Thursday, September 20, 2012

Silencing the Noise

I am a RUNNER.

Don't I sound so very self-assured and confident.....?

Well, I'm not.

Actually ~ right now,
I am just a jogger
and that may be stretching it a bit.

Let me first start out by telling you that I'm not used to putting my mug out there for everyone to see.
I'd rather find myself behind the camera instead of in front of it whenever possible.
But I needed to make a statement and be accountable for the journey I'm embarking on.
I need YOU to hold me accountable, too. 

I used to run 3-4 miles every other day and loved every minute of it.
I'd lace up my shoes and head out the minute I got home from work.
Rain or shine.
Hot or cold.
Down the road, turn left and around the sparkling, deep blue bay of the lake I used to live on.

When I got home, I felt 
tired but refreshed.
Tired but energized.
Tired but healthy.

That was six years ago.
That was a few pounds ago, too.
That was history.

With a closet full of clothes that have become a little tight and unflattering,
and the fact that my favorite jeans ~
the faded ones with the low-slung waist and absolutely perfect flares ~
don't fit well any more,
I'm making history happen once again.
 I'm picking up what I abandoned so many years ago.

I am running.


Yes, I have to start back slowly.
Doing the power walk/jog combo for now.
Gasping for breath after the first quarter mile.
Striding up the big hills that loom before me and
running down the other side.
Aware of the aches and pains that come with age,
I push through them.
I keep my eye on the prize.

I am running.

The difference this time is that I start each run with a prayer.
I lift up this aging, jiggly, unfit body to God
and asking him to use it for his glory.
It's his temple, after all.
I need to care for it because he made it.
He made me.
He created me healthy ~

and I made me unhealthy.

Noise isn't only something audible.
It can be too much information,
too much social media,
too much food,
too much inactivity,
too much of anything that isn't godly.

 As I listen to the slapping of my sneakers on the pavement,
I silence the worldly noise in my head.
I pass by meadows and fields,
gravel roads and lakes,
woods and valleys.
I look at the beauty God's hands made
and feel a part of that beauty.


I am a runner.

I ask God to help me.

"Keep my feet going, Lord.
Keep my heart thumping solidly in my chest.
Keep my muscles pushing me forward.
I'm doing this for You
and I can only do this with Your help!"

A red tailed hawk floats overhead in a turquoise sky.
Deer gaze at me from the deep green woods.
Sand hill cranes turn to watch me from rolling fields of golden wheat.
A chipmunk scampers across my path.
The morning sun warms my head
as the crisp breeze cools my face.
I pant.
I gasp.

I pray.

But instead of concentrating on the aches, pains and breathlessness,
I focus on the strength I feel from my achilles to my glutes
as my feet roll forward with each pounding step,
propelling me to the next mailbox, the next tree, the next cross road.

I CAN do this.

God's got my back.

I am running.

When I arrive back home 45 minutes later,
I'm hot. I'm sweaty. I'm tired. I'm aching.
But you know what?

I feel good.

Satisfied that I did something healthy for my body,
God's temple.
Knowing that it will eventually get easier.
Knowing that a fit body is not unattainable.

I'm finding that as each week goes by,
the ratio of running to walking is increasing.
My breathing is more controlled, almost like my lungs are remembering.
The hills are slowly becoming less mountainous and
 I actually look forward to hitting the road now.

I know that God is running with me all the way ~
showing me both the strength in me
and the beauty of his creation around me.

I am a runner 
I'm running with God ~

but only by his grace.

~ Blessings ~

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  1. LOL its called age., we all are going though it.. Good luck on your journey. I hate being heavy But have come to except it . If the Lord wants me to get motivated he will let me know.. good luck..

  2. You go girl!!! I am a walk/jog/runner too :) Used to run much more than I do now- and can relate. Enjoy that peaceful feeling that comes with getting in the 'zone' when running~ I love it!!

