Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A {re} imagined Dresser

I met a new friend last week Sunday.

Michelle initially stole my heart when she sent me a sweet comment on my 
"Silencing the Noise" post (that you can read here.)
She amazed and humbled me when she shared that she was raising nine children,
was currently homeschooling eight of them,
and was teaching Annie Sloan chalk paint classes.
She also has an inspiring blog called {re} imagined,
and travels from antique market to antique market on weekends
with her loving and supportive family
selling her beautiful ASCP furniture and signs.

I know!
How does this woman do it all???

She is not only beautiful in person, 
but she has an amazingly beautiful spirit as well.
She is a walking testimony of a sister-in-Christ.

 This is just a small sample of the fabulous work she does.

Is she not the cutest thing....?  :)

And THIS is what I couldn't walk away from when I saw it in her booth
at Allegan's last antique market of the season last week Sunday.

A graceful beauty...

with beautiful embellishments, vintage pulls and dovetail joints.

Her perfection almost makes me weep.

Painted beautifully with ASCP in Old White with Pure White accents,
this elegant beauty now resides in my guest room.

I gaze at her every time I walk down the hallway...

and find myself stepping into the room just to look at the faded stencil
on the front.

* sigh... *

I am in complete and utter dresser-love.

A found vintage Florentine jewelry box adds a touch of aged gilding to the vignette.

Michelle gave me such a meaningful gift before I left.

{Thank you so much, Michelle!!}

A sweet sign she made
to remind us all
that we are loved...


And so are you, my new friend.
So are you.

~  Blessings ~

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  1. This dresser is a beauty. I love the color and all the detail. The mirror above with frame behind is a lovely accent.


  2. It is beautiful - such lovely details and fits in so well with your home and style! Enjoy her! :)

  3. Laurie how wonderful to meet up with a new blogging buddy! She is so talented too!Your new dresser is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Love it!! How fun to meet a new friend :) Wow she seems totally amazing! xxoxoxoxoxooxoxox love ya tons!!!!!!!

  5. She's very talented. What a gorgeous addition to your home. Love that piece.

  6. You are lovend too Darling !!!!.... Love love love.......xxx

  7. Laurie,
    The dresser is beautiful. I would be stopping to gaze at it and visiting it regularly through the day, too.
    What a sweet blessing to meet a fellow blogger, sister in Christ!
    The guest room is perfect. Beautiful, yet simple and restful. This is my idea of a quiet respite!

  8. The dresser is gorgeous and goes perfectly in your guest room, i would love to find her works inhere in Michigan..what a treasure...suek

  9. Oh my Laurie, that is a gorgeous piece!!!~
    And it looks absolutely beautiful in your home!!
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  10. What a beautiful dresser, Laurie! I would have swooned seeing that myself. I love how she did the Pure White in that middle circle and added the stencil. The details on the sides are great too.

  11. It is so lovely. You can tell it was done with a lot of love,

  12. it's a beautie, laurie. and i love the box too!

    sending you sunshine and smiles.


  13. Your new dresser is beautiful & yes she does amazing work! :)

  14. Hi Laurie ~~~ That really is a beautiful dresser that you purchased from Michelle and thank you for introducing her to all of us. You and her are both very inspirational.
    God Bless You Both,
    Pearl 13.1

  15. Oooh, how absolutely dreamy Laurie... okay... I want to make a reservation right to come stay in your guest room!... it looks sooo cozy and comfy and your new find is such a treasure, as is Michelle... your beautiful new friend... and how thoughtful of her to gift you with those gorgeous tresors... I am in Heaven just looking at everything... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Just so lovely Laurie!
    What a beautiful new addition to your gorgeous home...I'd be peeking in to look at it all day if it were mine too! Funny how we do that isn't it?!
    She is quite a talent...love the details!
    I also adore your florentine jewelry box...so elegant.
    Love & hugs to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Deborah xoxo

  17. That dresser is just beautiful--I would be walking in the room just to gaze at it too. Love that sweet little sign. :)

  18. Oh my word I love that dresser and the green one to!! I need a white one for my daughter. Does she have a store around here???

