Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sun In My Heart

"God meets us in the stillness of our souls.  
It is there that he seeks to commune with us."
-  excerpt from "Jesus Calling" 

Car loaded with luggage and snacks.
Pointing the car toward the warm breezes of Florida.
Driving past meadows and prairies,
hills and mountains,
walls of stone spouting waterfalls,
with little Garmin
(fondly called"Road-duh")
leading the way.

Two 12-hour days of driving and our eyes see
the causeway.
My heart beats faster
knowing that the hot sun will soon spread across my shoulders
as I press my feet into shell-filled sand.

The island main street is a welcome sight
holding the promise of slow moving, stress-free days ahead ~
if only for a little while.

Our sweet little cottage with a screened porch overlooking the ocean...

and a charming little room that would ensure nights of drifting off to sleep to the sound of the ocean waves caressing the ocean's hem;
with the ceiling fan clicking softly overhead
as we sweep sand off our feet before tucking them between covers.

Making our way up sandy paths past beach grass, sea oats, and sea grape
tossed by the salty breeze
for early morning walks together.

Mornings broken by a foggy mist
rising above palms.

Mystical, moody, and mesmerizing...

turning to days of brilliant blue.

Always in the company of tern and seagulls...

our feet churning through warm sand;
thighs burning after miles logged.

Seashells offered up by the ocean and scattered along the shore as far as the eye could see.

Discovering sandy micro-worlds
and collecting seashells with holes and rough edges ~
giving up secrets of time spent under the waves.

Footprints and paw prints leaving untold stories in the sand.

Bare toes and brown shoulders.

Flip flops and frizzy hair.

Grasping every lazy thought winding through my mind
and transferring it to paper.

Sunshine, dancing diamonds, and sea foam.

An endless sugar sand beach under an azure sky.

Evenings witnessing God's glorious artistry.

A few mornings painted with stormy clouds...

changing ocean blue to sea green.

Solitaire snowy egret watching dolphins surface in the waves;
their soft dove-grey backs slick with salt water.

Spending every sunny hour on the beach...

lounging together....

next to mermaids in the sand.

Reading a good book in Coppertone scented sea air.

Holding the sun in my heart.

Watching it kiss the ocean...

and melt into a sorbet night ~

whispering on seagull wings...

"Remember me."

~  Seaside Blessings  ~

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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful:-)
    We drive 2 days of 13 he's and it is worth area looks quiet like where we go:-)

  2. Laurie!! What a beautiful place to unwind and such a wonderful beach ... I love the beach. The photo with your hands and the sun in a heart, brilliant and amazing.

  3. A beautifully told story, Laurie. Ummm...did you pack some MadDog Crazy Rat wine to take with you? I do love good old Sanibel-no place in the world quite like it-xo Diana

  4. What a wonderful glorious time it sounds like you had. So thankful for you that you had this opportunity with your husband.

  5. I really enjoyed this post ,so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Good heavens, it looks so wonderful there! I don't think I would've been able to come home. I'm glad you enjoyed your getaway. Hopefully, you came home refreshed and renewed. xo

  7. How utterly fabulous! I almost felt like I was right there with you! Just gorgeous!

  8. Looks like a wonderful relaxing vacation soaking in the sun!

  9. SIGH! Looks like pure bliss Laurie. I'm so glad you got to get away from it all. The photos make me feel like I was there with you...except that I don't get to come home with a tan :( Beautiful!!!!
    sending hugs...

  10. How Beautiful was that! Thank you for making it feel and sound like we were right there with you.You captured the lands beauty so very well in each photo you took.Thanks for sharing~K.Marie xoxo

  11. How wonderful! I am so happy for you to escape that cold and finally thaw out! I smiled about the mermaid ~ how sweet!

    Such a beautiful and inspiring post!

  12. I love me some time on the Gulf Coast! It's been WAY too long since we've been there.

  13. What a beautiful post, Laurie! Thanks for sharing lots if wonderful pics and special moments!!! Have a great time and enjoy your stay.

