Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prayer Rug & Paisley Love

Last Sunday, Michelle and I met up once again for a day of treasure hunting under a hot and sunny August sky.
Allegan Antique Market never fails to delight my senses and stretch my imagination to it's limits. With blog inspiration bouncing around in our heads, and hands itching to nab some good deals, we set off down the numerous rows of vendors.

Michelle was searching for beachy decor for her darling cottage by the lake,
 and I had my shabby chic-bohemian radar set on high.
It wasn't long before we were making a trip back to our cars to unload our weary arms.

Wait....just wait....til you see what I brought home.
I think this was my favorite trip so far this year because of what ended up in the back my SUV. Treasures that my heart has been aching for...waiting for...searching for.

This was my first purchase of the day.
Yeah...I know you're drooling.
I was, too.
It didn't take me but 2 minutes to decide to dance away with this little French beauty.
She was neat as a pin, clean as a whistle, and I didn't have to touch her with a paint brush at all.
Total perfection.

The finish was just perfect and the shabby chic fabric pristine.

I love the mix of feminine with the rustic plank-top desk in my office.

This is where I do all of my paperwork
while gazing out the window into the rose filled flowerbed surrounding the new

Glass lamp:  Meijer's

Ok, I see you're drooling again.
I assume it's over my new vintage Turkish prayer rug?

Oh, yeahhhh, baby......

I saw this gorgeous thing crumpled up on an old church pew. 
I almost walked by it.


But I noticed it out of the corner of my eye and once again,
poor Michelle was nearly toppled as I dodged around her and flung myself through a group of hot, sweaty people to get to it.

"How much?", I breathlessly asked.
"Forty", said he.


I had just reluctantly passed up another prayer rug up from a different vendor who was asking three times that much!

Currency flew in the air like autumn leaves as I pulled out my cash to pay the man before he realized what he had actually said.  I didn't even try to chew him down, afraid that he'd change his mind.

He watched me warily as with heart pounding, I thrust my money at him,
heard the Hallelujah chorus in my head,
and grinned stupidly at him like The Joker.

I wanted to wrap myself up in it and dance my way back to the car yelling,
"Look what I found!  Look what I found!!"
But I knew that Michelle would probably desert me for someone who wasn't quite as dingy.

Be still my beating heart.....  :)

Gorgeous deep blues and pinks, and beautifully faded and worn in all the right places.

This beautiful addition to our old farmhouse was even more special when I showed it to The Husband.

He stood there, mouth agape.

He said, "You've GOT to be kidding....."

My heart sank.  Oh no....I thought for sure that he would love the deep, rich colors or just poo-poo it as another one of my fanatical purchases.

"What's wrong...?", I asked tentatively.

He answered by telling me, "You're not going to believe this, but we used to have a rug just like this in the farmhouse I grew up in. I would pull it over next to the floor register on cold winter days and play on it with my metal trucks."

 I could see his eyes were almost on the verge of filling with tears as he continued to stare at the rug ~ sweet memories swirling in his mind.
My heart melted and I smiled.

Hours later, I actually found him sitting on it giving Maizie a tummy rub...

Oh, how I love that man.

The framed oil paintings you see on the shelf above Maizie's crate
were painted by my mom and dad decades ago.
Dad painted the one on the left.  Mom's is on the right.
Mom loved Dad's sweet lilacs so much that she wanted to try her own hand at it,
so Dad coached her while she painted her own version.
I can still remember them sitting at the kitchen table working on it together.  :)

Large wooden rosary:  me

I draped a vintage lace netting curtain that I discovered at a favorite vendor's booth
over the French door.
It's a sheerer version of what I previously had there.

Another sweet treasure was this canvas rose painting.
I adored the simplicity and the colors.

It's resting against a vintage mirror (I brought home last month from the antique market)
on top of the bookcases in my office.

Yes, that's the same chandy from last month's antique market sitting there on the bookcase.
I hadn't quite decided where to hang it yet, so i plunked it up there so I could wax the floors one day.  Loved it so much up there, that's where she's staying for now.

I did purchase another larger chandy for the center of the living room which I'll show you later.
Yep....two chandies in two months.
Call me obsessed.