  19. What a beautiful elegant dresser! It's perfect for your guest room. Just lovely!
    Mary Alice

  20. That dresseris perfect for your home. What an amazing woman! Love the sign she came you too.

  21. I just love your new dresser...she goes perfectly with your beautiful guest room! It's so sweet that you made a friend of Michele, she really is a wonder woman! Love the little treasure she gave you, too! :)


  22. That is truly a beautiful dresser Laurie and I adore that sign.
    Don't you love it when we get to connect in person with fellow creative bloggers.

  23. I am in dresser love too! Thank you for sharing these inspired works with us and thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope you will join us again next week with more clever ideas!

    The Chicken Chick

  24. what a lovely post and a beautiful dresser! there are so many inspiring people out there and we are so lucky when we get to meet them! keya

  25. That dresser is just perfect in your guest room and so much better to know a friend brought it back to life! ~ Maureen

  26. This lovely piece looks amazing in your beautiful guest room. I LOVE that room. :)

  27. Your dresser is lovely!! I can understand why you have dresser love!! It is a lovely piece!!!

  28. This dresser was made for you, Laurie. It's stunning, feminine and solid at the same time. Looks perfect in that bedroom.

  29. Congrats to Michelle on being honored in the lovely feature...she deserves it!
    The dresser sure is a beauty!

  30. so very pretty and the reminder of a special woman who painted it!

  31. What a beautiful job, Laurie! Love the combination of old white with pure white accents!!

  32. Thank you, my sweet new friend. I think your photography makes it look even more amazing! Hugs! ♥

  33. Oh Laurie it's just gorgeous!!! And what an amazing lady - wow what some women can pull off puts me to shame ( seriously )

  34. Your new friend is truly inspiring. Nine kids? Wow! That's a lot. She's super mom.
    motels albury

  35. A very inspiring post! Love the chest, it's gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.


  36. Oh my Laurie...your new dresser is wonderful!
    Thank you for introducing us to a new friend!!
    Oh...I thought of you when I saw the florentine picture on The Prairie's FB page...Rachel sure has gathered up a beautiful collection in TX this past week! Did you see it?

  37. Wow! That is a beautiful piece~~ and I can't imagine anyone with 9 kids getting anything done besides laundry and meals! Hats off~!

  38. From what I've gathered from your post,
    she's really one amazing woman.

    ANd that green dresser is a real beauty.
    And your dresser too is equally lovely.

  39. Wow! She sounds like quite a lady!! And far too lovely to dislike for being so successful too - how doubly annoying!!!! ;-)


  40. I love your new dresser! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my little home. I was surprised when you told me that your beautiful home isn't all that large inside, but I guess from the outside my home appears larger than it really is as well. Our upstairs is actually roomier than the downstairs living area since it extends out over the garage. With the poor economy and all, I know all too many people that have lost their homes, so I'm very thankful for ours.

  41. Ok, missy.... we need to better communicate. I was there, also!! Yup... the last one for the season and there was no way I wasn't going! Beautiful weather, wasn't it? I can see how you fell in love with that dresser. What a gem! And to make a new friend at the same time! Lucky you! And as the sign reads... yOu aRe LOVED!!!!

  42. That is the most beautiful dresser! Your new friend deserves a lot of credit-pretty amazing.

    Take care,

  43. Hi Laurie....it's amazing what we can accomplish when we put our mind, heart and soul into it! Great post...

  44. What an amazing gal. thank you for introducing her to us.
    Wow, her painted furniture is gorgeous and your new dresser is simply stunning and perfect for your guestroom.
    have a fabulous new week

  45. oh Laurie, that dresser is beyond wonderful! and how amazing that you were able to meet her and form a friendship. She's adorable and I'm off to meet her! xo

  46. Wow, she has stamina and then some! I bet they are a happy family as well! The dresser is so sweet and I like the two tone look.

