Thursday, May 30, 2013

Allegan Antique Market Booth

The holiday weekend seemed to just fly by...
but what fun!

On Saturday morning, Georgina and I loaded up her truck and my trailer
with as many treasures as physically possible
and made our way to Allegan Fairgrounds...

to set up our booth for the monthly Allegan Antique Market.

We rented a 25'x25' booth which gave us lots of room to spread everything out
and make it look as eye-catching and welcoming as possible.

Once we manhandled our new canopy,
(which is always a good laugh)
all systems were 'GO'!
It was time to play house and create some pretty vignettes.

After everything was set,
of course we had to do a little shopping.
The vendors are always so cordial and fun to chat with!
Some of them were all set up and were kicking back with a glass of wine
while other vendors, like us, did a little treasure hunting.
I did nab a few beauties that I'll share with you later.  :)

Sunday dawned chilly, but sunny ~
(I was up at 5am and in our booth by 7am)
and it warmed up nicely during the afternoon.

We received many compliments on how cute our booth looked.
Thank you, everyone!

Here are some vignettes I created for our booth.

This table I painted sold right away.

The hand woven table runner is still for sale!  ($30)

The Victorian desk and dining chair also sold later in the day ~ after numerous people ooohed and ahhhhed over them.  

The "Be Bold" and "Laugh" signs are still for sale ($20 each).

I discovered another vintage grain sack while packing for the market.  It could be yours for $50!

My dream catchers ~ fluttering in the springtime breeze ~
caught everyone's attention,
and I sold quite a few of them.

Happy day!

My Jardin bench ~ one of the very first pieces I ever painted.

This little table was the second piece I ever painted with ASCP.  It sold late morning.

I got some use out of my old ruffled bed skirt by using it as a table cover.
I could have sold it 10 times.

It was such a fun day!

We loved people-watching all day long
and met so many nice customers.
The crowds were incredible!

Numerous close friends and family members wandered in to see how sales were going.

Two of my cousins stopped in to see me which was such a blessing!
One of them took home a Prairie Girl dream catcher with her.
Thank you, Carol!

I met a fellow blog friend, Shirley Wing
who is just the happiest, sweetest gal ever! 
She purchased one of my Prairie Girl dream catchers, too.
Thank you, Shirley!

And of course,
I had to spend some time with my sweet sister-from-another-mother,
Michelle from {re}imagined Just For You,
who vendors a beautiful booth at the market every month.
She creates beautiful ASCP patinas on vintage furniture that she and her husband travel near and far
to bring home to transform into artful creations.
She's simply amazing and incredibly talented.
(And don't get me started on how fabulous her children are!)
[Love ya to bits, Victoria!  *wink*]

Thank you to everyone who helped make our day fun and successful!

~  Blessings  ~

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dream Catchers, Pillows, and the Market!

Between shoveling 12 yards of mulch into the flower beds,
planting rose bushes, foxglove, and hydrangeas,
and loading the trailer with treasures from my booth
for the Allegan Antique Market on Sunday ~

I squeezed in some time to create more dream catchers to take with me.
Even though I tend to want to keep each one I make...
I do hope I sell them all.
{It'll give me a reason to make more of them, right....?}

Introducing "Prairie Girl Pink"...

"Prairie Meadow"...

and "Blue Skies".

I think I may have to hang on to this one for a while......  :)

Message me on Facebook or drop me an email if you'd like me to create one of my dream catchers
just for you...or for someone special...or as a wedding gift....or a baby shower...or birthday present...
well, you get the idea!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ♥  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

On another note, remember that beautiful needlepoint piece I discovered at the market last month?

My friend, Randi, who is a fabulously talented quilter,
 sewed it onto a pillow slip that Shellagh made for me
from RASC pink velvet.

I love it's vintage look.

Thank you so much, Randi!

The crocheted throw was a flea market find last month.
It was originally a dull, boring shade of tan.
I dyed it using a bit of 'Petal Pink' Rit Dye.
Because of its base tan color, instead of dyeing to a candy pink like 'Petal Pink' can do when used by itself,
the throw turned a pretty mauve pink.

Randi also sewed some napkins for me out of scraps of SSC fabric that I had.
I mixed them with my RASC napkins.
Now, I've got enough for a summer party!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ♥  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

Well, it'll be a busy but fun weekend here at Heaven's Walk.
The weather's supposed to be bright and sunny with cool temps.
 Just perfect for partying at a flea market!

This is where you'll find me on Sunday.


Look for Georgina and me at Booth #0-140!

Have a great Memorial Day!

~  Blessings  ~

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Whimsical Gypsy Swing

I do a lot of thinking when I'm on my sweet Husqvarna riding lawnmower.
A lot.
I love my lawnmower.
I love mowing.
Four hours of sunshine on my shoulders;
the earthy fragrance of freshly cut grass;
and seeing our property from different angles and views.
It's alllll good.

And while I'm cutting those neat, green stripes in the grass,
my brain is going a million miles a minute ~
re-landscaping this,
relocating that,
adding something here,
and moving something over there.
It gives me the perfect chance to do some serious brainstorming and planning.

So when I rode by the front porch
and glanced at my favorite porch swing,
she looked pretty



She needed something.

I love the new RASC body pillow slip a friend made for me.
I love the ruffled cushion beneath it.
But something was missing...


The creative gears in my brain began to whirl and grind.
Every time I rode past the porch, I looked at her.

By the time the mowing was completed,
I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

My swing was singing for some
gypsy goodness.

Gathering up a pile of streamers I use when creating my dream catchers,
I headed out to the porch...

...and started wrapping.
Criss-crossing back and forth over the chains,
tying them in a knot,
leaving the ends to flutter in the wind.

I used different streamers in a variety of pastel colors and shabby chic prints.

They added such a sweet, fun, whimsical look to the swing.

So much better than those plain, old chains.

I also changed out the chandelier on the porch, too.
The previous one was very plain.
This one, however,
(picked up last summer at an antique shop)
adds a touch of vintage, romantic bling.

A large, new outdoor Turkish-inspired rug will soon grace the cement floor
replacing the worn coir one.

but there was still something missing....

The answer was to hang long, romantic sheer outdoor curtain panels ~
giving the porch an even more cozy, romantic bohemian feel.

Oh yes.

I ripped some white streamers to use as tie-backs on breezy days.

Now, the porch feels a bit more like an outdoor room.

A place to escape the hot afternoon sun.
A place to swing and snooze the day away...

on a whimsical, gypsy swing.

Be sure to stop by and take a leisurely walk through Kerryanne's beautiful new e-zine
"Simply Shabbilicious" at her Shabby Art Boutique blog.
You might see someone you know.
The new issue is scheduled to be out on Monday, May 20!

~  Gypsy Blessings  ~

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