Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink Inspiration


noun\ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\

1.  a divine influence or action on a person 
2.  the act of drawing in; specifically the drawing of air into the lungs
3.  the quality or state of being inspired

This old farmhouse wouldn't be what it is today without it.
It's what makes my heart beat faster.
It's what sends my mind into a whirling dervish. 
It's what makes me draw fresh, creative air into my lungs.
I can't seem to make it through a week without it.

You bloggers.
You creative sisters out there.

You inspire  me.

When we first moved into this tousled, old farmhouse,
there was an old, grey window frame dressed with a piece of lace that covered the master bathroom window.
I removed it because I wanted to allow more light into this lovely room full of white bead board
reaching all the way up the ten foot walls.

Since then, the window has left been bare so I could watch the birds at the feeders outside 
while I was preparing for the day in the morning.

Recently, my friend, Tausha at Simply Me, inspired a change for this window.

She hung some large, pink shutters in a beautiful new room in her house
and me being me,
immediately fell head over heels for them.

I desperately wanted some in my house,
but was perplexed as to which room to put them in.
There was no window that would allow any shutters to open and close.



Except one.

My bathroom.

So, after presenting my ever-wary Husband with a photo of her shutters,
he created a small set for me from repurposed wood from our barn "stash" in about an hour's time.

I happily brought them to the basement for a light sanding and a slap of pink.

I had no pink paint.


I took a little leftover MMS Milk Paint in "Tricycle" that I had mixed up last week,
and channeled my inner scientist ~
adding in a dribble or two of ASCP in "Old White",
a few drops of "Graphite" to tone down the hue,
a squirt or two or three of pink acrylic,
and a beautiful dusky pink color emerged
that was very similar to the over dyed ruffled pillow you see here on my love seat.}


After letting them dry, I swished some more Old White to lighten them a bit more,
and distressed them with another light sanding.
The strap hinges were painted with a coat of black.
I painted each silver screw black with a tiny brush
and dry brushed the black hinges with some of the dusky pink and Old White to distress them.

Can you hear the angels singing.....?


I am seriously in love with these sweet pink shutters.




And yes....I have a feeling more shutters will be making their way into the house....

I want to hear those angels singing again...


~  Blessings  ~

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  1. These are gorgeous Laurie! Your husband is ever-so accommodating and talented. And you, my dear, are a whiz with paint. What a perfect hue, and they look splendid in your spa of a bathroom. Enjoy!

  2. How pretty! You are a lucky girl to have such a handy hubby! Your bathroom truly is heavenly! :)

  3. you and your all white house!! girl dont know how you do it.. ck out my studio I think you would love

  4. Lovely post. Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. Oh, I am in love with them too! They are adorable. What a sweet husband you have. Blogland is so inspiring--now if I just had a window for shutters like that...hmmm...

  6. Laurie
    I hear the angels singing here in California. That is so very beautiful. What a blessing with these handy hubbys! I love how they turned out complete perfection. What a lovely sight for you to enjoy!

    Happy Spring season
    Blessings and hugs

  7. Love love your pretty bathroom. Xoxo

  8. Your shutters are so sweet and charming, Laurie. They look adorable in your bathroom. Even more special is that your hubby made them for you!

  9. Firstly, that husband of yours is a keeper. I love a man who can take your vision and turn it into a reality. Unfortunately, my husband is lacking that gene! lol

    Love, love, love the pale pink shutters and they look perfect in your bathroom Laurie.

  10. Very beautiful, Laurie. They look perfectly like you.

  11. Quite beautiful, Laurie. Isn't it fun being a mix-master. High-five to hubby to.

  12. Oh my goodness gracious !! I abdolutely can relate to you and several other talented bloggers and their handy supportive husbands !!! I think I guessed you were making shutters and I was right !!! Well sweets.... they came out so gorge ! I am so jealous !!!! Yes, Tausha is so amazing and inspirational !!! Her barn is to die for isnt it ? Anyway, have fun admiring your fab pink shutters. I know I would..... I bet they make you smile each time you walk in there right !!! Have a lovely werkend and God bless you.
    XOXO ~ Steph

  13. just perfect, I love indoor shutters!!

  14. so precious, laurie. i love a gal who aint afraid to use pink!



  15. Hmmm. Where could I put shutters? Love them!

  16. What a sweet and talented hubby you have! They turned out great! Happy weekend to you!!

  17. The shutters is fantastic, I should borrow that handyman of a hubby you have, my dear. (smile).

    Have a nice weekend


  18. So pretty !

  19. Laurie, awwwww! I hear their glorious songs of joy!

    Laurie, can I borrow your hubby I need some toooooo! I have been wanting shutters on a few windows as well, and I know I could make them, I know I can but, it's the last thing on my list when I am creating. Now that I have seen yours and how amazing they look in your room of relaxation and beauty I so am inspired to create a set for a window to see how they turn out. Now Laurie I have to find some salvaged pieces of wood large enough for what window I have in mind.
    I can see why you are in love and hearing angels sing, they are so romantic in your cottage home and oh so rustic chic.

    Love the rays of sunlight through the window it's so angelic :)


  20. Very pretty look. Perfect for your bathroom window. Yes, they are
    very romantic(quoting Burlap Luxe).

  21. we are having new windows installed this week and i have the perfect window for these cute shutters--thanks for sharing, laurie:)

  22. What a beautiful bathroom and the shutters just take it to perfection. l always like to hear those angels singing, Diana

  23. These are so lovely and your photos make me think of the light of Heaven. Beautiful.


  24. Laurie,
    Ah~h~h...yes, dear friend. . .
    I heard the Angels singing!!!
    Fabulous job!!!
    Your husband is a you!!!

