Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tallboy in the Guest Room

After a new vintagey blue storage cabinet made her home in my studio recently...

I shook hands with a new guy living in the guest room.

He's tall and stately and masculine and oh so handsome.

The best part is that he was free.
Given to me by my beautiful, thoughtful niece.

He's definitely an older gent,
full of chips and marks and scratches and stains.
He's been around the block a few times.
But nothing that a little swipe of paint can't handle.

He even offers a sectioned drawer for socks.
What a guy.

He will receive a new coat of paint soon,
and I'll once again pull out the Crackle Tex
to age him a little more.

The current chips will be candle waxed so that they'll still be there when I distress it.
And I'm still deciding whether to paint the pulls or not.

Yes, he's a big gent,
and he takes up a bit more space than what I had anticipated.
But he is the perfect HIS to the HERS dresser across the room.

They make a sweet pair, don't they?

Speaking of pairs....
I have two dream catchers for sale.

I created this one with Rachel Ashwell's beautiful 'Overdyed Somerset' fabric.

And this one with white 'Somerset'.

Both are available to purchase.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage Blue Cabinet

My studio.
My haven of inspiration and creativity.
A space where I imagine and ponder and dream and discover.

But the little cubbies in my bookcase were overflowing from stacking, tucking, shoving, and squishing
an abundance of fabric needed to create my dream catchers.
It was getting out of control.
It was messing with my creativity.

The books were taking a back seat, too.
They desperately needed their own designated space
because they all hold a very special place in my heart.

The messiness was really bothering my little OCD soul.
My resolution to declutter was being sidetracked.

Something needed to change.

So I carted the books upstairs,
one heavy box at a time, 
and created a library of sorts in the front guest room.

After organizing the books,
 a sense of peace and quiet and orderliness softly settled in.
It was almost reminiscent of a room in the small library where my mother worked
and where I spent many happy hours during my childhood.

After brainstorming some specs with a talented carpenter friend of ours,
my new craft cabinet was delivered last week.
A special place to hold the supplies I use to make my dream catchers.

Larry created her using bead board backing and pine shelves.

His work is exquisite.

With her vintage closures and "butterfly" hinges...

she will be an heirloom to be treasured throughout the years.

I started working on "aging" her the next morning.
Sanding worn edges ~
places where hands would have reached out to touch, to grasp, to pull.
Creating a rough, chippy patina as if she had been painted many times over many decades.

Staining her was the first step.

 Stain:  Minwax in 'Early American'

Then I painted on areas of Crackle Tex here and there,
concentrating on where a piece like this would naturally crack and chip over the years.

I let that dry overnight.

Crackle Tex can be purchased at Maison Decor.

The next day I made a 50/50 mixture of ASCP  in 'Old White' and 'Pure White', and being careful not to overwork the areas where the Crackle Tex lay waiting to do it's magic, painted on a thick layer.

Within minutes, the aging began.
Small cracks in the paint started to appear before my eyes.

There is a small window of opportunity between the time you swipe on the paint
and when the paint dries
that you can "pull off" the paint by blotting with a rag.
This creates an even more chipped look.

The inside was painted haphazardly with ASCP in 'Provence'.
Imperfection was key with this sweet project.

Vase by Laura Venosa DellaPorta.

By that evening, I was itching to start filling this cabinet with stacks of shabby chic fabric, boxes of beads and shells, and baskets full of yarn...
but I knew that there were a couple more processes I needed to apply yet.

The next day I created a sky blue shade by mixing Glidden 'Totally Teal', Martha Stewart
'Artesian Well', and ASCP in 'Duck Egg Blue'.

I dipped the brush in water first and then into the paint
before washing it onto the cabinet.
More color in some areas,
less in others.

It was almost like swishing paint onto a canvas.

A couple hours of drying time later,
I did a bit of light distressing with my palm sander,
although it didn't take much to age this beauty.
This is the patina that Crackle Tex produces.

Absolute vintage perfection.

I can't even imagine painting another piece of furniture without using Crackle Tex first.
That's how much I love it.

I then rubbed on a coat of ASCP Clear Soft Wax
and buffed out a subtle shine.

Then it was time to dress her up...

and fill her up.

If my arms were wide enough,
I would have hugged her.

Needless to say,
there's a love fest going on over here.

Thank you, Larry, for creating this beautiful cabinet for me.
She is absolutely perfect.

Contact Timberdoodle Wood Works for incredible furniture pieces like this.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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