Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blingy Little Chandy & Brass Knuckles

Thank you all so much for your encouraging, supportive, and heartwarming comments concerning my new running regime.
You made me smile with each one and I wanted to reach out and hug each and every one of you! 
Many of you mentioned that you were inspired to get back in an exercise routine
or keep going with the one you already had. That was so wonderful to hear!
I'm so glad to be a part of a community of gals who are incredibly open, honest, 
and willing to share their faith and encouragement 
- not only with me but with all those who read the comments.
You touched us all, you know.  :)
 I will be praying for all of you as I run each day.
You are an inspiration and a true blessing! 
We CAN do this...together!

I received a Facebook message from my fellow junkin' sister, Pam, last week Saturday.

"Found new shop we MUST check out.
Want 2 go?"

She didn't have to ask me twice.

So, the next morning, under a cold, dark and stormy sky promising thunder,
we made our way to the small town of Allegan -
the same place where the summer monthly antique market is held.
We were headed out of town a few miles,
off the beaten path to a place called 

Located at 3791 - 122nd Avenue in Allegan, MI

 This impressive 6,000 square foot shop boasted repurposed and redesigned goods and furniture created by passionate artists who meet the green generation by creating artwork out of the past. It is a place of one of a kind, eclectic custom creations.
No photos were allowed to be taken in the store because of the uniqueness of each piece, but it was truly a feast for the eyes and a place to inspire!

As we wandered the aisles, amidst oohing and ahhing and pointing of fingers, 
my eyes landed on this sweet, little blingy chandy hanging over a vintage door.

I stared.
I oohed.
I ahhed.
I smiled at it.
It smiled back.
I asked if it worked.
It did.
I told it, "I must have you!"

I plan on finally kicking the light on our second floor landing to the curb 
and replacing it with this charming little beauty.
So long, old boob light.
Hello, gorgeous!


maybe it'll end up over the side table in the guest room...
OR maybe over my bedside table.
Decisions, decisions...

After a couple of hours nosing around, trying on some really cool what I call "mixed media" clothing
(mix of sweater/lace/denim in one piece),
we hugged our treasures to our chests and headed out to our next destination.

As the dark clouds rolled and boiled overhead, threatening more rain, 
we followed an old sign pointing the way down a dirt road...
 into a deserted parking lot...
overgrown with weeds.

" you know where you're going? This just doesn't look right. There's nobody here, 
and it just looks spooky..." (I asked hesitantly)

"Don't worry!  I know where we're going!" (sounding way too confident for her own good)
"It's right up here!"
(This coming from a woman who weighs 98 pounds soaking wet.)

"Uhhhhhh......THIS place? This looks reeeeally creepy. Are you sure it's even open.....?"
(secretly hoping that it wasn't and we could turn around and escape back to civilization) 

"Yup!  See the sign?  It's open! Truuuuuust me!" (sounding even more confident than before)

Yeah.  Ok.  Sure....

While attempting to push any thoughts of being burglarized, abducted, 
or just plain never heard from again,
I cautiously got out of the car and followed overly-confident-Pam into the cavernous old building.

After an initial few minutes of being creeped out because there was just something weird about this place, 
the owner walked out of the back room.

My mind went into overdrive.

OK...what are you going to do if he tries to grab either of us...?
I'll hit him with this big lamp.
Is there a back door to this place....?
Yeah, behind HIM.
Is he following me.....???
How fast can you run in heeled boots, Shoemaker....?

[Sorry. But that's just the way my mind rolls, folks.
I was brought up to be overly cautious and very aware of my surroundings at all times.
I even carry my keys between my fingers like brass knuckles on the way from a store to my car in case I have to pop someone in the chin with my fist.]

Didn't expect that out of me, now did you?  :)

Anyway, the owner was gracious and welcoming.
He gave us both a great deal on the treasures we dug out of the mountains of junk in the warehouse-like building.
There was everything from old Christmas ornaments to retro vacuum cleaners,
piles of suitcases to vintage furniture.
One of which was a beautiful dresser with girlie legs and embellished corners that kept calling my name from a darkened corner.
I looked at her twice, squinted my eyes and imagined her with a lovely coat of creamy white (or even a heavily distressed pale turquoise!),
 and told her I'd come back for her.
There was no room in the car for her right now.  :(

But I did haul this little guy out from under a table.
I haven't a clue how old he is, but he was solid and cute,
and for $20, he was coming home with me.

I also unearthed a round basket that I will Frenchify
with the same technique I used here.

The pretty silver Italian vase will get a coat of turquoise
and a whisper of gilding wax on the raised rose embellishments.
I purchased the wonderful wax from Amy at Maison Decor.
Both of these treasures will be for sale in my booth at Doster Emporium very soon.

The little flowered porcelain vase for $3.00 was just too sweet to pass up, too.

As we left the empty parking lot under a torrent of rain,
I heard Pam say.....

"Next time will ya just truuuuust me....???  I TOLD you this was going to be the best place ever!"

Little did she know that my keys were between my knuckles all the time we were there.....

