Friday, July 29, 2011

Pallet Art & Some Thank You's

I MUST start out this post with a HUGE

Thank you

for the wonderfully encouraging comments on my French Flower Pots!
It was fun knowing that they inspired so many of you to try your hand at this technique.

Thank you to all my new followers, too!
I'm truly glad to meet you and am looking forward to getting to know you better!

And last, but not at all least ~

Thank you to Vanessa and Heather

for featuring me this week at
Simply Sundays.

Simply Sundays is a beautiful place of inspiration,
and a testament of their love and faith in God.

So, be sure to stop by there for your weekly devotion.

Now ~
are you ready?

I have another project you just may want to try your hand at.


I've been busy.
Real busy.

It's been incredibly hot and muggy here in Michigan
so I've been hiding out indoors,
appreciating the AC
with Maizie happily by my side.

This project was inspired by Pottery Barn.
Gotta love that Barn.

Our next door neighbor was busily cleaning out his pole building last week,
when he came trotting over with some pallet-type things.
Dusty, dirty, spider-webby.
Some had hinges on them,
so they must have been some type of gate or something at one point.

He asked if I could use them for anything.


"Are you serious?"

Well, you know those light bulb moments that I have once in a while...
when I'm really lucky?

Well, the light bulb went on immediately
and I practically grabbed those pallets from his hands
giggling like a little school girl.

He must'ave thought I was a nut-job.

But that would be nothing new.
A lot of people think that.

I think he was glad that it was just one more pile of crap he didn't have to haul away.

He also gave me these.

Ohhhh, yeah - baby.

I know exactly what these will soon become.

But you've got to wait.
That's for another post...

Anyway, that pile of pallet-thingies sat by my potting bench
awaiting my light bulb moment to come to fruition.

After a good scrubbing,
and a lonnng time drying out in the hot, humid weather,
(things just don't dry with 73% humidity in the air)
I hauled three of them inside and down to the nice, cool basement.

Before I could begin working on them....

we lost power.

Remember those four days
of maniac crafting in the semi-dark?

They sat down there for a couple days until I decided
to make like a modern day pioneer woman
and pull out my little Energizer lantern -
along with my stencils, paint, transfer paper, and brushes.

What else was there to do....??

I dragged the pallets up into the kitchen,
and off to work I went.

{Cloudy skies + drawn shades + no lighting = very poor photos. So, my apologies.
Let's just pretend it's a very rustic look....}

After deciding what verbiage I wanted on each pallet,
I traced the letters onto the wood...

and discovered that I'm still a little "word-spacing-challenged",
but I'm working on it.
Really, I am.

 Dry-brushing this pallet with a little watered down white paint
gave it a driftwood look.

And then, to the hum of my little lantern
and Maizie snoring at my feet,
I began painting.

And painting.
And painting.
And painting.

Letter by letter,
word by word...

with no noise from TV or radio ~
(nor the generator unfortunately)

I have to admit that
it was actually quite a peaceful, fulfilling job.

After a few back-breaking hours,
the "Live" pallet was completed!

I completed the "Sunshine" pallet the next day.

And the third day,
the larger whitewashed "Beach Rules" pallet was finished.

[Before distressing]

[After distressing and waxing]

I added a very light coat of paste wax to them all
for protection and a slightly finished look,
and they are ready to take to Doster Emporium to sell.
 [You can find Doster Emporium on Facebook now!]

Though....I may hang on to "Sunshine".....

she makes me happy.

So, there you go.

Another reclaimed,
saved from the burning pile.



What'cha think?
Will they sell?

{ Hugs }

PS...Some of you asked some questions on my French Flower Pot post, but didn't leave an email so I could get back to you with an answer.  So I answered them all (I hope) in the comment area of that post!