    ...and always have a shell in your pocket!

    xo Jutta

  14. Oh my, what a fantastic place. Drive in 12 hours, and then you have this, hmmm I think I live in a wrong country.
    Thank you for sharing this.


  15. Thank you for this so beautiful post ! Its gave me just a touch of nostalgia, a glimpse of dream, and a quiet sensation, just like after a bath with essential oils and lighted candles. Sorry Laurie, because of language barrier, it's difficult to me to express what I mean, but in a word, I feel better.
    xoxo from PARIS

  16. It looks like a great trip Laurie !! your pictueres!

  17. Hi dear Laurie!!!!
    Amazing photos,beautiful words-the scenery is ♥♥♥ It's momemt we say "Yes,GOD is everywhere!!!!!!!
    I'm happy for your comeback to blogland!!!!
    Hugs to you!

  18. So beautiful!! so happy you enjoyed your trip!! Sanibel Island is wonderful place .... I Love all the photos... xx

  19. so beautiful, Laurie. Makes me long for the ocean.

  20. Oh, Laurie, tears in my tired eyes. I am LOVING this busy season, but oh, the beauty of the beach, the peace, the quiet, the slow, it draws me. Your words are simply beautiful. so are the photos. You take me away with them, if only for a moment.

    We have spent nearly 20 summer vacations, weeks at a time, on the beach. Our two 'honeymoons' on a beach. WE are private beach, quiet kind of folk. The sun, the sand, the water and each other, that's all we need. Oh, and can't you just breathe in the Lord with every breath out there.

    thank you for this mini-oasis, I must get back to real like, but I so enjoyed this brief respite.

    I love you, sweet friend, you are a treasure!!!

  21. heaven on earth:) thanks for sharing--for me, there is nothing better than the ocean!

  22. I enjoyed every minute of reading this post. Your words completely captured all the feelings of being at the beach... It was awesome, i feel like i was right there. You've taken some beautiful photos here too. Several of them would make beautiful paintings, and that little cottage is just precious...


  23. Thanks for the mini vacation! Wonderful pics and words!

  24. How cool to hang out with sandy mermaids...:)

  25. Oooh Laurie... what a beautiful beginning to my morning... walking along the beautiful shell~covered beaches with you... I have not been to the ocean in a long while and I miss it soo... I love the sea and all of the beauty she holds... looks like your vacation was pure Heaven... I would have gathered so many shells from that wonderful array of them washed up on the beach... how can you ever stop gathering?... the sunrises and sunsets are just stunning!.. and I love the oceans fog and hearing the foghorns in the distance... you look adorable, your cute little toes and straw hat... will you email me the name of that book you are reading?... it looks intriguing... thanks for my "mini vaction"... much love, xoxo Julie Marie Did you make the mermaid???

  26. So amazing!! Can you imagine waking to that each morning?? My brother and his wife live on Anna Marie island and that is their life:) Wonderful pictures!!!

  27. This brings back so many memories. I fell in love with Sanibel Island back in my early 20's but have never been back. Gosh now I have to put that on my list too.
    Adore your photos.

  28. Such beautiful photo's Laurie! And your words are equally beautiful. I just got a Beach Cruiser and I told my hubby I was going to ride it to Sanibel, he looked at me may take quite a while of training but I think I can do it!!!

  29. Such a beautiful post Laurie, I love it and enjoy every minute!!! It makes long for those warm days that I hope we have in NJ soon.


  30. Oh, my goodness! So wishing I could be there, but your photos and writing put me pretty close, as I use my memories of past days and imagination to draw off of. So glad you are having a relaxing and enjoyable time! There's no place like the ocean!
    Blessings, Ann @ Cairn Cottage/Christ in the Clouds

  31. Great post. I ALMOST feel like I'm there. How about picking up a few of those beautiful seashells for me, huh?

    Gloria in Virginia

  32. Laurie,
    It appears that you have captured more than the sun in your heart, dear friend!!!
    Exquisite photographs!!!
    Thrilled you are enjoying your time away!!!

