Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Discovery

I awake to see
gray outside my windows.
 Swirling clouds floating,
embracing the warm house.

Pulling on leggings and tee,
bending to tie on running shoes,
shrugging into a bright pink jacket,
 I peek a nose out the door to test the temperature.

No need for earmuffs nor mittens.

I set off down the road in the blanket of mist,
my breath creating small puffs of white.
My hair quickly becomes damp with the morning fog
as I watch the swirling, paleness rise and tremble at the tree tops,
catching and weaving itself throughout the branches.

My ears alert for cars emerging from the thick fog,
but none are out this morning.
Deer stand, shrouded in the stillness of the woods;
ghostlike figures watching me pass by.

I am seemingly alone in this quiet, muffled world ~
yet I know I am not.
The only sounds are the slapping of my shoes on the wet pavement,
my breathing strong and steady,
and God's reassuring voice in my heart.

God's beauty.

Woods awaiting the first cold snap of December's snow.
A landscape that will be changing in coming weeks.
My shoes will soon leave imprints in icy, white snow
and my eyelashes will be dusted with frost.

"When words become unclear,
I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate,
I shall be content with silence." 
{Ansel Adams}

I savor the mildness and serenity of this late autumn morning.
I feel it,
wrap it around me,
and sink into it.

Enjoy stillness and quiet.
Appreciate His created beauty.
There is loveliness all around.
Choose to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.
Open your eyes to wonder...
{High Desert Home blog}

 Many minutes pass.
Feet pounding out miles.
My eyes lock on the big, white farmhouse at the top of the bend in the road.

my heart whispers.

Fog lies around it.
The rising sun reaches warm fingers through the air to earth,
Wet diamonds dangle from pines.

The fading fog slowly reveals a pale blue sky...

and an awakening earth
singing with God's glory.

I speak to you continually.  My nature is to communicate though not always in words.  I speak in the faces and voices of loved ones.  I caress you with a gentle breeze that refreshes and delights you.  I speak softly in the depths of your spirit, where I have taken up residence.  You can find me in each moment, when you have eyes that see and ears that hear.  Ask My Spirit to sharpen your spiritual eyesight and hearing. I rejoice each time you discover My Presence. 
{Break for Mom blog}

A run.
A devotion.
A meditation.
A communion.
A discovery of His Presence.

~ Blessings ~

PS Still having problems with my email program, which will hopefully be remedied on Monday morning.  Please forgive me if I don't reply to your treasured comments right away.  I will be reading each one and cherishing them, though!  xo

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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I admire your determination, and strength, and discipline. xo

  2. I have had some of my most profound moments with the Lord on my walk/run. Your post is beautiful.

  3. I love your home!!! Gorgeous pictures! Wish i loved to jog--walking is best for me :)

    1. Oh and Thank you so much for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend! :)

  4. Wow what a beautiful post, and I admire that you would run in the snow! Your house and surroundings are amazing!!

  5. Your thoughts and your photos speak to my heart. Thank you for inspiring me to get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted!
    Peace and love to you

  6. How utterly beautiful. I want to go back again. xx

  7. Your words and photography are truly beautiful and always a refreshing reprise in my day. I hope you always continue to inspire with your blog. Blessings, Tia

  8. Beautiful pictures!! We sure have had some amazing weather!!

  9. Laurie, all I can think of while reading this is there are angels out there amongst you, and the beauty of knowing his wings are wrapped around you in your heavens walk journey.
    It truly does not get any more beautiful then this, perhaps the mist of the sea would compare. Your photos are amazing, perfect balance right here between heaven, and earth.

    Laurie your spirit soars in your writtings and the breathe taking message is heartfelt. Your home in the mist is as heavenly as can be, I would love to be driving up to your home covered in the white of snow letting it inspire the best from me. Laurie you truly are a blessed lady to live in a home that welcomes you so dearly into it.

    Thank you for the message.
    Peace, Calm, Joy in knowing his word.


  10. Beautiful words and photos Laurie... thank you ♥

  11. What a great post. FAntastic photos and beautiful words.

  12. Listen to the silence......God is great !...Amen...lovely and blessings pictures!!

  13. "wet diamonds dangle from pines" this whole post was beautiful. So happy to see Spirit expressing itself in such attentive adoration. blessings, lady

  14. So lovely words and thoughts,like if I were with you in this heaven's walk ! thank you for this poetical moment. Moreover, it's allows me to see that language barrier can exist but not the one of the heart.
    thank you so much for this quiet moment.

  15. What a beautiful post. I can feel the serenity.

  16. love the Post !!! MY FAVORITE !! photos are amazing!!

