Saturday, February 26, 2011

{ crystals and clothespins }

it's been a trying week here at heaven's walk

my 21 year old nephew who was born with muscular dystrophy
was admitted to the hospital with breathing difficulties

he had surgery yesterday for a permanent feeding tube

we continue to pray for strength and comfort for him

my mother was also admitted to the hospital after falling in her bedroom

she broke her clavicle, two ribs, and fractured her eye socket

she is recuperating at home with my dad by her side

so i am doing a lot of this....

i am leaning toward God with a heart full of love and trust
knowing that He is in control

holding both of them in a healing embrace...

amidst the sadness and anxiety this week
i received a lovely gift at my door from a sister-in-Christ ~
michelle at emerald cove

a sweet little white ceramic bird lay next to a
beautiful french-inspired bottle on which she tied a vintage key

and filling this treasured bottle with the pretty french graphic was
the most wonderful smelling lavender bath crystals

three tiny white starfish were nestled in the box also

i placed them in the vintage glass cabinet that hangs in my loo

thank you so much, my sweet friend

you'll never know how those lovely gifts brought some sunshine to my soul this week ♥

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

another wonderful treasure also made it's way into heaven's walk this week

purchased from the wonderful boys at

barnhouse market

a vintage wicker basket filled with
old clothespins weathered to a beautiful patina
and worn smooth by chore-weary hands

crazy....but there's just something about old clothespins that warm my heart

maybe it's just knowing that some farm wife from decades ago
used them to hang her linens on the line with them
and now i'll be doing the same thing come springtime...

google image

or maybe it reminds me of helping my mother hang the laundry on our clothesline 
next to the big old lilac bush in our backyard 
when i was a child

google image

and maybe i'll hang up some of my mother's old recipes
in my kitchen just like amy did

photo: all things home

either way
they will be lovingly used out and about our home
and i will cherish each time i use them

grateful to God that i am physically able to

photo: the robin & sparrow - etsy

 so i want you to remember
that when you're having a day full of
anxiety and sadness
and you find yourself down on your knees
giving it all up to God

he's hearing you ~

believe it

and he's sending some sunshine your way...

maybe in the form of

crystals and clothespins

{ hugs }

[update on debbie:  she's home, tired, but is now able to eat soft foods!
thank you for your continued prayers!]

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  1. Sending hugs to you and prayers to God for those you love.

  2. Dear Laurie, I am so sorry to hear that about your nephew and mother. I will add them to my prayer list. Your prayers are beautifully spoken.

    I absolutely love your clothespins and all that you post!

    Hugs and Blessings to you,

  3. Sending you a big hug. Sorry you are going through such a distressing time. The upside is how these things strenghten our relationship with God. Glad you received some lovely things to brighten your week a little,

    Lisa x

  4. Hi Laurie,
    I will pray for your nephew and your Mom.I love your goodies- i was happy to get some old wooden clothespins this week too.

    Thank you for all your kind words,


  5. Laurie- I am so glad that this week is behind you...and I hope that God has some happiness lined up for you in this upcoming week. I am continuing to pray for your nephew AND your Mom and Debbie...and also for your Dad because I am sure this has been very hard on him too....oh, yeah..and for Roger because he lives with this zany Laurie chick! Hugs and love to you- Diana

  6. I hope and am praying that your nephew, mom and Debbie grow better each day! So sorry for all that is going on right now Laurie...but you are drawing near to the greatest source of hope and encouragement!!!
    Bless you sweetie!

  7. Laurie, praying for your nephew and your mom. My son's best friend has MD. He is doing quite well, but we all know, in time, it may not be so.
    Bless your momma, it must be really painful to recover from all of that and God help your dad in is nursing her back to full health.
    Love your blessings. They found a beautiful home to live in.
    Hugs- Tete

  8. Your mom and nephew are in my thoughts and wishes for quick recoveries from their hospitalization. I hope you get to go on that vacation you've been dreaming about.

  9. Hi Laurie,
    I am so sorry to hear of your nephew and your Mom. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. What a tough week you have had, to say the least. I appreciate your post, as it has been a tough week (make that month!) for me, too! So your reminder to leave it all to God really helps. And I love your treasures, especially that gorgeous bottle, what a sweet friend! Sending hugs and prayers your way!!

  10. Your images are so calm and soothing. Prayers going up for your family members. So glad you linked up for VIF,
    big hugs,

  11. What a trying week! I'll be praying for your nephew and mom. Michelle is such a sweetie and her gift was just what you needed :-)

  12. Hi there - hope that things are going ok with your mom and nephew. What a tough week. Hang in there. And that was so sweet of Michelle.

  13. O my Laurie...what a sad news from your mother and nephew !! i will pray for them...nice gift you have !! have a nice day blessings and love from me

  14. Laurie, dear, your family is dealing with so much happening all at once. Through it all, you keep an optimistic attitude, and show us something beautiful and meaningful. I love the thought of your basket of clothespins being used by another loving wife ... this is the best part of junking and finding treasure. Please know that everyone in your family is in my prayers.

