Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dream Catchers, Pillows, and the Market!

Between shoveling 12 yards of mulch into the flower beds,
planting rose bushes, foxglove, and hydrangeas,
and loading the trailer with treasures from my booth
for the Allegan Antique Market on Sunday ~

I squeezed in some time to create more dream catchers to take with me.
Even though I tend to want to keep each one I make...
I do hope I sell them all.
{It'll give me a reason to make more of them, right....?}

Introducing "Prairie Girl Pink"...

"Prairie Meadow"...

and "Blue Skies".

I think I may have to hang on to this one for a while......  :)

Message me on Facebook or drop me an email if you'd like me to create one of my dream catchers
just for you...or for someone special...or as a wedding gift....or a baby shower...or birthday present...
well, you get the idea!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ♥  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

On another note, remember that beautiful needlepoint piece I discovered at the market last month?

My friend, Randi, who is a fabulously talented quilter,
 sewed it onto a pillow slip that Shellagh made for me
from RASC pink velvet.

I love it's vintage look.

Thank you so much, Randi!

The crocheted throw was a flea market find last month.
It was originally a dull, boring shade of tan.
I dyed it using a bit of 'Petal Pink' Rit Dye.
Because of its base tan color, instead of dyeing to a candy pink like 'Petal Pink' can do when used by itself,
the throw turned a pretty mauve pink.

Randi also sewed some napkins for me out of scraps of SSC fabric that I had.
I mixed them with my RASC napkins.
Now, I've got enough for a summer party!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ♥  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

Well, it'll be a busy but fun weekend here at Heaven's Walk.
The weather's supposed to be bright and sunny with cool temps.
 Just perfect for partying at a flea market!

This is where you'll find me on Sunday.


Look for Georgina and me at Booth #0-140!

Have a great Memorial Day!

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. Hi sweetie!... you have been one busy lady!... but I know you are loving every minute of sweet Summer that is almost upon us... your new dreamcatchers are pure Heaven... I love the meadow one especially... of course, I am loving my own you created for me as well!... your new pillow is so pretty and so is the throw you dyed... hope you have a wonderful time at the flea market and sell alot of your treasures... so you can make MORE!... wish I was going to be there... Happy Memorial Day to you too... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I wish you all the best at the fair! Your dream catchers are going to be a big seller...I bet you will get orders, too, and then you will have NO time for gardening! ;-D

    I love the pillow, very, very sweet! And the napkins! I was at Hobby Lobby today and I saw a fabric glue that was very interesting, especially for someone like me who can't sew. I never liked messing around with the iron on mesh. I'd love to have a pretty assortment of napkins, even pillow cases.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I hope you have a wonderful time Laurie! You have so many beautiful things to sell and I know you will be a BIG hit!
    Have a great time!!!

  4. Your dream catchers are beautiful. I would hang on to that blue one pretty.

    The napkins are also wonderful. I love using cloth napkins and those shabby ones are delightful.

    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

  5. Wish I were there to visit the flea market and your booth. Good luck and God bless.

  6. Love your dream catchers and hope you sell out at the Flea Market....Good luck!


  7. Laurie, I will visit your booth next time I'm in MI! I love your dream catchers & agree that you will likely be getting lots of orders! Best wishes & enjoy that gorgeous Michigan summertime! xo

  8. Your Dream Catchers are lovely,I bet you sell heaps. The pillow turned out really nice too. :)

  9. Your Dreamcatchers are by far the prettiest ones out there--I am in love with the new Prairie girl ones you are doing--love the pink. I always enjoy seeing the latest ones you have made--thanks for sharing them. I don't know how you get them done so quickly!

  10. Dear Laurie, your dreamcatchers are beautiful... I love them! And pillows and napkins are amazing, I can´t find napkins like yours. I miss RASCC stores in my country :) It is my dream to have something with RASCC tag :) Have a nice day

  11. Hi Laurie , your dreamcatchers are lovely ..and dreamy !! hope you do well at the flea market ...good luck..Gail x

  12. Have fun at the Flea Market, wish I were able to be there to see your wonderful items. It is the perfect time for Flea Markets, I'll be visiting one tomorrow that I've never been to. Can hardly wait.
    Your dream catchers are lovely and dreamy!
    Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend.

  13. Your dreamcatchers are so soft and lovely, Laurie. You got a lot done in your garden it sounds like you added a lot to an already beautiful space. I would love to see some pictures. I adore that pillow so beautiful! Have a great weekend! Stop by and visit.