My last purchase of the day was this large piece of cotton/linen paisley fabric.
Light and airy and very bohemian.

Do you notice the color that's softly floating back into Heaven's Walk?
Maybe it's the autumnal feeling evenings, or maybe it's the fact that some of our maple trees are turning color and dropping their leaves already,
but I'm embracing the deep, rich warmth these colors are adding to this old farmhouse.
I love the contrast of creamy white and silvery blue linen,
and the deep pinks and purples of my weekly dose of fresh roses
against the darker accents.

I threw the faded paisley fabric over the tri-fold screen in the corner of the living room.

Now, the hunt begins for more prayer rugs.
I want to see them scattered all over these glorious old wood floors
here at Heaven's Walk ~

and now I know The Husband would love to see that, too.  :)

Ruffled linen throw and pillow slip: Ticking & Toile

[If any of you see any for a decent price, would you let me know?]

~  Blessings ~

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  1. Great finds!
    I love that stunning french chair. the shabby chic upholstery is simply gorgeous.

  2. Your rug is great!! We have antique oriental and prayer rugs throughout our house. They have WAY more character than anythng you can get in the stores new. (Actually, the rug in our family room was new when we bought it ... but that's the only one.) My favorite rug dealer is on eBay (Pakobel rugs, IIRC) Most of what they sell is old and some is really worn, but there are great deals to be had. Go see my post about Daniel earlier this week, and you can see my favorite find in the photo of him eating his breakfast ... a prayer rug with animals, some of which are like a Push Me Pull You (Dr. Doolittle reference), with two heads. I love them!

  3. Laurie,
    Great finds, again, dear friend!!! I adore yur story of the rug...especially yurs husbands connection with one from his childhood! I do believe, the heavens parted when you saw this masterpiece. It beckoned you from afar and rightly made its place in your home!!! Love seeing the chandelier on the mantle! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Love your new chair! It is so sweet and full of personality and gentle color. I can see why you brought this sweetie home.

  5. Hi Laurie,
    LOVE your new treasures especially carpet !!!
    xoxo Vlaďka

  6. never heard of a prayer rug, laurie. it's beautiful, and what a story that seals the deal for you. surely that rug wanted to live with you.

    love the chair and your awesome finds!



  7. I am still drooling over that chair--it is perfection! That is my favorite chair ever I think!

  8. Laurie,
    Your prayer carpet is beautiful.The colors are gorgeous.But I have never heard of a prayer rug please explain :-)
    Beautiful fabric and yes that chair is to die for.What a great find!You sure did have fun shopping!

  9. What a beautiful rug, and what gorgeous colors. If you find your chair missing, whoa! I have never heard of a prayer carpet either? You sure had fun shopping, wish I got there before you :-}. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

    1. I did a little research on Turkish prayer rugs for you all and this is what I found:

      "Turkish prayer rugs are used for religious purposes. Turkey has a long history of weaving and utilizing these textiles, and since this country falls in a temperate climate zone, with temperatures that vary dramatically between day and night, and summer and winter - to cope with such an environment, warm rugs became incredibly important to survival. These textiles eventually adopted religious significance in the seventh and eighth centuries.

      Traditionally, women had the primary role in carpet production, while men sometimes supplied the wool for yarn. In their spare time, older women would teach their female relatives the delicate art of spinning and dying yarn and weaving carpets for their families. This made every rug design entirely unique, though different carpet styles typically are linked to distinct regions in Turkey."

      So, there's our history lesson for the day! :)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug and the paisley panel sooo much! You scored my friend!! ;) Love the image of your money falling like leaves! lol.. your home looks beautiful and so cozy!! Hugs, Rachel xo

  11. Such a sweet story about your husband loving your new rug! So glad you and sweet Michelle had fun!

  12. just beautiful, Laurie. Love the warmth your new palette is bringing in! xo

  13. Now that would be funny if we both end up going to Allegan on the same day! Meeting over a chair, or some fabric, or some other luscious delight we both spy at the same time! Good to see what you brought home, Laurie! I can't wait until my calendar clears up and I can head back up there once more!