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  1. Well, they look fabulous, and you are definitely creative. I totally loe them. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are one talented, charming lady! Very artistic and creative. Can I borrow your "light bulb" some time? :) xo,

  3. I love these and I have loved looking around your blog. Everything is beautiful!
    Your newest happy follower,
    Jenn :)

  4. Loved those french inspired pots of yours, but these are my FAVS! I'm really loving the "you are my sunshine" one as that is my special song with oldest granddaughter. Your creativity is AMAZING and I can't wait to read your Sunday devotions at "the fence"!

  5. I think they're beautiful Laurie! You are very talented! And you have a great neighbor too!

  6. Well of course they will sell! They are so neat!! Hey guess what Laurie?? I had SUCCESS with another label on the other side of that box. This time I followed the instructions! ha!!

  7. Well, aren't you just the crafty lady lately???
    I wondered what you would do with these...great idea!!! they are soooooooooo cute. Especially the Sandcastle one.
    Good, good, good job!!!!!!!!

  8. Laurie-Those are great! LOVE THEM...but we all know that Mr.GoogleEyes came over to get a gander at your lovely face!..or maybe hoping you would offer him a sip of DirtyDogUglyCat! It has been hot and humid here too but at least we didn't lose power.

    Long week here- I will write to you when I get a chance-xo Diana

  9. Hey Laurie- Are those two rusty supports the side pieces to an old sewing machine?

  10. Go Laurie go! You've got it g

  11. Laurie! You make me smile! Just love this and the pots - I was on my way over to check them out! And here you go! I am planning to pin both with Pinterest!
    Have a great day,

  12. Laurie, wow they are so beautiful just like YOU :) I love them. Oh yes they should sell I don't know why they wouldn't. Again you are so talented and gifted.... Love ya
    Joycie :)

  13. I just found your blog (via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia) and I am so glad I did. I was so inspired by your French Pots, I immediately used your method to transfer an image onto a table I am refinishing. Worked look a charm...looking forward to stopping back by, especially to see what you come up with using those rusty things, lol!

  14. Look at you! Laura Ingels meets Martha Stewart!!! :) I love these and I love the shape of the pallet thingies very unique.
    I can't wait to see you again!!!

  15. Great idea! Can't wait to see what you do with the old sewing machine legs...

  16. Artfully beautiful!
    You are inspiring and will be excited to see whats next!


  17. Haha...great job on the pallet thingies! I must admit I would have never known what to do with them. And I do believe they will sell. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  18. Well that is the coolest pallet I've ever seen. Ours are just the same old but hubby did just make me some boxes out of them for my fairy garden.

    You must have a pretty steady hand to do all the lettering. Came out great Laurie!

  19. Gorgeous and a brilliant remake. Gotta like a neighbour who saves you his best junk, and knows you will do something with it.

  20. Love, love, love these! What a creative way to use old pallets. I especially like the words you chose. Thanks so much for sharing this idea.
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  21. These are beautiful! I love them. Thanks for sharing today at Simply Sunday. It was very touching and 1 Thes. 4:11 will be going in my journal this afternoon. Blessings...

  22. Hello sweet Laurie! I LOVE, love, love your French flower pots!!! They are so pretty! You are so creative. I hope you are enjoying your Summer! I wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway I had for one of Jeanne Oliver Design's Luella dresses! Yay, I'm so happy for you!!! Please email me your address and I will pass it on to Jeanne {I will be announcing that you won the giveaway on my blog in the morning}.


    :) T

  23. your "driftwood" signs Laurie.
    thanks for stopping by for a visit and your sweet comment.
    for softening my dropcloth, i washed it 3 times in hot water, on the 3rd time, i added 1/2 of the non-chlorine bleach container ~ that's it:)
    voila! softened and lightened!

    xo, Rosemary
    Ozma of odds

  24. Oh Laurie I love them all!
    You are so talented...and fun to read too!!
    Have a wonderful week girlfriend!

  25. I love that palette idea! I have two palettes that have been sitting out waiting to be transformed and loved. This is another Laurie-inspired idea that I am keeping for sure.

    Happy Monday Laurie!

  26. ok, I think you are just tooooooo talented!!! looks great!!!
    wanted you to know you won one of my burlap bags, just send me an email with your address and which one you want! congrats!

