Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coffee Table Make-Over

Remember this beautiful coffee table in my living room?

The Husband made it for me.
He crafted it from an vintage nine-paned door.
I fell in love with it when he first unveiled it to me on that beautiful Christmas morning


about 15 years ago.

With my recent obsession

(one of many)

with farmhouse planked top tables,

I wanted to transform this one a bit to satisfy that recent new obsession.

I scrounged around in the barn for some old wood planks...
and came up empty handed.
None of them were the right type
didn't have bat poop all over them.


So, the next time I took a trip to the big city, 
I made a stop at Home Depot,
chose the cheapest piece of pine board they had,
fluttered my mascaraed eyelashes at a young man with an orange apron on ~
(Gee...I hope he worked there...
I only flutter my eyelashes at people I want something from, you know)

and asked if he would cut the board down for me.

He was utterly besotted with my fluttering politely said he would,
and off I scampered with my piney scented planks.

Wanting them to look a little old and worn,
I laid them out in the basement and sanded the edges until they were uneven and rounded.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to stain or paint them.
I ended up deciding to stain them knowing that I could always paint over it.
The next question was with what color?
I had Minwax Golden Oak, Special Walnut, and Pecan on hand.
 I tried each of them on some scrap pieces of pine first
and laid them on the coffee table.

 The walnut was too dark and the golden oak too yellowy.
Decision was  ~~ Minwax Express Color in Pecan.
It was the perfect warm, light brown with a gray undertone.
I used a foam brush, kind of like a sponge, to spread this thick liquid on,
rubbing and scrubbing it into the grain.

After letting it dry overnight, I hauled a couple pieces upstairs, laid them on the table,
turned and walked out of the room, 
and then turned back around to look at the table.
[Yes, I do this quite often when rearranging furniture, working on projects, and painting furniture.  I want the "first impressions" feeling.]

I didn't like it.
It looked like a hole in the middle of the living room.
The pretty pecan color just wasn't going to work all by itself.
I wanted it touched with white.

Back downstairs they went,
out came out the Benjamin Moore "Ivory Tusk"
(which is the color on the rest of furniture in the house)
and I spread the creamy whiteness on.

Now, I love my BM paint.  Always have. Always will. It goes on like pudding.
It's thick and rich and almost looks edible because of it's similarity in consistency to yogurt.
But distressing this latex paint is nothing like distressing chalk paint or milk paint.
I had forgotten that after working with chalk paint for so long.

After the planks had dried over night, I got out my handy dandy little palm sander
and started sanding.
I happily sanded
and sanded
and sanded
and sanded.
I switched hands and began to mutter things under my breath as I sanded
and sanded
and sanded
and sanded.
But slowwwwwwly the planks began to look old and loved.

I hauled them back upstairs and laid them out side by side.
I had to put the glass back on because the boards aren't screwed to the table yet
which will be done from beneath with The Husband's help.

Then, I walked out of the room,
 turned around,
looked at the table
fell in love all over again.

I loved that the boards gave the table substance and uniformity.
Not being able to see through the glass panes, gave the room a calmer,
less busy look.

So, of course,
I spent the better part of an hour creating vignettes on this planked loveliness.


I'm loving it.

~ Blessings ~

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  1. it's easy to see why!

    have you tried to make your own chalk paint by adding plaster of paris to latex paint? works well.



  2. Oh, I love it! I am so into plank tables too! Of course we do have a whole barn's worth of barn wood piled up here. I can't wait to start building with it! I also adore your photos! (trying not to be envious) Your blog is such a breath of fresh air. My shoulders just sort of relax each time i come. HUGS!

  3. WELL DONE!!!

    Looks awesome, sometimes we just need a CHANGE!

    (But I truly did love the panel door a lot too.)

