Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Ruffles

I could barely contain myself as I tore open the box that arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago.
Shellagh's beautiful handwriting on a sweet tag was the first thing my eyes landed on.
A smile crossed my face as I read her note and I sent her a silent, happy hug in my heart.

Beneath the tag, wrapped in crisp, white tissue paper was my Christmas present that I ordered from her.
I lifted the luscious frayed edged ruffles out of the box,
walked over to the kitchen table
shook the heavy, Belgian-like linen,
and let it drop onto the tabletop.

The double ruffles landed in a beautiful pile of creamy white
like thick whipped cream.

I lifted them again and spread them across the table,
watching the ruffles slide over the edge and down to the floor.


Call me crazy, but it was beautiful thing to see.  :)


I spent a couple hours photographing different vignettes
while the late morning sunshine streamed into the kitchen through the French doors.
The autumn light was perfect.

Playing with different photo editing effects...

I plan on using this sweet rosette trim on a lampshade soon.

Someday, I would like a small, vintage wooden baker's rack on the back wall where the birdcage is.

My favorite photo from this shoot.

Yesterday, I was anxious to create a simple Thanksgiving tablescape for dinner with my mother, father, and brother
while The Husband made his famous pumpkin pies.

Yes, I am blessed with a husband who loves doing the majority of the cooking and baking around here.  :)

While the pies filled our house with a delicious aroma,
I took an old crocheted throw and layered it over the linen, and topped that with a vintage linen tablecloth with wide jacquard bands of pink.

Matching napkins,
 my mother's antique silverware,
glass candle holders,
etched glassware, 
rustic rattan chargers,
and pink roses
completed the shabby chic look.

I loved the look of my French desk chair at the table.

(Note to self: Add Rachel Ashwell's 'Darcy' chairs to Wish List.)

(Yep. Writing RA 'Darcy' chairs on my list right now...)

I pray that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving day overflowing with the love of family!

~  Grateful Blessings  ~

Thank you, Shellagh ♥

for sharing your gift of sewing,
for being so patient when I describe a vision to you,
and for being such a wonderful west coast friend.

Be sure to visit Shellagh's beautiful Etsy shop to see more of her breathtaking linens!

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  1. Hi Laurie~
    O mY GOOODNESS!!!!! Wow, look at you, your pics are heavenly!!!! From the lovely soft streaming sunlight to the shabby chic tablesetting, it was just pure delight!!! The perfect romantic table setting. LOVED it soooo very much! Your linen tablecloth is soooooo incredibly beautiful, I will have to go see Shellagh's etsy!!! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful and talented husband who enjoys baking, you are so lucky!!!!! Anyway, cheers to you dear friend, hope you had a blessed day.
    XOXO~ Steph

  2. Laurie,
    A M A Z I N G!!!
    This ruffled tablecover is such a gorgeous work of ART! Shellagh has captured your love of Shabby Chic and softness perfectly!!! Your photography is exquisite!!! How thrilled you must be, dear friend!
    Thanksgiving was a truly blessed event shared with family gathered around the table at their homes. We enJOYed each dinner and time to share the love and our blessings!!! Your tablescape was filled with lovely rememberances!!!
    Looking forward to Celebrating Christmas!!!

  3. Laurie what a beautiful table cloth! I ordered a bedspread from her and I am anxiously awaiting! Beautiful photos!

  4. Well I can see why you're so enamored with your new double-ruffle tablecloth. It's beautiful! Your table setting is just dreamy. I love your office chair and the wicker chairs are pretty, too. Love the stemware on your table! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I so love your beautiful table cloth and the way you have layered them. I also think the etched glasses are lovely. Just perfect

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! It looks gorgeous in your beautiful home!
    xo~ Cheryl

  7. So dreamy......both the tablecloth and your tablescape:-)

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner today!


  8. just beautiful, I love Shellagh's wonderful creations. lucky you, a pie makin' man!!

