Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just a Simple Christmas Wish

Unlike November which pushed and roared and bit its way into Michigan...

leaving us in a muffled snow globe...

December crept in like a lamb.
Quietly sunny and almost snow far.

To be honest with you, I am quite liking it.

I don't have to pull on boots to slog out to the garage.
No shoveling mounds of snow from the driveway.
Fear-free driving to the big city. 

Yes....the entire winter could stay just like this if it were up to me.

These sunny mornings pour into our kitchen like warm syrup,
 creating a cozy place to begin the day.

I've been starting my days lately with a couple mugs of tea.
I love coffee, too (a lot),
but Young Living Essential Oils makes a wonderful
Ocotea Oolong Cocao tea enhanced with 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense powder
that is light and delicious -
especially with a teaspoon of honey and pinch of cinnamon.
Sometimes I add in an additional cinnamon flavored tea bag to deepen the flavor.
I need my tea strong.
This special tea was created to help decrease appetite and food cravings...
which so working for me.
After my morning treadmill run,
I sip it while I go about my daily tasks,
warming it up every once in a while,
and completely forgetting about the leftovers in the bulging refrigerator.
It keeps me moving, motivated, and multi-tasking.

So, many things have been accomplished during these past two weeks.
I worked on a dream catcher order for a customer who was giving it as a Christmas gift.

Her request was faded blue fabrics.
A friend of mine has been faithfully sending me feathers she finds around her home in Texas,
and I was happy to be able to add them to this dream catcher.
{thank you, Patty!}

After that was wrapped and ready to deliver,
my attention turned toward a new rug I received from a sweet friend in Florida.
Some rearranging was needed in the living room to accommodate this gorgeous thing
with its faded burgundy and cream design.
{thank you, Heather!}

I pushed the coffee table out of the way and went to whipping rugs around the room for a while,
(great arm workout, btw)
trying to create a pleasing-to-the-eye prairie/shabby chic layering affect.

Next on the agenda was wrapping gifts for a local nursing home.
Our church was providing some Christmas cheer to the residents there this year.
After thinking about what my own mother would have enjoyed receiving when she was in the nursing home,
I remembered there was a box full of Philosophy "Grace" products stored in my basement that my dad had purchased for my mom during the past couple of years.
Unfortunately, she was never able to use them.
Choking back tears as I wrapped and tied the presents,
 I knew they both would have loved knowing
where some of these lotions and perfumes were going to go.

December 1st is usually the day when the decorations get hauled down from our cold attic,
but wanting to keep my "mojo" going,
I started early this year on the day following Thanksgiving.

Opening up boxes of ornaments each year is almost as delightful as opening up a gift on Christmas morning.

After hours of arranging and rearranging and re-rearranging,
I was relatively happy with what I saw...

I adore the German glittered deer created by @shabbybeachygirl. Thank you, Jen!

...but ended up going with this instead
which satisfied the prairie girl in me.

The pink tree was plunked in a wooden bucket on the workbench in my studio
next to the tiny lilac painting my dad created decades ago.
A painting my great-grandmother made sits on the shelf beyond the tree.

A Florentine tray full of Christmas bits and bobs sits on the newly stained and white-washed coffee table.

The mantel definitely spoke to my heart the most, though.
I tend to overdo the decor on the mantel for some reason,
 and always-always-always have to take it all apart and start over again, simplifying as I go.
The second time is usually the charm.

I started with this.

And I simplified it to this.

The kitchen decor was kept extremely simple, too.
A couple of ornaments on some vintage dishes and
a bottle brush tree on the sideboard.

The inspiration board in my studio also received a more simplified look
with a RASCC 2015 calender adding a bit of sparkle to the room.

Speaking of sparkle,
the sparkle and love of my life celebrated her 12th birthday on December 5.
 We gave her a new "baby" named Ruby.
Ruby, the lamb, now goes wherever Maizie goes...
from bed, to dinner, to nap, to potty break.

Maizie would have been a wonderful mother.
She treats all of her "babies" with gentle love and attention.

The house is decorated.
The Christmas shopping completed.
The sun is shining.
There's no snow on the ground,
and my little Maizie Grace is happy and healthy.