  3. What an incredibly beautiful post Laurie!!! You should be writing ads ( really )
    And good for you - I keep telling myself I should start again too ( I have a large park in front of my house that actually has a track )and a beautiful neighbourhood to explore - no excuses - you've inspired me!!! My perfect jeans don't fit me perfectly anymore either :(

  4. You sound like me, Laurie! Although, I've never been a runner. I used to be a walker on the treadmill, but since we moved, my daughter now has the treadmill. I've been thinking of starting to walk and if I make my way up to jogging, I'll be happy. Just need to get started. I think that is always the hard part!

  5. You write so well, Laurie, you should be writing for a magazine or a book. God bless you on your journey, you are going to reach your goal! xo

  6. Laurie - What a well written post. Congratulations on starting up with your running again. I keep saying I'm going to start walking - but so far, just haven't started. Maybe you will be the inspiration for me to start again.


  7. I am a walker. My knees won't allow me to be a runner. I value what is left of them too much to try .. I really identify with your feelings. The pile of once favorite jeans that don't fit right anymore, the need to do something just for me, to make ME feel better so I am better for my family. I love the photos of you!

  8. That is so beautifully written-quite a gift!


  9. That's awesome. It takes real guts to get out there and push yourself to run like that. That's such a powerful thing you are doing, on so many levels... I'm rooting for you!


  10. Congrats on starting this and telling us about. Hubby ran a 5 k last month and had wanted me to join him but lazy me just kept making excuses. Before it was I'm on a 1200 calories diet I don't have the energy,...what are you trying to do kill me? now I'm not on my diet and I have no excuse.Starting it again tomorrow:) ha I know you will continue and get in your old clothes again. You have great strength of mind and being.

    all the best,

  11. Good for you, sis! My knees can't take any more stress...but I could at least get out and walk.
    How many times have I told you that you could be a writer???? huh?!
    Great post!

  12. Boy, do I understand the feeling of being in front of the lens instead of behind the lens! Its a real tough one for me and especially because I too have put on some unwanted fluff and even through out all 4 pairs of my jeans & other things that just did not look good on anymore. We'll, I was also getting ready to move and decided to lighted the load...
    Perhaps I can walk along side you in spirit just because it will make me feel like I have a buddy.. I love running but because of my 5 back surgeries and living with chronic pain, I don't think I should push it. I can walk though and I would love to pretend I have your scenery but mine will do just fine. Away from all the things that anchor me right? Walking is fun for me and I do feel good after returning. I just started going back to the gym doing the pre core machine everyday but now I'm going to add some walking too, with God.

    My next step is to journal my progress and watch those calories. A hard one for me at night when I crave a little something sweet after dinner. I have great will power before then, but after, I just can't stop thinking about the something sweet., sigh... Will have to look for a little treat to keep calories down right?

    Thanks for the inspiration and I think your a pretty lady.

    Warm regards,

  13. Laurie this is an awesome post, I need to start walking again also... I have never been a runner and don't plan on starting but I do need to move it.
    My daughter is the marathon runner.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment.
    Blessings as you run!

  14. Yay for you, Laurie! You're not the only one with tight pants...same problem here. I've been trying to shed a few pounds, but I'm not having the best of luck. I wish we lived near each other, then we could be workout buddies. I added a new app to my phone called MyFitnessPal...have you heard of it? I'm kind of obsessed with the whole thing, now I just need to exercise more. By the way, you look beautiful so don't be nervous about being in front of the camera. xo

  15. I'm a runner too. I never listen to music when I run, just the sounds of nature and lose myself in thoughts ... And sometimes prayer. Do you ever do races?

  16. Good going, Laurie.

    You are so beautiful inside and out- and I know you will enjoy this as much as you once did.

    What an awesome and inspiring post, yay for you, indeed!!!!!!

  17. I've been a walker for 18 years 4-5 miles 5 days a week, but since menopause and the resulting slow metabolism some extra pounds have crept on, so I've upped my workout by training for a 5K. Boy, it's amazing how much harder slow running is than fast walking! :) You're beautiful by the way.