  14. I very much love your prairie girl pink dream catcher-it's really perfect ♥ And your pillow-WOW-LOVE!!!!!!And the fabric napkins too-all is beautiful dear!
    Have a nice day's from you and all your family!!!

  15. Hi Laurie. Your dreamcatchers are gorgeous. Love them all. You are so talented.

    Wish you a beautiful weekend


  16. Laurie... have a great sale this weekend! I am having my second garage sale on Saturday and I know I'll be too dead to head up there this month. Keep me posted on when you will be there again. I can't wait to finally meet you!!

  17. The dream catchers are gorgeous, Laurie. Love the pillow too. I just know you'll be the belle of the ball at the market.

  18. Your dream catchers are lovely Laurie <3 .I would LOVE a dream catcher :-)Beautiful napkins too! I just bought some really pretty Rachel Ashwell fabric.I am going to use it as a table cloth but if I could sew they would make amazing napkins!Best wishes at your show I know you will do amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Gorgeous Laurie! I'm sure your dream catchers will sell like hot cakes! What a wonderful idea to have the needlepoint added to a pillow, it looks perfect:) Love your napkins too!

  20. That pink dream catcher is sooooo beautiful!! God has blessed you with an amazing talent and I am blessed to "know" you!! :)

  21. All your dream catchers are gorgeous, I can see why you want to keep them all.
    Best of luck at the market, you're going to do awesome!

  22. "Blue Skies" is definitely a winner! Gorgeous!! Have a great week. Chel x

  23. Laurie,
    Your dream catchers are stunning, dear friend!!!
    I am quite smitten with the pink velevet and needlepoint pillow!!!
    Much success at your booth!!!

  24. your dream catchers look so enchanting, laurie! pink velvet and needlepoint--sigh:) hope today well great!

  25. Laurie your dream catchers are amazing! Love the soft, romantic look about them!
    So pretty!
    Have fun at the flea market...hope you are overwhelmed with love at your sweet booth!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  26. so many beautiful things. I went "squeal" when I saw the pink dream catcher! Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  27. I love your dream catchers! Can't wait to look around to see what else is here.

  28. Laurie those are just beautiful! I love the pink one. What a great find in the vintage needlepoint. I like to find those also. You've inspired me to dye a throw I've been wondering what to do with. Thanks so much for linking up at Transformed Tuesday and good luck at the flea market.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  29. Truly beautiful! The dream catchers are so pretty and romantic :) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  30. Laurie, each one of your dream catchers are unique and I love the soft hues! I think they will fly out of your booth. Wish I was close by. The throw color is gorgeous and I love the needlepoint. Best of luck! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. Your dream catchers are just gorgeous Laurie - all of them - but I'm crazy for the pink one - have to push my daughter to start her family - and hope she has a little girl lol
    Much love

  32. Laurie, Your dream catchers are so amazing! Each one is special, just like you. You inspire all of us with your colorful designs. Thank you for always sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Hope your sale was a success!


  33. I love the pink dream catcher - I need more pink in my life. Thanks for coming by and partying with us. Have a funtastic week!

    Fluster Buster

  34. As always, your dream catchers are divine Laurie. Love the cushion too. It fits perfectly in your house. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday - I really appreciate it.

  35. all so pretty Laurie! love everything as always!!! I hope you had a wonderful market day! I am very envious that you are heading into spring! woke up this morning with a rather cool 0 degrees celcius. think its time to get out the electric blanket! Your pillow looks wonderful too! hope you have gad a great week lovely!!! hugs to you,

  36. I just planted a hydrangea myself to replace a Rose of Sharon, which died unfortunately. The blue skies dream catcher is fantastic. Cool colors can go almost anywhere in a home and this is really beautiful. These all really impressed me and I am sure that the dream catchers made big sales.

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  37. Laurie, I haven't been able to get those napkins out of my head and I know WHAT THIS MEANS ! sigh..... I will have to have some of them....any suggestions on how to have a set for those on a severe budget ? LOL....I simply must have them....and probably a tablecloth to go with it.....please give me some suggestions, or where to buy that fabric? blessings, lady

  38. Hi Laurie, just wanted to let you know I finished my Linen Tablecloth with ruffles, thank you very much, and the napkins, its my last post, I'm happy with it and yes, my world is right side up again. lolol. Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. I love the dream catchers they must be expensive to make. Where do you find the material to do them? Its hard to tell exactly what they are made of. Simply beautiful


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