Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heaven's Walk Welcomes House at the Lake!

Good morning, sweet friends!

I am so very excited today I can't sit still!
Kinda like a kid at Christmas.
Not that I've been sitting still over the past few days, because I've been a busy busy busy
gal preparing for weekend guests here at Heaven's Walk. 
Cleaning, dusting, polishing, painting...whew! 

Hosting overnight guests is always a good reason do get those little chores done that always end up on the back burner, ya know? A little prodding and promises directed hubby's way and miraculously - things start to happen. (*wink)

My friend, my 'sister', Debbie from,
(you have visited her blog, haven't you? It's sweet and cozy and totally Debbie!)
is driving down from the north with her hubby to visit my southern part of Michigan to kick back with my hubby and me. We've known each other for about 30 years, 
but haven't seen each other in over 10 years.
How could we not be sisters after all that time?

This, dear friends, will be emotional....I guarantee it. The hubs will stand back and roll their eyes and shake their heads and comment how dorky we are while we squeal with delight, hug and kiss and hug some more.
I can hardly wait!

After a tour of our grand, old, much-loved home and gardens, we'll all be imbibing  
(is that a word...?) 
in a couple bottles of Heaven's Walk homemade "Fat Cat-Happy Dog" wine on the deck (or front porch if the promised rain makes an unwelcomed appearance),
but guess guess guess what else we'll be doing.....?

We're headed off very early Sunday morning (rain or shine!) to a local flea/antique market that is only held once a month. Four hundred vendors will be waiting for us! Yeah, four hundred! Talk about eye candy. Soul candy. Vintage treasure candy! Total Retail Therapy! Does it get any better than this???!!

(Cue: more squealing!)

(Yes, I promise I'll share with you all the treasures that I just can't leave behind.  And I'm sure that Debbie will be blogging about her goodies, too!)

We're going to wander and drool and obsess and buy vintage treasures til the cows come home and we can't squeeze any more into my little SUV.

(Ummmm....on second thought....maybe we should take hubby's truck...)

So.....preparations have been made for our beloved overnight guests.

 The guest room has been primped, starched, fluffed and made cozy for them.
And yes, you recognize my 'Sea Isle' rocker from the front porch, don't you?
You'll have to stay tuned for a future post on how she ended up in the guest room!  

 Fresh, sweet lavender and hydrangea is on the nightstand because I know how much Debbie loves them.

Fluffy towels, bath supplies, 'Beach Mist' shampoo and lotion I nabbed from our vacation spot in Florida this past spring, and a pink mesh bag full of seashells all nestled into a wicker basket to make them feel welcome.

Mmmmm....there's just nothing better in life than to climb into a bed smelling of lavender and sheets fresh from the clothesline.

A vintage family Bible passed on to us by hubby's dear mother sits next to beach and lake magazines to curl up with in bed.

 I pray that they both feel welcomed and loved and we have a memorable weekend of fun, fellowship, and laughter....oh, and a lot of treasure-gathering - which I promise will be followed by a lot of blogging by Debbie and me.

 So, hey....if you're ever in the neighborhood,
just remember that there's always a cozy bed with plump pillows, warm duvet,
and fresh lavender waiting for you at Heaven's Walk, friend!

 Hugs to you

~ laurie


  1. Oh please, please, please can I come visit? I'll be ever so good! Guess what? You know that Jenny Lind bed you have? I have a matched twin set that belonged to my husband's grandfather when he was a boy and NOW ny sweet little grandkids sleep in them! I will blog on their room one day in the future.

    I have a friend that is a "sister" too. We have moved all over the place (both of us) and always been within driving distance. This is the farthest apart we've been (6 hours). I don't have a blood sister (nor does she) so we are bonded by heart.

    You have a wonderful time! I know you will! I wish I could tag along with you to the flea market-I would walk ever-so-far behind and not disturb you at all! lol Have fun-looking forward to updates on your whole time together. I want details AND pictures! lol

  2. Hi Laurie,
    Your guests are very lucky to get to stay in such a lovely room!! It's so charming! I love how you've pampered them with the guest basket...very sweet.
    Have a wonderful time with your friends, and shop 'til you drop! ;-)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  3. Your guests are in for a real treat! It looks so nice I would be afraid to rumple the sheets.

  4. Diana - wonderful memories about your Jenny Lind bed! Mine was passed down from my grandparents, too. Have often wondered if I should paint it or not... :) You are always welcome here at Heaven's Walk for a visit! Debbie and I are certainly bonded at heart... :)

    Jo - they slept like babies! lol! It was so much fun pampering them! And we now have blisters on our feet from so much walking at the antique!

    Rita - Debbie loved the ruffled sheets (Simply Shabby Chic @ Target). I had to wake them both when it was time to hit the road in the morning! :)

  5. Hi my sister and friend~~~~we just returned home from the most wonderful weekend ever! I sincerely want to thank you for such a lovely, and love filled weekend. I miss you already!!! Thank you for my sweet surprise I found while unpacking the are such a blessing to me.
    I love you.

  6. Love you and miss you more, sweet sis!

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  7. Awwww...that makes me feel like crying a bit-
    I hope you aren't going through "friend withdrawal" now! I know I always do when I come back to the "real world" and find that my time with my friend was waaaay too short. Sending both of you a hug today!

  8. 400 vendors? Oh, it sounds fun! I hope you had a good time? Please shows us the finds!

  9. Diana - Yes! I am going through "sister withdrawal" right now! :( The time we had together was very special and a total blessing. Thanks for the hug! :) Here's a {hug} for you, too!

    Alvn - It was fantastic! I want to go back in July! I'm working on posting all my treasures... :) Stay tuned!

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  10. I love your guest room!!!
    I bet you two had a blast together

    Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. Your comments always brighten my day!!!
    Take Care,

  11. Your guest is a lucky girl to spend time in that sweet guest room. LOoks like it was a grand time.


  12. Hi Laurie, just read this post about you spending time with Debbie. I pray she is doing better with each passing day. I have a friend who is also as close as a sister can be, so I know how special Debbie is to you. We have been through so much together in the past 36 years we have been friends. I love her dearly!
    I will now continue my (your) Heavens Walk.

  13. Hi Laurie. Could you borrow a trailer to put on to hubby's truck! I do think you shouldn't be held back in any way. How I envy you. Our room looks lovely. So quiet & peaceful ......and restful. I'd love to come and stay..... Joan

  14. Hello,
    It all looks so gorgeous and welcoming...
    You must be in Heaven over the moon excited.
    Wish I could stop by...

    Enjoy it all!


  15. I just had weekend company and getting ready sure did fluff up my house. We even power washed it! We had a wonderful time with new friends and now we have a really clean house! Have a grand time with your dear friends and nab lots of treasures at the flea market. Here's to memory making!

  16. What a wonderful hostess you are, Laurie. I'm sure your guests are going to feel very, very pampered.

    We have guests this week, too, for five days. I'm happy (but tired) ha ha ha Susan

  17. I'm so pleased to be back in the blog world after a month break. I've missed all my friends and gorgeous inspiration. How lovely for you to be having such a special reunion with an old friend Laurie. I can just imagine the excitement when you catch set eyes on each other. I hope you enjoy your outing and relaxed weekend.


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