Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Old Ladder and a New Pitter

Good morning, ma cheri! 

Ok. Ok. So I can't speak French...much less write it.

(Even though, according to my ancestry, I am part French -  
which is probably where my love for anything shabby and vintage was born).
I am also not a cook...or a baker.
I will never claim to be nor will I pretend to be.  
I leave that all up to hubby.
Oui.  Je suis chanceux femme... 

But I can pick cherries. We have red sweet cherry trees as well as white ones on our property - and it was time for moi 
to climb that old rickety ladder propped in the cherry tree in the back meadow.
 (Hubby conveniently disappeared on the golf cart to places off yonder.)

I grabbed my favorite "pickin' pot' sweetly adorned with "Simple Pleasures" on it, and made my way out there.
Climb like a monkey...I did not.
But slowly, carefully, and tentatively  
(the old woman in me squealing all the while to think about what I was actually doing
- are ya carazy?!!)
making my way up that creaking thing til I could reach those delectible treasures. I kept telling myself it was totally worth it, and wouldn't a cherry pie baked by hubby be sooo nice, and it won't take long to pick enough....just onnnnne more.....

With my feet safely planted on God's green earth again
(whew! thank you, Lord, for quieting that screeching old woman inside my head),
it was time to make use of the new pitter (or stoner as it's also called) that I recently acquired for about $25 at Amazon.com.

Cherries washed....check.  Cherries checked for bugs....check.  Cherries ready to pit....check!

Let the pitting begin!  Drop a few cherries in the upper bin, slam down the tall doohicky which pierces the cherry as the pit drops in the lower bin and the cherry drops into your dish.

Ha! I can do this! I got into the rhythm of it and it went quite fast.
Drop, slam, drop, slam, drop, slam.
Hubby (conveniently) popped his head in the back door and said, "I hear someone pitting!"
"Spitting? I'm NOT spitting!" was my quick and witty retort.
"Funny woman....." was his.

No, there weren't enough this time for the cherry pie hubby offered to make
(like my diet needs that, and besides, I was NOT going to awaken that 
squealing old woman again to pick more cherries),
but there was certainly enough to mix in with our favorite vanilla yogurt for dessert tonight.

And if you're wondering......why the French-like take on this post?

Ummm.....I haven't a clue.

Au revoir!

~ laurie


  1. i love the simple pleasures of picking fruit, looks like you had fun~

  2. YUM....we love cherries! Wouldn't a pie have been so nice for your dessert tonight? Oh well, yogurt is also very good.

  3. Awwww, that was a cute post. Nice writing, Laurie. Cherries and yogurt sound good. Cool pitter, too. Susan

  4. They look soooo delicious! Glad you made it safely!

  5. Love your photos, really beautiful. I have a cherry pitter too, but mine is much more primitive. Still, I love it and can't wait to get it out of storage so I can pit me some cherries. We love them over home made vanilla ice cream. I owe my neighbors big time for putting up with 9 months of remodeling at the cottage so I'm going to soften them up with cherry ice cream. Think it will work?


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