Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Old Garden Gate

Well, we knocked another task off the "honey-do" list this week.

[If the Husband is trying to impress me or something, 
he's doing a good job.]

When we moved out of our lake house, we took the vintage cow stanchion gate with us.
It was rescued from a barn that was being torn down and we installed it at the entrance to our garden lot.

We couldn't leave it behind.
It had so much character and history.
I loved the weathered wood,
the spot where cows chewed on it,
and the rusty strap hinges.
The screws were so old, they still had small squares of leather instead of washers.

For the last 6 years, the poor old gate sat behind the outhouse here at Heaven's Walk,
leaning against an old mulberry tree ~
waiting patiently for us to find a place to plant her.

I expanded the north garden bed last week.

[Which meant digging more sod ~ 
which of course is at the top of my "love to do" list. 

The new bed is from the crab apple tree back to where I'm standing beneath the arbor.

A whole lot of sod was dug.
Square by square.
Wheel barrel by wheel barrel.

As I stood there leaning my tired, sweaty body on my shovel and gazing at the work I had yet to do,
I suddenly realized where that sweet old gate was going to find a home.
I couldn't wait to approach the Husband with my grand idea.

He was very receptive and willing to make another one of my visions happen.

[Ok...what's going on with him lately, anyway...?
Is he finally developing a shabby prairie chic heart....?]

Sunday afternoon,
under a warm sun filling an azure sky,
we lovingly nestled The Old Garden Gate between the lilacs and a dwarf crab apple tree
creating a sweet side entrance to the north garden.

We gave her a little face lift, too.
We moved one of her rusty strap hinges to a more solid spot, 

and added a couple of new ones to help hold her together.

She was then washed with some Behr's clear protective stain
to help her last another decade.
It brought out the rich color of the worn, vintage wood.

We stood back and grinned.

We practiced walking back and forth between her strong posts,
unlatching and latching the ancient, rusty hook;
hearing it click into place.

We could almost see her smiling...

among the lavender 'Princess de Monaco" and pink Double 'Knock-Out' roses,
 the blush pink 'Sarah Bernhardt' peonies,
 the old fashioned purple and white lilacs
and the deep green pines;

standing proud and stately once again.

This is only a small portion of the 12 yards of mulch I've been shoveling over the past two weeks...  :)

Someday, this cool, shady area will be embraced by tall firs,
lush, fragrant peonies,
and colorful roses ~
creating a cozy, secret garden...
complete with a
sweet Old Garden Gate.

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. Oooh Laurie!... I just LOVE your sweet old garden gate... you know me and things with a past... oh!... the stories your sweet gate has to tell... I love how you described the cows chewing on it... it looks PERFECT where you put it.... meant to be!... your entire yard looks so pretty and inviting, and your farmhouse is a dream... YOU look beautiful right down to your flip flops!... sounds like you and Rog worked so hard, but is is sooo worth it!... hope you take time to sit and relax under that umbrella, sip some sweet tea and just gaze at the beauty that surrounds you... so happy you rescued that treasured gate... much love sweet friend, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. The gate has found a forever home in your gorgeous garden. I now see why this is called Heaven's Walk - it really is!

  3. it's so darling. of course heaven needs a gate!!!



  4. So very beautiful! I would love for you to share this at my linky party.


  5. She is BEAUTIFUL!! No wonder you couldn't leave her! She will bring you much joy there in that spot, I'm sure, adding to your already-beautiful yard! ~Zuni

  6. So worth saving for the perfect spot.

  7. Your home is so beautiful, what a dream place for sure.How very sweet of your Mr. to get right on that.It looks so Grand-liscious! ~Kim

  8. It looks at home in it's new spot. You have a very beautiful home and yard.

  9. Oh LAurie
    How beautiful and dreamy. The gate looks amazing and gorgeous in that spot. Isnt it a wonderful blessing to have a handy Mr. for the honey do's

    Happy Mother's day

  10. Oh how wonderful, the old gate looks so proud standing in it's permanent home. I'm so happy that people are discovering the worth in these old and historic pieces and giving them the love they deserve. I am now following you, stop by and say hey when you get a chance.

    Happy Gardening,

  11. Sigh..... that is just so amazing!! Just love your gardens!!!

  12. Thanks so much for visiting Let's Connect Thursday! We were happy to have you join us.
    I noticed that you linked up a blog post versus your Facebook page though. Since the party is a social media blog hop, we are asking everyone to link up their social media page {Facebook this week} versus a post.
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  13. Looks great Laurie and your garden looks kissed by the summer already ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  14. SIGHHHHHHHHH.........

    I think I've arrived in " HEAVEN " Ms.Laurie !!!!!!!!! In fact, I know I've arrived!!!!! I am so AMAZED at all your beautiful garden beds!!! You have poured you HEART and beautiful SOUL into your heavenly oasis. As a gardener too, I so appreciate and understand how much labor intensive work you put into this over the years and for the past several weeks. I bow to you my beautiful and talented friend..... Now, when can I come over and sip on a nice glass of wine "your brand of course" and sit back on your lovely wrought iron chairs admiring all your beautiful flowers and that heavenly view with you?

    LOVE YA and I wish you a lovely weekend toots!

    XOXO~ Steph

  15. BTW, I totally forgot to praise good boy Rog !!!! What am I thinking ???? That old barn gate is so perfectly aged and goes seamlessly in your lovely and gorgeous garden !!!! Absolutely perfection!!!!!! Roger, I've been showing Jim all your completed projects to keep him motivated...... Thanks a million !!!!!

