Friday, July 15, 2011

In Our Home

FOUR DAYS of being without power.
FOUR DAYS of hearing our generator run outside our door.
(Thank you, Lord, for generators.)
FOUR DAYS of being careful not to run anything unnecessary requiring electricity.
FOUR DAYS of projects being knocked off my list! of the projects I tackled was this:

One large old rickety frame + one piece of MDF board from Home Depot = 

one awesome chalkboard.


Take one old frame
found while dumpster diving.

(DD is my part-time job, you know...)

Paint it.

Let it sit around in your basement for many years
because you don't know what to do with it.

Look at it once in a while,
and maybe place it on the side table in your kitchen just because you feel slightly creative ~  
and admire the beautiful paint job you did on it.

Put it back in your basement
because you still don't know what to do with it
and it really looked kinda boring leaning on that wall.

Start blogging one evening
and look up to see that your husband is gazing at you with a funny expression on his face.

He wants to know what that light bulb is doing over your head.


Just calmly explain that you were just greatly inspired by a blog friend
and now you know what to do with that gigantic frame sitting in the basement.

Drive like a mad woman to Home Depot for a piece of MDF board
and some chalkboard paint.

Attempt to stay focused on the task at hand as you wander the aisles.

Do not drool over that shiny new refrigerator.
Do not caress the awesome outdoor barn-style lights.
Do not attempt to put that wood flooring that you want for your entry, 
in your cart.

Stay focused......

Stay focused.....

Really focused....

When you arrive safely back home,
prime the MDF board in your basement next to your elliptical trainer 
that you've neglected this week so far.

(You've been very busy with projects, you know.)

{Ignore the ugly rug.  We inherited it with the house....}

Give it three coats of chalkboard paint.

{Try not to take blurry photos while getting giddy....}

The next day,
place it in your frame
and nail it in with brads.

Prime the chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it
and erasing it with a chalkboard eraser.

Grab your chalk again and write something inspiring on it.

Place it on your side table.

LOVE what you see ~

and then take a lot of photos of it.

Realize that it is...
and just what that wall needed.

But it just may need a little distressing love,
don't ya think....?

{ Hugs }

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  1. I love, love, love this idea! Your space shown is so pretty and fresh. Thanks for inspiring; have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear that you have no power. There are about 2000 homes around our area still without power after some really bad storms that went through earlier this week. We were lucky and ours never went out.
    Love your new chalkboard!! It looks great on your side table. Distressing love would look great too.

    Hope your power comes back on soon and that you have a great weekend.

  3. I love it. You did a great job. I also love what you wrote on it.

  4. Oh no! No power. Hope that get worked out soon. Your project came out great though, Laurie. I made one recently and put magnetic paint underneath the chalkboard paint so that it could be nice and versatile...that didn't work out so good. It took forever to do all the steps and then in the end the magnets wouldn't stick to the darn thing!

  5. Love love love your chalkboard Laurie!!! What a charmer and yes, perfect for your space! Glad you have your power back!! We had power outages so many times this winter... and we do not have a generator but really thought about getting one!!! Thanks for linking up!

  6. The chalkboard is wonderful but I just noticed your ceiling. What I wouldn't give for planked ceilings! It's incredible. Hope you have a great weekend. It's going to be a hot one I think...

  7. Power outage is a bummer!
    But the chalkboard is amazing! Love the large size of it. Looks so good on that wall.
    Becky C

  8. I was ready to call it quits for the night when I saw your post. Loving your looks mucho better than it did blank. I was beginning to think you didn't have anything on your mind cuz it was just blank...and look what you came up with now!

    Love your drop cloth...oh...I never knew anyone that used rugs for drop cloths...doesn't it get a bit expensive? said you inherited it. Too bad they didn't leave you money instead!

    Okay-outta here. Off to Milwaukee tomorrow for BabyE's bday and MyHero's Bd and my son and dil's Anniversary. WOWSER!

    Have a great sorry about your power being out. I suppose you had to wash your "delicates" out by hand in the sink~ bwhahahahaha...xo Diana

  9. I love it! It's perfect in your dining room.

  10. Laurie, I love the chalk board! But.. I love what you wrote on it more...says so much about you, special lady!

  11. Lovely Laurie..I think it brings an added depth and focus to the room..and looks wonderful, just what that old frame was meant for!

