Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Teardrop on Earth

 "A teardrop on earth summons the King of Heaven."

She knelt.
Bending over the earth.
Plunging her hands into the warm soil.
Picking up the small rose bush,
she gently placed it in the hole and patted dirt around it.
She heard a small wren trill his sweet song nearby.
Her tears fell,
catching on the tender pink petals.

"This is for you, Dad....",
she whispered, her voice breaking.
Sobs escaped.
Her world had been turned upside down during the past week.
Careening crazily.
Toppling over.
 Dropping like a rock.

Emotions raw,
shimmering on the surface of her broken soul.
Tears flowing easily at unexpected moments ~
dishing up ice cream...
mowing the yard...
shopping for groceries.
Memories of shared times with her beloved father.

Sharp, painful memories of a sleepless night in a hospital room at his bedside.
Hearing labored breathing through the oxygen mask.
Holding his warm hand that clutched at hers.
Her head bowed in constant prayer.
Face wet with tears.
Heart beating wildly.
"Please, God. Not Dad...please don't take Dad from me."

Her gaze lifted, lingering out the window overlooking the sleeping city.
Lights bright.
Sky dark.
Streets empty.
Questions wrapped themselves tightly around her mind.
Tired eyes stinging with more tears.
 Two days, they had said.
He would pass in two days.

She gripped his hand tighter,
planting a gentle kiss on his forehead.
"I love you, Dad", she whispered in his ear,
not knowing if he could hear her voice or not.
"I love you with all my heart."

She focused on his face,
etching it into her heart.
She studied his hands.
Her father's hands.
Strong, steady, caring, hands.

The bracelet around his wrist imprinted with "Integrity".
His life had been filled to the brim with it.
Christ's love moving him to extremes. 
His love the first and last word in everything he did.
Giving freely and asking nothing in return.

She stood,
brushing the garden dirt from her hands and picking up the old watering can.
Water flowed
mingling with yet more tears.
 Her vision blurred as she dropped to her knees again in despair.
Sobs freely breaking through and cutting into the air.
Hands clutching her knees,
 She watered the rose with her pain now.
As she lifted her head,
her watery eyes searched the clear blue sky for comfort from Heaven,
her father's favorite scripture bloomed suddenly deep inside her.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
Heaven had been made real for him.
The heaven he read about and spoke about so many times.
She knew he was now kneeling at the throne of God,
lifting his hands in praise.
She lifted her hands, too,
feeling the warmth of the sun on her dirty palms.
Offering up a broken heart.

The wren trilled.
 The sun shined.
The rose grew. 
Tears fell.
Her love bloomed,
and her faith remained steady. 

"I miss you so much, Dad.
I will always love you..."

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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