  9. *sigh*
    Happy Thanksgiving you beautiful woman! ;)

  10. Laurie this i s so beautiful,beautiful post ♥
    Perfect photos-is a beautiful tablecloth , table, Florentine tray , rose - everything is so beautiful in the sun ! From your pictures always radiates purity, softness and lightness of a kind!!! Vicky

  11. That tablecloth is so pretty--I would have been just as excited as you are. Your table looks amazing!

  12. OH.MY.GOD. :D...all this AND your hubby cooks?? my heart be still are too funny! I am in love and nothing I can say would be unique but as everyone else, I am excited for you with this and your picture and photography are simply gorgeous. I DO SEE A BOOK NOT TOO FAR FROM NOW or you may want to think of vlogging, making videos of your posts...I think this is a next step a higher octave of blogging for the many women like you who are creating bits of heaven on earth. I think the "blogging world" needs to upgrade their expression in this way, its much more fulfilling for all.
    It is funny, because now I remember our 'crochet' conversation and as I looked at that tablecloth dripping its whipped cream all over lol, I thought a light crochet over it or peeking out from under it would be delicious and your next pic was just that lol...I love everything you are doing Laurie, it is dreamy. I'm going white too and am blogging about that process if you are interested. I'm loving it too. many blessings, lady.

  13. it's all so lovely, laurie:) gorgeous pics!

  14. Laurie, Thanksgiving at your house looks beautiful! Your new tablecloth tops it all off, especially since it was made with such love by a friend. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

  15. As always, you've created a beautiful place to enjoy time together. I hope you enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas.

  16. Beautiful tablecloth and beautiful pictures, Laurie! Your table looks lovely and you're right ~ that beautiful chair fits right in!

  17. Love your home and decorating !!!..beautiful tablecloth !!...enjoy a happy weekend....happy thanksgiving

  18. Very pretty ruffles, Laurie! Love ruffles. Your table looks divine. Susan

  19. Your home and photos are just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us at Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Sooo pretty!!!!

  20. Hi sweetie... everything is soo dreamy... sigh... I just love your new ruffly tablecloth and your pink roses always make me swoon... hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving as the Christmas Season now begins... wow, your hubby makes the pies?... Jack just eats them... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  21. Gorgeous post, gorgeous tablecloth…beautiful! I'd like to invite you to share this at my Twirl & Take a Bow party at I hope you can stop by!

  22. Hello Laurie,
    Your blog is so sweet and uplifting! I'm so glad I found you.
    Carolynn xo

  23. Love that you spoiled yourself with an early beautiful Christmas gift!!

  24. love the gorgeous cloth!

    gorgeous thanksgiving tablescape too.


  25. With all those photos you shot, I can feel your joy coming through! What a happy lady you are!! It is so fun to find a treasure that makes a lovely addition to your decor, isn't it? Been perusing the online shops and pondering one item over and over again. Who knows... I just might have to break down and get it!! Lovely table and fabulous husband who bakes a mean pie!!! You are blessed!!

  26. Hi Laurie, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, and I’m visiting from Farmgirl Friday.

    Beautiful tablecloth! Beautiful pictures!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these. If you’ve never visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

  27. I love the new tablecloth!! Your table looked so soft and romantic. Thanks for stopping by EveryLitteBirdie and leaving such a sweet comment. I appreciate it very much.

  28. Beautiful! I always love everything I get from Shellagh. I love all of your vignetttes.


  29. Oh, so dreamy and beautiful!! Now I want a creamy, dreamy ruffly tablecloth!;)

  30. Laurie.....the most ROMANTIC setting, I love it! You are so lucky to have a husband who cooks and bakes....OMG!! xox, Janet

  31. Laurie, i am oohing and ahhing over your tablecloth. I want one so badly! I also love the color of your wicker chairs. I have a red one in my living room and was thinking I would give it a new color this Spring. Think I have found it! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Awesome that hubby makes pies. I had to make ours. Obviously I haven't trained hubby well enough. lol!

  32. Love your pictures..the tablecloth is gorgeous!!!!
    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  33. I love your new ruffled tablecloth and I love your wicker chairs also. You made really good use of the autumn light too!
    I hope you and your family enjoyed sitting around your pretty table on Thanksgiving!