  27. You are one creative woman! That looks great. I can't wait to see what you do with those iron leg things...a new table perhaps :)

    xo Tricia

  28. Those are beautiful and they should sell!

  29. BATS? Are you kidding me? Surely they aren't real!

    :() are one incredibly talented lady! WOWZERS! LOVE YOUR CREATIONS! The pots are fab!


  30. Oh bravo! Those are super cute Laurie! I love how they turned out. Thanks for linking it up to HSH!

  31. Man! I need to get some better neighbors, haa-haa. These are great! Popped over from Good Life Wednesday at Beach Cottage blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

  32. Love them, they are great and love all the words you put on them. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party.

  33. Well deserved recognition! And your pallet art turned out beautifully!

  34. The pallet signs are so awesome and I'd be surprised if they didn't sell. They are super cute!!

    Hope you're having a beachy week :O)


  35. Laurie do you think I could use your brain for a week or two??? Better yet, will you just come and stay and motivate me to get some of these awesome projects done?
    I LOVE this and the pots!!!!
    sending hugs...

  36. I like what you did with the pallets. You have a very imaginative mind which is not one of my virtues.. I am always amazed to see what you will come up with next. Very nice post.

  37. Laurie,
    The pallets look amazing. And the flower pots are absolutely stunning.
    You are one talented lady! Wow.

  38. Hi there! I am so glad to have found you and your blog on Romantic home! Love also your saying about being saved from the burn pile - truely good stewardship and use of what you have to craft and create - this is what I live by. I admire your style and goals so I am now your newest follower - come and visit me sometime as well. I am sure we have much in common!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  39. A-ma-zing! Love that beachy one best!


  40. Oh yeah baby! These will sell.

  41. If I had a beach house (which I vow to have one day) I would buy that fabulous beach pallet in a heartbeat and put it right by the front door. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  42. Visiting via "My Romantic Home", wonderful project thinking I just might file this one for the future. Oh, the french pots are to die for!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  43. Thank you for joining my party! This pallet art is so clever. I haven't seen anything like it in blogland. Good job!

  44. These pallets are beautifully down..I am realizing how versatile they can be..linking up from Saved by follower!

  45. Oh you clever girl! These pallets came out fantastic! It is funny how some folks scratch their heads at our giddy behavior toward 'junk'. You had a wonderful vision with these pallets, Laurie.
    Also, a belated congratulations on winning Tracey's giveaway. Make sure you post yourself in that fab dress!
    And thank you ever so much for your kind comment on my angel wings post. :)
    - Susan

  46. You are some kind of maniac diy-er! what a fun project this is, love that you did 3 different sayings. LOVE these. so glad you linked up to the party, xo Debra

  47. Hi Laurie,
    I featured your gorgeous French Pots on my blog today, I hope that's okay with you! I know you didn't actually link up to my party, but one of my other readers linked up her pots, that were inspired by you, and it only seemed right to feature you both, since you came up with the design and technique to begin with. You did an amazing job on them, they are truly stunning!!!

  48. Your a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Laurie! and yes...of course they'll sell...they're too darn cute not to.

  49. I have missed so much. I love these pallets and certainly think they will sale. I didn't realize you had so much talent, my friend.

  50. So absolutely beautiful Laurie!! I LOVE what you did with those pallets!! Fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing at my party! Hugs, Courtney

  51. I am a new follower and I love your blog and your are very talented and very thankful to Him for your definitely shows...I saw that you go to Sanibel...we go to Ft Myers Beach which is just a stone's throw from Sanibel...I am going to try your technique on my crock pots...I hope they work..LOL...I will let you know..

  52. I love how this turned out! :) I've featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

    If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here:

  53. Beautiful! I love your blog - from one Laurie to another - cheers! :)


  54. That was very nice of your neighbor to give it. I'm sure he was impressed by what you created with it. You are one of my favorite artists. Your creativity always inspires me.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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