Monday, April 7, 2014

Boho-Funky Prairie Shutters

As early spring sunshine filtered through the studio window,
sitting amidst pretty roses and prairie curtains...

RA curtains in my studio. These are staying here.

I brainstormed.

I drew sketches.

I played with pieces of wood.

The Husband and I trekked to Home Depot and spent hours sorting through planks
and picking through hinges.

And then we started playing.
Visually laying out the plan.

Prairie shutters were on the docket for the day.
Another dream was coming to fruition,
and I could barely contain myself from doing the happy dance ~
while The Husband threw numerous raised eyebrows my way.

However, we had to finagle these shutters.
Get creative.
Really creative.

Since our sofa backs up against one window and the chaise arm is close to the other window,
we had to rethink having full planks
because we wouldn't be able to open them all the way.


So I decided to design a 3/4 over 1/4 shutter for these windows. 
Something different.
Something a little funky bohemian.
Something that could be opened up behind the furniture.
The top double 3/4 length planks would move as one piece.
The bottom tri-fold planks would fold in together to clear the furniture
and then could be folded out again to lay flat against the wall. 

I stained them with Minwax 'Early American' first
followed by a light coat of homemade chalk paint in the same creamy white shade I've used throughout the house.

Of course, I didn't have any of my favorite 'prairie pink' paint that I used on the kitchen and bathroom shutters (that you can see here and here and here).
So, I pulled on my creativity cap and mixed and stirred and mixed and stirred
like a mad scientist.
Adding a little brown, a little black, and a little white to a base of bright pink "oops" paint that I nabbed at The ReStore last month for $10.

(I never said I was a neat painter, you know....)

The soft lilac-pink shade that I was waiting for gradually appeared,
(in the bottom can above)
and I swished it haphazardly all over the shutters.

At one point, I thought I was finished with painting them and was ready to move into distressing mode.
But just to be on the safe side, I thought I'd haul one inside to see if it was "pink" enough for me.

Not by a long shot.

I lugged it back outside to the work room,
and as I retrieved my pink-covered paint brush,
I mentioned to The Husband,
"They aren't pink enough.  Gotta add more."

The Husband:  "I kinda thought that myself."

Thank you, Lord, for a husband who doesn't mind pink!

Palm-sanding and random distressing revealed a vintage look,
followed by a waxing and buffing of clear Annie Sloan Wax to seal it.
I let them set overnight.

After church service on Sunday morning, we had a very quick lunch
(because I was so anxious to get these beauties up).
I don't think I've eaten a piece of left over seafood pizza so fast in my life.

While refraining once again from doing the happy dance,
we used t-strap hinges that I had painted with Rustoleum spray Chalkpaint
to attach them to the wide vintage oak trim that surround our windows.

We installed the bottom shutters first,
and my toes began to tap....

and then we tackled the top set.
My legs were now twitching to the music in my head.

You can see how the top shutters can swing open freely,
while the bottom sections tri-fold in on each other
clearing the arm of the chaise.

They kind of remind me of a little picket fence.  :)

Ok, I can't stand it any longer.
I'll take a moment to do the happy dance
while you take a look at our work.

{Cue happy feet!}

Thinking of moving the RA banner to the other side of the sofa by the lamp.  Thoughts...?

A peek through the shutters at the springtime decor on the front porch.
(The snow is just about gone now, thank goodness.)

The large tri-fold door filled with rose prints that stood in the corner behind the table the alabaster lamp is on was finally moved and stored in the attic for now.
The absence of it made the entire room feel larger.

I wanted the prairie shutters to take center stage now.

And even though the grocery store brand sheer drapes that hung on the windows previously weren't heavy or stifling by any means,
without them, the room felt lighter.

The shutters will provide privacy at night,
and are the perfect shabby prairie chic way to keep out the cold winter winds
and hot summer sun.

I love the clean, airy, prairie look they lend to the living room.
There's just something homey and comforting about opening them each morning
and closing them up at night.

The Husband:  "You know...they're even cool when they're not closed all the way."
Me:  "Really.  Who are you and what did you do with my husband...?"

A little pink.
A little boho.
A little funky.

A lot prairie.

And Husband Approved, too.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

[Thank you, Tausha, for your barn-room inspiration for these shutters!]

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  1. Laurie...they are gorgeous!!! I wish I was handy like you.

  2. There is a happiness in our homes becoming what we love. I have been feeling the same way...but mine is just becoming more white. White makes my heart sing like pink makes yours. My hubby came home with a new R.A white ruffled quilt for the is sooooo pretty. I have the R.A white heirloom comforter but it is already too hot for it. It is supposed to be 88 tomorrow! The quilt is just perfect. Our Target has been getting a lot more R.A items again. For a few years now it has seemed like they were not going to carry her Simply Shabby Chic anymore. I am glad to see it coming will always be timeless cottage decor for me.

