Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seasons of the Heart

It's been a busy, busy month here at Heaven's Walk...thus my long absence from Bloglandia.
My heart seems full to overflowing
and my mind has been stretched to it's limit.
I have truly missed visiting you all and hope to start finding some time in the near future
to stop by and catch up with you all once again.

Besides the usual seasonal chores like blowing leaves,

 watching the first snowflakes of the season mix with more falling leaves,

cleaning gutters,
winterizing the pond,
putting the veggie garden to bed,
storing the porch furniture,
blowing more leaves,

mowing for the last time,
hanging up all the hoses in the barn,
placing heaters in birdbaths,
blowing even more leaves,

 covering the fountain and rain barrel,
and cutting down that huge, old, dangerous mulberry tree in the middle of the yard...
there's been meetings with lawyers, financial advisors, realtors, and bankers
over Trusts and Estates and Probate.
It seems to be never ending.

I also signed closing papers on my parents' house...
and watched a young couple walk away with my dad's keys in their hands.

It was sad.

 Heaving another huge sigh....I took another step forward in my life ~
finding it difficult not to look back.

 As I mentioned in my previous post,
I entered the world of Young Living Essential Oils
and am embracing their incredible healing properties.
Mind, body, and soul.
At this time in my life,
they are so comforting, anchoring, empowering, and grounding ~
and bring me into God's presence continually throughout the day.
Their scents remind me of the gifts and blessings He faithfully promises,
and their healing properties have helped both my husband and me sleep more soundly,
reduced our bodily aches and pains, wiped away tension headaches,
and boosted our immune systems.

This beautiful blend of oils wafts through the rooms in my old farmhouse every day during this late autumn season
filling it with a sweet, clean, earthy fragrance.

 Orange boosts immunity, induces relaxation, and reduces depression.
Clove is antiviral, antioxidant, and creates a sense of protection and courage.

After a clear mammogram result (the first one since my surgery),
I ditched all of the chemical-based perfumes from my medicine cabinet, 
(you'll find only YL oils there now)
and all cleaning supplies from beneath the sink were put in the trash.
I am using Young Living's natural, cleaning products that are full of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon bark, and eucalyptus radiata. 
Not only is it antiviral and antiseptic, but also antibacterial and anti-infectious ~ 
protecting us from any cold or flu bugs that may make their way into our home.

 While the temperatures slowly sink into the 20s and 30s and winter makes its unwelcome appearance,
homemade French onion soup simmers on the stove next to a French baguette topped with Gruyere cheese.

Maizie Grace waits patiently for her own dinner ~ with Flopsy close by.

 After dinner, surgery is performed on her Bear.
Her maternal instinct kicks into high gear as she nervously lays at my feet,
watching my every move...

arm reattached...
her beloved 'baby' is safe and sound.

It was also time for me to step into the 21st century.
I finally upgraded to a smart phone and practiced posting to Instagram by taking some photos around the house.

It's such a joy to continue to connect with friends from all over the world via another media venue.
I'm still learning my way around this phone that uncannily seems to know more than I do,
but am enjoying the challenge.

So, as Michigan bids farewell to a short summer,
an even shorter autumn,
and watches warily as winter creeps in...
 I pray that we are spared from another overwhelming season like we experienced last year
when this was the continual view out my kitchen window
before we had over 100 inches of the cold, white stuff
for six long, dreary months.

I will swipe on my favorite YL oils to keep me healthy,
rub some on the Husband's sore shoulder and neck,
clean my house with clove and rosemary,
share IG photos,
close my eyes,
count the days,
and dream 



~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. I hear ya Laurie.A little snow fell to the ground here today....but it did not stick.So's way too early for that! I am so intrigued by these oils.I am sure I will be trying these soon.Glad to hear they are helping you heal.I wish I could go totally chemical free with cleaners.But I can't,our water is just too hard even with a water softener.

  2. I've missed you. Life moves on, sometimes so quickly I wonder how I manage to do all the things I want to do or if it really matters if I don't. I loved seeing all your lovely pictures, I do hope you don't have such a long snowy winter this year. Take care & enjoy some ME time.I'm always telling my daughter to stop & find sometime for herself..I'm sure you'll enjoy the essentials oils.

  3. Blessings to you today! I love visiting and am always so blessed by your posts. 100" of snow last year-you gave me a reality check. This week we've had a arctic cold front and lots of snow(not like yours though) is so cold.
    I previously mentioned that I have just gotten into essential oils-I've got to check your side and see if you have a link to YL products. I get another essential oil product, but find they are so very expensive. I want to get an electric oil diffuser but just can't afford the price. I'm wondering if YL is less. It will be interesting to see what oils they have. The other night I had a headache at bed so put Wild Orange on my temples and my headache went away and I fell asleep with a fragrant scent.

  4. Your blog posts are always so pretty! Believe it or not I still don't have a smart phone (my kids and my husband do--I guess I should take the plunge) I bet your instagram is beautiful!

  5. Laurie,
    You are such an encouragement. The way the Lord walks with you and you trust Him seeing His faithfulness in your life is so wonderful.
    Right now, my hubby is losing his dad, and my daughter lost her dad unexpectedly 2 months ago. Your blog uplifts and encourages so many. Thank you.

