Monday, March 11, 2013

Dream Catchers, Crochet, and Roses

A snowy month of February in Michigan

provided me the perfect time to put my sweet rustic prairie table to work and create some dream catchers for my booth this spring,
as well as for the antique market that I'll be vendoring at in May with my buddy, Georgina
(who owns Doster Emporium where my booth is).

I often wonder why in the world I ever waited so long to build one of these tables.
It has been such a joy to me, and gets so much use.

As each hoop is wrapped and tied,
a theme always seems to float into my mind.
That theme is woven and threaded into a dream catcher,
making each one unique.

Some are bright and happy with turquoise bows.
Others are rustic and prairie-like with denim.
A few have a feminine feel with faded florals.

These are all ready to sell.

While daydreaming about a vacation from a couple years ago...

2011 photo

this whimsical, beach inspired one was born...

with ocean blues and sea greens...

yarn that resembles seaweed...

and a charming little porpoise swimming among the streamers.

And then, this dusky purple fantasy dream catcher was influenced by
some soft purple floral curtain panels I hung recently in the master bedroom.

Soft and moody

above the Simply Shabby Chic pillow slip I over-dyed
in a faded denim color that is
tossed on top of one dyed a dusty rose.

[I find myself feeling occasionally threatened by the thought that 
it looks like an Easter egg exploded in this room
after introducing more color here lately.
Is it too much....? Or am I just over-thinking again....?] 

Sofa pillows piled high on the love seat while the sofa slipcover was in the wash.

This darling little crocheted lampshade was purchased from
a sweet gal in the UK who has a charming eBay store.
It lends a soft, romantic, bohemian look to a corner of the living room.

I added the crystal prisms to the bottom for a bit more bling.

On days dream catchers weren't being created,
spring-inspired vignettes began to bloom around the house.

Dyed cheesecloth in soft shades of aqua and blue
snuggle next to a vintage pitcher of blush pink roses
sitting atop some inspiration photos.

Spray roses are scattered around the house
in floral pitchers...

while I dream of summer days ahead
in my gardens.

I'll be taking a small spring break from blogging for a couple weeks.
See you soon!

~  Blessings  ~

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Little Prairie Stool

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore never fails to reward my treasure-hunting soul.
Some little trinket always comes home with me,
and I can assure you, it's probably the cheapest shopping trip I make.

During a recent excursion there
where I discovered a sweet little hobnail light fixture

(which you can read about here),

I came across this sad looking stool
with a misconstrued, mangled, faux leather, and just plain ugly attempt at a cushion stapled on top.
It was lacking a price tag.
I offered $5.00.
They counter offered $8.
I shoved dollar bills at them as fast as I could and danced out of the building.

This poor stool was so nasty that I felt it needed a bit of dressing up for its first photo shoot
with some newly dyed cheesecloth.

It had a ridiculous number of staples holding the (p)leather to the seat...

which I pulled out 
one by one
using a flat-head screwdriver and pliers.

After a quick sanding session,
I mixed up a container of Annie Sloan Chalkpaint
using 1:1 ratio of Old White and Pure White
and slapped two coats on her.

A little distressing on her legs to add a time-worn look,
and she was ready for her shabby chic debut.

A little prairie stool 
perfect for sitting and doing intricate work at my workbench
under the warmth of a vintage light.

Oh, and I received a sweet email this past week from a friend in Australia.
It was such a blessing!
I had the recent honor of being included in the "Blogroll Spotlight" among many talented and creative women featured in Kerryanne's new e-zine called Simply Shabbilicious.

It holds pages and pages of everything that we love all in one place.
Shabby, French, and vintage inspired gorgeousness, beautiful homes, inspiring creative spaces,
amazing people, lovely blogs, and special events.
It is just one beautifully published piece of art!

Kerryanne is the author of a wonderful shabby chic inspired blog
entitled Shabby Art Boutique by Woodberry Designs.
You can visit her here
and congratulate her on her new adventure!

And you can subscribe to her amazing new e-zine here!

Thank you so much, Kerryanne!

~  Blessings  ~

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