  33. Golly, what a drive but Sanibel is worth it. A front rolled through today (Thurs) with another rolling through tonight after midnight. Not good for driving but great for shelling. You should have some beauties awaiting you. Have a great time.

  34. So nice to be on the beach with you, have a great holiday. Patty/BC

  35. Glad to hear you were able to have a wonderful vacay with the hubby. Beautiful photos!

  36. What beautiful pictures! Visiting from Homespun Happenings link party. You have a wonderful blog, Thank you for sharing.

  37. Happy you had a wonderful vacation Laurie :) Glad to have you back. I always enjoy your posts and beautiful photos! Keep yourself in that relaxed vacation state of mind ;) hugs, Jacqueline

  38. Hi there Laurie, I know I havent commented for a long time but I have been visiting you regularly! Looks like you have had a very lovely holiday, relaxing and warm, but what a very long drive!!!! must have been worth it!
    I had been feeling really bad about the petticoat pillow and having not posted it; I decided that i wanted to change the ruffle around the outer edge at the last minute and havent redone it yet; also, i wanted to somehow adjust the colour as it is currently a soft, pastely pink, and I was hoping i could get it closer to the dusky pink... just not sure how... Maybe by redyeing it in a little grey? I feel really bad about that and sorry, it has gone so fast and I still hadnt gotten around to it; life has sure been quite hectic. I have a new blog now. I only decided a week or so ago to blog again; it was a spur of the moment thing after emailing with Diana (from nana diana) and i do hope you can visit!!! ; i think you should b able to click on my link... let me know if there is a problem with it!
    have a warm and wonderful day!!
    lots of love,
    laura xx (old blog; summerhouse)!

  39. Welcome back sista ! I was so looking forward to seeing this post and you didnt dissappoint ! Love how you captured the beauty of Sanibel Island and your talent for telling your heart through the written word. Your little place was so lovely and looked super comfy ! I swooned over your beach side pics! Have to admit though, as happy as I am for you and Rog, Im even happier your back home sweet home. Thanks for sharing my dear beautiful friend.

    XOXO~ Steph

  40. Oh God - now you've done it - I cannot be happy until I am in the exact same spot as those photos - smelling of coppertone - writing down my thoughts - hearting the sun - and walking in the sand.............
    Thanks Laurie!
    And now on a serious note?
    This is my all time favorite post of yours - bar none - and that's saying a lot - because you write so beautifully taking us all along with you every time............
    Much love,

  41. Oh what sweet memories. Looks like you and Rog enjoyed your beloved Sanibel, Laurie. Wonderful photos, and sentiments. great post!
    Love to you.

  42. Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful Photos ... I love the sea, and you've brought a glimpse of it to me right now!
    I found my way to your lovely blog via Evelyn's Blog Hop - I look forward of more posts from you :-)
    Have a Blessed weekend,
    Nina @ Thoughts and Images Along the Way {new follower}

  43. Thanks for taking us along. What a beautiful escape.

  44. Lovely post and beautiful photos!

  45. You've captured the mood and the feelings beautifully! I was right there on that beach with you soaking up the rays of the sun and burning off a few calories walking the beach. We need this bit of reprieve living where we do, right? Just a bit of rejuvenation and we can head back north refreshed! So happy you got some R & R!!

  46. Hi sweetie... cold and rainy here today, so I came back for another stroll down the beautiful beach... I gathered some more shells, and watched the sunset... ahhh... I feel much better now!... enjoy your weekend!... xoxo Julie Marie

  47. I have just found your blog and so glad I did, such beautiful photography and words to accompany. I feel as though I have also had a restful break in a beautiful part of the world with my feet sinking into the sand. Thank you. Chel

  48. I love this post! This Island and it's sister island are my favorite places on this earth and you have captured them beautifully. I have some older posts on my blog on the island if you ever care to take a look. You may already know this but Pam Rambo has a great blog titled "". Her blog is wonderful and keeps us in touch with the island when we can't be there.