  6. I know it's tough to see someone else take over your parents' home. I also know how wonderful essential oils are. We have some YL among others. I too need to get a diffuser. Anyway, I love the photos from around your lovely home - and the sweet Mazie Grace waiting while surgery is performed.

  7. Laurie, I loved reading your post. They are always so honest and heartfelt. glad to hear that you are finding comfort and healing with the essential Oils. I've used them on and off for years and winter is an especially good time to get back to using them. maybe I'll try some of the cleaning products. maize is precious. the photo of her with floppy looks like a painting. So sweet. I'm not reFy for winter but it's here! Hugs, Sandy

  8. Wonderful post, Laurie! So much good and of course. many challenges I'm sure you expected but nonetheless, frustrating.

    The oils are interesting. I, too have been using some natural soaps and lotions...tea tree oil is such a great antiseptic and skin softener...I just love the changes since I found them.

    Let's pray for a mild winter! So good to see a post from you...they always touch me.

    Jane x

  9. So lovely to catch up with you, Laurie. I am looking into essential oils also. I have switched to natural cleaners and am trying to remove as many toxins as possible from my home and diet. Joining instagram ha been fun for me as well. I will look for you on there. A always your words and photos are beautiful. xo Laura

  10. That photo of your beautiful white farmhouse just takes my breath away!... you are so blessed to call Heavens Walk home... and sweet little Maizie, waiting patiently for her little bear... so precious!... that little face says it all... l.o.v.e.... I too am already thinking of Spring and warm days, like your last photo... we got snow yesterday and more predicted all weekend long... seems like it came much too soon!... enjoy your oils and the soothing calm they bring you... xoxo... Julie Marie

  11. Hello sweet Laurie.
    When I finished the last of my autumn chores there was a big sigh of relief. So much to do, just as you've shared!

    I am just learning about the oils. Still haven't got a smart phone... we just purchased one for our youngest daughter. I think it's too smart for me. :)

    Love your photos, and sweet, sweet pix of Maizie Grace watching you repair her baby.

    Winter has already arrived here. Some snow and below zero temps. Time to kick back and enjoy it!

    Stay warm & happy,

  12. Yes... bittersweet... I'm not the same person I was, since my son died May 22, 2013.

    I am building a new life and a new me... who knew it would be necessary? But it is doable.
    Joined a new church... singing in the choir... walking in a new neighborhood... lost some weight and wearing new clothes and on and on as Life moves on.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and blog. Laurie. You are truly appreciated.

    Patricia Ann

  13. Your home is beautiful (although I do not envy the gutter cleaning). And beautiful photography. Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” I think your project would be perfect for it! Can’t wait to party with you at

  14. what a lovely post....especially love the surgery on Flopsy hehe ! have a lovely "sweet smelling" weekend...Gail x

  15. Laurie, you have been missed. It was so nice reading your lovely post and seeing the photographs of your beautiful home, the surroundings and Maizie. Glad to hear your test results were good and that you are feeling so much better. Your spirituality transcends in your writings and leaves me uplifted; thanks. Continued blessing to you. Velia

  16. What a wonderful and beautiful post...I love your pictures!
    Have a great weekend and take care.

  17. Welcome to the Young Living Family. I love those oils! Sorry to see your parents home go but I know how it is. Such a hard bittersweet thing.

  18. You've been busy! I love the picture of your dog; how sweet that you fixed his bear. Your french onion soup looks delicious! One of my favorite soups. I live in Michigan, too, and I think we all have a little PTSD from last winter. Your pictures are beautiful.

  19. Awwww, sweet Laurie...that must have been so very difficult to say goodbye to your parents home. I'm sure it will be well loved and lived in! I'll look into the oils more next year, after we get thru all the Christmas spending. I have the email with all the details saved:)

    If you ever really need to get away, you are always welcome in our little nest! We have a guest room and guest bath and are only about 10 minutes from Sanibel:) Stay warm my dear friend!

  20. Oh Laurie, you have had one stressful dealing after another, and to self soothe in your luscious oils is nothing short of comfort and good and pure living.
    You know that I am big on natural, so much so we do not buy plastics, just glass, and clean around our home with natural products. I am going to look deeper into your product sharing.
    Would love to try the household cleaners.

    Your yard is tucked away for winters coming, as you know from last year I commented up a storm on the beauty you were surrounded with, you picture yourself with a sunny beach to look forward to, but I rather picture your snow filled winter days. Laurie, I am such a winter girl, I love the cold and hate to see it leave.

    I will visit often with the beauty I can count on here.

    See you soon beautiful,
    Thank you for sharing your time over at my place.


