finally motivated me to do something about this mess.

This room needed to breathe again.

So, using my super-human strength (once again most likely from the pain killers),
and with a bit of grunting and groaning, 
I hauled the double bed's ancient mattress and rusty box spring
down the stairs, through the French doors in the kitchen, 
across the back porch, and out to the fire pit.

By "ancient", I'm talking about some sort of coir-like material laid over the springs and wrapped with some sort of cotton batting.  
Not cute ancient....and just plain icky ancient.

The room now looked like this.

I have always loved the painted floors and woodwork in this room
because your eye, instead of being "stopped" by wood trim, goes through the windows and focuses on the beauty outside. It makes the space appear seamless.
I just may do it in the library room someday.

Anyway, I had visions of this...

my favorite Rachel Ashwell boho-inspired room
with simple Russian folk beds, a happy calamity of fabrics tossed next to each other,
and vintage Oushak rugs spread lazily across the floor.

In my mind, I just KNEW that I could squeeze that bed into the corner creating a cozy "L" shaped folk bed. 

One way or another.
(I possessed super-human strength, you know.)

I moved those mattresses around and around and around the room.
Each time getting stuck on the dressers.
I stood back and channeled the geometry I had learned in high school.
I measured and re-measured.

I pushed and squeezed and manipulated those mattresses to no end.

But it was not to be.
(Insert sad face here.)

The room was too small with the dressers in there,
and they had to stay.

 So....{sigh} folk bed would have to do.

After pushing and pulling and sliding the box spring up the attic stairs
(which was quite an Olympic event in itself),
I got to work on making the room pretty.

The base of the pallet bed is still on the docket to be built next month sometime,
(I asked for 2x4s for Christmas, believe it or not.)
so I just used a Hollywood bed frame for now and placed the mattress on that. 

I used my favorite RA 'Somerset' duvet and pillows and added in SSC 'Mon Ami', a vintage striped down filled pillow, and some white ruffles to the mix.

The room felt larger and more spacious and just plain cozy
(and I could still sleep in here if The Husband's snoring got too bad some nights -
 happily sprawled across all of those smooshy pillows).

In my foggy, pain-free state-of-mind,
  I was quite pleased at how it turned out.

I would still like to get my hands on some of that faded gray French ticking material 
that RA has on her folk beds in her boho-inspired room...if anyone knows of a source.

While I was experiencing happy delirium upstairs,
I peeked outside and saw that the turkey boys were in the back yard 
deliriously happy with finding my water garden.

I had been wondering why I was having to haul buckets upon buckets of water out there to top off the pond every week.
Now I knew.

Nothing better than happy turkeys slurping away in your back yard.

Back inside,
feeling so much better about the guest room
(and floating back up stairs just to look at it again and again),
I plunked my favorite 'Rosita vendela' roses into vases throughout the house...

...and captured some vignettes from around the house...

before promptly passing out on the love seat for a long nap.

If I don't see you before the blessed Christmastide,

I pray for you 
glorious love
that only comes 
from the One Above.

Merry Christmas Blessings

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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