  14. Oh my...that chair is beautiful!! Love the paisley fabric and the prayer rug too.

  15. Quella sedia è la fine del mondo Laurie... Che dolce tuo marito!!!

  16. What a beautriful chair darling !!!.....enjoy the week !!

  17. oh my gosh! I am in love with all your finds!The prayer rug is my favourite though as I have been looking for one for ages however they are too overpriced over here! The painting is lovely as well... it all is beautiful I'm very jealous!
    Amanda -

  18. I love everything,it all came together beautifully and that chair,droooool x

  19. I am looking for a faded out rug like that for my Boston shop...I LOVE your prayer rug Laurie!! When I lived in Pakistan you would see them carry their rugs and roll them out on lawns or dirt areas and get on their knees and pray. Haven't heard the term in awhile. YOu really made out wtih all your treasures, I loved each one!

  20. I want that chair, Lori! I just love it! The prayer rug was an excellent purchase, more so for the reaction and memory from your husband.

  21. Oh, Laurie...your chair, your taste, your photos...oh,my!

  22. Hi Laurie,

    Everything is just stunning! I adore your shabby chic chair - the fabric is fantastic. You also found a beautiful canvas of roses :-)

  23. LOVE that chair!! and the rug, and the chandy up on top, and the paisley print! did i leave anything out, cuz, if i did, i love it, too! great post--have a great week, laurie!

  24. Your treasures are fabulous! I especially am partial to the Turkish rug.

    I spent grades 1-4 in Ankara, Turkey (we moved there in the late 60s) :-) My mother brought a very large area rug back to the US and it stay inside our home until the early 90's when she redecorated. Then in 1996 I asked her can I have it and she said yes and told my father to go and get it down. She thought he had put it in the attic, but NOT. He had rolled it up and put it in his outside tool shed storage, leaning against the wall and touching the floor. More than half of it had rotted from touching the ground during rain and seasons passing here in Texas. She was so upset with him, and me too because I had recently shopped a few rug stores pricing large antique Turkish rugs resembling the quality of hers and the prices almost gave me a heart attack!

    Enjoy that beauty!

  25. love, love, did I say love? That chair!!!! It's what I have been looking for. I would love to find such a beauty for my art room. You scored a treasure my friend. The prayer rug is lovely too. I lived in Turkey for 5 years when I was young and we had the opportunity to have several in our home. Thank you for sharing, sending hugs your way and wishes for a beautiful week ahead. xo

  26. P.S. I just saw the comment from elenanatx, small world :-)

  27. Terrific finds Laurie! That chair is just dreamy and I love the story about your new rug and hubby's memories...sigh.
    Loving all your new shabby/bohemian color here. :)

  28. Beautiful french chair. I love the story about the rug :)


  29. Oh Laurie... your Prayer Rug... your Paisley... High Five GF for 'Scoring' such Fabulousness! Only I know we could never be Junquing Buddies for surely we'd be throwing ourselves upon the same stuff! *LOL* My Junquing Buddies just don't get it when I see an Old Prayer Rug thrown off to the side and can hardly contain my excitement and not run over people in my quest to get to it! *Smiles* I once 'scored' one for under $5 because the Vendor said it was 'so Old'... yeah, I couldn't peel that five dollar bill off fast enough! *Winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  30. That chair is beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back on Friday.

  31. The lace looks better in your home than it ever did in our tent! =) Beautiful photos!!

    Blessings... Polly

  32. everything looks just beautiful!! you found some wonderful treasures! i like seeing more color at your place and i do it too,at my home come fall. that is one of the best parts of decorating...changing things up a bit!! the nesting never ends.
    p.s. thanks for mentioning michele. i went right over to her blog to check on her, as i have been wondering about that sweet gal.

  33. You are HILARIOUS! Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and I just wish you HAD been the one to 'score' that Ottoman *Winks* just so I'd know the person who now owns it and could pop by from time to time to see how it was doing? You know, Visitation Privileges... *LOL* Any time I can't get something I always Hope a Friend here or in the Land of Blog does so that I can at least have Visitation with the piece I was having a Forbidden Love Affair with... I know, it's so wrong... but its so hard to break up with something you want so badly, huh? *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  34. I am so jealous over your beautiful finds AND getting to spend time with Michelle! Your home is so lovely...wish I could visit!