  18. You go girl! You can do it! And, even if you didn't, you'd still be beautiful, inside and out... xo wendy

  19. good on you honey! and good luck! you are a star! fitter than me for sure! Love your bathroom btw. I have been hunting down some turkish rugs, no luck, but found out that my hubby is off to turkey next week! I am hoping and praying he can wrap one up for me and drag it back!!! we will see!!
    laura xx

  20. Good for you, Laurie. The first step is always the hardest, and you have done that :)

  21. Go for it darling !!! looking good darling !!...beautiful words !! that quote !!

  22. Beautiful Laurie!
    I love are amazing!
    With His help, we can do anything and you are!
    You make running sound so beautiful, and Im sure it is.
    Go & God :)

    Deborah xoxo

  23. I need to get back to running as well. Just reading your words makes me remember how good it made me feel. I know once you get into the routine that your body, mind and soul looks forward to the time you give just to yourself. Thank you for the inspiring post.

  24. You're not only a runner, but a beautiful person as well {inside and out}!!! I LOVE that first picture of pretty!!!


    :) T

  25. Oh good for you !!! mmm I am definitely a walker and a dancer ...tried running but it's not for me knees hated it!...Gail x

  26. Go Laurie, we are behind you all the way. I was a runner too at one time but too many knee injuries now so I swim and walk. Good luck.

  27. You go girl! Oh, I hear ya! I used to run a lot more than I do now and my clothes are making it clear I don't fit them like I used to.
    Gosh, this post is so inspiring Laurie. We sometimes forget to just take moments for ourselves breathe and exercise outside...admiring God's work and His strength for us.
    When I run these days my hip/back give me trouble afterwards, so I think I'll take up more walking (and maybe dance videos??). Thanks for the inspiration - you look beautiful in these photos, too!!

  28. You're so gorgeous Laurie! I tried running very briefly in my 30's but it's not for me. I do Billy Blanks, it's the only workout I can stick with! Wishing you happy running!!!

  29. You're doing it right, Laurie ! I need to do the same thing. Since breaking my leg last year and ending up in the hospital with blood clots I have become a little slower and slothful. Entering menopause really packs on the pounds, too! I feel SO good after a fast walk and need to get back to it. You give us all inspiration ! I will consider this a "push" in the right direction.


  30. God bless you Laurie, this is a beautiful and inspiring post!

    Last night after looking at myself in the mirror naked, taking notes on how my posture has become horrible, I ask God to help me become the fit mid-life daughter he knows I can be. This morning before coming to work, I woke my lazy self up at 6:30 and pulled out my yoga matt and exercised with a weight ball for 30 min, then got on my stationary bike for 15 min. Then I finished the workout on my prayer rug, praying and reading a paragraph of scripture. When I was finished, I felt so good. I am 52 and have let myself get so out of shape over the last 4 years, because of thyroid issues and arthritis. I am tired of excuses and laziness. God and my body deserves better!

    I truly believe that if we keep taking him to workout with us, He will have us healthy and fit for many more blessings!

  31. You go, girl! I need to do something, too. It's been a year since I've exercised regularly. The time I spent doing it has been sucked up by other things. I need to do it again...Thanks, Laurie.

  32. Laurie you are gorgeous! Love your hair. What a great place to run. Run Laurie run! You are a runner! God Bless xo P.S. you can still link up to the Thursday Hope if you would like to share with my readers :-)

  33. I have just begun to read your blogs, and love them and the fact you are from Michigan is a nice side bonus, but the biggie is you love our Lord and Savior, i am 60 1/2 yrs young :-) and started running a couple of yrs ago, but have not been too committed , walking and running now and then, but i need to really be committed as my health deserves that. Thank you for your openess about your struggle of getting back into the run. I will from this point try to domwalk/run everyday come rain or shine ...thank you and God,s blessings...SueK

  34. you are easy on the eyes, mommie!

    running with God.
    i applaud you.
    i get it.

    and honestly i think it's the only chance at our age of tightening the a$$ and lowering that body fat.

    when i lack self-motivation, i sometimes run for others on the treadmill. i select people who i know are hurting and try to run hard for their pain.

    bravo for hitting the pavement!