  12. Distress it laurie!!!
    I am not happy until I have nudged its aging history a bit :)

    It deserves a standing ovation bravo and I am pleased to hear you had a generator to work with :)

    Staying home amazes us sometimes at how much we can get caught up on!! Oh laurie I would have never taken the empty frame to the basement I would have let it sit empty inspiring me on what it wants to be! I also love empty frames, I have 5 of them on top of the kitchen cabinets just leaning against the wall inspire simple beauty!

    see my friend soon,
    Thank you for your visits leaving me the best comments that sooooo! encourage what we love creating!!


  13. PS....What colour paint did you use and by who?? The frame paint!

  14. First off, kudos to you for 4 days without power. I'd go insane! I really like your big chalkboard and how you have it displayed. Although I've never used chalkboard paint, I bought some the other day and will be making my own project soon. Hope mine turns out as well as yours! Have a great weekend.

  15. it! You did a fabulous job! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  16. I guess I haven't been paying attention because I never noticed how STUNNING your kitchen is. This new chalkboard adds the perfect touch of black to accentuate the lovely, serene white you have going on in there. I love it!!

    Finishing this chalkboard also gets one more 'potential project' out of your basement, and this is ALWAYS a good thing! It also makes room for your next fantastic dumpster dive.

    It's been a while since we lived on generator power for days and days ... and it's not fun. (We have a big generator that we hook to an auxiliary panel box to run our well pump and a few necessities.) The last time was after a big storm a few years ago and we had a sick three-year-old at the time. I swear the boy popped a fever and started throwing up at the exact second the lights went out. The only way we survived was keeping him distracted with DVD movies played on my laptop plugged into the generator. I'm glad your power is back.

  17. Oooooooo I love it!!! Love what you wrote on it too. If we could all remember that! Love how you wrote up this post. Very creative!!

  18. That is so simple and beautiful!
    That is such a lovely room.
    Happy to hear you have power again.

  19. i LOVE the chalkboard....especially the scale of it. your breakfast room looks like a lovely place to start (or end) the day........


  20. Looks great! I really enjoyed this post! That is a terriffic frame for a chalkboard! Very nice!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  21. I love what you did!!! It looks great, thank you for your blog it is wonderful

  22. I love the size of your chalkboard. What a statement it makes. So fun to go with you as you went shopping and got it all made.

    Take care, friend...

  23. Awesome! I loved it when I saw it in person, and love it now on your blog!!!
    I cannot imagine you not having electricity! How would you do your hair?????!!!!!!

  24. Your blog is such a feast for the eyes. Your home so bright and inviting. I love the chalkboard.

  25. Well, it looks like you made a great use of your time without power! Love your chalkboard, and yes, I think it would be even better with a little distressing. ;-)
    P.S. Home Depot is a great source of distraction for me as well!

  26. HELLOOOOOO lovely lady!!!!! I love am in love with your new chalkboard!! Now come on confess, you put other things in that cart at Home Depot besides the paint! ;D I love the saying that you put on the board to, you are so creative and even in the extreme heat and crazy storms! I hope you didn't get any damage, sorry about the power, that stinks! I hope you are having a great weekend and stay COOL!!!!!

  27. Your chalkboard frame turned out so wonderful! I love the size of it and your sweet saying on the board.
    I'm a new follower and can't wait to look at more of your treasures. Beautiful home!

  28. Oh, you poor thing! FOUR days?! At least you tackled a cool project though. I love the way it turned out. I don't think it needs distressing but it certainly wouldn't be bad if you did. Either would be beautiful. I LOVE what you've written on the board too. (Debbie cracked me up with her comment, "How would you do your hair?" Love it.)

  29. Laurie,
    The chalkboard looks terrific!
    I, too, have been thankful to have a generator in the past. First, you keep forgetting the power is off and continue to flip switches. Then the power comes back on, and you forget you have it!

  30. Hi Laurie...I love your chalkboard and what you have written upon it! It looks wonderful in your room, which is one of my favorite spaces in blogland!

  31. it's wonderful and looks so pretty in your beautiful home! Nice job and so worth the wait :) diane

  32. Great idea - love the saying!
    Love generators too! What would we do without them!
    Dropping by from Met Monday.


