Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seasons of the Heart

It's been a busy, busy month here at Heaven's Walk...thus my long absence from Bloglandia.
My heart seems full to overflowing
and my mind has been stretched to it's limit.
I have truly missed visiting you all and hope to start finding some time in the near future
to stop by and catch up with you all once again.

Besides the usual seasonal chores like blowing leaves,

 watching the first snowflakes of the season mix with more falling leaves,

cleaning gutters,
winterizing the pond,
putting the veggie garden to bed,
storing the porch furniture,
blowing more leaves,

mowing for the last time,
hanging up all the hoses in the barn,
placing heaters in birdbaths,
blowing even more leaves,

 covering the fountain and rain barrel,
and cutting down that huge, old, dangerous mulberry tree in the middle of the yard...
there's been meetings with lawyers, financial advisors, realtors, and bankers
over Trusts and Estates and Probate.
It seems to be never ending.

I also signed closing papers on my parents' house...
and watched a young couple walk away with my dad's keys in their hands.

It was sad.

 Heaving another huge sigh....I took another step forward in my life ~
finding it difficult not to look back.

 As I mentioned in my previous post,
I entered the world of Young Living Essential Oils
and am embracing their incredible healing properties.
Mind, body, and soul.
At this time in my life,
they are so comforting, anchoring, empowering, and grounding ~
and bring me into God's presence continually throughout the day.
Their scents remind me of the gifts and blessings He faithfully promises,
and their healing properties have helped both my husband and me sleep more soundly,
reduced our bodily aches and pains, wiped away tension headaches,
and boosted our immune systems.

This beautiful blend of oils wafts through the rooms in my old farmhouse every day during this late autumn season
filling it with a sweet, clean, earthy fragrance.

 Orange boosts immunity, induces relaxation, and reduces depression.
Clove is antiviral, antioxidant, and creates a sense of protection and courage.

After a clear mammogram result (the first one since my surgery),
I ditched all of the chemical-based perfumes from my medicine cabinet, 
(you'll find only YL oils there now)
and all cleaning supplies from beneath the sink were put in the trash.
I am using Young Living's natural, cleaning products that are full of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon bark, and eucalyptus radiata. 
Not only is it antiviral and antiseptic, but also antibacterial and anti-infectious ~ 
protecting us from any cold or flu bugs that may make their way into our home.

 While the temperatures slowly sink into the 20s and 30s and winter makes its unwelcome appearance,
homemade French onion soup simmers on the stove next to a French baguette topped with Gruyere cheese.

Maizie Grace waits patiently for her own dinner ~ with Flopsy close by.

 After dinner, surgery is performed on her Bear.
Her maternal instinct kicks into high gear as she nervously lays at my feet,
watching my every move...

arm reattached...
her beloved 'baby' is safe and sound.

It was also time for me to step into the 21st century.
I finally upgraded to a smart phone and practiced posting to Instagram by taking some photos around the house.

It's such a joy to continue to connect with friends from all over the world via another media venue.
I'm still learning my way around this phone that uncannily seems to know more than I do,
but am enjoying the challenge.

So, as Michigan bids farewell to a short summer,
an even shorter autumn,
and watches warily as winter creeps in...
 I pray that we are spared from another overwhelming season like we experienced last year
when this was the continual view out my kitchen window
before we had over 100 inches of the cold, white stuff
for six long, dreary months.

I will swipe on my favorite YL oils to keep me healthy,
rub some on the Husband's sore shoulder and neck,
clean my house with clove and rosemary,
share IG photos,
close my eyes,
count the days,
and dream 



~  Eucharisteo  ~

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