  25. Oh dear-I really love pink colour and Tausha idea's!!!
    Your window is very magical with pink shutter ♥ The sunlight is WOW amazing!!!Love love love!!!!You have haeven home!!!
    Have a nice day Laurie ♥

  26. That is a gorgeous bathroom! Love the shutters; the light coming through is "heavenly". You have excellent skills in photography, and you managed to avoid showing "the loo" (something that most of us do not want to see anyway!)

  27. They are so lovely !!! i love love your bathroom...Perfect !!! Have a lovely weekend dear friend!!

  28. Your husband did a fantastic job building them and your finishing is perfect. I have to say I'm also loving the glimpse of your medicine cabinet. Such wonderful details!

  29. The pink shutters were a great choice for the windows in this beautiful bath. I love their distressed finish and the way you treated the hardware.

  30. Laurie,
    The shutters were a wonderful inspiration, and nice job on the paint tinting!
    I was so excited, too, when I saw THE RUG!!!!

  31. Laurie,
    This is such a beautiful post. I too love the pink shutters and the bathroom is really pretty. I love your talent with photography. You are one talented lady. Ok Now I hear the angels singing again. Love it!

  32. I love the shutters, Laurie. What a wonderful handy husband you have.

  33. You should be proud that bathroom is magazine perfect! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Wish my Mr. was more of a Mr. Handyman and could do this for me...they are so beautiful and fit your bathroom's décor perfectly!

  35. Hi Sweets!

    You and Rog created magic once again !!!! The shutters are perfect and really tie the look all together ! I'm thrilled for you! We plan on painting the exterior of our casa and Jim will be building shutters like that for me too! So exciting, because we haven't painted our casa since we moved in over 11 years ago !!!! Chose a pale yellow tan color with light grey blue wooden shutters. Well doll, enjoy your day and have a beautiful week !

    XOXO~ Steph

  36. Okay, here's the dealio. If you had a pair of my awesome Irish Curtains, you could hang them the way I did wtih the wire. There they hang unless the breeze is bloging. You then reach up and move the over to the inside of your shutters, arrange them just so and ta da! They blow in the breeze as if angels would fly in through them. I wouldn't go buy them for just anyone, but I am making the haul to Ikea in the near future. Say the word and I will pick some up for you. Remember, they're just $6.00!

  37. Oh my, it really does look like angels are singing outside your window and Heaven's shining in! Gorgeous!!! I love the pink, it's not too pink...just perfect:)

  38. SO much beautiful sunshine! Thank you for sharing your bits of inspiration on the Photo Friday Blog hop!

  39. Beautiful and inspiring as always!

  40. really great finish to your bathroom laurie, and i looove that colour! so pretty and sweet! your bathroom looks fabulous!
    hope your mum is doing okay! laura x

  41. Ooooh sweetie, I LOVE shutters!... and PINK ones, sigh... I would just soak in that old clawfoot tub and stare at my new PINK shutters and daydream the day away... as long as I had a nice cup of coffee somewhere next to me to sip... you are so talented at creating these beautiful things and giving them a new life... sooo reminds me of a beautiful old farmhouse (which of course yours is) out in the country, flinging the shutters open wide to let the beautiful early morning country sunshine in... bellissimo!... xoxo Julie Marie

  42. They are WONDERFUL. Oh my gosh, i'm in love too... and i love the phrase "my ever wary husband", i wonder how many of us have 'ever wary husbands' smile...


  43. I adored these Laurie - they're the perfect touch for that already dream bathroom
    Calgonite -or shutters - both can take me away!

  44. The shutters are awesome...and that bathroom...oooooh so pretty! You are the inspiring one my friend! Your blog is just full of scrumptious inspiration. Have a fantastic week...the birds are singing their heads off! Love it :)


  45. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I can hear those angels singing and is their song iever so sweet. Love the way you painted them and hubby did so good! I love shutters! Thanks for sharing them with Share Your Cup.

  46. I love to read you, love your words and the way you explain your thoughts, dreams and realisations ! Your husband is very gifted and that so nice to share the same path !! Love your shutters, and surely you will in turn inspire many of us reading you !

    xoxo from PARIS


  47. I laughed! Yes, the angels are definitely singing ahhhh! Beautiful post! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  48. I am totally IN LUV with your bath and especially those awesome shutters.

  49. They are very lovey! They look great in your bathroom window! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  50. Laurie, I love your new pink shutters. Your husband is great carpenter, so creative! Your bathroom is so inviting! Thanks so much for sharing.


  51. Your shutters turned out so beautiful!!! Your so lucky that you have a husband who makes your dreams a reality :)

  52. Lovely Laurie,
    love your bathroom and your new shutters are absolutely amazing!!!!! You are soo talented girl.Have a nice spring.
    xoxo Vladka

  53. Nice job......Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  54. I love your shutters Laurie and I definitely hear the angels singing. Great job. Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  55. Beautiful Laurie! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us at Pretty Things this week, hope to see you back again tonight for another great party!!

    xo, Tanya

  56. Your pretty pink shutters add another layer to an already dreamy bathroom!

  57. I love the extra touch these give to the bath. Great job, Aloha Ral


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