~  Blessings ~

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  1. Soo much fun Laurie!... my hubby is a retired policeman and I worked my entire career at the PD as well, so I am always aware of my surroundings at all times too... honestly... more women really DO need to be more like you and ready for anything... okay, I will get off my soapbox here... onto your tresors... your new chandy is GORGEOUS!... sigh... I am drooling over it... and your little chair is so sweet!... love your sense of humor too... wish we had a place like that around here... love those kind you have to really search through this and that until some sweet thing calls your name... (I mean a tresor... not the big guy you saw!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. J'aurais bien aimé être avec vous deux... Deux clefs entre les doigts, ce n'est pas mal non plus ?! N'est-ce pas ?...
    J'espère que vous vous êtes tout de même détendue afin de profiter des trésors de cette "caverne" !...
    J'adore la lampe à pampilles...
    Gros bisous

  3. Love your new chandie! I've got 2 boob lights I wanna get rid of ... so congrats on tossing yours to the curb! And I'm glad you didn't get accosted while shopping. :)

  4. Love your chandelier!!!
    And I'm fully aware of everything at every moment lol - especially with Craigs list connections - always figure there's a sinister reason for someone wanting to buy a piece of my furniture !
    Great post Laurie :)

  5. From a fellow 'keys in the knuckles' lass... I'm totally hearing you. One can never be too careful these days, however, I'd still risk it if there was potential treasure hunting involved. Love all your treasure Laurie :)

  6. I knew there was a reason we get along so well, Laurie. You think like me! LOL I'm always on guard. I used to work for the YWCA, and taught various self defense techniques. The keys were one of them. We could be the dynamic treasure hunting duo. Great finds. Sometimes we have to dig.

  7. Oh Laurie....I enjoyed reading that post. I LOVE places like that first shop. And the chandy? ohhhh lah lah Just my style. LOVED it. Take care. Susan

  8. Laurie: Thank you for the note you left on my blog LIKE GRAMMA'S HOUSE..glad you found me. ..and I you ! I'm following-but you have so many followers you may not need another < >
    Its amazing the talented bloggers whose paths are crossing mine-I am impressed and challenged.
    I wl ck in with you often as I can and add you to my blog list-it looks like you post regularly.

    Thanks again,
    *Heather is a contributor-a young friend of mine from another life when my husband and I lived in S.E. Texas.

  9. I keep my wits about me in the wilds but I'm totally dense about urban safety. I'd be willing to take a few risks for those finds! ~ Maureen

  10. Hi Laurie - it sounded like you needed more than brass knuckles going into that store. But if we don't take risks, we won't reap the rewards. By the way, I'm "borrowing" your idea for the baskets - checked out the other posting to see how to do it - got the graphite paper, got the drop cloth and the basket. All I need is the Cricut to cut out the stencils.

  11. Oh gosh Laurie, you're a great story teller! I just learned 2 new terms: chandy & boob light! Hahaha! I hate those too, but with low ceilings...
    Good luck running! Wow, good for you!
    Blessings to you friend,
    Love Jones

  12. HA ! Laurie ! I'm the same way ! I have a very vivid imagination and most of my friends think I'm too paranoid. Better safe than sorry I say. I'm always looking for an escape route some place that might run on the side of dangerous. And I wanna be able to tell the police that the guy who attacked us has some vicious scratches on his face ! Glad it was a yummy place for junking! sounds like one of my favorite places that got cleaned up and is now a hoity toity antique store. I much prefer digging in the piles ! Love the lamp! And your chair is one similar to a chair I picked up for a mere $5.00.

    Next time you go with Pam, you might wanna wear your running shoes !

  13. Oh how fun, Laurie. I love those out of the way places, but I always have the sense I am hearing banjos playing. :)

  14. Thanks for daring to explore the creepy house. I am just like you now and am very cautious. It may come from watching too many scary movies and lets face it "real" life. It doesn't hurt to be aware.
    I love your new chandie. Mine is still sitting on the floor!!! errr


  15. Hmmm, that creepy place sounds quite interesting. I love the chair you found there. You're not the only one who's a little paranoid, my brain would've been thinking the same exact's probably all those episodes of Criminal Minds that I've seen ;)

  16. I've got a few that need to be given the "boot,"too!...beautiful pics and find!

  17. You are so funny...but I am a lot like you, always suspicious! I love finding new places and it looks like you hit the bounty! The chandy is going to look wonderful wherever you put it and I love the chair. I've been looking for something like this to add to a picnic table hubby found last year. It's so sweet!


  18. You may already know this but your basket was designed to take chickens to market. I have one just like it with a lid. The lid and handle were designed so that the chicken wasn't likely to escape because he couldn't move the lid up enough to get out. I've used mine as a bedside table for over 30 years. It's one of those items that I will NEVER give up. Pry it from my cold dead fingers -- if you can!

  19. I'm just like you, overly cautious, if I pull into a parking lot and I have to answer my phone or look in my purse I lock the car doors all the time. Thank goodness it was such a neat place to find treasures, love the chair and the chandy so pretty it is!

