Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Prairie Girl"

Although the calendar indicates that spring officially arrived last month,
Old Man Winter was slow to give up his grip here in Michigan,
and when he did,
Mother Nature continues to bless us with an abundance of rain.

Great for greening things up around here,
but not so great for working in the garden.
Great for getting projects completed indoors, though,
like the sweet pink shutters I'm still giddy about.  :)

[You can read about them here.]

So, given another cold, cloudy, rainy day,
I spent it creating a new twist on my shabby, romantic dream catchers.

Inspired by the beautiful fabric garlands that 
Sherry at ShantyGirl
have been making,
I wanted a rustic, whimsical, bohemian look.

When the sun made a very brief appearance during the afternoon,
I gathered apple and cherry twigs from the woods surrounding this old house,
spread out piles of fabrics on my prairie table...

and the
"Prairie Girl" 
dream catcher was born.

Colorful streamers cascade next to 
dangling seashells collected from the beach,
sparkling glass beads,
shimmering metallic threads,
soft strands of lavender leather,
fuzzy pom pom yarn,
and white, silky feathers.

The soft pastels look pretty next to the beautiful vintage millinery floral garland
hanging on the barn door handle.
The garland was made for me by sweet friend, Rachel at Shabby French for Me.

Prairie Girl is sweet, rustic, bohemian and whimsical.

Each Prairie Girl dream catcher I create is one of a kind.
Each is wrapped in her own quirky, unique, personality.
Each is full of color, sparkle, and captivates with an ethereal, gypsy-like feeling.

Although "Prairie Girl" takes a bit longer to dream into being
because of her thick waterfall of fabric streamers
and multitude of unique, assorted beads,
I love making them and look forward to designing more to sell.

This one, however, just may make her home
catching the morning breezes by my front porch swing ~
where the fabric will flutter in the breeze
and the beads will gently clack together...  :)

But if you know me at all,
I couldn't stop with just one.

A second Prairie Girl dream catcher was adorned with a passion for purple.

Deep purple mingles with turquoise, pink, blue, and aqua with bright gypsy beads.

And a third is embellished with grass green, bright teal, and a touch of rich purple.

So full of happy color,
 I can't help but smile as my hands busily string and tie each one.

Well, a stack of sticks and some pretty, ornate boho beads wait patiently for me on the prairie table,
and a pile of streamers are whispering my name...

Time to create.

~  Sweet Prairie Blessings  ~

PS  These will be for sale in my booth at Doster Emporium
(which is now OPEN!) ~
and I'll be taking them to Allegan Antique Market on May 26, too.
Or if you see one you love, email me!

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  1. Hi Laurie Prairie Girl!... those Prairie Dreamcatchers are just beautiful!... I can just picture one HERE on my front porch... gently swaying in the Spring breeze as I sit on my porch and listen to the chorus of froggies in the pond down the lane and the chirping of crickets... pure Prairie love!... you are so talented... I especially LOVE the lavender one!... sigh... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. The Prairie Girls are so pretty! Love love the beautiful colours and airy feel.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I love this!!! I am inspired to try to create one for my daughters new room remodel from little girl to tween, I love all things bohemian and/or romantic!!! If it doesn't turn out... I will be hoping to order one!!;). Happy Day to you!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful Laurie LOVE the soft romantic colors!

  5. so pretty Laurie!!! lovely! I forgot to tell you that the fabric was from the RA Treasures collection . I am not sure where in the states you would find it but you could try etsy or the fat quarter shop.. Shabbyfabrics perhaps? I searched for a round pillow insert but wasnt able to find one to send you, I think a feather one would look best. Hopefully you will be able to get one, or even make one to put inside your pillow cover, I have been really busy but will get to the post office today for sure, I hope it doesnt take too long to get to you!!! Maybe a week at most! Hugs to you!! xxx

  6. I think I like these even better than the originals. Maybe because they are an original themselves. Pretty colors, and lovely beads.
    Have fun with these!

  7. Your new dreamcatchers are so unique an beautiful. I great way to display all your favorite fabrics and trims. Love them!

  8. Oh, look how pretty these are! You're so creative, Laurie. I love that purple seems so right for spring. Hope you have a good weekend! xo

  9. Your latest creations are just incredible !!! You have really honed inon your amazing skills my dear ! These prairie girl dreamcatchers are so dang gorgeous and I fancy the purple one too !!!! I cant wait to see it blwing in the breeze on your porch this spring ! That is whenever spring decides to come to Michigan !!! Looking forward to the weekend. I got so much yard work done already. All of the front and side gardens are cleaned, raked, and roses pruned. Now onto the giant back yard.... Have a beautiful weekend my beautiful sista
    XOXO ~ steph

  10. Love the dream catcher. Very unique!

  11. Love it, just beautiful. You are truly an artist.

  12. Amazing dream-catcher!!!!You is amazing women with beautiful ideas,love your create!!!!Big inspiration for all!!! Have a nice weekend!!!!Hugs! xoxo

  13. It sems as though Spring is late arriving everywhere, here it's been dry enough to work in the garden but it's still quite cool. You seem to have found a good way to spend your indoor time anyway, I love the colours in your dreamcatcher.