  21. Maizie Grace will be another healer for you. She is beautiful too!

  22. Hi Laurie, been thinking of you. Love your beautiful farmhouse photo. The snowfall is so pretty and would make the sweetest Christmas card! Your darling fur baby waiting for you to stitch teddy is precious. Those eyes and face say it all. You've had a busy time and the season marches on. Wishing you a special holiday as you hold to memories and your loved ones close.
    Hugs and Blessings

  23. Well... now I'm Hungry for Homemade French Onion Soup! *LOL* The Selling of one's Parent's Home is always bittersweet... so many Memories... I try not to drive past where my Parents used to live for that reason, makes me Sad and Missing the times spent together there. Glad that you have had a Healing Touch for yourself and are moving towards a Holistic Lifestyle that makes you Feel re-energized and Ministered to... I'm moving ever so more in that direction myself, though it's always been a way of Life I want to make it even more so now at this Season of Life, where things become more Fragile healthwise. Your Home always looks so Serene, so Inviting and so Comfy! Can I move in? *winks* Thanksgiving Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  24. Oh that soup sounds divine! I love the oils you are using! Thanks for sharing!

  25. you have been so busy! you've gone through such emotional life events, i'm so glad you've found soothing ways to bless your life. love that you do surgery on maizie's teddy--so cute:) your soup looks so yummy-i've never had that cheese--i'll have to check it out!

  26. Hi Laurie,
    Such a beautiful post. I always enjoy visiting here, it's always a comforting place I feel for all that enter! My prayers are with you through the bittersweet days now and ahead for you. I know it's not an easy path but looking back and remembering all those cherished memories are a place of comfort (for me). Your sweet puppy is so cute, watching you sew and I'm sure, a comfort to have near your side! xoxo dear heart

  27. Laurie, letting go of the past is difficult. I often drive by my childhood home and wished I would have bought it when I had the chance. Just happy that it is still there for me to drive by! Your home looks so pretty all tucked in for Winter. I pray that it will not be as bad as last year. Glad Maizie's teddy is repaired. She looks like one happy puppy! thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. these are healing times we're living through, yes? i'm so glad to hear the oils are still bringing comfort. your spaces at home all speak of a peaceful vibe, and i know that must help the healing as well. peace to you, right where you are.

  29. Loved your photos and your post. This is my first time visiting you -- found you through Katherine's corner. I will be back! I'm so intrigued by the oils, so many people swear by them. Enjoy your day!

  30. Laurie,
    Every time I see your gorgeous house and it's gardens I see peaceful beauty and a much loved home. I teared up reading that you turned over your Dad's keys to the new owners of your parents home. Bittersweet yes, but any of us are only caretakers to a home and your parents filled that home with love and that will remain to grace the new caregivers.
    Now adorable Maizie Grace just makes me smile ... how precious she is. Laurie I too do not allow any toxic or harsh cleaners or products into our home. I am extremely sensitive to everything so I have been using the Orange Plus cleaner from Earth Friendly. I am going to check out what you are using and try it, thanks for showing it.
    Laurie I think of you often and wish you comfort and love.

  31. Just found your site and I am loving it!

  32. Oh, the Young Living Essential Oils have been the BEST thing! God sent them to me nearly 3 years ago and I'm reaping the benefits! They are a true blessing.

  33. You have been busy my friend. So nice to see you posting again. Thank you for sharing what you have been up to. I can absolutely relate to the repair of dear Maizie Grace's lovable lopsey. Izzy is the same with me when I put his dinosaur in the washing machine or when it needs a little needle and thread. Hugs my friend xo

  34. How wonderful is your world, how tender is your photography...Love them so much, it's my first visit here and I truly enjoyed it!
    Kind regards

  35. Missed me your beautiful pics my sweet friend,I'm so very happy that u is on IG :) !!!xx Vicky

  36. I so enjoyed this post Laurie. We have been doing all of the same things you have been doing...preparing for the onslaught of winter. I enjoyed reading about your YL products. They are VERY big here in Utah and I have yet to visit their lavender farm. I plan on doing it every summer, but I always seem to miss the bloom. I have been reading up about essential oils as's something I want to get into....and to ditch my chemical cleaners as well. So much to learn. As always, thank you for sharing your heart. xo

  37. You have such a beautiful home and surroundings Laurie. Mazie Grace is adorable with her bear. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!

  38. You are keeping busy for sure, and the passage of time is doing its job. I just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Mazie is so cute with her baby!

  39. Kisses from Madrid, Spain. I want to study that natural products to clean my home too. Very interesting. I love your dog and home.

    big kiss

  40. Oh Laurie, you made my weekend see a visit from you and your beautiful self. You know Kim from Bella Rustica has a friend who is into all the essential oils as you, and Kim states for her age she looks amazing kingly young and healthy, I so need to look into your oils for so many health aspects and to feel as marvelous as one can feel and look is nothing short of beauty, mind, and spirit.

    Thank you for commenting on Fifi's new book And I have to tell you Tausha's pages charm with great beauty. I you have contact with her tell her my heart was in awwwww! When I came across her pages. She so needs to get back to blogging I am most certain she is missed.

    See you soon beautiful, and don't be so quick to want winter to end here... I love your stormy days here, it truly comforts my soul.


  41. You know, I think I might living where you have to wrap things up for winter. It appeals to my since of order somehow. I love your pup and her toy. Mine has the same one. Sadly I don't sew, so the fluff is missing and it's just a rag now. Bailey still loves it and drags it around just like your dog though! I'm going to order some of the cleaning supplies you mentioned. They look like they will smell heavenly!


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