  4. It looks great, Laurie. I loved the old one, too, but sometimes it is fun to just change things up. What did the hubster think after you covered up his handy work? Of course, if he is like THIS ONE, he is probably used to you by now! Blessings- xo Diana

  5. You always impress me. Beautiful. Is that a new R.A Shabby Chic book? I haven't seen that one.

  6. Laurie, good job. It was pretty before but it's really pretty now so you did good. Was hubby pleased?..Happy Friday..Judy

  7. I love it--you did a great job--I am guessing you can take it off and go to the old look anytime you want? It looks beautiful both ways! I have to tell you I majorly impressed my younger daughter by cutting my own wood at Home Depot...actually she said it was embarassing but I know she was impressed :)

  8. Simply Smashing! You did good my friend~Cheers & Blessings Kim

  9. It looks beautiful. You did very good job.

  10. Your coffee table turned out darn cute. Hope you still kept the other one, it was cute too:)

  11. Much better with the planks, Laurie. How's your arm? lol Been there with the sanding.

  12. Love the table Laurie! You're right, it's not as busy looking which I didn't notice about the old top until you mentioned it. But I have two comments:

    1) I also do the "dash and turn" method for checking placement, colour, etc. when moving things around.

    2) You styled the table top? You mean those rose petals don't just fall and land haphazardly into perfection? lol

    Great job!! Is your husband okay with you changing things up?

  13. it's just lovely, laurie:) happy weekend!

  14. I loved them did a great job!

  15. Hi Laurie, oooh it is just beautiful!... wow, and you did it all yourself!... if you're like me, you will spend the day trying different little vignettes on it!... do your arms ache today from all that sanding?... I hope not... but at least it would be a good ache... the roses look so pretty sitting on it too... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Wowww Laurie...i love it too !!!...happy

  17. Mi piace moltissimo, ottimo lavoro!!!

  18. OH is absolutely beautiful I love it and I have to say your styling and photo's are really amazingly beautiful love all your pictures so inspiring!!! I am painting more today and one day maybe my home will be pretty like yours!! I am just loving all the shabby chic goodness going on!!!

  19. Gorgoeous is all i can say!!! Suek

  20. Laurie, it turned out beautifully! I love the white you added. I think the stain alone would not have fit in with your beautiful room. Yes, I do that, too! I walk away then come back to something to try and get a "how does it grab me" take on it.

  21. Perfect for your beautiful home!

  22. Laurie!!!! You are so cute!!! I am soooo impressed with your DYI attitude!!! Not to mention how much I LOVE your coffee table makeover!!! It's Fabulous!!! All your pretties look so YUMMY on it too! I'm really lovin your florentine tray.... GREAT find my dear!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend pretty girl!

    XO~ Steph

  23. Hi dier friend!!
    Beautiful photos-beuatiful table ♥
    I need to take an example from you - I also plan to remake table in the living room has aa my husband wanted to go into it , but our car broke down , so we are working on car.Maybe I will as beautiful as you! Photos are simply perfect - I really like your Florentine - tray is beautiful ! I bought from us other- should I come next week!
    Beautiful weekend ! Vicky

  24. Laurie,
    Yeah!!! You love it!!! That's all that matters!!!
    Guess what??? I love it too!!! So glad you chose the pecan as the layer of sealing the natural wood!!! Just gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    Have a blessed weekend!!!

  25. Laurie, I got the book it is beautiful, you have added the right kind of soulfulness I needed this month, lifting my spirits with inspiration :)

    lots of love to you.

    Ps. I left you a comment on the book on your last post...ooop's did u not see it, or did it not appear.

    Laurie, you and hubby need to go into the furniture making business and I will publish you in the book you think I should put out :)
    You are so goo for my lonely days spirits, lifting them high and encouraging the junk I so passionately find appealing, adding the right kind of rightness to the soul of my littel home.

    love you girl, keep gracing your home with that God given gifted hubby of yours and the pieces he creates.


  26. Laurie, your plank topped table is definitely a nice change in your living room. I had to smile about the walking in and out of the room to look at it...we're all alike!!
    Mary Alice

  27. gorgeous Laurie! Love both the tables but those planks are something else. Your photos look awesome.

