Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sand, Signs, Screens, and Selling

I've got many things to share with you today,
so grab your cuppa 'jo, put your feet up,
and let's visit for a while!

1.  I recently won this adorable little mini-bottle carrier from
Marie's giveaway at Marie's Maison.
{Thanks, Marie!}
She lives in a sweet little Tiffany-blue house in sunny California 
and loves all things beachy, vintagey, and French.
She has the most awesome outdoor patio area - 
and a great Etsy shop, too!
So, be sure to stop by and say 'Bonjour'!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

2.  Well, the sign has been made to hang at my booth at the upcoming Allegan Antique Market on August 28.
I used an old piece of wood from our barn and hand painted the words.

Be sure to look for this as you're wandering through all of the incredible vendors' booths
at the flea market ~ and then stop in and introduce yourself.
We'd love to meet you!

Debbie from Lakehouse will be there selling some of her handmade
pillows made from gorgeous vintage linens.
Michelle from Emerald Cove and Heather from Simple Daisy will be there visiting with us and of course, shopping.
We'll be partying, girls!!!

(Please send up a prayer that it doesn't rain that day! 
A nice sunny day about 70 degrees would be a true blessing....)

I've also been busy dressing up some cute little apothecary bottles for the market.
They started out looking like this.

{Nest pillowslip from Ticking & Toile, Etsy.}

And with a little help from The Graphics Fairy, Mod Podge, and some hemp twine.....

they're ready to sell.

And here are a couple more of my signs that will be for sale.

I think there's just something so beautiful about the word "grace"....

This one was created from part of an old outhouse seat, believe it or not.
(thus the quote...)

This piece of wood just whispered something farmhouse-y to me.
It's nice and BIG.

I also just completed painting this French-inspired writing desk which will also be for sale at my booth.
It was a garage sale find and was horrible looking dark, stained wood.

I used Annie Sloan 'Paris Gray' and then distressed it......
with my NEW palm sander.

(Watch out, baby!  Woman with a power tool..!!!
Can I say that I was really getting my groove on using that sweet new toy...?)

The pulls were sprayed with my favorite Multi-Color Texture paint in 'Autumn Brown'
to give them a rusty look.
It's the same paint I used on the chicken wire on my tri-fold doors.

~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
3.  My hubby and I celebrated our 27th anniversary last week
with our annual trip to the lake shore.
We did our usual "Let's Eat Our Way Along the Coast" thing ~
snarfing down buffalo wings and artichoke/crab dip for lunch
in South Haven on The Idler paddle boat,
nibbling on fresh, juicy, locally grown peaches for a snack,
and indulging in huge ice cream cones  
(with REAL ice cream!)
for dinner.
Dinner doesn't get any better than that, I tell ya.

It was a perfect day, though a little breezy.
But it made for some amazingly beautiful whitecaps on the water.

We stopped at various antique shops
and I nabbed this little cutie at one of them...

and this black and white striped treasure at another.

Put'em together and.....


That hassock cover fit like it was made for that little stool.
It was the best buy of the day!

Now I have something to rest my feet on when I visit with you. ♥

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

['re still on the same post.
Go grab another cuppa and meet me back here.
I'm almost done gabbing...]

4. Hubby (the devoted dumpster diver that he is) is constantly on the look out for goodies along the road to claim for me.
Some are good.....
some are....
not so good.

But this one....
THIS one was very good!

He actually climbed IN a dumpster to retrieve this sweet little aqua screen for his bride.
(That would be me.)

After a good scrubbing and a little dry brushing with pale gray,
I casually leaned it up against the kennel to dry in the sun.
It was supposed to go to Allegan market with me.

("Supposed to" being the operative words here.)

I turned around to look at it as I walked away.

Whoa......wait a minute, girl.
That looks pretty cute there.

Really cute.

I think...

I think....

I think I need to keep this little treasure.

another item NOT going to the Flea with me.....

I screwed in four eye-hooks in the back
and wired it to the gate of the kennel.

Maizie was thrilled to have her own little screen door.
At least SHE has a cute one.

You want to know about mine...?

Mine is STILL leaning up against the front of the house waiting to be retro-fitted.


(BIG sigh......)

[That 1970 metal screen door will be kicked to the some point.]

I brought it home from Allegan Antique Market last month
doing the happy dance all the way.

Look at the vintage goodness on her....

[I keep wondering how many times that sweet rusty old hook has swung back and forth on that door creating that delicious groove....]

Sure, she's a little worse for wear,
but nothing that a little wood filler and glue won't fix.

[There's already a wonderfully rusty hook in the center for a Christmas wreath.]

Before she gets fitted so that I can hear that good ol'
summertime-slammin'-screen-door sound that I so long for,
I think I'll just give her a light dry brush of black
and keep all of that original beautiful distressing.

In the meantime...
I know (and love) a great dumpster diver.

But, does anyone know a good carpenter...?

Thanks for hanging in there with me today!

{Hugs & blessings } 


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  1. What great items and a dumpster-diving hubby to boot! You are a lucky lady! Wish I could come shop at your place.

