Sunday, June 6, 2010

John D and Me

Good morning, sunshine!

You know, there's no better feeling in the world (in my world, anyhoo) than to get up in the morning knowing that Mr. John D is full of gas - 
and we're going to spend the day together in the yard.

What? Ooookay, I know that you're thinking! *wink

To set the record straight and clear out any goofy thoughts that may be bouncing around
in that noggin of yours,
I'm referring to Mr. John lawn tractor, of course.

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to help Dad cut the lawn.  Back then, everyone had those old style reel push mowers without motors. Mom used to holler out the window, "Make sure you have shoes on!  I don't want you to cut your toes off!"
So, off came the flip-flops and on went the Keds. Then, Dad would then show me how to cut nice, straight lines, overlapping the wheel lines in the grass. And when that was done, we would trim around the trees with hand shears.

Good grief....that took forever. It was like trimming your yard with scissors.

I eventually graduated to the advanced level of Grass Maintenance and was allowed to use a gas powered mower.  That brought even more fear into my mother's eyes, however...

 So when Hubby brought home that big old vintage JD machine for me when we moved out here, I was thrilled. We knew it was going to take more than a push mower to handle this amount of acreage. Trusty thing that it is - it always starts up with a pull of the choke, a flick of the ignition, and we're raring to go.

I start to cut. The clean, earthy smell of fresh cut grass mingles with the strong, sweet aroma of the blooming peonies and lilacs that permeate the area.

A gazillion dragonflies zoom and zip around me.
The birds beneath the feeders scatter when they see me coming.
The bluebirds fly out of their little house every time I make a pass by the clothes pole.
I just know they're thinking, "Oh, she comes again!"

Mr. JD and I cut clean, straight lines in the green grass.  (Thanks, Dad!) Oh - what a beautiful sight!  There's something so.....I don't know.....cleansing about cutting the lawn.
Much more satisfying than mopping a dirty floor.
Probably because I'd rather working outside then in.
Even though I tend to be a tad bit more smelly when I get done with all the yard work.
Gas, exhaust fumes, and the like.
A manly!

I make a pass by two projects in the yard that I just recently completed.
(Not to worry. I'll share them with you later!)
They looks sooo much better than before.   
Why in the world did I wait so long?

I think about all of you out there in blog-land while I'm mowing, you know.  What story could I share with them today?  What photos would they love to see? 
(I hope I'm not boring them to death!)

 Three acres and three hours later, I yank Mr. Stihl #1's pull cord and we trim all the garden edges and around the multitude of trees. Then out comes Mr. Stihl #2 and we blow the clippings off the driveway.

The task is done for another week. Arms a little browner from a day in the sun.
Feet carry flip-flop tan lines. (Poor Mom would be horrified.)
And the lawn and gardens look neat, trimmed, and manicured.

When hubby gets home from a hard day's work, he always mentions how nice the lawn look. And after we settle on the deck for our happy hour together
with glass of wine in hand,
he sighs and says...."It's really nice to live here, ya know?"

I smile.
Yeah. I know.


~ laurie


  1. Oh my gosh Laurie! your flowers are breathtaking!!!!
    Mine are still mostly buds....
    What a slice of Heaven...hence..the name, huh?
    I love coming here and taking a walk with you through your yard.

  2. How I love my JD too! This year MyHero took over the mowing because of my work schedule I MISS the smell of freshly mown grass that always made me think of "haying it" when I was a kid. There is just such a sense of accomplishment, isn't there, when you look around and think- Look What I Did!?! Love your posts and your "take" on life in general.

    Your flowers, by the way, are beautiful. You are surely blessed - but - I can tell that you already know that!

  3. Your a better woman then I am. My dearly beloved is lawn cutting obsessed so I am very happy he enjoys the task.


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