  47. Laurie...I have heard so many wonderful things about Allegan and have wanted to go...Now I know that I must next season...What gorgeous work and her heart shows....Thank you for sharing...Blessings, Becky

  48. What a beautiful piece, and I wouldn't of been able to pass it up either. Your friend remind me of my Mom, raised 10 kids, etc. Her furniture is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing her with us! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  49. How did i miss this post!? Oh my gosh, that dresser is BEAUTIFUL! I love love the combination of old white and bright white... that's now burned in my brain to use those colors together... if i weren't at work, i'd go paint something those colors right now! Your friend looks like a sweet adorable person. Her work is so pretty, and that little sign she made for you is such a treasure...


  50. so Beautiful.
    ...love flea markets. I don't think I've heard of Allegan. I live in Texas about an hour from Canton First Monday....it is one of my favorite things to do!

    nice to meet you, found at Knick of Time, Pat

  51. Hi Laurie,
    Just thought I'd come see you and I am so HAPPY to say how delighted I am!!! Your dresser in the guestroon is divine, and Michelle is super talented!! Nine children.... Wow, what hard work and patience she must have!!! I admire that greatly in a parent, but especially a woman! Also, your guest room is decorated so beautifully and perfectly serene. You are so lovely to make your guests feel so welcomed. Thanks for the tip regarding ASCP as I've heard so much about it but I don't think that's available in my local improvement store. How do I find that???
    Thanks again for your visit and your lovely comments, they mean so much to me!!! Also. real quick I wanted to tell you that my brother in law and his wife live in Belleville,Michigan. They are also currently looking to move out of town into a family based development. Which part of Michigan are you from? Ok, enough questions...
    Have a lovely week!
    XO~ Steph

  52. She does amazing work!! It's just beautiful, just like you are! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  53. your dresser is lovely- the whole room is so sweet!

  54. Oh Laurie, no wonder you couldn't walk away from that Magnificent piece that Michelle re-imagined! *Love that Word by the way!* I will have to pop over now to her Inspirational Blog... 9 kids, teaching classes, Home Schooling... WOW... this is a Life that can Truly Inspire any of us!!!

    Thanks for stopping by for a Blog visit and leaving such Encouragement, Prayers and Sweetness, it is appreciated. Quite often Crisis and Chronic Illness can Isolate Families and so keeping Connected it crucial and the Land of Blog is one of the places I can manage to do that when all hell is breaking loose... so I feel as though my Blog Friends have my back and it means a lot when I'm feeling like I'm dealing with stuff alone.

    Blessings and a Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  55. There are some people with boundless energy and creativity! I am sure having such a lovely family supporting you helps. We home schooled and I know these children are learning so much more watching their mom! Lovely dresser! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  56. Such a lovely post! Beautiful images and story!

  57. What a pretty dresser! It's the perfect piece for an already wonderful room. Don't you love it when you find that one special thing that calls out to you and makes you so happy every time you see it? It's even better that it's linked to your new friend too. xo

  58. Dresser is perfect, beautiful -I such things I say love at first sight!
    We are nothing without friends , friendship is a lot! ! Wish you many such friends!
    Have a nice day!!!
    xoxo...by Vicky

  59. Laurie, Thanks so much for sharing your new dresser on Simple & Sweet Fridays. That dresser is gorgeous! Michelle is such an awesome artist. Very inspiring post... I 'm going now to check out her blog.


  60. Love it in white!! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  61. absolutely a delight!! I very much enjoy seeing all the re{imagined} posts. I live not real far from Allegan and cannot wait to go and see her stuff when I get all settled in the spring. thanks so much for sharing!!!

  62. Complete dresser envy over here! But in a good way...you deserve to be surrounded by these beautiful things that make your heart sing my friend. It is so so lovely. xoxo


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