Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hippy Chic and Naked Mannequins

The first local antique market of the season opened up today.
Considering the long, cold winter and
long, cold spring we've had here in Michigan,
I vowed that I was NOT going to go if it was cold....or rainy....or snowing for that matter.
No way, Jose.

The day dawned cold.
Like 40 degrees.
But it wasn't raining...or snowing.

So after rolling out of bed at 6am, 
I pulled on jeans, tee, heavy wool winter sweater,
woolly socks and tall boots,
grabbed a cup of hot, sweet coffee and headed out the door into the dark morning ~
leaving the Mister all snuggled up in bed with Maizie.

A half hour later after I pulled into a parking spot in the field and started walking toward the market,
it started to rain.
Not much, but enough to be irritating and turn a good hair day into a very bad one.
Oh....and did I mention it was blowing?
Really blowing.
Like blowing hard enough to flip my umbrella
(which had been tucked into my purse as an afterthought)
inside out?
It was blowing hard...and raining.


And the Mister was back home all cuddled in a nice warm bed...

You could have heard my moan of despair all the way to Wisconsin, I think.

So, there I was...battling not only my bad hair whipping around my head like a wild banshee,
but standing in the rain in midst of a wet, windblown crowd shaking my umbrella like a crazy woman trying to get it right side out again.
What FUN.

But...being the die hard shopper my momma brought me up to be,
I forged ahead with my shopping radar tuned on high.

The rain did stop after a while,
(thank you, Lord!)
but the winds screamed around the booths threatening to pick up the canopies
and swirl them away like Mary Poppins.
I really think I saw a cow blow by me at one point...
(or maybe it was one of those large metal sheep that one guy makes?).

I made my way past women wrapped tightly in a colorful quilts over their winter coats and hats,
and men with pink blankets around their shivering shoulders
attempting to stay warm however they could.
(Real men DO wear pink blankets, you know.)

I stared in disbelief at a crazy man in shorts (shorts....really?)
 taking photos of a bare naked mannequin
in all her cold, busty glory.
(Oh, I can just imagine the story HE was going to share with his buddies over Friday night beers.)

I sauntered slowly past the food trailers inhaling the spicy aroma of fried onions and sausages,
my stomach growling in dismay.
There was no way I was going to spend my money on food.
(Get over it, Stomach.)

My first purchase, appropriately enough,
was a queen quilt and sham set.
In perfect condition and softly worn.

 I hugged it to my chest 
and seriously considered becoming a blanket mummy like everyone else.
But at least the front of me was warm.

I continued walking...
a stuffed squirrel and deer antlers,
huge wooden vintage market signs,
wicker furniture galore,
rusty hinges and antique glassware,
painted and distressed cabinets and tables,
and garden trinkets
lined the aisles.

 Escaping the howling wind for a while, I ducked inside one of the buildings,
walking past walls of paintings, mounds of jewelry, and a pile of rugs.

A pile of rugs???
I stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes landed on this beauty
half falling off of a table.

It was small.  Only a 2'x3', but so beautifully worn with it's faded blues and pale pinks.
I knew instantly that it would make a beautiful pillow cover.
(Do they even make strong enough sewing machine needles to do that...?)

I also nabbed this rug off the same table for our kitchen ~
also wonderfully worn and threadbare in spots.

At a nearby booth manned by a cool, chic, hippy gal with carrot colored hair,
I spied this knife set, complete with cheese knife and cake slicer.
It was love at first sight when I touched those handles.

Beautiful, shabby chic, porcelain...
made in England nonetheless.
Hippy Chic gave me a great deal on them.
I could have hugged her!
I happily stuffed them in my bag.

I wandered through the throngs of half frozen blanketed people
(who were all mumbling about the miserable weather),
and almost stumbled over this sweet blue bench
sitting in the middle of the aisle.
All by itself.

It was destiny.

I picked it up and turned to find the booth owner
who seemingly appeared out of nowhere ~
which can be quite unnerving when shopping with an iced brain and contact lenses full of blowing dirt.

The tag on it said $15.
After squinting my eyes and asking my usual.... 
"Can you do any better on the price...?",
he replied, 
"How about $5?"
I think I shoved my $5 dollar bill down his shirt in utter joy
and danced away singing the "Hallelujah Chorus".

Yes, I was the crazy, wild haired banshee woman you saw singing her way down the windy road.

