Monday, March 11, 2013

Dream Catchers, Crochet, and Roses

A snowy month of February in Michigan

provided me the perfect time to put my sweet rustic prairie table to work and create some dream catchers for my booth this spring,
as well as for the antique market that I'll be vendoring at in May with my buddy, Georgina
(who owns Doster Emporium where my booth is).

I often wonder why in the world I ever waited so long to build one of these tables.
It has been such a joy to me, and gets so much use.

As each hoop is wrapped and tied,
a theme always seems to float into my mind.
That theme is woven and threaded into a dream catcher,
making each one unique.

Some are bright and happy with turquoise bows.
Others are rustic and prairie-like with denim.
A few have a feminine feel with faded florals.

These are all ready to sell.

While daydreaming about a vacation from a couple years ago...

2011 photo

this whimsical, beach inspired one was born...

with ocean blues and sea greens...

yarn that resembles seaweed...

and a charming little porpoise swimming among the streamers.

And then, this dusky purple fantasy dream catcher was influenced by
some soft purple floral curtain panels I hung recently in the master bedroom.

Soft and moody

above the Simply Shabby Chic pillow slip I over-dyed
in a faded denim color that is
tossed on top of one dyed a dusty rose.

[I find myself feeling occasionally threatened by the thought that 
it looks like an Easter egg exploded in this room
after introducing more color here lately.
Is it too much....? Or am I just over-thinking again....?] 

Sofa pillows piled high on the love seat while the sofa slipcover was in the wash.

This darling little crocheted lampshade was purchased from
a sweet gal in the UK who has a charming eBay store.
It lends a soft, romantic, bohemian look to a corner of the living room.

I added the crystal prisms to the bottom for a bit more bling.

On days dream catchers weren't being created,
spring-inspired vignettes began to bloom around the house.

Dyed cheesecloth in soft shades of aqua and blue
snuggle next to a vintage pitcher of blush pink roses
sitting atop some inspiration photos.

Spray roses are scattered around the house
in floral pitchers...

while I dream of summer days ahead
in my gardens.

I'll be taking a small spring break from blogging for a couple weeks.
See you soon!

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. Laurie,
    While all your dream catchers are beautifully done, the soft and moody is my favorite pick!
    EnJOY your Spring break, dear friend!!!
    I'llbe watching for your return!

  2. Those dream catcher are beautiful. I love the colors. Your home and the roses are so pretty, soft colors I really like them all.

  3. I've decided I really need one of these beautiful dream catchers! Have a great break & if you see this, email me with the details to purchase & support your business!

    1. Hi Mimi ~ I would love to create a dream catcher for you! I couldn't find your email anywhere, so please drop me a note at and we'll chat! ♥ xoxo laurie

    2. Hi Mimi - Just wanted you to know that I'm back from vacation, but I still can't find your email address anywhere! Drop me a note with your email address and we can talk about your dream catcher! :)

      xoxo laurie

  4. This post is full of beauty, the first photo looks like a fairy land of soft snow fall, the dream catchers are pretty and the crocheted lampshade too.

  5. Very pretty post, Laurie. I hope you have a wonderful time away...I wonder where you will be....hmmmmmmm...xo Diana

  6. I love dreamcatchers and adore the blue one you made. I wished I had the talent to make me one. See you when you get back.

  7. And what's wrong with exploding easter eggs I want to know?
    It all looks gorgeous Laurie - as always!
    You have a wonderful sunshiney kind of holiday - it's long overdue!

  8. De la douceur, de la poésie dans chacune de vos photos... Un merveilleux plaisir que de vous visiter.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  9. Dear Laurie - again and again, you're showing such romantic pictures. And the ocean blue dream catcher is my absolute favourite ! Have made one once a few time ago ! Love them ! Have a great week, hugs from Barbara in Switzerland

  10. Lovely Lovely pics again So soft and dreamy like the dream catchers. xx

  11. Such prettiness! I just love your little workspace. I was thinking of your blog header while I was looking at your beautiful dream catchers and I started thinking how a little wooden cross would look so cute hanging one too :)

    Hope you have a wonderful blog break, Laurie! Are you heading to Florida? xo

  12. Everything in your pictures looks so quiet, romantic and spiritual like in a sweet dream. A little paradise on earth. I'm going away with little wings... Thank you Laurie
    Xoxo from PARIS where it snows to day.

  13. Oh my, how beautiful. It`s a dream to look at all your photos. Love the dreamcatchers. Gorgeous colors.
    (My husband promised to make me a table like yours for my new creating room).

    Have a great time

  14. Laurie this is dream-love all your dream chatchers-you is amazing woman!!!!!!Your home is really heaven!!!
    Hugs to you ♥♥♥

  15. An exploding Easter Egg...LOL! No, it does not look like that at all Laurie! The color looks soft and lovely. You have wonderful taste, stay true to your style and you won't go wrong:) I love your dream catchers!

  16. Beautiful. I love the ocean colors. Your work is awesome.

  17. Have a wonderful break. I love all of your dream catchers, and the soft colors you have added to your room are perfect for spring.

  18. Laurie,

    Love the dream catcher with your interpreatation of the sea. As always your photos are romantic and dreamy. Enjoy your spring break. Wondering if you might be going to the sea.........

    P.S. Thanks for sending the information about the barn that needed to be moved. Wonder if she sold it to anyone yet?