  17. Dear Laurie~

    I feel such tranquility and humility. You express yourself so poetically that you allow readers to see a warmth of your soul.
    Thank you for such a blessing lovely friend!
    XOXO~ Steph

  18. So beautiful Laurie...the words, the truly are poetic!

  19. So very pretty and serene, makes you never want to stop looking. Also very tranquil, one could not be stressed.

  20. Laurie what a beautiful post! You are an amazing writer and I feel like I am right there with you! Beautiful photos as well!Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

  21. Absolutely beautiful post and photos Laurie!! I just love your charming house too!

  22. Laurie I LOVE your photos-this is fairytale!!!!!!!!!! ♥
    Have a nice day!!!

  23. Breath-taking Laurie!
    Every thought, every whisper, every heart's bow to His beauty.
    The images that you've captured here breathe the swesomeness of God.
    Thanks for sharing....the quiet and hush ...its where our hearts long to His presence.

    In His love,
    Deborah xoox

  24. Beautiful post and pictures, Laurie. They touched my heart.


  25. beautiful whispers from your soul, laurie. how much beauty there is for us to discover when we become still as we are commanded!

    smiles and arizona sunshine.


  26. How lovely Laurie! The images, the words, so perfectly beautiful. Thank you for sharing xox

  27. Laurie,

    You are beautiful inside and out. Your words and your Faith are an inspiration. God has blessed you with so much talent and such a big and open heart. I am so much better for making your acquaintance. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and His creation through your blog.

    On another note, I received the package on the very day my friend received good news on the house. I believe that your prayers and ours were answered. Thank you for taking the time for us and creating such beauty in His name. Thank you.

    Many Blessings,

  28. Laurie,
    Ah~h~h to have . . .and take time with the Lord each and every morning!
    From a post right after my retirement this June!!!
    EnJOY, dear friend!

    The morning sun warms my face
    while the dewy grass washes my feet.
    I am renewed,
    and for the first time in a long time,
    I breathe fresh air deep into my body
    and my noisy being quiets.
    Suddenly, my ears awaken
    and I hear your clear voice.
    Love overwhelms me
    and the trees and rocks and mountains celebrate.
    Touch me dear Lord,
    give me peace beyond understanding,
    joy unspeakable
    and unwaving faith for the journey.

    Author Unknown
    taken from life:beautiful Summer 2008

  29. I'm am completely enchanted. What a beautiful post, and some of those gorgeous atmospheric photos are paintings waiting to happen! Wow...


  30. Oh my...this post is simply stunning! Your pics tell a million words...very enchanting indeed! I am so glad you found me. From your newest follower Siobhan @ The Vintage Dormer :) xo

  31. Gorgeous photos! I really love the one with the house in it!

  32. So beautifully written Laurie. Thank you for the walk/run in the fog and its accompanying words. It's so good to be in His presence.
    My fingers are crossed for more of this warm weather. How nice to be outside without boots and to walk or run without worrying about ice.

  33. Laurie, Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love your words and the photographs are awesome! Have a wonderful week!


  34. What a beautiful post... thank you for sharing!
    Lots of love,
    Amanda @

  35. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  36. Wow Laurie - you have such a way of capturing moments with your words and photos - it's my serenity blog to come to - truly - I leave here always feeling such peace in my soul

  37. To take in all of God's beauty to enjoy and embrace it. Is what makes one feel lucky to be alive. Beautifully written Laurie...
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  38. Your words and photographs paint such a soothing feeling! Truly took my breath away! Thanks so very much for sharing. And for reminding us of how you are staying true to your commitment to exercise every day. Very impressed!

  39. The words match the morning photos perfectly.
    How wonderful to spend such a glorious morning with the Lord.
    Great post!!!!!

  40. Beautiful beautiful serenity here. I used to be a runner and I miss it. I was a cross country runner but now I walk. Lovely cross in your banner too..Rachel Ashwell?

  41. Your pictures are amazing... I nearly have a damp ffeling on my skin!

  42. beautiful, laurie--your words and pictures capture a blissful feeling:)

  43. Poetry in motion. Just beautiful, Laurie. I felt as thought I were alongside you, journeying home to your beautiful farmhouse.

  44. Beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up to the blog hop!
    Adorned From Above
    Joye & Myrna
    The Busy Bee's

  45. Love every word, Laurie! God is amazing :)
    Your photos are gorgeous...
    Happy Holidays

  46. Lovely post, Laurie.
    Wishing you a beautiful, blessed Christmas.
    (Hope your topiary is holding up from last year :)
    Warmest wishes...Lisa

  47. Laurie that is so true when your out walking or jogging! The best time for communion with God and His creation. I miss that a lot. Must try to start my exercise again. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful post with us at Transformed Tuesday! Hugs Peggy

  48. you have turned those 26 letters and your camera into a stunning post xoxoxo

  49. Laurie,
    This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing this post at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop 29.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above
    Joye and Myrna @ The Busy Bee's
    Linda @ With A Blast

  50. You just gave me goosebumps with this post Laurie. My eyes kept focusing in on the obvious pink orb of love shining down on you in these photos. So beautiful and uplifting. xoxo


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