  35. Laurie,
    You have inspired me ! I actually don't need to lose weight.I was able to shed some pounds becoming a vegetarian.It was not hard.Quite easy in fact.My family and I have never really ate much meat.But taking it out of my diet took 12 lbs off.But I need to get into shape.My 46 year old body is not what it used to be.Those muscles are going away.And I do feel aches and pains.I always have an excuse why I don't have time.My husband should be inspiring me.He exercises every day.I am taking a deep breath.....I will start a new!Thank you!

  36. this is a beautifully convicting post for me.... I have been hearing God whisper to me that this mama of six needs to clean up her temple for Him, but I am struggling... thank you for your inspiring beautiful post... I needed that today.

  37. Laurie- you should be a motivational-inspirational speaker. This is phenomenol. I want to get my sneaks back on and get out there (I did the same running petered out this summer :( Thank you so much...I will have your voice in my ear!
    Thanks for linking up with Photo Friday on Ladies Holiday...hope to see you next week!

  38. Yes YOU ARE a runner. Don't you feel blessed with your health and strong legs? I feel that what snow skiing. But the rest of the time I am a Walker. Great post!

  39. Laurie,
    Keep focused on the prize ahead!!! It's a perfect time to begin with all of the glory of the season unfolding before you!!! Blessings abound!

  40. You go girl! I can never run again, and its one thing that I have missed the most. But I get the same feeling when I am able to walk 1/4 of a block and back on my own power without the wheelchair. It does feel awesome. Keep running, run for you and run for those who can't. You can do this.

  41. Oh Laurie what a Lovely and Inspiring Post! I Pray that your Running will continue to refresh and energize you! I have begun Swimming... at the Gym, whenever I can... for many of the same reasons you cited. It stills the Noise of Life when I'm doing laps and brings a Peace to my Spirit... as well as exercising this old body that I have allowed to become so out of shape and unhealthy. May we continue to keep each other accountable and encouraged in our Journey towards Fitness, Health and that Spiritual Connection that Honoring The Temple and Vessel God Created to house us on this side of Time and Eternity brings!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  42. This was inspiring, beautiful lady. I have been trying to walk alone every morning (would love to be a runner at some point). The babies and I go for walks too, but our sweet little walks are filled with curiousity and hardly pound shedders. We average about a foot a minute. ;) Keep running and thanks for your inspiring words tonight. - Jami

  43. This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I also love running but since I just had a baby and already have a 3yr old I've been slow getting back into it. I love it but am way out of shape and the first few runs have been tough. You've inspired me to keep at it and not give up!!

  44. You are so beautiful Laurie~and this post is too. I can imagine you out there absorbing all of the beauty as you pound the pavement. I have never been a runner~and admire those that are!

  45. What a beautiful post. And, a beautiful lady that wrote this post. I loved seeing your pictures. It must make for a very lovely run and a lovely reminder of what is truly important. I am impressed and inspired.

  46. Would love to be a runner but I don't think the knees could take it at my age and a past knee scope but so admire those that do! Love your post and and love how you say you run with God!

  47. What a great post and so beautifully put. Thanks for sharing your humanity and inviting us in to your day.

  48. I am a stand up paddle boarder and share your sentiments. After I go for a 1 hour paddle, I am tired but refreshed and rejuvenated. Being on the water hearing nothing but the water as my board glides across, the splash my paddle makes as well as the fish that jump and the birds that make noise as I come upon them. God's creation is incredible if you just look and admire it.

  49. What an inspiring post! My roommate from grad school starting running a year ago and she just completed her first half marathon. She has lost a ton of weight and gained a lot of friends from her running clubs. I need to stop thinking about it and start doing it!

  50. Bravo Laurie! You are an inspiration! I love the way you have described your running experience and you definitely have to be proud of yourself. You are strong and determined, you are beaituful, you are alive.

  51. I'm so glad that I'm following you! I've just started running again too so I completely relate to everything you said. Thank you so much for the inspiration and the motivation!