Just a simple Christmas wish...come true.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Lovely, Laurie.
    Just like you.

  2. Your house looks so beautiful and your photography skills are awesome. I can't believe you are done with your shopping! Lucky you--now you can just enjoy. :)

  3. Maizie looks so happy with her new friend. You have a beautiful way of writing and your home looks warm and cozy. Your Christmas wish is true. Have a Blessed Christmas, Kathleen in Az

  4. I can't decide which photo is prettier than the other...pure magic Laurie! Your photos are filled with the warmth, the elegance and the charm you look the world around you.
    Have fun and enjoy season's delights!

  5. Sigh Laurie, everything about this post is pure beauty! I'll probably come back about 10 more times to soak it all up. What a wonderful thing you're doing by passing on the gifts that were meant for your mom, I'm sure she's looking down on you and smiling about it. Your home looks so beautiful...warm, peaceful and cozy. How very precious that your sweet girl has taken such a liking to her new baby!

    I'm definitely going to look into the essential oils after the holidays. I still have 4 years to go before the big 50 but I want to be prepared and can already feel that my body needs something to get that pep back.

    Enjoy your gorgeous home and the nice chilly weather Laurie! xo

  6. Beautiful snow, dreamy all looks so gorgeous, Laurie! Mazie must love you so much!

  7. Simply beautiful, Laurie. I would so be happy with a mild winter, and, I'm keeping it simple too.

  8. All so Beautiful My Friend ! I have so much to get done myself and can't get motivated.I so need to buy the oils and get focused.I am in a time of my life with a teenager and a 4 year old grandson I try to keep up with almost daily.So hard to get good sleep or really relax. I need some tea too! Love my tea :)

    Happy Holidays !!!

  9. Oh sweetie, how beautiful and calm and serene looking everything is... that is so nice of you to take those gifts to the nursing home, and yes, your mama and daddy are happy about that... glad you are enjoying nice weather still, we are too, and I am NOT complaining!... you and I are definitely Summer girls!... all of your little trees are so pretty!... and those rugs... sigh... I just want to curl up on your couch and pull that cozy throw over me and daydream... (with a cup of your special tea perhaps?)... although I still love traditional reds and greens for Christmas, I am using alot of my vintage pastels as well...and yours are just stunning!... Happy Birthday to sweet Maizie!... her lambie looks almost as big as she is!... Tessy sends birthday kisses!... much love, xoxo... Julie Marie

  10. just stunning......although I love a snowfall but not too deep here on cape cod.....
    I will ck again to see if where I can order a dream catcher from you ...may have missed you etsy or ebay shop.......Lorraine

  11. Awwww! The comforts of teas and a cozy home to comfort my days in. Everything here looks like you have created a cottage Christmas to love. The new friendship rug is perfect with the pile you have and I am sure it is layered to perfection. As for your first Christmas, I mean with the loss of two parents now I am sure feels a little more quieter, but know that there celebrating in a way one could never imagine as beautiful as it is, free of age and with you always.

    The packages wrapped in brown wrapper is a favorite look of mine and have done this look often. This year it's blue grey's and whites :)

    Keep inspiring your home and us in blog land we adore seeing all you create.


  12. Your home looks perfectly beautiful, sweet friend. The sun finally came out here today. It was a very welcome sight. xo Laura

  13. Laurie,
    I will return tomorrow and truly lose myself in your writing and your beautiful photos. I just want to say I find peaceful beauty in this post. Oh and the pink tree ... Totally delightful. The snow covering your gorgeous gardens and grounds looks so magically peaceful. We have not received a pristine blanketing of snow yet this season but I welcome its beauty and the quiet that falls with its whiteness. Be back tomorrow to relax in your writing and your photos.

  14. Laurie, your home looks perfect and you are so far ahead of things, yay!

    Your Maizie is soooooooooooooooo cute with her lamb Ruby! ♥

    May your Advent season be blessed and joy-filled.