  19. I love your home, everything is beautiful. Love all the dreamcatchers, they are the prettiest I've seen anywhere! Hope you enjoy your break and have fun. Diana

  20. Beautiful Laurie! Your creative space is heavenly! I should be taking a break too.Much to do before my show!

  21. Dreamy beauty,

    Love, love, love your dream catchers,such a dreamy selection.

    Your prairie of white takes my breath away.


  22. I just love your home it is so warm and cozy!! Have a wonderful break and pray that spring comes soon!!!

  23. Thank you for your lovely comment!! Love your blog!!

    xoxo Rozmeen

  24. Hi sweets! Jeez girl !!! Where do I begin ??? I am so enchanted each and everytime I come to visit your lovely, romantic, and oh so perfectly styled home! I can't believe all the snow you got this winter! That picture says it all ! But I then scroll down to see your incredibly beautiful dreamcatchers and I am in awe! Those cariibean blues are heavenly!!!! I'm so happy with all the success you've earned with them. I also fell in " LOVE" with the crocheted lampshade you bought! How charming and bohemian is that!!!! Can you tell me who the seller is? I'd love to see what she makes. I also want to congratulate you on your overdying projects! Your pillows are so beautiful!!!! I knew you could do it!!! Anyway my dear, I better get going before I start to MISS you again. Just a beautiful post, from an even more beautiful friend.
    XOXOXO ~ Steph

  25. Dreamy post Laurie!
    It is so obvious that creating is making you so well as the lucky customers who buy them!

  26. I always adore your photography! The way you captured the snowflakes falling down without creating a blurred image amazes me. As well as the lovely bouquet at the end of your post! Lovely! It tickles me how much you enjoy your work table... especially after being part of this addition from the beginning. That's what I love about blogging! And I must try dyeing someday! Oh... the list gets longer!!

  27. These are gorgous! I am in love with your photography & those lovely dream catchers. I am your newest follower from Fluster Buster's party. Feel free to stop by. BTW I am tired of snow and I am in Michigan too...LOL!

    Thank you,
    Joanne @ Creative Mess

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  29. Just beautiful pictures! So inspiring!

  30. oh laurie. has anyone complimented you on your beautiful soul today? cuz it really does glow with wonder and light. thank you for sharing all this lush lovely that is sigh-worthy and the stuff of dreams. i am thinking i need to motor over and watch you create these dream catchers (and photograph you?) this summer. yes?



  31. Everything here so perfectly YOU! Dreams, lace, bling, and roses. We'll all be here when you get back.

  32. LOVE the dream catchers and especially the ones with the beautiful colors of blue and the ocean!!

  33. I love visiting your dreamy space... These dream catchers are perfect! Perhaps, this dusky purple fantasy dream catcher is my favorite; it makes me think of Spring with all the plum and cherry blossoms.
    Wishing you happy happy days! Thank you for your kind words on my blog; they are like a gift to me.

  34. I just came over from "The charm of home" where your picture had caught my attention. Oh my, dear Laurie, what a wonderland I found here... Those dream catchers are just marvellous! You can see that there are underlying thoughts in each of them! I love your photos so much, too... They carry peace and tranquility. I NEED to become a follower!
    Hugs, Manu

  35. your work is tremendous! great workshop!!! i love the photo of the beach :)

    thanks for linking up to the photo friday blog hop- we love having you! we'd also really appreciate if you'd add our badge (on the site) to your blog. thanks!!!

  36. Hi Lovely. I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop.
    Your blog is awesome.
    Feel free to visit and follow me @


  37. Laurie...I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Such beautiful photography and I love that crochet lamp and ALL of your beautiful dream catchers. I'm sure you will sell out. The snow is beautiful but I'm sure you get tired of it. Take care.
    Peggy~PJH Designs

  38. Just gorgeousness, Laurie! Yummy lovely pretties...I could spend all day here. I just love that prairie work table of yours, and you certainly have been a creative busy bee. Can't get over the detail in those dream catchers. Spring is made for color - don't fret - and your colors are gorgeous.
    Enjoy the show and your blog break,
    xo, Susan

  39. Laurie, So many beautiful ideas you have dreaming away in your imagination! Love it! This is the second crocheted lampshade I've seen today! Beautiful floral displays throughout your lovely home. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  40. Laurie, these are so beautiful. I love the one with the ocean blues and sea greens. Thank you for linking up at Fluster's Creative Muster. Hope to see you next week!

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  41. I must say that snowy, wintry scene is just lovely! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  42. Naturally, living by the beach I'm drawn to your beach themed dream catcher, but they are all gorgeous Laurie. Your room décor is perfect... and rather dreamy!

  43. l found your lovely blog through Michaela, everything's so pretty. Specially love the dreamcatchers and the table you made.

  44. You are so talented. The dream catchers are just gorgeous!
    Enjoy your break!

  45. I am so in love with this post. Not only are you an artist making beautiful dreamcatchers but your photos always inspire me. Thanks so much for always sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter.


  46. Love your blog and I've always loved dream catchers ♥

  47. Oh, I love your dreamcatchers, Laurie! My artist friend. I will have to order one when I start on Edyn's room. It would be the sweetest touch above her little head at night. I had to giggle at the Easter egg question. I feel the same way about mixing pastels in my home. (I thought it was just me!) I can tell you that your home does NOT look like an Easter egg. It's absolutely lovely, cozy, and sweet. I adore your petticoat it an RA sham converted into a cover or did you make it?


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