Monday, August 8, 2011

My Life in a Nutshell...

When in the world
did my life get so stinkin' busy....??

Don't get me wrong.
It's a good kind of busy.
It's the kind of busy that I pray will be fruitful
in some way.

Here's my life in a nutshell lately.....

1.  I had an incredibly fun Sunday a week ago at
Allegan Flea Market with Michelle from Emerald Cove.
(Debbie from Lakehouse couldn't make it this time.
We missed her so much!)
We did meet up with Heather from Simple Daisy.
(Seriously......I felt like I was meeting a rock star.)

[Heather, me, and Michelle]

Heather was so sweet and we all hit it off from the get-go.
(Notice all of that beautiful jewelry on her arm?
Yeah...she makes it and sells it in her Etsy shop.
Check it out.)

2.  I've been picking and freezing ALOT of these...

with this little girl by my side...

waiting for any wayward beans to fall on the floor.
She loves her beans.

3.  I think I've actually discovered my niche ~
in this stage of my life anyway.

It's exciting.

"Live quietly and work with your hands to glorify God"

has been wrapping itself warmly around my heart lately.
It calms me. It just makes me happy.
And I feel like it pleases God.

I have the exciting opportunity to actually be a seller
at Allegan Antique Flea Market
on August 28!

Needless to say,
I'm geeked!

My sisters-in-Christ,
Pam and Debbie
are going to share a booth with me.
Pam's got vintage furniture from her barns;
Debbie's bringing down her beautiful handmade vintage linen pillows,
and me.....?

Well, let's just say that I spent the past two weeks in my basement
swiping some French love on this...

[This sweet table is now residing on my front porch. I just couldn't give her up.]

and this.....

[I keep eyeing this darling little stool and wondering if I can actually let her go...]

and this...

and creating more of these.

Stacks of treasures are growing in my basement,
and I'm running out of room.
It's beginning to look like a flea market down there....

[Dry brushed and stenciled baskets, transfer pots, old distressed frames, cupboard door chalkboards.]

[From plain old wood to these French beauties using a little paint and the Mod Podge transfer technique.]

I never realized how much work goes in to preparing for a show.
I'm pooped!
I'm so behind on posting
and replying to your sweet comments.
My apologies to you all.  ♥

So, I quickly pulled this post together for you while I was waiting for my
ANNIE SLOAN PAINT to dry on another project in the works.
(Yup.  There's now a distributor in Zeeland and Michelle was
sweet enough to pick some up for me.)

LUV LUV LUV that stuff!!!!!
I completed a table (that I'll share with you later) within a matter of hours.
It dries amazingly fast, 
the wax is creamy and smooth,
and distressing is a breeze.

(Did I say how much I LUV this stuff?!)  

So, I've been living busily quietly
and continuing to work with hands
to glorify God.

Life is busy.
Life is good.
God is good!

And I think it'll be a while before I can do this....

{ Hugs }

PS  THANK YOU for your wonderfully encouraging comments on my Pallet Art!  I'm in the process of making more and will be bringing all of them to the flea market...should you want one.
(insert eyebrow wriggle)

PPS....If any of you "professional" flea market booth gals out there have any
suggestions or ideas on pricing, setting up, and running a booth....
I'm all ears.
Please drop me a line with your expert advice.
I could use all the help I can get at this point!  :) 


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  1. I am in LOVE with so many of your flea market items. You are one talented lady. Just wish I lived close enough to come to your sale!

  2. I was going to go to the Allegan show in July BUT I am going the same time your there I hope I can look you up!!

  3. I would love to stop by this fair, if I lived closer. I am sure your stall is going to be a huge hit! I love your tables, wish I could buy one (and wish I had the room). :( xo

  4. what a lovely trio! nice you got to all meet up. i love the stencilled numbers on the stool and the baskets!! and of course your sweet dog.

  5. I absolutely love everything you do! Too bad you weren't closer so I could go shopping! :)

  6. wow, so many gorgeous treasures!!!!

  7. How much fun it looks like you are having. You are doing a great job and I love what you are creating!

    Good luck at the flea market. I know you will all do wonderful.

    And, the table and stool are great, by the way.