Three hours later,
I still couldn't feel my fingers or my nose, and I was ready to hit the road.
I was ready to leave the land of the frozen Blanket Mummies behind.
My sofa, cozy new quilt, and nice warm house were calling me.
So, I started back to the field where my SUV was parked.




my radar zeroed in on THIS little treasure.

Oh. My. Gosh.

My feet were planted squarely in front of her.
I wasn't moving for anybody.
She was mine.
I swooned over the thin, worn, rose patterned fabric on her.
I loved her pink chippy legs.
I adored the way someone had tried to lovingly hand stitch the vintage fabric back together,
patching the holes with muslin.

I stared.
In love.

I touched the stitches and ran my hand over the thin, lineny fabric.
There was definitely horse hair under there,
which in my mind, made this little beauty quite old ~
and I loved the thought of having a little horse hair in the house.
(Strange, but true.)

But.....where to put her??
What room?
What corner?
What place....?
There had to be SOMEPLACE for her to fit in my house.

"That fabric is very vintage and very rare.
I can't remember the name of it, but Google it and you'll see.
Oh....and I can do better on the price, you know."

I looked up to see Cool Hippy Chic smiling in front of me.

"How much better....?", I tentatively asked,
not taking my eyes off of her
{the bench, not the Chic}.
The price had originally been $48,
cut to $35.

" does $20 sound?"

For 20 bucks, I'd wear her around my neck if I had to
{the bench, not the Chic}.

I quickly paid Hippy Chic before she changed her mind and went on my merry way.

And wouldn't you know it,
by the time I got home....
the sun was shining.

Go figure.

So, Rare Vintage Rose Bench is now happily living in our vintage farmhouse,
(which room however, remains to be seen)
and I'll be looking for more of Cool Hippy Chic's wonderful treasures next month.

Now...where to put her......?
{the bench, not the Chic}

Thus ends the first seasonal installment of "Blanket Mummies of Allegan".
Stay tuned for next month when I may bring you
"Drowned Banshee Rats Raid Allegan"
or maybe even
"Sweaty Banshee Poses With Naked Mannequins in Allegan".

In Michigan,
 you never can tell.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Hello! Love your blog and especially this post-you are a fantastic writer. The cutlery absolutely took my breath away! Also loved the quilt-did it have a tag on it? Was just curious if it was something of Rachel Ashwell's...Stephanie from Wa. state

  2. You're one tough cookie. I was wondering if anyone had the courage to go there today. Nice scores!

  3. Oh that cutlery is just to die for - how beautiful Laurie !
    And that pink bench?
    In front of THE cabinet?
    On layered rugs?
    Perfection !!!

  4. Oh my Laurie, you found some fantastic treasures at the Market today!! I am loving that blue bench and of course that awesome pink chippy bench!! Hoping to go either next month or June. Memorial Day is the first for the Burlee Park flea market, just north of Howard City off of 131, which is a Huge one!! You should sooo go to it!

  5. Hahahaha.. the mental pictures I have... Such a great post. And the treasures you scored.
    Glad you got some good buys in spite of the weather.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. That was entertaining to read! I too was disappointed in yesterday's weather in T.C. But late in the day it improved and we got outside for a bit. Today was much improved and I got out and cleared garden debris from the long winter which included a huge amount of oak leaves. Looks like you found some nice treasures! I'm sure if you had not endured the early morning trek through it all your treasures would've been swooped up by someone else!

  7. Oh girl, you are too adorable!... no one can tell weave a tale quite like you... LOVE all your beautiful finds!... that blue bench is my fav... no, wait... the knives and cake slicer are... no, well, I love them ALL!... and that quilt is so dreamy!... can't wait to see where shabby pink bench ends up... but sweetie pie, why oh why didn't you get a pic of hippy chic?... inquiring minds want to know what she looked like???... sounds like she was a sweetie though, and had lots of cool treasures... how I wish I was there with you, wild hair blowing in the wind, being a blanket mummy and loving every minute of it!... enjoy your new "booty"!... xoxo Moi

  8. Eeek, and I cannot wait for Drowned Banshee Rats Raid Allegan... xoxoxo

  9. Oh good Laurie....I'm so glad that you had a chance to go, even if it wasn't ideal weatherwise. Some great treasures and I know that you've been looking for a rug! xoxo

  10. You did find some pretty awesome stuff!!! I am crazy about that flatware! I just wish it hadn't been such nasty weather for you Laurie. Your momma raised a tough girl, I'd say!

