Friday, March 4, 2011

{ plunking primroses }

before my hubby left on a snowmobile trip a few weeks ago

being the sweet man that he is

he surprised me some springtime...

he knew how my soul was yearning for it

sweet little primroses

that i just plunked into a couple vintage clay pots

and set on the kitchen windowsill in the welcome late winter sunshine

i'm dreaming of tending these flowers soon...

of getting on my knees and sinking my hands deep in that chocolate cake dirt

and smelling the sweet heavenly fragrance of my favorite lavender, peonies, and catmint

then sitting here to enjoy them

with a glass of homemade fatcat*happydog wine

and thanking God for warmer weather

wake me up when spring gets here, will you...?

{ hugs }

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  1. What a nice hubby! Very pretty - come on Spring.

    Take good care,


  2. I am so ready for spring, too Laurie! What a sweetheart your hubby is! And I can almost smell all of your gorgeous flowers, your garden is just stunning!!! So bring on spring:)

  3. Hi Laurie-
    Your hubby is the best kind- those colors are so bright and cheery sitting on the window sill. Oh, to be digging in the dirt again...
    It's coming- I found crocus, tulips and daffodils coming up today! And some lilies and iris. I am so ready for this spring.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. I love primroses...are they perenials for you? Here they come back every year in the garden if they are planted in a place they like. They are like flowers from a fairy magical and in such beautiful colors.

  5. Lovely garden! I get inspired seeing your pictures--thank you for sharing.

  6. Tell me about it! It has been very wet and cold here~ blech. I am SO ready for spring! Your garden looks so pretty!! I just do pots on my patio, but want to do a better variety this summer and some herbs, too!

  7. Your primroses are so pretty!! We are having Spring like rains here...lots of it, but it still feels very cold outside. Can't wait for warmer weather to get here!!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Haahhahahha!! lovely post ...i must laugh about you ....wake me up when spring gets here!!!!!! yes yes !!......hahahahah!! have a nice weekend love

  9. What a Sweetie!!! Primrose are such dainty little flowers and they are so pretty planted in your pots. It won't be long Laurie, Spring will be here soon...Blessings, Cindy

  10. Sorry, can't help you .... I'm still hibernating too! Isn't that just what you feel like doing all winter???? It works for other animals and what a great way to drop a few pounds in the process. Hubby is very thoughtful and your garden photos are DIVINE! It won't be too long now! xox

  11. I'd say that hubby is a keeper! Your garden is just beautiful! All my favorite colors and mmmmm peonies!
    I'll give you a little tap on the shoulder when Spring arrives :)
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  12. Laurie, I just love primroe. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful! How sweet of your hubby! Your gardens are gorgeous. I should have you come and design our poor back yard. The problem is, it doesn't get much sun so most of the plants I'd love to have wouldn't thrive. Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Loved hearing about your kitty and cut flowers!... Donna

  13. Oh sweets those are just beautiful and your garden is gorgeous! Will you come help me with my garden this summer please! Or is can just come and sit with you, I will bring my porch swing. :) I hope that you have a great weekend and thank you for the pictures of Spring and Summer! Love them and you! :)

  14. Your primroses look so beautiful sitting in the light of the windowsill, Laurie! I love seeing all of your gorgeous peonies, girl! I hope my newly planted bareroot peonies bloom this year... please, please, please (insert whining sound here)...
    Spring will soon be here, sweets... you'll see. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend... I'll be moving heavy boxes... joy... lol!

  15. Your husband is a sweetie...just the pictures of those pretty flowers perked me up! And I love your garden, it's gorgeous and reminds me of how much I love to work in mine. Soon, I hope!

    Happy Weekend, Laurie!


  16. The photos of your peonies are gorgeous. I just started planting peonies in the last few years and I can't wait to get another one in the ground this year. I think they are addicting.

  17. dreaming right there along with you! We fertilized the garden today here at Fishtail Cottage.....which means - its time for spring and everything should start greening up! Hugs to you - thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursdays - i loved this post!!!! ooxx

  18. Primroses are just the thing to cheer up a cottage. Yours are so pretty. I sat in the sweet sunshine out back in our got so hot that hubby had to get out the umbrella. Now rain clouds are rolling in and a drizzle has begun. Watching Message In A Bottle now and sipping tea with lemon for my sore throat and chest. Yucky flu! ox

  19. I'm so ready for Spring. The primrose are beautiful.

  20. What beautiful flowers. We've had spring-like weather this week, and I spent today getting my garden prepped. I can't wait to plant :-) I hope it warms up there soon.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  21. He is so thoughtful! Thanks for sharing such pretty photos...perfect for this gray day!

    We have a storm coming but happily it is rain and not snow!

  22. Beautiful Laurie. I love reading your posts. they make me feel good. Your garden is wonderful. However I was distracted by "fatcat happydog wine" you'll have to share that recipe with us all one day ;) xoxo tami

  23. Hi Laurie~ Such gorgeous photos! Your flowers are sooo pretty and am just loving your sweet porch area!! How beautiful!! Looks like an absolute perfect place to sit and relax!! I am so ready for flowers and warmer weather~ I had to stop myself from loading my Costco cart up with gorgeous geraniums yesterday! Thank you for sharing this loveliness at my party! Hugs, Courtney

  24. Hi Laurie,

    Love your little touch of spring and I hope it won't be long until we are both out in the garden.
    Your garden looks so pretty!


  25. Hi Laurie, Enjoy your primroses . . . they really are the first sign of spring :). Hope your family members are doing well.
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  26. The primroses are so pretty.

    I love the pictures of your summer yard! I love, love, love peonies and yours are beautiful.

    Have a great day!

  27. Gorgeous flowers, and pretty pots too. I love the primrose. Thanks for popping over.

  28. Girlfriend~ You are something else. You are amazing and so are your flowers and pots. I can't grow anything except MOLD! Bah!


  29. I was just on your blog browsing around when I clicked back over to mine and saw your oh so sweet comment. You are a blessing to me too my friend.

  30. laurie... i adore primroses... have you ever seen something so sweet? your blog looks beautiful.

  31. What a sweet hubby for getting you those primroses. And oh my, your garden is sooo beautiful Laurie. I can't not wait for some warmer weather either.

  32. I so need's snowing right now over here...yuck!

  33. Thank you so much, Laurie! It's a cute font, isn't it? :) It is called AL Charisma. I don't recall which free font site I downloaded it from, but if you do a search for the font name, you should beable to locate it. Your garden is just beautiful! That is exactly the look I am shooting for with all the cool hues. I got a bunch of seeds this weekend for cutting flowers and next week I'll do some bulb shopping! Take good care and hugs!

  34. Hi Laurie!!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and also thank you so much for linking my Vintage Scale Giveaway!!

  35. When I see pictures of your gorgeous garden I can see why you long for spring! It's so gorgeous!

  36. The flowers are just so pretty!!!!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  37. I am waiting and wishing for the same thing! I am so wanting to get my hands in some dirt!

  38. So very sweet of your husband!!! A prelude to Spring for you..., while he's in the snow!

    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes!! I hope all is better with your family!!!!


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