  8. Hi Laurie,
    Your Frenchy creations are gorgeous! They will be a huge hit at the flea market! I sure wish that I could attend, to sounds like fun. And that is so cool that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers. When we move back to MI next year, I will be sure to visit the show!!! Best of luck, can't wait to see more of your beautiful treasures:)

  9. beautiful photo of you 3 ladies...and flea market looks fab wish there was one near us!! ....your French goodies are great,you are so inspiring x

  10. Love everything you have been doing and that's a good kind of busy! Hope you do well at the show. One thing right off of the top of my head- use walmart bags to wrap things in- just slip them in and fold under, lay in your totes. It makes for a fast set up and fast tear down. Make sure you pre price everything- take a basket full of extras- tags, scissors, tape, hot glue gun- what ever you use. A small bottle of touch up paint. Flyers, business cards.
    Make lists and use them. A two wheeled cart helps tote things in. We used 2 of them.
    Have everything packed to go in the vehicle the day or afternoon before and then do a walk through of your area at home to make sure you got everything.
    Take a nice hot bath the night before and go to bed early- I never sleep well the night before a show and did them for years.
    Don't forget to have fun!
    Hugs- Tete

  11. Hi Laurie..I'm glad everyone else has the advice..'cos I haven't, but just wanted to say 'hi' anyway! You've put together some great stuff, I know you'll do well.

  12. Oh make beautiful things!!.....great !!...enjoy your day....and congratulations with your won dress !!!

  13. Looks like your life is truly blessed! Wonderful items you have here...should be big hits. Tete (above) has great advice. One thing to consider is handling of the money. I don't like keeping a cash box out in sight so wearing an apron (with secured pockets) or even a fanny pack will make the hustle and bustle of it all much easier. Good luck, you'll have fun!

  14. Well first of all I wish I lived closer because I would sooo come to that flea market! And second, how did you make the "La Maison" transfer on the table? I love the round stamp the best! All of your tables are fabulous! Did you use the Annie Sloan paint on them? I really have to get some more of that gold in a can!
    xo Susan

  15. You are living my dream...I would love to have a spot of my own in a flea market (or even share one with some of my "besties"). Your work is amazing and I am sure you will do well!

    I have to try another project using your Mod Podge transfer technique. I was going to do it on a table that I recently redid, but I was not even thinking that I was staining over the top and the stain would not take over the glue...duh! So I sanded it off and had to transfer using graphite paper and a Sharpie of all things. Anyhoo, I can't wait to try it on something else...I love the looks you have created!

  16. Well look at you busy little bee!!! I should add in ENERGIZER Martha Ingals! I am loving your work and so excited for you gals!!! However, you cannot keep all the things that you make as beautiful as they are. :) I love that little stool and everything you are creating! I am happy that you are having a wonderful time with this and I can't wait to shop at your booth!!!
    Happy creating!!

  17. oh laurie, that is terrific news! i just know all of your painted pieces will sell out fast....good luck with your new venture (that is, if you can let anything "go"). isn't it wonderful that you have found something that you love to do and you can (and will) make money at it?!

  18. I love flea markets!!! Wish I could be there.
    Love what you have done so far. Good Luck at your sale.

  19. I just love that quote!! I find such joy in living quietly and working with my hands and I so want to glorify God ~
    Your projects are awesome!! I have to try the transfer technique ~ That is so cool!!!

  20. Wow!!! You have certainly been busy. I'm so excited for you!!

  21. Everything is so gorgeous! I especially love that first little table:) You're so talented! I wish I was close enough to go to the show but I wish you the very best of success there!!!

  22. So beautiful! I love your numbered stool and baskets--great job. If you have time I would love it if you would share this at my linky party starting Wed.

  23. I used to have a flea market booth in Tampa, FL. I found that my best buyers were other dealers so I would always go early. You want your prices in the ballpark but with enough wiggle-room to barter because Honey - welcome to Guadalajara. Most folks watch Kovel's, Antique Roadshow, Pickers, ect & think they are experts on ginuwhine anteeks. If I made something I would condider my time in making the item as well as the actually costs I have into a product. Start high cos you can never go higher just lower as people try to get a good deal. The most common question is "What's your best price?" I would just graciously bounce the ball back to them with "What are you offering?" then if it was a resonable offer I would meet in the middle somewhere. Also don't forget a few tarps in case of bad weather. Have lots of fun & make lots of $$$$. PS - The Lord has given your hands the power to obtain wealth to establish His Coveant upon the earth....Just sayin :D

  24. Hope you have an awesome SALE at the end of the sure have some beautiful things!!!


  25. C'est très beau ! J'ai hâte de voir le résultat !

  26. Italian: Adoro il tuo blog che ho scoperto solo questa sera. bellissime le tue creazioni, vorrei capire come trasferisci le scritte davvero splendide, ma purtroppo capisco solo qualche parola qua e là. ti seguirò spesso d'ora in poi. See you soon from Italy, Monica

  27. woohooo! You are a busy girl, sis! Your things are just beautiful! I agree...price higher, so you can dicker with customers.
    Looks like the booth will be an awesome addition to the market.