  2. What a great post, Laurie. I don't know if I have missed a few, but I have missed YOU!! I'm wishing you and Debbie lots of luck at the Flea Market...I'd love to go and finally meet you ladies but I just don't know what my schedule is yet. Fingers crossed!

    I am really loving your signs and the your trip to South Haven brought back good memories of our own a few weeks ago. I didn't bring my camera so your pictures mean a lot to me. Happy Anniversary!! We celebrate our 25th in December!!

    Love all your new treasures, the screen door is wonderful, very vintage and chippy!! I never find good things like that!!

    Take care, my friend and have a great weekend!


  3. some more of your beauty coming through in so many items:) I always enjoy your new post!! Give Rog a hug for me! Love you, Wendy

  4. I think your use of vintage screen doors is great. There is nothing better than the slam of a screen door. You knew it was summer when you heard that sound.

  5. First of all, I LOVE that dark screen door with that great rusty hook. I would take that in a heartbeat. LOVE LOVE.

    How great that your husband will dumpster dive for you. My son is my diver with me.

    So happy about your booth. It will be fabulous, I just know it.

  6. I think your stuff is going to fly out of your booth, Laurie! I KNOW it is! Sure wish I were going to be joining you girls over there. Not meant to be at this time, I guess.

    Love your screen door on the classes it up a little, don't you think? Now all you need is fire hydrant for a peeing post and you're all set. LOVE the door you have waiting to be hung. Can't wait to see that in place.

    Have a wonderful weekend-xo Diana ps..all your signage looks great!

  7. Good luck with our booth. Love the screen door on the kennel.. it is really cute. It was meant to be there.

  8. I adore your new footstool..but I don't think I could have covered up all that divine wicker! I also love your antique screen door..they just don't make 'em like that over here in Australia. All the best for your wonderful stall and hope that the market is buzzing for all of you.

  9. I love the simple elegance of all your pieces, and the photos are just beautiful.

  10. Hi Laurie! You have some darling things to take with you! Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like you did it up right!

  11. Love the doors! I, too, have been longing for that old sound of the wood door slammin' shut in the summer time when a child runs out the door. So sweet. Love your post, wish I could grab a cuppa but it's night and java and me (of tea!) don't work well at night. (I'd be up at 1 AM!)


  12. What a great post, Laurie! Wow, you sure are one busy lady! A big congrats on your anniversary! I love South Haven. The beach is gorgeous, and they have some great shops in town! Love, love, love your signs! I am so excited that you all will be at the flea market. I wish I could attend! Phooey! So, when we move back next year, it is tops on my list! And your desk turned out awesome! Now go and take a well deserved break:)

  13. What a fun post and I hope that all of you do well at the show. Loved the drive along the coast and the beach photos. White caps are awesome.
    Loved the desk, the foot stool, the screen doors and the carrier that you won.
    I am proud of you for painting your own sign and it came out great. Loved the moon sign on the old lid- made me laugh.
    Hugs- Tete

  14. I just found your blog and love it. Your signs are great. What fun to spend your anniversary at the lake. Love your pictures of the lighthouses. I have been to Michigan once and toured several lighthouses.

  15. Wishing I lived close enough...your creations are fabulous. Love the Heaven's Walk sign too!

  16. Fun post Laurie and I did actually top up my teacup half way through:-) I love your signs and laughed at your sanding comments (I threw down my grit sandpaper today in disgust and fired up my palm sander!). And... I have a wicker stool very like that one which I've been wondering if I should paint,love how yours looks with the slipcover.

  17. LOVE your signs and bottles~ I wish I could be there with you girls at the fleamarket!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  18. Love those bottles !! and wowww that signs are do great things from

  19. good morning....I'm just sitting here with my morning coffee, scrolling through my fav blogs and found yours....I'm so happy I following and plan to come back very often....I absolutely LOVE the flower pots...thx for sharing, will definitely be trying this out soon....pls stop by for a visit to my blog....I look forward to seeing more wonderful inspiration....xo, Mariaelena

  20. You have a beautiful blog! So inspiring and warming to wake up to. ;))

  21. Good luck at your sale! Judging by the cute things you have, things should go quickly. The little bottles with the labels and the stool are my favorite things. Too bad for me that I live so far away . Have a fun and profitable sale!! Shannon

  22. Sheesh, I drank all my tea!! LOL! :)
    Alright missy you need to sell things more often, you creations are GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't wait to see everything set up in your booth, you gals are going to have the best booth there!! I am so excited that you did the apothecary jars. They turned out perfect!
    Congrats on the win at Marie's, she is so sweet.
    I love your pics of South Haven and I am so glad that you had a good day.
    Maize's screen door is so cute, she is so shabby chic! :) I wouldn't worry too much about your screened door, my basket light isn't up either. :) Men! lol!
    I can't wait to see you, enjoy creating and good luck getting it all there!! If you need help setting up, I am happy to come. :)

  23. Wow...Happy Anniversary! We recently celebrated our 35th!

    Loved browsing through all your things this morning...makes me wish I could come to your Flea Market. I would love to be able to stop by and say "hi"! Sounds like such a neat way to sell things and meet new people!