  16. This gate adds so much charm to your garden. Your gardens look beautiful already. Enjoy a lovely weekend.


  17. I am in love with the gate! Your yard is go green. Just pure beauty! Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a gorgeous garden Laurie, do you have to spend a lot of time to keep it so amazing? I have been thinking a lot about my garden since visiting france and how boring it is!! Need a bit of tlc! love the gate, and the location is perfect! sucha great spot!!!
    laura xx

  19. A job beautifully done! What a sweetheart.

  20. What a perfect entrance to your future secret garden! By the way, when you figure out what your husband has ingested to give him all this "honey do power" let me know. I need to sneak some into my Hubby's food. Hee hee

  21. You have BEAUTIFUL garden!!!I very much love old wood-amazing dear-perfect job!!!!
    Have a nice weekend ♥

  22. Looks absolutely lovely and I love the gate. Visiting from Be Inspired. : )

  23. What a beautiful view! Our lawn is not so green yet but the fruit trees are blooming which set them off from the woods so prettily.

  24. Laurie your garden is lovely! So beautiful and serene!That gate is the perfect touch for your farmhouse garden!

  25. It looks wonderful - what a wonderful story!

  26. Your garden looks wonderful, I love how you found the perfect place for the gate.

  27. Love the gate--it looks perfect! Your yard is so pretty. :)

  28. I think the gate is great as well... I love all things rustic!! Larry

  29. Don't you love it when an idea comes to you while surveying your garden? You chose an excellent spot for your rustic gate and I'm sure it will be a conversation piece for many years.

  30. Oh, it's perfect! You have such a beautiful piece of property! Your hard work definitely paid off! Thank you for linking this up at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  31. You sure are keeping that man of yours busy Laurie! But both of your hard work definitely pays off, your garden is gorgeous...really a walk through Heaven!

  32. Love it!! You had a great vision and a wonderful hubby to execute it! Your yard is beautiful and now I'm looking out the window at my shabby yard (can a shabby yard be chic? Sigh. I don't think so). I really wanted to get out today and do some planting but we had a frost last night so I'm waiting one more weekend. Thanks for inspiring me to get moving on my outdoor projects. Your lovely old gate is such a charmer!

  33. Your yard is AMAZING!!! Love the gate! It is perfect! Life to the full! Melissa

  34. Laurie,
    What an amazing "re~birth" of the vintage cow gate, dear friend!!!
    I love how neat your flower beds are in your Garden!!!
    Thank you for reminding us to find ways to repurburish olden items
    instead of hauling to a landfill or burn pile!!!
    I'd say the Gate has a good many years of enJOYment left!!!

  35. What an incredibly beautiful blog! Pinning your post from the Pin it Monday hop!
    The Junction

  36. I love that!! I'm gonna pin this! Thanks for posting on the Pin Hop!!!

    Shelly @minettesmaze

  37. You guys have pulled off another gorgeous project Laurie. Well done!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  38. your garden and your gate or beautiful!
    very nice...Pat

  39. Wow, love your garden gate, and your garden is just beautiful, Laurie.

    Hugs from here

  40. Laurie, What a beautiful addition to your gorgeous garden. I just love the weathered wood and old hinges. What a wonderful garden gate! Thanks for sharing!

    Take Care,

  41. Your garden is amazing Laurie! I love the gate and the history behind it. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!

    Green Willow Pond

  42. Oh Laurie, you old gate has me smiling as well. So happy you hung on to her and she's found a sweet spot to reside. Your entire gardens are gorgeous and you are ever so darling smiling over the garden gate! My friend, I have dug many a wheelbarrow full of sod in my days. When we brought in an old Pioneer home for a playhouse at our previous home I dug out sod all around her to give her some beauty to tuck her in. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  43. Laurie, Your gate is indeed very special and I'm sure it gives you so much pleasure each time you see it. And your garden is fabulous!!!! I', coming over from Home and Garden Thursday and so happy to be here. Linda

  44. Wow Laurie, your entire yard is just dreamy and your gate found a perfect home. Everything looks so beautiful. I'm sure you will really enjoy it especially after all of your hard work. I think our styles do rub off on the husbands eventually! : )

  45. Hi Laurie, I will be featuring you fab gate at Share Your Cup Thursday.

  46. Yes, indeed! Your husband has surely been impressing us! Love this cool gate! Your garden looks amazing! My Dearest would
    LOVE the grass!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  47. It is beautiful and on the other hand, digging is not fun; been there many a time :)

  48. Looks like you found the perfect spot! It is so very charming, I can see why you wanted to keep it! Beautiful outdoor space:)

  49. Laurie, that's a wonderful project! Love it.

  50. I love her! She is beautiful!! Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Oh Laurie, this is so wonderful, your landscaping is gorgeous, just like your beautiful home!

  52. Your garden looks beautiful. I think you chose a wonderful spot for the gate. Thank you for sharing this on Fluster's Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster

  53. Oh my gosh, your garden and yard is gorgeous! The grass looks like a beautiful green carpet. How fun that you added that great old gate to it all. And, phew, i know that was lots of work laying those mulch beds! But just look at it, so worth it!


  54. I love your vintage gate Laurie and it adds tons of charm to your garden. Don't you love it when great inspiration hits you in the middle of hard work! Thank you for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME. Shared on G+. XOXO

  55. Hi Laurie, love your gate and your photographs are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  56. Laurie, it is breathtaking. You are one of the features today at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  57. It's just gorgeous Laurie - absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Can you let me in on whatever is is you're feeding the " mister " - I need some of that " oh so willing to helpfulness "

  58. Oh the garden! I am dreaming of one just like that but a mini version. I can only imagine walking through your garden; yes just like walking in heaven. I am visiting from The Dedicated House. Have a great day!


  59. Laurie, this is sooo beautiful! What a gorgeous yard, so serene and beautiful! I love it! The gate is truly a it and all your arbors. I know that exhausted, leaning on the shovel feeling well! :)


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