  33. Love this idea and your beautiful home...I am new to blogging and love your site...Gail

  34. Your new chalkboard fits so perfectly there. I love what you wrote on it as well. Beautiful job!

  35. Oh yes the dreaded noreply email...uggh. I forget to look sometimes and then think uggh again. anywho love the frame now chalkboard!!!! It looks like it really belongs there and balances the room beautifully.


  36. Love this post. Made me laugh cause I been there done that at Home Depot / Lowes.

  37. Oh how I love the way to finished that frame...felt like I'm flipping through the pages of Ballard Designs... just perfect for your beautiful dining room. Glad to know you got your power back! Your style of writing made me smile. Thanks for stopping by and liking my lavender pots and all your loving comments. I have emailed you the rose and poem graphic and I hope you were able to open the attached file. If not then let let me know and I'll try resending it. Have a wonderful week! Hugs~Poppy

  38. Laurie,
    That looks fantastic!~ Thanks for linking it up at HSH!

  39. So glad you had the generator, but the frame and chalkboard turned out great! Thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  40. Ya did it again deary! So way awesome and by far the BEST tutorial EVER. Who's a hummin' now?! *do-wa-ditty ditty* ;)

  41. Inspiring words on a fab board. Love the size of it too. I now have the painting bug and if it stands still it may just get painted. Using Annie Sloan paints does make the process so much quicker and as I am more than a little impatient to get results it works well for me.

  42. Love It!!! Sounds so familiar right from the beginning. Seems at least once a summer we spend with a generator running for days. Also finding something very cool but not knowing what to do with it so there it sits in the basement for years. I enjoyed reading this so much. Thank you!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Okay, first of all, your post just CRACKED ME UP!! Secondly, hope your power's soon restored. Thirdly, love love LOVE your chalkboard...what a PERFECT complement to your decor!!

  45. and you did this all without power Laurie!!! You 'da bomb! I love it and the beautiful room you put it in!
    I laughed so hard at your trip to the store. So you do that too????
    hugs from here...

  46. Dumpster Diva is more like it!!! I LOVE what you did. I looks amazing my friend!

  47. You have been busy Laurie, I love your chalkboard and I think it looks wonderful where you have placed it. xx

  48. Laurie, I am glad that I am not the only one that has empty frames laying around my house for! Your chalkboard turned out wonderfully! It looks soooo perfect in your dining room.


  49. I love it when an idea finally comes together!!!! And what a wonderful addition to your dining room!

  50. Thank you so much for posting our Mountain of Giveaway button on your sidebar!! I hope that your followers come on over and check it out. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is everything you hear about and MORE. I am glad you came over to visit us, otherwise I don't know that I would have found your gorgeous and inspiring blog!! I am your newest follower!

  51. What a perfect use for that lovely frame! I love what you wrote on it. How funny that when that light bulb goes off we can't get started soon enough on the 'big idea'!
    - Susan

  52. Your room is so pretty! :) I love the words on your chalkboard. I'd like to do some vinyl similar. Would you mind? I would link to you of course, should I do it.

  53. Love your chalkboard! I did one in my kitchen a while back and I love putting Bible Verses on it as well as notes of inspiration!!!

  54. What an awesome project!! I must say you were more productive than I ever was when we were out of power for for an entire week due to Hurricane Rita! No fun at all but looks like you made the very best of your power outage! Thanx for stopping by earlier!

  55. I just love this story! great chalkboard & wording.

    Thanks for your kind words and visiting :)


  56. Sorry to hear you have power problems. You did a wonderful job on the chalkboard and frame though, it turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  57. Beautiful!!!
    I cant wait to show you mine too. Chalk paint is such fun! Im painting our kitchen white and I have a frame that is amazing and cant wait to put the chalk bboard to it!
    Love it here...I see Ive already become a follower a long time ago, but I dont have you on my sidebar. Im doing that now! Come and visit!

    Deborah xoxo

  58. Ha! Such a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it cause it sounded just like what I do! I've been wanting to do this with several junk finds! Now you've gotten me revved up "again"! Love the quote on chalk board, I just saw that in the new uppercase living catalog (linked on my blog) Hope you'll visit our site. I really enjoyed my visit here!

  59. Fantastic, I love it, and the words........just beautiful!!! xo,

  60. Laurie, your blog is beautiful and so is the music you have. Your chalkboard turned out great and I am drooling over your French pots. I'm glad you commented on my chalkboard so I could find your blog. I'm now following along.

  61. Love it! thanks for all the how to's

    barbara jean


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