  11. Those are some awesome finds! Sorry that the weather wasn't the best, but looking at the finds I think it was worth it!! Love the quilt and shams :)

  12. Woohoo! You found some fabulous loot for sure.All the cold, wind and bad hair day was well worth it missy!

  13. I have to calm down. Forget the weather, and yes, I'm sorry about the hair...rain does a super curly number on me, too. You found too many wonderful things to even comment all of it!! You are a seasoned trouper...even with some of your hesitation. And the bench....LOVE!

    We really need to get together!


  14. I spent many years in the Seasons of Michigan Laurie, and you described it all to well. Your finds are gorgeous! Even now in the PNW I leave Hubby in a nice warm bed and head out the door. If you go to late the Hippy Chic's of the Market are all sold out! Enjoy your Gorgeous Treasures and Have a Great week!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  15. ha! you are an amazing shopper and huntress in the elements--love your finds and spirit, laurie. best to you on this dreary (at least for me) drizzly monday.


  16. ha! love your mad shopping skillz in the elements, and what amazing finds for the huntress! best to you on this dreary and drizzly (at least here!) monday.


  17. Beautiful treasures sweetie,love it all,you is happy woman !!! I wish you more pretty finds and nice wheater with sun :-) Hugs !!! xoxo

  18. What a great recap of your shopping trip. I love the rose bench and the quilt. :)

  19. Hi Laurie, LOVE THIS and what great treasures you brought back. From the quilt, the bench, the rugs, I love it all. When I was growing up in Michigan we used to say, what a minute the weather will change. Just knowing when it will change is the challenge. Loved your written story for the day. Looks like you had a blast even with bad weather and blowing hair. Looking forward to more!!
    Love the pink bench at the end too. Gorgeous.

    Blessings for the week my friend.

  20. Laurie,
    I always enjoy sitting down and reading through a new post of yours. Your sense of humor shines through words peppered with emotions. Got to admit I think I would of called it quits and headed home by the time the umbrella turned inside out. Lovely knives and cake slicer.
    Have a wonderful week.

  21. LOL Laurie, thanks for making me spit coffee on my computer screen:) You are too funny! Wow, you scored some amazing things!!! Those knives are to die for, I beyond love them! And the little stool is so very you! Love everything but I have to confess, I'm quite shocked that you haven't attacked your kitchen cabinets with white paint!

  22. What beautiful things you came home with! I love your storytelling, it's like being right there with you. I think Michigan must have better and older antiques than Texas as you always seem to find the best stuff. I think at one point you should write a book about your adventures. Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  23. Wow, so many trasures you got. Love all of them. The pink bench is gorgeous and I love the rug.

    Have a great week

  24. What beautiful treasures, and thrifty finds!

  25. Holy Moly...that bench for $5? What a steal!!! And those knives are to die for! Enjoy all of your fabulous finds they are wonderful!

  26. Oh my! LOVE it all and you and I would have gotten into a fight over all of those items. Good thing I was home in my warm walked away with all the prizes!

  27. Laurie, I adore your humor, and your finds, looking for old area rugs and finding not the deals you find on your treasures. You always find the best pieces, your mix of chic and shabby is beginning to take on a hippy Bo oh feel to its chic ness and I love this look, use to be it before it was even cool to be chic or shabby, but that's what we do when we move out on our own young and braving the world at 18, now having the years on me and the hunt for a treasure done pat, I see a find and a deal and make it work.
    I am so inspired by your very own style.... and see here that you have found your passion and look to designing around it.
    The bench what a deal, the knives blend well with your look, and your new hippy friend what can I say, you will have a place to find treasures that's for sure.


  28. Oh my dear Laurie! What fabulous finds you brought to share with us today! Fantastic! Love the rugs, they're gorgeous and you know exactly how to beautifully display them. I couldn't help but laugh about the umbrella scene... (I pictured in my head...) only is that because that actually happened to me before! lol I used to be a regular at this wonderful antique shop and one day I came by running from the parking lot into the shop under the pouring rain... only to spot the owners wondering "who's that woman?". We all had a good laugh when I came inside and they realized the crazy woman was me... bless their heart! Dear, I'm glad you had a wonderful shopping day and found amazing treasures. Love ~ Vanessa xx

  29. Laurie,
    What wonderful treasures, dear friend!!!
    However, I agree. . .this Spring weather has been quite trying at times!!!
    Here's hoping your return trip will provide you with amazing great weather and treasures!!!

  30. I felt like I was right there with you shopping with your detailed narrative. You are a brave soul to shop in those conditions! But those prices were amazing! The original prices weren't bad and then you got them to come down even more! Love all of your finds. I know you must be enjoying them too.