  52. As I was sitting on the plane, returning home, I glanced over at what my neighbor was reading. This was on the cover of the magazine... Get Back Into Shape. Those four words reminded me that at one time I WAS in shape. Not like I have always been overweight, because I wasn't. I just kept trying to lose weight since having children until I finally thought it was too difficult to handle. But having been reminded that at one time I looked great, and that I could do that again, just sort of hit me. I love that you brought your faith into this adventure... every word you said was true. And one more thought.... have you noticed that only the "skinny girls"/"fit girls" are out there walking or jogging? Put two and two together, right? Great post!!

  53. Laurie, Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love all your photos and loved what you wrote about. Very uplifting.


  54. Very sweet post! I have never been a runner but I do find walking easy on the knees. Good luck with your running adventure.


  55. A sweet and thoughtful post, Laurie! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story at Potpourri Friday!

  56. Laurie, I am not a strong Swimmer either, so don't be too Impressed! *LOL* And I'm an even less strong Swimmer with the advancement of the years, but at the Gym they have those Boogie Boards that a lot of us use when we begin to get fatigued from doing regular Swimming Laps and I can keep going longer if I use the Board as part of my Workout... great flotation device for those that weren't Olympic Types. *LOL* But yes, I see better results from the Swimming than I even did with Weight Training and less liklihood of sustaining Injury than other forms of exercise... which is something I have to take into account now that I'm older and less likely to heal quickly. I hurt myself doing Zumba and Pilates... The Son thought that Hysterical since he does Mixed Martial Arts and said Pilates can be the devil even IF you're Young and Fit & Zumba is a lot of bouncing around, so WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MOM?!? *LOL, yep, still getting teased about my Zumba & Pilates Experience* So for now, Swimming, light Weight Training, Cardio and Yoga are the Tools I'm utilizing for Fitness improvement.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  57. I use to run, but then fell off my porch and really did a number on my back, so can't run anymore. Good luck, but if you already up to 45 minutes you sure are doing good. A very inspirational post. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  58. Oh, Laurie, I heart you! This post comes at a perfect time. God has been nudging me to start AND stick to an exercise routine that includes running. I'm out of excuses and my pants don't fit. I start tomorrow. It's on my schedule. I'm not looking forward to it, but in a way I am. It's time to quit being so passive with this body of mine. I'm so fiery and agressive in every other area of life, but this one. Anyhoo, thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  59. Oh boy do I admire your commitment, Laurie! It so often seems like that first step is the most important. Nice that you were able to catch my post on Rachel's shop. Glad you enjoyed it!

  60. Hello Laurie... I just found your beautiful blog and I love this post... I have not run for several years, due to some kidney stone surgery I had the last two summers in a row... but I walk approximately three miles every day, and want to begin to walk~jog once more... like you, I love being out amongst Nature and all the beauty God has created... I see your running shoes are Avia... have you found those to be the best?... I know the very best shoes will help me keep jogging~running longer... would you mind dropping me an email at and telling me just exactly which Avia's they are?... going to have fun now reading your older posts... you are just beautiful!... inside and out... xoxo Julie Marie

  61. Great job! You look fantastic! Thank you for joining HSH!

  62. Great post and so very well said.

    and yes you look wonderful!

  63. Great post...wonderful timing...I'm starting to do the same thing with my two chocolate labs pushing me forward. Thanks for your openness. And thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  64. Hi Laurie,
    Such a lovely and inspirational post! I am a walker. And like you, I also enjoy God's creations while I'm walking.

  65. Hi Laurie,
    Great post! I'm right there with you and several others on here! I joined a gym in June with the intent of getting back to running. I've walked in there once.. that was to join the gym! I keep telling myself I'm going to start because I know that once I start, I can keep it going. I agree with you.. We are God's temple, and we need to be taking care of it! I'm hoping I can start this week... eeek! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Hi Laurie, Dropped by today to say hello and see how your recent health challenge turned out. I saw this post about running and I love it! Are you still able to run? I'm walking with god and thanks for the reminder that he's got my back and I need to turn to him each day for strength, hope and direction. My jogging/running career was over about 12 years ago. Since my heart is now weak (due to a genetic heart condition) I'm not able to job but I can walk. I'll walk with god from this day on, his helping hand I'll lean upon. I still need reminders because being human my will still creeps in. This journey is not solitary because god dwells in my heart and I need to let go and let god.


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