  20. they make mace in some pretty attractive containers now, girlfriend. ha! a true junkhottie braving the wilderness--you go!



  21. I love the lamp, it is gorgeous!!!! What a treasure, will have to get to Allegan and find that shop. The little chair is sweet, i have one similar, it was my mom's when she was little, she is gone now and i have it in my familyroom at a small table. What a day of hunting you two had, so much fun with a friend...suek

  22. Love your story ... you have some really nice treasures. I will take the basket to add to my collection. Great condition.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  23. First I love your new chandy! And second I'm sooo with you on the brass knuckle key hand thing! I would've done exactly the same thing AND hoped there wasn't a doberman somewhere about to jump out *shudders* But that does sound like the best kind of junkin' place because who else is gonna know about it right? *winks* That's a sweet garden chair and I hope you'll go back for the girlie dresser and share what you do with it. Vanna

  24. Laurie I bought a similar chandy last summer~it sold to a lady in Australia. Love the basket~it all looks wonderful!

  25. That was such a fun story... and i'm with you, i would have had my key ready ready for battle too! Great chandy, i'm pretty sure wherever it ends up, it's going to be so great!...


  26. I looked at your new chandy with envy, then realized my girls and I found a terrific vintage shop last Sunday right here on Maui, Hula Gypsy. Not a scary one and a scarce one. And I bought a new chady too, I've tucked mine away until I paint the bath first. I enjoyed your post:)

  27. Oh my goodness what a wonderful adventure. Happy you were paying attention to your surrounds. Love the chair and the chandelier too my friend. Thank you for sharing at the The Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  28. You crack me up Laurie! So funny about that store. :) I LOVE your chandy and I am WALKING...not running. You would not want to see this body run! lol

  29. Beautiful chandy!!!
    At least you were with a friend when you were lost.What if you were alone!? :-)

  30. Glad it all turned out well! DARLING chandy! You asked about the dried roses-- They often do turn brown. This time they dried in the vase of water. Maybe that's why they they stayed lighter? Anyway that's why I kept them!

  31. That chandie looks so lovely
    it will brighten and beautify any space in your house.

    You know I really need some exercise in my life right now,
    I am having a hard time walking even just short distances
    I can hardly breathe and my chest hurts. I'll start doing little exercises everyday and hopefully I will be able to gain my health back. I used to be so active back in the day.

  32. Hi Laurie
    this is a great post :)
    and do not miss the......


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  33. Those are great finds and it sounds like you had a memorable day at the very least.

  34. I'm glad you found some treasures, and that your "brass knuckles" were unnecessary! But hey...we girls have got to be prepared!

  35. I love the chandelier. I am laughing as I am reading "the way your brain rolls". Too funny.
    Have a great week Laurie.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  36. Thanks for joining my Welcome Home Wednesday party....I really appreciate it.....your blog is lovely!!! Deb

  37. Oh Laurie, what a memorable day!
    Your chandy is sooo pretty. It would look great in my dining room. love the bling.

  38. Hi Laurie... just me again, back for another look at your little chandy... I want a smallish one, and have not seen one as lovely as yours... where did you end up hanging it?... I am sure it looks gorgeous wherever you did... I jog~walked today!... yay!... you were my inspiration!... xoxo Julie Marie

  39. Hello gorgeous is right! Great find along with the chair and vase! I am your newest follower, loved your post on running btw, am getting back into it too :)

  40. so glad you didn't need the "knuckles":)--the keys are a great idea, too! LOVE the chandy and sweet chair finds, laurie:) the jogging is an awesome thing to do for yourself--yay, you!

  41. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love the blingy chandy you found and love reading your stories of finding all your treasures.


  42. The chandelier is gorgeous. I love all of it's details. I would love for you to link this up to my Fall into Fall party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there.

  43. I so love that chandelier, and all of it's details. My oh My I would of have to have had it! then you found a chair and a vase, you certainly had a good day! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  44. Oh what a spooky adventure. So glad I was curled up on the couch under a warm blanket while reading this. Going off on back roads to who knows where sounds like a great time to me. But then, I've always loved a hint of danger. The chandy is a beaut and I laughed so hard at the 'boob' light comment. However I knew exactly what you meant. Thanks for sharing your finds with SYC.

  45. Hi Laurie, featuring you today on SYC.

  46. Very nice! Thank you for joining me at HSH!

  47. Love love love your chandelier Laurie!! LOVE!!! Would be so much fun to go junking with you!! Might have to take a little trip to visit some friends in Minnesota sometime and make my way on down to your area! :) Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  48. Beautiful. Thanks for joining the party at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back today.

  49. You crack me up! I adore your chandelier and all of your finds! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  50. Ooh - love the finds! And I love your banner, it's so romantic looking, I love roses! By the way, I hope your husband takes your table top off for you to replace with boards! I'd like to see that transformation!

  51. Love your fun finds!!! If you ever find yourself in the Burton area you should check out Collette's Antique and Vintage Mall! I'm one of the vendors and there so many great booths!!! It's always so fun to meet fellow Michigan bloggers! :) I'm your newest follower.


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