  35. What a lovely space! And what fun that the rug you got for such a steal is so special to your hubby!

  36. Laurie, I love the soft colors you're introducing into your farmhouse. You picked up some amazing finds, especially the rug and the chair!
    Mary Alice

  37. Hi Laurier, I love your chair. It is just beautiful. The rest of the room looks gorgeous with all your vintage finds. All brought together so beautifully.
    Cheers Fiona x

  38. Laurie, I love that prayer rug. What a find! It also reminds me of one I had years ago as does that paisley curtain. Great post!

  39. I looooove your chair Laurie! It's gorgeous! That's a lovely story about the rug and your hubby's memories:)

  40. mmm love that new chair and rug and so nice to have paintings that your parents have done...makes them extra special. I especially like the lace curtain....way too nice ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  41. Oh Laurie that chair is just gorgeous!!!
    And the prayer rug? Perfection -

  42. The chair is to die for and I too am drooling over the prayer rug. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


  43. LOVE the chair, love the rug, love the post Laurie.
    Thank you for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.

  44. Well you've just put me in the shopping mood! :) The chair is precious! I think my sis used to shop at that antiques mall but now she doesn't like "old" anymore. All her stuff is new. I love your story about your hubby's reaction to the rug. What a great memory!

  45. Those treasures were just meant to be for you.....I love that. I always take it as a gift from God, a special treat. I especially love that the rug was like the one your husband had as a boy, so sweet. It's always a treat to visit you! Xoxo Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse

  46. Oh, I am lovin that chair!! It's a beauty in all its faded chippyness. The prayer rug is wonderful and how touching that it meant so much to your hubby too. It almost brought tears to my eyes as well. I love a guy who isn't afraid to show his feelings! My hubby is like that, an old softie! Thanks for sharing your fabulous treasures and have a lovely weekend.


  47. What wonderful finds found their way back to your farm house. My husband was stationed in Turkey many years ago. The Turkish rugs are beautiful.

  48. Well, what beautiful things you got there! The prayer rug, husband tears, made my heart swell. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  49. Laurie, What beautiful finds. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories on Simple & Sweet Fridays. The rug was surely meant to be. Have a lovely weekend.


  50. Oh what a charming very pretty. Would love to have you come by and enter my current GIVEAWAY…it’s a goodie!!!


  51. No you DID NOT find that fabulous chair! Oh my gosh, and the prayer rug and the oil painting... You have such an eye, wow! I loved the storys about the paintings and the rug too.
    Your house just has the most wonderful look about it. Absolutely perfect. It has a look of a true decorator, not all staged and perfect, yet effortlessly pulled together... like you're not trying too hard, it's actually kind of difficult to put into words, the look is just beautiful and irresistible... it appeals to my shabby chic and my hippie vibe at the same time... i just love it


  52. Your finds are beautiful but I really loved the story you told us of your husband. It melted my heart. It is so special to find treasures that bring up memories of our past. Have a wonderful weekend.

  53. There's nothing I'd rather do on a Sunday afternooon! Your outing certainly paid off. That gorgeous chair works so perfctly in your room. Lovely finds!

  54. WOW! do I love me a chair!!! You have brought home some awesome things this Summer Laurie. You and I would not be good shopping companions though, because we would have a fist fight over most of the stuff we see : )

    I just love my visits to Heaven's Walk!!!!

    hugs from here...

  55. Oh girl, I need to just follow you around. You always snag such great items! Love, love the chair and the prayer rug story is so touching. The chandy certainly does look stunning up there on that bookcase. I bought a rustic black one that I want to hang out on the front porch. Hubby said, "Let's think about this for a while." That was last Saturday. Long enough don't you think? Get er done! lol! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  56. Sounds like your husbands prayers were answered by that rug.
    And that chair...
    The light...
    Your amazing writing style...
    Well.. Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  57. Hello Laurie, You have me choked up! The prayer rug, the lovely artwork done by your parents - such a sweet, sentimental post - and YES am absolutely drooling over that gorgeous chair! Wonderful! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  58. Love the story of your rug Laurie! Beautiful painting too! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  59. Hello;
    I have read your blog regarding prayer mats, As you had right wonderful article, and this is very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful blog.


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