  31. oh, my, what a lot of treasures for such little money! the bedding and rugs are lovely, and the pink stool is so charming! have a great week, laurie:)

  32. Fantastic finds, Laurie. I haven't been to Allegan in years. Friends of mine were selling there. I thought of one of them when you mentioned, Hippy Chick. It may have been her. LOL

  33. Wow! You did great and all that horrible weather was totally worth it. Easy for me to say! Man would I love to go shopping with you. You definitely are a pro!

  34. What a great story :) How fun to find things that make your heart happy :)

  35. I love the quilt! What a beautiful find!

  36. Laurie, I love your humor and the finds are so much wonderful :-) Alexandra

  37. You are a true junker at heart braving the elements and were definitely rewarded with these beautiful treasures!!

  38. Mother Nature can never deter a true junker with bargains on her mind. The pink bench is divine.

  39. Holy Cow! I'm late to the party, but jumping up and down and squealing with pure delight!

    Any way we can meet Cool Hippy Chic? Does she have an online shop for people like me living on the side of a remote mountain? She has seriously got the goods! The porcelain set & that adorable pink stool... with the soft, timeworn, lovingly repaired fabric. Oh! And Oh again! How beautiful!!!

    Those who persevere through great difficulty get the goodies. And girl? You got the goodies! :)

  40. P.S. just pinned the close-up of the fabric on your little pink stool. I'm absolutely in love with it.

  41. What wonderful things you found Laurie! You were one brave soul shopping in that weather. Here I was downstate with my family last weekend and I didn't know the Allegan flea market was going on. I would not have had time to fit it in, but I have so wanted to go sometime. I am definitely planning to make it sometime this summer. My daughter is living in Kalamazoo, so I'm going to plan a trip this summer. Is the market the 4th Sunday each month?

    Love that blanket and those knives! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have an awesome day!
    Blessings, Deborah

  42. Great treasures! I LOVE that fabulous silver with the gorgeous porcelain handles! Loved reading the post, you write so well. I felt as if I were there with you, smiling all the way!

  43. I'm so frickin jealous!!!!! You found some great finds and even better prices. I want both benches, please, I'll pay you whatever you want!!!!! OK, if you won't sell them to me can I at least ask what market you went to. I might have traveled to this one for sure, so I'll put it on my calendar for next year! Gosh you torturing me and that doesn't sound like you.

  44. That was fun walking along with you shopping LOL I really like the little blue rug

  45. You are brave to venture out in this cold! I barely want to leave town, (Mason) You have some Great finds! Looks like we might get a sunny break later in the week, for now our local Goodwill is giving me some retail therapy, take care, Celeste

  46. Just in love with your finds, you did good. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  47. so many wonderful treasures! I think you and "cool hippy chic" may become good friends.Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥

  48. Oh those treasures were worth a bad hair day and a little cold! Each one is more fabulous than the last! Loved reading your post.....great blog!

  49. Your treasures are fabulous. And in the end more satisfying because they came to you with a story, "The day I found that ..." treasures always seems a extra special. Angels t oyou. Visiting from SYC

  50. What a pretty treasures, you found, sweetie! Enjoy them! Hope you´re having beautiful spring weather already. Hugs to you, my friend.

  51. It is a little treasure and I love the journey that took you there! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!!

  52. Now that was a great story! You truly have the gift of storytelling. Great treasures and great prices! Definitely worth the trip and worth leaving a nice cozy warm bed to brave the cold strange Michigan weather!

  53. I had so much fun reading this! Love, love the treasures that you found too!

  54. Oh, what we will endure to feel as if winter is behind us at that first antique market of the year. Thank you for bringing us along with you ... you already know that I would have been digging through the pile of rugs right there with you. Great treasures you have there!

  55. Oh my gosh, that last bench is making me drool! Love her just the way she be. lol! and those utensils, never seen anything quite so gorgeous! You my friend found fab treasures. Frozen mummy or not; worth fighting the cold, don't you think? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  56. Hi Laurie, hopping by to let you know that I am featuring you at SYC this week.

  57. You deserve such lovely treasures after bracing the weather Laurie.
    Hugs (& I hope the weather warms up for you soon),

  58. Wow. You really found some treasures. And incredible prices too.


  59. Wow, you really made out with all your treasures, those prices were terrific. I bet you can thank the weather for that!...wish I lived closer and could go to that place's a bit far even though I live in MI.
    Hugs, Lynnie


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