    Take care,

  34. Would love to know her etsy shop, please, thank you suek

  35. As always too beautiful for words!

  36. Beautiful, Laurie! Such a gorgeous table cloth (Shellagh's entire shop is lovely) and shabby chic setting. I have a little RA on my Christmas list too. I am in love with her Lilliput & Petticoat bedding collections (among other things). They are more than likely to remain on my list, so I'm going to try to make something similar myself. Wish I could make a Darcy chair for you too! I wouldn't make it past the seat slipcover. ;) Thank you for your sweet words on my white hutch post. I've been playing in faded pink too. Anyhow, I love your romantic table!

  37. O, Laurie, it's all so beautiful, it's all so inviting, and making me feel as if one of those table settings were meant for me. I really can't tell you what photo is my favorite, all of them are so breathtaking.
    Talk about books, I see you in one, or you should be seriously thinking about doing one about the same time you turn part of your home into a B&B. :)

    I am looking forward to what you do for Christmas, and all the beauty you come up with. I am working on a little make over of my tree branches and will be posting them soon. See you and all your amazing grace on your next beautifully posted home.
    I am signing your guest book it's was a dreamy visit.


  38. So lovely! you have a beautiful home! What a great hubby! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  39. I love seeing that pinks can be used for Thanksgiving too! That has been a problem for me since I banished the reds from the kitchen and brought in pinks and greens. Lovely table!

  40. I can hear the delight in your words Laurie and the cloth IS really lovely.
    Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday. I will be featuring you at tomorrow's party :)

  41. What a gorgeous tablecloth! You took great photos of it! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  42. I agree with how you feel about the linen! The way it falls and drapes on your table is very pretty.
    You have some professional looking photos there my dear have you ever been featured anywhere other than blogland of course. :)
    I hope you had a magical Thanksgiving with your family Laurie.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  43. How'd I miss this post? ? ? The tablecloth looks amazing! Your home is sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for the big shot out!
    I've been so busy I haven't been out visiting any blogs, or I definitely would've been by sooner! ..
    I am so jealous you've got pie makin hubby! ! ! Lucky girl! :-)talk soon! Love ya tons!

  44. How'd I miss this post? ? ? The tablecloth looks amazing! Your home is sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for the big shot out!
    I've been so busy I haven't been out visiting any blogs, or I definitely would've been by sooner! ..
    I am so jealous you've got pie makin hubby! ! ! Lucky girl! :-)talk soon! Love ya tons!

  45. How'd I miss this post? ? ? The tablecloth looks amazing! Your home is sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for the big shot out!
    I've been so busy I haven't been out visiting any blogs, or I definitely would've been by sooner! ..
    I am so jealous you've got pie makin hubby! ! ! Lucky girl! :-)talk soon! Love ya tons!

  46. Gorgeous!!! I love me some ruffles!! :)

  47. What a gorgeous piece of table linen, so fresh and sweet! I can understand why you were so thrilled opening it, it's like a Bridal gown for a table setting.

  48. Hi Laurie... thanks for stopping by!... my email to you was just chit~chat!... hope your computer gets fixed soon... so frustrating when things don't work!... anyway, I got to take another peek at your beautiful tablecloth just now!... xoxo Julie Marie

  49. I LOVE Shellagh's tablecloth Laurie! I love anything she does! Your table looks so beautiful and so do all your lovely vignettes.
    You lucky girl...a man who bakes that's a great catch : )
    sending hugs...

  50. Beautiful Photos, love the tablecloth !! your photos are so so pretty and the rug !!! LOVE

  51. Laurie! I love your lovely Christmas present. She does beautiful work and your dining room photos are wonderful. Thank you so much for sticking with my little blog and linking up. We loved your post and I'm featuring you later tonight. Hugs Peggy

  52. Very romantic, Laurie! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

  53. Oh my goodness, just sitting here taking in all the gorgeousness of your Thanksgiving table setting. For some reason I did not remember ever seeing your French desk chair before and I let out a sigh when I saw it there with the candle and roses. Oh, and the sight of your husband's pie crust was pretty wonderful too! xoxo


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