  28. I love your photos!!! The Table is Awesome!!! lots of hard work paid off.... Have a great weekend!!

  29. You have the midas touch Laurie!! Beautiful!

  30. So gorgeous Laurie!!!
    I love the white planks and the glass on top. I had to giggle ...I always take a second look back too, and a third and fourth
    Its all so all you've created in your living room.
    Sigh ;)

    Deborah xoxo

  31. All your hard work has been rewarded - the table looks really great now. Love the vignettes too.

  32. I am swooning over this. I am trying hard to create a shabby chic style in my art room. You are amazing ( so is your hubby). Beautiful photos. Beautiful home. I bow to your shabby chic-i-ness. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo

  33. Hi Laurie
    That´s a great job :)
    and do not miss.....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  34. Love your table!
    and your blog is so pretty. =)

    Im following from Katherines Thursday Favorites Blog hop. =)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  35. This is beautiful Laurie...looks like the perfect piece for the room!

  36. I can practically smell the roses- and way to go to create something out of what looked like just some planks of wood! Thanks for linking up on Ladies Holiday Photo Friday! Happy weekend and we hope to see you next week. Cheers!

  37. It looks perfect Laurie! You did a wonderful job on it and I love it in your beautiful room.
    The photos of your roses are gorgeous!
    sending hugs...

  38. I am loving it too, Laurie. Well worth all of the effort. Eye lash batting definitely not wasted :)

  39. LOVE it, Laurie!! I think the white paint was the perfect choice! ... Donna

  40. I love that you totally did that yourself, with boards you bought and had cut down, and you stained and painted. It looks awesome! And... it is so funny how i will do the same exact thing, change something in a room, and turn around and look at it, to see if it's just right. You have to do that thing where you do 'the look', and when you know you've finally captured what you were going for, it's the best feeling. It's like all is right with the world.


  41. I love how this turned out-perfect!!


  42. You did a great job, Laurie! I love the plank top. It makes a big difference!

  43. I'm another one who has to do the go out and come back in for another first impression thing. That sweet coffee table is worth a second peak! ~ Maureen

  44. Laurie, Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring project on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Great design, it's such a beautiful piece!


  45. Gorgeous Laurie, love the planked top.

  46. Hi Laurie,
    I can't imagine why you are loving it. It's just darn GORGEOUS! Only you are so creative to think of doing this. Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup.

  47. oh I'm lovin so much where your decor is much. I'm going white as we speak. I did my room and tomorrow begins the living room, then on and on til Xmas when I should be done. I love the plankin' lol,,,how about trying it without the glass? Everything is gorgeous. I will have to ask what is the lite blue ruffle thingy on the chair? I think I need that? blessings, lady

  48. It's just beautiful Laurie - in fact that whole room is gorgeous ( I can't remember the story with that beautiful rug - but I know there IS one lol )

  49. Hello Laurie, absolutely love both versions of this table! You're so creative - the transformation is marvelous - love how you decorate it too! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  50. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your coffee table makeover at last Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party. I featured this post at this weeks party. It is beautiful. This weeks party is live. I would love for you to share any of your other posts they are always so beautiful. The link is
    Can't wait to see you there.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  51. You did a wonderful job Laurie and as always, your photos are glorious.
    Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  52. Hi, I love how it turned out. Great job...Connie

  53. This turned out really nice Laurie!

  54. Laurie, Congrats! Just wanted you to know you've been featured for this amazing post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful weekend!


  55. So elegant - love the transformation. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  56. Laurie, the table is so pretty with the planks. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy

  57. love the new look laurie!! you're inspiring me to redo our coffee table top.

  58. Oh, so pretty! Thank you for sharing.

    We'll have a linky party tomorrow but the blog will be 'closed for business' on Thursday. That is: all the free Thanksgiving coloring pages etc. will be downloadable but I won't be turning on that computer..,So, we hope to see you tomorrow then! And if not, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  59. Hi Laurie,
    I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup this week.
    p.s. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  61. I am having so much fun tonight savoring all of this gorgeousness over here Laurie! xoxo

  62. I would say you should love your handiwork. The table is a perfect complement to your other pieces and provides a great backdrop to your tabletop vignette.


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