  15. So sorry to hear about the troubles right now-seems like they all come at once. Glad you received such a special gift to help lift your spirits-your family is in my prayers!

  16. I'm so sorry about your family. When it rains, it sure does pour. My prayers go out to you and yours. Lots of hugs to see you through this. Take care.

  17. Laurie, you've relly had a trying year already haven't you? My heart goes out to you~ and all my prayers too:) Glad to hear Debbie is home! Keep the faith sweetie~lot's of love to you,

  18. Laurie ~ sending prayers your way for you and your loved ones ~ beautiful pictures ~ (((Hugs)))

  19. Hi sister-friend, heartfelt prayers going up for you & your family today. You are such a faithful child of God & it is edifying to the rest of us. xo

  20. Hello my sweet friend. I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew and mom. They'll be in my thoughts and my heart... wishing them well and and without suffering.
    You received some beautiful things in the mail... my goodness! What a sweet gift from Michelle, and she's such a sweetheart, too!
    Love what you ordered from the Barnhouse boys! I know that lavender smells heavenly. ;-)
    I hope this hug I'm sending you helps relieve some of that stress and anxiety, sweet Laurie.
    ~ Jo

    p.s. {BIG HUUUUUUGS} for Debbie, too. ♥

  21. I hope that health and healing come quickly for both of them.

  22. Oh Laurie...sending you a hug and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Loving your new treasures...glad they brought a smile to your face!

  23. What a trying time you are going through. Little gifts help and I hope the prayers I am sending your way help, too.

    Big Hugs...


  24. Hello Dear Laurie...Ohhhh, your week sounded so difficult but thank goodness you know where to put all the sorrows.....right in His hands. He's in control and He will take care of every detail.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday. It's always a delight to know you visited. Hugs. Susan

  25. Oh my, you have had a trying time of it this week. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom and nephew. I hope your nephew is able to get out of the hospital soon. Hoping with the added nutrition from the feeding tube that his breathing issues will improve.

  26. Hi Laurie, Hope your mom and nephew are doing well. What a bad fall your mom must have had. Praying for them. Hang in there, Laurie. Hope your sister is doing well.
    Your pics are so pretty. The Barnhouse Boys are in our backyard (just a few miles away).
    Enjoy your new stuff!
    ~ Julie

  27. Laurie, what a tough week for you! I am sending prayers and warm hugs your way. I hope everything is okay! I love your photos and your new treasures from BH! Those clothespins are so great. I remember my grandmother and mom hanging out clothes to dry. I would love to do that someday....
    Thank you for your sweet comment and birthday wishes!! ;-)

  28. You may go through some things in life that you’ll never understand, but I too trust God to work them out for my family. Prayers on there way for your family!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and visiting my blog! HUGS! HUGS!
    p.s. I heart the Barn Boys! I "adore" the clothes~pins!

  29. Hi my friend!

    I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner. Been running around like a crazy woman. I will most definitely keep your family in my prayers.

    Beautiful gifts from Michelle. She has such a sweet spirit. I'm happy the gifts cheered you, too! Sounds like you need it. The basket and clothespins are charming! I have great memories of hanging clothes with my grandma when I was little. They seem like small things but they are the big things in life.

    Hang in there! Extra prayers going out!

  30. Laurie...I'm thinking of you and praying with you. I'm happy to hear that Debbie is back home! She will remain on my side bar for xtra prayers! I will be praying for you mom and nephew also...
    I do love your post and especially love that you got some light sent your way.
    Thinking of you daily and sending light, energy and big hugs girl! xo to you and your family!

  31. Hi sweetie! Oh I am so sorry about your nephew, I will be praying for him and that the feeding tube helps. I hope your mom is feeling better and so happy to hear that Debbie is feeling better everyday. You and your family are is my thoughts and prayers and I am so happy that I could bring a smile to your sweet face! I love your basket of cloths pins, they remind me of summer breezes and my perfect! :)

  32. Hey Laurie! Just stopped and prayed for you and your family. So sorry for all that you and your family have been going through, but so thankful that you know the One True God that can and will carry you through.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of my recipes. I still just love that project.

    Love your stuff from the Barn Boys. Now you will have theirs and mine. Theirs are old mine are just weathered.

    Sleep well and take care.

  33. Oh Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your nephew and your mom...what a difficult thing to go through. Hopefully, with God's help everything will be okay.

    Your treasures from Michelle are so wonderful. How sweet of her to think of you.

    Best're in my thoughts ♥ Tricia

  34. Warm thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this difficult time. I love your "voice" in this post ~ nice.