  49. Your post allows me to see my backyard through your eyes and appreciate all the warmth and wonder that we take for granted. Thank you, I will slow down and enjoy. A beautiful well written post. Glad you had a good time.
    Miami, FLA

  50. Oh Laurie, hasn't God created the most glorious things for us? Your vacation looks like pure bliss. Soak up some of that sun for me my sweet friend. Love the sweet heart. How clever you are with both your thoughts and your photos! Thanks for letting me enjoy your sunny sandy beach, even if just in my mind. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  51. Oh Laurie thank you, after a busy week and a fabulous show, I needed this beautiful escape! Your words and pictures truly took me away!

  52. Oh my goodness! These pictures and wording are perfect. Made me feel like I was actually there with you. Im a beach lover myself. We make our way (only 4 hours) to myrtle beach to our camper several times a year. I love the sun and sand too! Thanks for sharing! LOVE THIS! come visit me sometime!
    Im also a new follower!

  53. Beautiful photos! You need to frame some of them!

  54. Looks heavenly. Which beach is this? Hope you had a dreamy vacation. Your blog is beautiful. Enjoy it alot.

    1. Hi Donna ~ It's Sanibel Island, FL. Been spending our vacations there for over 25 years. ♥ xoxo laurie

  55. AMAZING! I feel like I'm there- you are an outstanding photographer, capturing the light and all. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us on the Photo Friday Blog hop!

  56. Now this is quite a wonderful post, Laurie - you've captured your love of this place and its beautiful tranquility perfectly in photos and in words. So delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,
    btw - your husband should have a copy of that photo of your eyes framed and put on his desk or nightstand. ;)

  57. Laurie,

    A beautiful post with gorgeous pictures. I know you are or had a wonderful vacation. So glad you linked up at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  58. Totally gorgeous Laurie,
    God sure knows what he was doing while designing His majestic skies and Oceans!

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  59. Beautiful pics! Looks like it was very relaxing! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  60. Such a beautiful post with beautiful pictures! Would love for you to share at Give Me the Goods Monday link party {party via 1 link with 5 blogs}:

  61. Very nice pictures........Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  62. So beautiful... the pictures and the poem. I felt like I was there on the beach having my own little mini vacation. Thank you!

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  63. Your post was about as close to the beach as I could get. Beautiful.

  64. Oh, that was fantastic Laurie. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  65. wow! that was just incredibly beautiful!! so glad i stopped by. i feel refreshed after reading this! and what beach do you go to that has soooo many amazing seashells?

    1. Hi Tish! It's on Sanibel Island, FL. All the beaches there usually have tons of shells like this. :) xoxo laurie

  66. Lovely post, so gracious of you to share & allow us to "be" with you~

  67. Hey there! Here from the Linkin' with my Ladies Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I'm now following you via GFC and Pinterest! Feel free to visit my page; you can find me here:

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  68. Beautiful - makes me want to take a vacation.

  69. What an incredible blessing that you had this time together. I'm so grateful you shared it with us! So very beautiful.

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  70. Thanks so much for sharing at Give Me the Goods Monday party! I still think your vacation looks wonderful! Hope you party with us again next week!

  71. Laurie, this an absolutely beautiful post, the memory making, the photos and your descriptions, perfect bliss. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo

  72. Beautiful pictures and journey Laurie, I feel like I was there too! Thank you for sharing at Pretty Things this week, hope to see you again tomorrow night :)

    xo, Tanya

  73. Beautifully told! It made me long for the seaside. I'm so glad you got to get away and relax. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!


  74. Hi Laurie,

    You are featured tonight on Transformed Tuesday.


  75. Hi Laurie,

    Beautiful, wish I was there, where were you in Florida? I loved the beaches with the shells...were you in Sanibel?


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