Monday, August 30, 2010

Honey...did we bring the U-Haul? (Part 3)

As our Anniversary Junking Adventure continues, we finally arrive in Saugatuck, a quaint little town on the Kalamazoo River leading to Lake Michigan. 
Me mourning the loss of my adorable hamper.
Hubby mourning the loss of his blue mermaid.
(Confused? Be sure to read Part 2!)

Saugatuck is wonderfully quirky.  The cobblestone streets are lined with neat little shoppes, breathtaking yachts bob along the big boardwalk, the scent of freshly made fudge wafts in and out of the crowds of tourists, and it brims with history.

I did say there was freshly made fudge here, didn't I...?

Oh, yeah....

We discovered this adorable stove vignette in the ever popular kitchen store in the center of town.

As you wander through town, there are homes that thrill your vintage yearnings.

All of them complete with picket fences and arbors.

Then it was on to the boardwalk lined with big money yachts.

Names on the boats can bring a giggle...

or a sigh.

We slowwwwly made our way back to the car.  To the AC!  It seemed that everyone was walking in slow motion due to the heat and humidity.  We were all wilted.  
We were ready for a reprieve.

We drove along the coast, oohing and ahhhing over the amazing views of Lake Michigan...and reveling in the cold air washing over us from the vents. was time to head home.  Our gaze lingered over the lake we turned the car east .... and 
be still my heart!  
Our eyes fell on this beauty.
Sitting empty.
Just waiting for us to move in.
To lovingly give her a new wash of white paint and some new rockers on her grand porch.
To fill her rooms with love, laughter,
and sandy feet from beach.

After we plant our money tree..... (*moan*)

Shaking ourselves free of our dreamlike, moronic state, 
we made a quick stop at a little farm market to check out their goodies, and get a closer look at their rosemary trees.

Last stop of our adventure was, of course......
for ice cream!

We couldn't eat them quickly enough.
The drips were gaining on us!

But, boy....were they good! 

As was the entire fun, memorable day!!


~ laurie

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honey...did we bring the U-Haul? (Part 2)

Part 2 of our Anniversary Junking Adventure included our arrival the shores of Lake Michigan!
(in 93 degree heat w/heat index of 105)

South Haven  - where charming shoppes line the streets and sell everything from ice cream to nautical decor...

...and, yup ---- wine.
(Hmmm....wonder if they've ever heard of Fat Cat*Happy Dog...?

It was time for lunch (hon, your stomach doeth protesteth too much), so we popped in to our favorite place to eat, The Idler...

which is a docked ferry boat turned restaurant.

After a leisurely lunch of artichoke/crab dip and some type of exotic icy blueberry concoction complete with umbrella...
(you know, I get the goofiest looks from people when they see me taking pics of my food)

we headed toward the beach 
after drooling over all the sailboats on the way.

Now, I don't know what your idea of a day at the beach is...
but this is NOT where I would want to spend my afternoon.

You can't really tell from this photo, but there were people lined up like cord wood along the shoreline. 
Nope.  Uh uh.  Not for me.
I need peace, quiet, and some privacy for my perfect day at the beach.

But there were some spectacular vintage homes along the way that I would'ave given my eye teeth for - all within walking distance of the beach.

 We turned the car onto Blue Star Highway and headed towards Saugatuck, a wonderful little town along the Kalamazoo River that's even more quaint and quirky than South Haven, 
and chock full of more shoppes.

But wait!  There's the other antique shoppe we always love to wander through!
Some would say, "It's just junk!" But to us gals with a re-purposing eye, it was pure heaven.
There was everything under the (hot) sun to be found here.

Treasures from the beach.

(Yeah, I know what your mind's eye is doing right now.  Imagining these wonderful things in your own home in one way or another, yes?)

I just nabbed one of these precious vintage scales on eBay for $7!

(Humph....sure wish I had HER figure...)

Can you just imagine the homes or hotels that these pieces were salvaged from?

I soooo wanted this adorable hamper, but the owner was firm on his pricey price.

Hubby sooo wanted this gal, but I was firm on my definitive answer.

Well, your chariot stagecoach awaits!

Onward to Saugatuck.... Part 3 of our Anniversary Junking Adventure!

'Til next time!


~ laurie