Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{ not long now....! }

good morning, my sweet friends!

i want to thank you all
from the bottom of my heart
for your sweet comments
your encouragement
and your prayers
for my mom and my nephew

you will never know how much they meant to me

they are both doing a little better each day
which is a blessing in itself 

you know how i've been dreaming about this all year long?

it won't be long now
before i'll be saying
au revoir to this....

kissing my furbabies goodbye

grabbing my overly stuffed bags

(let's much of my wardrobe can I cram in there....??

(snorkel gear!  don't forget the snorkel gear!)

kissing my furbabies just one more time
(alot more sniffing)
(thank you G, T and H for babysitting!)

climbing into the car with my beloved chauffeur

and after 24 hours on the road....

saying bonjour! to this

we're staying in our favorite little island bungalow just steps from the beach
(where we can see the ocean from our porch
and hear the rolling waves while laying in bed)

and after taking these off

and sinking these in the warm white sand

we'll be doing a whole lot of this...

and this

and wishing that you were there with us...

i promise to return with lots of photos and stories to share with you...
and will bring back some warm, sunny weather for you, too!

oh ~ and while I'm beachin' it  ~

if you love to decorate with white

(and i know there's a few of you out there that do)

be sure to check out laura's new blog
white state

she has started a second blog dedicated to decorating with
rusty treasures,
and goodies with beautifully weathered patina

it's truly delightful and she is just adorable!

{ sandy hugs! }

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Friday, March 4, 2011

{ plunking primroses }

before my hubby left on a snowmobile trip a few weeks ago

being the sweet man that he is

he surprised me some springtime...

he knew how my soul was yearning for it

sweet little primroses

that i just plunked into a couple vintage clay pots

and set on the kitchen windowsill in the welcome late winter sunshine

i'm dreaming of tending these flowers soon...

of getting on my knees and sinking my hands deep in that chocolate cake dirt

and smelling the sweet heavenly fragrance of my favorite lavender, peonies, and catmint

then sitting here to enjoy them

with a glass of homemade fatcat*happydog wine

and thanking God for warmer weather

wake me up when spring gets here, will you...?

{ hugs }

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