    Ciao bella,

  35. Bless! This has been a week for you! Sending up prayer and sending you a big hug! xo, Ann

  36. Sending hugs and prayers your way! Beautiful photos.

  37. Laurie you have had more than your fair share lately. I am sending hugs and support across the miles to both you and your family! Michelle is so very sweet and I love what she sent you. Your clothespins are wonderful too, along with your great photos!

    Wishing you peace and calm!

    Kat :)

  38. Dearest Laurie ~ Sounds like you've had a difficult week and your nephew and Mom will be in my prayers. Take comfort in knowing that there is a lot of love surrounding you.

  39. Wishing better days for your mom, your nephew and Debbie. Keep hope and love in your heart throughout these difficult times.


  40. Laurie~ Sending big, big, big hugs to you and love and prayers for your family. Michelle is such a sweet blog friend too- Thank you for coming by and sharing this at the party this week.

  41. Oh sweetie....sending you big Cali hugs to wrap around your heart! Your family is in my prayers for speedy and healthy recoveries XOX

  42. Your such a beautiful soul Laurie...I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and nephew. Sending lots...and lots of hugs and prayers.

  43. Hoping that your mother and nephew get better really soon and what sweet items from Michelle.


  44. Such a beautiful gift you received and I love that basket. I love old clothespins, too and have them in an old mason jar. I hope everyone feels better soon. Thanks for joining WUW.

  45. sending you love and hugs, I hope all is better soon

    a beautiful gift for you


  46. sorry about you family, but happy to see your trust is in the Lord, He is truly our helper and healer! i especially enjoyed the little story about the clothes pins! i also have a basketful of beautiful old ones on my washer and enjoy just looking at them daily. ( i do hang out my laundry but don't use those, maybe i should:)

  47. Laurie,
    Sending thoughts and prayers to your nephew & mama. And, continued prayers for Debbie. I love that despite your troubled week, you've many to find the bright notes with the crystals and clothespins. All are beautiful and I had great images dancing in my head as you talked about the clothespins. You are SO good at that. Missing you & thinking of you. I hope all are doing much better at this point.


  48. Praying that both your family members get well and that you have a much better week.

  49. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Blessings!

  50. Imagine how hard dealing with sick and injured loved ones would be without God and your faith. On second thought, don't try to imagine it. It's way scary.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    I am delighted that you came by tonight. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  51. Hi Laurie,
    So wish I were visiting to see and hear something happy going on in you life. So with you girl in the power of prayer...Calling on prayer for you and yours dear one, may your family be blessed with the love of the Lord and his healing almighty power.

    You are in our prayers :)

    Thank you girl for your visit and comment was one to love...I'll take your youngest and we have a deal :)

    My daughter says your comment made her smile.

    Your gift from Michelle is a perfect endearing gift that I am sure warmed your heart, a gift to love.

    I pray for a blessing.

  52. Thanks for visiting,glad I could inspire you. I hope for the best for your family.

  53. Laurie, you and your family are in my prayers sweetie. You know, my son Sam had a sort of muscular disease too. He also had breathing problems... So they know what has caused the difficulties? I know that my sons was linked to his heart and lung problems, but i am hoping that its a virus of some kind that is causing your nephew to have to go to hospital.. I wish i could give you a big hug and be of some support.... Remember that you are in my many, many thoughts
    love and hugs, laura xx

  54. I wish you all the best with your family members.

    Love the display cabinet with the glass bottles & sea shells. Love the old clothespins. I've never seen any in the thrift shops around here. And.... I'm a new follower.

  55. Hi, I hope your nephew is better soon!

    I saw the beautiful basket full of old clothepins, it beautiful. the funny thing is, I went to the craft store yesterday and had exactly those clothe pins in my hands and was wondering what it was!!! there was a picture on the box, which showed a little doll made out of that pin. I never would have guessed that it was a clothe pin!
    *Sibylle* from

  56. Hi Laurie,
    Wow you have had a hard week, but I love your attitude! We do need to have faith. And fear and faith cannot co-exist so we just need to let go & let God, huh?
    I pray your mom will have a speedy recovery, as well as your nephew.

    Lovely the clothes pins and the lilac picture....ahhhhh....

    Take care dear!


  57. Laurie, I'm so sorry about your mom and nephew. Adding my prayers to eveyone else's. Your post was beautiful. And what lovely gifts and items you posted about. The basket and clothespins are just wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend... Donna

  58. I said a prayer for your loved ones. Life can bring us so many difficult moments and it helps to hold onto Faith. What a wonderful gift you received from your friend. I love the cabinet:)

  59. Hi! I just cannot believe that I have never been over here before! Everything is just lovely and I have just spent a shameful amount of time peeking around your blog. :-) Michelle is one of my all-time favorite bloggy buddies too...she is an absolutely lovely person! I am so very sorry for all that your family is dealing with right now but reading that you turn to the Lord to bring you comfort and strength made me even happier that I "stumbled" upon your blog tonight!

  60. Love the combination of lavender and clothes pins!

    Your vintage bottle labels are fabulous!

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