  24. You've got some great things to sell. Wish I could come. Love the screen doors! Awesome finds :) You keep winning some fab giveaways :)

  25. Love your signs their so pretty, and you did a great job on the little desk too, it looks great! Happy belated anniversary.... sounds like you had a wonderful time! Have a great weekend!!!

  26. Laurie - super fun and pretty blog! I love how you already have a rusty hook pegged for a Christmas wreath ! HaHa. Have a super weekend! :)

  27. You have a great eye to spot treasures! I just love everything you found and restored!

  28. You have been a busy girl! Love all your tresures and happy anniversary!

  29. oh I love vintage screen doors!!!

  30. Hi Laurie,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband!!
    What a nice way to spend it!! Love the shot of the white tides washing up on the shore! A beautiful sunny day...
    All the Best,

  31. You have a lovely blog. I love your screen door. I have one leaning on my front porch also. Happy to be one of your newest followers.

  32. Wishing you the best at Allegan. Such great stuff you have...wish I could be there!

  33. You are going to do GREAT next weekend at the flea market! I wish I could be there shopping and having a wonderful time. xo,

  34. Hi Laurie - you have such a soothing and lovely blog! Nice to meet you---

    I'm a new follower, too...

    Best wishes on your upcoming Market Days on Aug 28th - sounds like it will be divine and enjoy with Michelle and Heather - you all will have a wonderful time!

    Happy Weekend---

    beachside cottage

  35. Hi Laurie
    Love your signs and bottles!!! My friend just told me about Anne Sloan paint, I can't wait to try it out.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  36. Hi Laurie,

    beautifull pictures.

    Have I nice day. I will have too because it's my birthday.

    Bey, Sylvia

  37. Hi Laurie. I just found your beautiful blog. I'm enjoying your wonderful pictures and peaceful music this morning.

    I'm your newest follower and subscriber. I can't wait to visit again.

    Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)

  38. Hi Laurie. This post is full of so many ideas, as well as the gorgeous lake pics. Happy Anniversary! One question - on your French flower pot post, you didn't say whether you printed the French writing off on transfer paper, or a laser printer or injet on regular paper. I'm wanting to try this out! Linda
    (p.s. I'm a new follower.)

  39. Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary.The signs are all lovely and I love the one by your door.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer.


  40. Woooohoooo! everything looks wonderful sis! I'm anxious to get down there and see it all in person!
    The booth is going to be the BEST looking one there!
    Congrats on your win...great bottles and carrier!
    I've been tagging things for the market...I have more than I thought I'd have to sell.
    Great post!!!

  41. Hi Laurie! I love your idea about your table! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post!! Cant wait to see how the table turns out_ xoxo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  42. Hello Laurie!!

    I just love your signs!! Isn't it exciting (and a lot of work) to get ready for a show?!! And you get to hang out with some wonderful friends too!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  43. Great post Laurie. You had to make up for time away. You've been very busy so I'll forgive you...haha. Happy Anniversary and how come I can't believe you just celebrated your 27th...were you a child bride?
    Good luck at the show. Praying for great weather for ya.
    ps...true love is someone willing to dumpster dive for ya. Wonder if that sign would sell?

  44. Such a cute post! I NEED that "Believe in Grace" sign! Very cute!! Lovely designs - all of them, thanks for sharing! :) xo, Reannah

  45. I am so glad you decided to keep that screen. When I see things that are going to the market I scream at my screen...NO don't do it!!
    I love your Heaven's Walk sign...the font is fabulous! I wish my man was a dumpster diver...he just drives faster past them!!!

  46. Happy 27th anniversary! We just celebrated our 27th in June! Looks like you have the perfect man if he's also divin' into dumpsters for treasures! LOVE all of your finds -- man I wish I could be at the market you talked about! Michigan is not that far from me though . . .

  47. I actually found myself relaxing while looking at your beautiful photos.
    Happy Anniversary!

  48. Lovin the screen doors!! Wishing you many sales!

  49. ohmygosh,LOVE that amazing black screen door! thanks for linking up to VIF! xoxo

  50. Happy Anniversary! You have some amazing things for your booth! wish I could visit some of the great shows I see on blogs! Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  51. lovely post.. that striped stool cover is gorgeous!

  52. You have so many lovely things, good luck with the flea market and thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  53. Hey Laurie, Beautiful Post, first off, Happy Anniversary, sounds like You & Hubby had a great day... now for the Treasures, both what you are working on & what you found~ Love the little stool & Cover.... Oh, how I wish I could come to the Allegan show, I just mapquested, it is just over 2.5 hours from Me, to Meet You & Debby would be Fabulous~ I'll have to work on my daughter to go, if not, maybe Next Year! Thanks for such a fun post, No Rain for the weekend, that will be My wish for You!

  54. Wow! All of your pieces are so pretty. I especially love the desk...perfectly distressed. Thanks for joining my party.

  55. You have such great taste! I love that screen over the fence...great idea!

  56. Well I wasn't planning on going to Allegan this month after nearly croaking last month from the heat but after looking at your post I think I might have to change my mind. Love everything you posted! Thanks for sharing.


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