  28. Love all of your beautiful projects! I'm sure you will be a great success.

  29. Hi Laurie!
    You are going to be a hit at the flea! your French love is perfect, and the buyers will be proof enough :)

    Love your shopping buddies, I just wish I was there with you guys :)
    Well we can ask the Lord to fix this for us! How grand would that be! well in the mean time I am sending you blog love, and blessings on your eventful day with the flea sales.

  30. Oh, Laurie- You are going to have so much fun. It is so much fun to see something you love find a new home..and you get rewarded by being paid too. I sure wish I could get over there and join you...too much going on here too. I will write you an email when things calm down a bit and fill you in. Love you girl- xo Diana

  31. Oh Laurie you are going to kill at this fleamarket.....if you can give it away:) so hard sometimes. You know if you like it then someone else will too.
    Hey I have a chalk paint recipe on a link in my last post. Hit Martha! You can let me know if it's the same as Annie's.


  32. You got some pretty great stuff hanging out in your basement! Love those baskets, pots and frames! I think it's pretty tough letting go of something cool that you've made. (Like your table)

  33. The tables are amazing!!! And so are your gorgeous puppy and feline friends. So sweet.

  34. I love your blog and your little girl is so pretty !! kiss

  35. Thanks for the Blog love~~ I am really out in no mans land in the Hickory corner area.. I have a home studio and I see my brides by appointment. Sorry I only sell wedding flowers. I hope I see you in Aug in Allegan!

  36. Hello there, just stopped by via a beach cottage and spotted your lovely painted furniture above, I have a dresser sitting in my front garden as I type and am building up the courage to paint it, can I just ask you what finish and kind of paint you are using to paint with?
    I'm blogging at feel free to leave a message there or email me at

    Samantha :)

  37. I came across your blog from a beach cottage and am happy I stopped by. I love that little stool you refinished and may have to drive the two hours to see you at the flea market and see what other little treasures you have there. I bought a house in June and have four pieces I bought with the intention of refinishing them but I have yet to find the time to refinish them or even get myself fully settled! It is such a process. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :-)

  38. Look at all your pretty things, Laurie! You've sure been a busy girl. It sounds like you're having lots of fun putting everything together. I'm sure the sale will be great too!


  39. Hello Sweet Laurie!
    I am so excited for you! Your items are beautiful and will fly right out of your booth so, I guess you better get busy again!
    Where do you get your energy?

  40. Hello, you are also a bizzy bee, just like me.
    Love your lovely items.

    Have a nice day,
    Till next post,

  41. Hello! I always love to find another Michigan blogger! I have yet to be able to go to Allegan this year but I love it there. Your creations are gorgeous, you are going to sell out in no time! So glad I found you here, I love your tables. t. xoxo

  42. First of all you girls are all gorgeous!! I love all your work with the word graphics, I have never been brave enough to do a show, good for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!


  43. Looks like your booth is gonna be a big hit! Good luck and hope you have a fabulous time. Thanks for dropping by and joining Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays linky party :)

  44. All your projects look fantastic! Great job.
    MudPies & Marigolds

  45. Laurie, you are so talented and such an inspiration! Love all the treasures you have made; wish I could pop over to the states and visit you at the market!!! Oh, those baskets look fantastic too!!! so clever! Hope you and your family are well, hope your nephew is having many happy days. Lots of love to you sweet lady.... Laura xxx

  46. Wow - sounds awesome and you look like you have been really busy making some amazing creations which I am sure will SELL SELL SELL at the flea market. I am so excited for you. I wished I lived closer...I would stop by for a visit. And I am loving that Annie Sloan paint too. I am going to paint a few things later this month when I am on vacation. Have a great weekend. XOXOX

  47. Oh.My.Goodness. I am LOVING all your goods! Those baskets and pots are to die for. Perhaps you could sell on etsy for those of us who aren't close enough to shop the flea market in person?? Good luck! I'm sure you'll have huge success!!

  48. Hi Laurie,
    Congratulations! I know you are going to be very busy with all of those beautiful treasures you have created...What fun!! You will have to share pictures of your booth @ the fair. Wear running shoes you are going to need them!!
    All the Best,

  49. You have a really pretty blog and your little dog has the most adorable face!

  50. Hi- Just wanted to let you know I featured you today on my blog as one of my favorites!!

  51. Laurie, each piece of furniture you've worked on I love. You'll have a grand time selling, we did it for eyars & I loved it.

    Great pic of you 3 gals ... & the precious pooch.

    Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  52. What a beautiful smile you have pretty lady! Your blog is fantastic. I just love your flea market finds.
    Your question regarding herbs, dry them out of sunlight hanging upside down, when they are crumbly dry store them jars, again out of sunlight.
    Hugs Rosemary...

  53. I am soooo excited for you!!!!!!! If you do what you'll never work a day in your life!! It sure does look like you've found your niche!!
    Now...I think we all need to get together and open a SHOP!!!!!!!!! I'm in:) Frenchy...shabby...cute!!!!! Yes!?!?!?!

  54. Wow! You have been busy!! I love the little stool and the sweet tables. So pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment :)


  55. I love this post Laurie! Not only because you have some fantastic things you are working on and I'm so excited for your upcoming show, but also for the reminder that there are so many different ways for us to glorify God. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday!

  56. What a great blog you have. its just so great that you are giving continued shout out to the Lord! I know I don't know you, but I am so excited that you are going to take part in your very first flea market. ill be praying you get everything done and that you all do very well. you have so many great ideas and you are very gifted. i have a booth in an antique mall and i pray daily that the Lord, blesses it, gives me ideas to improve it, make it a place people want to visit and shop, cause really when it comes down to it it belongs to Him! i am so glad i came across your blog by way of dawn with her tutorial on the beautiful clay pots turn fancy! i believe she said you put Elmer's glue to get the paper to stick better. is that on top of the paper after you put the mod podge on the printed side? i so want to make some of those beautiful pots!

  57. You have been busy Laurie and your creations are just beautiful! xx

  58. These are fantastic and creative and beautiful. Just found your blog this morning. A new follower. Love your ideas.

  59. Laurie, your pieces are lovely. Congrats on your show, you should do very well! I hope you can join our Miracle Makeover blog party to support a great cause and see a story about a family that will melt your heart. Visit to watch the video, for every comment left DGB will donate $1 to Friends of Kids with Cancer/Miracle Makeover until 18th. I hope to see you there!

    Many Thanks,

    Sherry, The Design Gives Back Team

  60. Wow... LOVE the stool and sweet tables! Thanks so much for your warm comments on my blog. I'd make a "RELAX" sign for my kitchen but I'm afraid it would be the 'wanted help' that did the relaxing! :)

  61. how fun you are creating so much great stuff Laurie!! your booth space will be amazing I'm sure.....and how fun you are doing it with friends like that

    you my dear, are such a beauty!! look at you!!!!

    Anne Marie

  62. Dear Laurie
    I heard you won the giveaway on Fiona and Twig. You will love Lisa's amazing talent. Congrats to you. Have a blessed week


  63. Oh, this is fantastic! You have been a busy girl! What a great job. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  64. Laurie! I am so happy for you. "Live quietly and work with your hands to glorify God" spoke to me in a big way, friend. Thank you for that. I wish I had experience with selling at flea markets ...I hope someone was able to give you some pointers. Your things are so beautiful and if I were closer, I'd snatch up those baskets. Did you use the modge podge transfer technique on the tables, too? {LOVE} Anyway, I'm just so happy for you. You deserve every bit of this!


    P.S. You're beautiful!

  65. Busy in a good way Laurie! You darling ladies looked happy at that market and your creations are delightful. Wish I could visit your booth. How exciting! Keep us 'posted' on the event.

  66. Gosh this looks fabulous. I saw so much eye candy I wish I were closer. Thanks for your sweet comment today.

  67. Do you have a looks like you need one. I adore that table with the grey legs and white top!
    xo Jana

  68. Hi Laurie, I always enjoy seeing what you're creating, love your "workshop". Love hearing how God is speaking to you about what He has you doing at this stage in life. It's such a good place to be...busy, yet content, knowing God's in charge. Thanks so much for always linking up to VIF, I appreciate you being here!
    xoxo Debra

  69. I'm ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the beautiful Frenchiness on your post. 2 questions: 1. Do you hand paint things like "no. 3" on the stool? 2. What is the Mod Podge technique? Again, loved this post and the spiritual connection! Linda

  70. Came over to visit from Kim's Wow us Wednesdays. What great re-dos. Just love them.

    Happy Wednesday!


  71. This looks great. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu

  72. Thank you so much for coming over to say "hi" on my blog! Welcome! I just found you yesterday on Lu's blog and loved your post!! Your music is so calming....How I wish I could come visit your flea market but it's just to far for me! Thanks you for your purchase of the darling little seed bucket and I will be keeping a close eye on you too! Enjoy....

  73. What a wonderful post with such beautiful pictures. I found you via Beach Cottage. I can't imagine anything more lovely than living in 12 acres of countryside - very jealous! Ros

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