  15. Laurie, your home is gorgeous! It looks like a Christmas package! I adore your pastel tress and ornaments with all the white. Your home is so serene! I love Maizie's Ruby- so adorable that she treats her so gently and carries her everywhere! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

  16. I love your precious Maizie...she is a heart stealer! Your home is lovely and peaceful, Laurie...wishing you a blessed Christmas!

  17. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and beautiful decorating. I also love the pictures of snow since I won't see any this year. I have a little dog named Nina who has her favorite stuffed animals she carries everywhere. Aren't our pet babies the sweetest? Peace and Blessings

  18. Soft and lovely. A joy to visit you this morning, Laurie.

  19. Everything looks lovely and peaceful thank you Laurie for sharing it with us. I love snow there is something beautiful and calming about it, well until it turns to slush. Love that you included Maizie...adorable.

  20. very sweet looking christmas, laurie:) love your stockings! maizie looks so cute cuddled up with her babies! bailey "collects" babies, too:) enjoy the season!

  21. Love your Christmas decoratings....and your sweet doggie...! from me enjoy december!

  22. Just beautiful decorating! Even included the dog, love it. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  23. Hi Laurie, As always, your photos inspire me so much. We have only had one bit of snow and I'm thankful just as you are! Maybe a little bit on Christmas would be fine, but I so prefer the sunny days. Maize looks so cute with her stuffie. Blessings to you tonight.

  24. Just beautiful decorations. & I adore your doggie with her lamb. Thanks

  25. Wow I love your Christmas decorations. You house looks so soft with the white and soft pastel decorations. I really enjoyed your tour and thanks for sharing. I saw this at the our home away from home party. Enjoy the holidays.

  26. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post Laurie. Seeing the peeks into your Christmas home and seeing your sweet little Maizie was just what I needed this afternoon. I hope for you that your winter is just what you hope for.

  27. I enjoyed this post so much. It felt like hanging out with an old friend doing all the simple fun things that make life good. Seriously, i feel like a left my desk at work where i am sitting right now and disappeared into your world for just a little while. So sweet, and everything is just so pretty...


  28. Stunning Christmas treasures! I love your pink tree :) Your kitchen in the morning looks absolutely idyllic.

  29. Your home is lovely! Maizie is adorable too. Your home is so warm and inviting and I adore your Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh Laurie, I so enjoyed reading this post and taking in all the loveliness. Shabby prairie chic perfection. You have just the right decorating touch (and I'm glad I'm not the only one who changes a vignette once or twice). Such soft prairie colors...soothing lights and cozy treats. I can just picture you fluffing your space and enjoying your tea. Maizie is the icing on the cake! Love to you, dear friend.

  31. aw it all looks so nice and cosy Laurie and I love the doggie pictures sweet ...have a lovely weekend...Gail x

  32. One word...BEAUTIFUL! I just love every pictures you show....
    Have a happy weekend, take care!

  33. beautiful, my heart smiles as I read each word. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Happy birthday to your sweet Maizie. Watch for your feature on Monday my darling friend ♥

  34. wishes come true are the best! so many gorgeous breathtaking moments in your styling and photography here, laurie. just one lovely moment after the other. peace to you right where you are.

  35. What a beautiful post. Such true Christmas spirit. Giving with love..Your decorations are so lovely.

  36. Your home looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas! I love the shabby chic Christmas decorations you used. Your sweet doggie looks very content in her bed. We celebrated our dogs birthday recently too. Ours turned 10. Kind of scary once they hit those double digits huh? Glad to hear that you're having nice weather for a change. I bet it does get old having to bundle up every day to go out. Sounds like you're having weather similar to me now! We don't usually get snow until January or February (if at all).

  37. Hello Laurie, absolutely beautiful post! I will be featuring you at Home and Garden Thursday,

  38. So pretty Laurie! Thank you for joining HSH! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  39. Thank you Laurie for your Christmas card. What a kind surprise it was. Your home is beautiful for a sweet shabby Christmas. Merry Christmas.

  40. Laurie, I so thought of you when I wrote the downsizing post this week. I am glad you read it. Blessings and hugs to you my friend! Have a very Merry Christmas and know they are always with us.:)

  41. Dearest Laurie,
    I'm back again... sending you love at Christmastime.
    ~ Lin


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