  14. They all look great. I bet they look awesome with the wind blowing thru them.

  15. So pretty Laurie! I've saved some hoops to make these but just never have! You've inspired me to get busy!

  16. Just beautiful, I love the soft colors.


  17. Lovely post. Enjoy your weekend.

  18. So many wonderful dreams to collect in these. Beautiful art pieces.

  19. Thank you Laurie for your beautiful visit, it makes my weekend that much more blessed and peaceful to see your beautiful comment of encouraging why I blog and create.

    Your dream catchers are just endless with colour and beauty.
    I would love to see what late spring brings for you, with the approach of summer against your face of creating.

    See you and your beautiful self soon.

  20. love the colors and bead details- thank you for linking up on photo friday! i'm pinning this!

  21. Hi again sweetie... just had to come back and visit the Prairie Girls once more... so glad I did, I got to see your new header... beautiful!!!... sending you an email about a dreamcatcher... xoxo... Julie Marie

  22. Great new header! Thanks for coming by and sharing in Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  23. Hello again!

    When I got rid of my old blog, I lost while the blogs I followed, but now I found you again * smile *.
    Wonderful and inspiring blog.

    Hugs from Sweden

  24. So beautiful post, dear Laurie! Your dreamcatcher is perfect. Today, I spent a beautiful time on your blog, I visited your older posts and... Your home is the most beautiful place in the world! So tender, so cozy and full of love... I want to say more, but I can´t find right words :) I am looking forward to your next post :) Have a nice week!

  25. Laurie,
    those are just beautiful. I really like them and the stories behind them. Your blog is beautiful, your posts are beautiful and your photography is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at The Creative Blog Hop..
    Have a blessed week.

  26. What a beautiful dream catcher! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  27. Hi again Laurie,
    I just love the turquoise dream catcher and beads! Your blogspot is sooo beautiful too! I hope that I can learn how to create such a gorgeous site. You inspire me!
    Thank you!

  28. They're beautiful, Laurie. Great color combos.

  29. now that is a dream catcher that I would love to hang! SO is your blog :)

  30. Laurie,
    Very pretty! After seeing your Dream Catchers in an older post several weeks ago, I went out and purchased everything I needed, the hoops, string and lots of glass beads and also You-Tubed several versions on how to make.
    When things calm down around our place, I'm hoping to actually sit down and make a couple of them.
    Love this version too btw.
    Have a beautiful day!

  31. Very whimsical and boho looking for sure and how can I NOT love the colors- they are some of my faves (esp aqua!)

    Thanks for the smiles :)

    Visiting from The Chicken Chick's linky party today.
    Smiles, Suz@ MaytagnMom
    in N.W. Illinois

  32. They're glorious! As i was reading, i was thinking wouldn't one be pretty outside with the breeze fluttering the soft fabric, and sure enough, that's what you said you were going to do with yours in the next sentence. I do actually love the green and lavender one. If it's ok to ask, how much are they?


  33. Laurie,
    Just glorious, Prairie Girl!!!
    Hard to chose a favorite, indeed!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!
    Unfortunately, our weather is calling for yet another cold snap...
    but that would give you a bit more creative time!
    Love those sage green beads in the last photo!!!

  34. Your dream catchers are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them....hugs, Penny

  35. Laurie that is just beautiful! They just keep getting better and better. I'm so glad you linked up this week at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  36. Laurie, both prairie girls are lovely. Your friend will certainly be thrilled to receive hers. Hope the rain stops and you get some sunshine! Thanks for sharing your talent with SYC.

  37. This is gorgeous, Laurie - winter has left its fingerprints here in the south too! Our last frost day was supposed to be April 15 - but we've had some very, very chilly mornings of late - I don't mind - would rather have the cooler weather than the hot! I do appreciate you sharing your lovely dream catcher with Home and Garden Thursday,

  38. They are SO beautiful, Laurie! I love the colors and the beading that you've chosen. They are perfectly prairie in every way.

  39. Beautiful romantic colours Laurie. I'll be featuring this at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.

  40. Oh my so pretty so dreamy, just beautiful! We were in IL and just missed all the rain. Had a little bit here in San diego this week but now the sun is coming out. I'm ready to plant ::) hope you are well.

  41. I love your work! I am a new follower from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully you will want to follow me back! Have a great weekend, Nicole


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