    Our sitting room now has white slipcovered chairs and whitewashed vintage pieces like bistro chairs rather than the big puffy white slipcovered sofa. We had a mildew crisis and had to get rid of the sofa...but it feels so open and fresh now and we absolutely love the difference.

    It seems your home will be completely filled with prairie shutters soon! How lovely xxo Kerrie

  3. Wow ~ your shutters look so great and I love how you came up with such a creative solution. They look amazing! You and hubby make a good team!

  4. Wow!! I am speechless! Laurie dear, this is fantastic! What a an amazing idea creating those shutters! I really love how you planned it so well. You thought of every possibility and details. They are fabulous! Very well done!! I'm inspired! Thank you! Love ~ Vanessa

  5. Wow! Just perfect....It is nice to have hubbies who are creative and handy. I love the that the bottom can stay closed and the upper are perfectly... By the way, I am sloppy painter It is about the end result and your is just perfect... Blessings!

  6. These are beautiful, Laurie and so very creative. xo Laura

  7. What a great job! *happy dancing with you* LOVE the look. I would definitely move the banner to the other side...for some reason it would give a sense of anchoring balance {is that a term...} and enjoy the view. So gorgeous. Glad I stopped by. Oh! Did you get my email about blog tribe?! Hope to hear from you soon! ;)

  8. These are just beautiful! I love the design, the color, the distressing, and the happy memory you made together!

  9. Brilliant idea Laurie! Love how it all turned out. The pink is just perfect too.
    Hugs, Deborah

  10. Laurie,
    I love when you post and write your fun to read stories. I would be doing the happy dance too. BTW "Happy" seems to be locked in my head for days! Your shutters are Boho prairie cool. I always admire your faux applied finishes. Really, really uniquely cool.

  11. Ohhh I am doing a happy dance for you! These are fabulously adorable :) Great Job !!! I love shutters and knew a few people who had the older style ones when I was younger.One of these days in my forever home I may just get myself some.

    I say move the RA Banner all the way over behind the other Sofa with no window behind it I think.

    You have an amazing dream home I must say.~Cheers xoxo

  12. Bonjour,

    Un billet extraordinaire où vous nous faites vibrer au son de votre imagination... Le résultat est fabuleux. Les volets intérieurs d'une véritable maison de poupée. J'adore tout simplement. Quel travail magnifique vous avez réalisé avec votre époux. Bravo ! Le rendu me plaît.
    Vos photos sont merveilleuses.
    Gros bisous

  13. Oh, sweetie! Today photos are soooo beautiful. You have a perfect, handy and I´m sure, that tolerant husband, too :-) pink shutters looks very cute and feminine. A few days ago, I watched at your photos with living room (just love this room) and it´s great that I could again with changes! Your living is very inspiring for me, your prairie chic style is amazing. And I thing, that you don´t have to move your banner, I like it ;-)

    Hugs and kisses to you, my dear friend! Have a lovely and peaceful days.

  14. Hey Laurie! What a post. Still sitting here with my eyes and my mouth open. The colours, the sunwashed images... your new shutters!!! Love them all!!!
    Have a wonderful time and all the best

  15. This is sooo beautiful. I just love the shutters. It looks perfect in your home.

    Hugs from here

  16. You make me want to add shutters somewhere :) You are so creative. My husband doesn't mind pink either thank goodness. My son has been complaining a bit about it lately though :( He says a little is okay but don't over do it. Teenagers. :( Love your shutters!

  17. I love the sweet curtains you had up. The shots you have taken of the shutters are shabby chic beautiful!

  18. I'm sorry sweety this is so not my style.. Everything is so.... white.... you just lose me there. But i'm so happy that your so happy and that your hubby helped you get there. :) Best wishes. deb

  19. I love the "a lot prairie" at the end :-) You both made it so much beautiful :-) Enjoy! Alexandra

  20. Oh Laurie, your shutters are amazing! What an awesome hubby to do that:) I just love how you thought of adding the little mini shutters at the bottom, they remind me of those Dutch doors where you can open the top half and leave the bottom half closed (my dream door!!!). I think the banner would look great if you moved it to the other side but it also looks lovely just where it is! Just beautiful!!!

  21. LOVE em', Laurie! They came out better BECAUSE you had to create two styles to clear the chaise. The two different styles are more interesting together. Brilliant!
    Have a happy,

  22. OMG! Your homemade shutters are GEORGEOUS! I've been looking at shutters for our bedroom which would work in the summer with a window a/c unit, and you made the light bulb in my head go on! Thank you for sharing. Now let's see if my husband will be as accomodating as yours was (LOL).

  23. Sheer brilliance Laurie! Your room glows.

  24. I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!!!!!

  25. I absolutely love this! Especially the smaller one on the bottom. Yes, funky and boho and AMAZING!!!!!

  26. Oh wow Laurie what a great idea ! I have often seen shutters on ebay but they are so expensive ...just have to work out how to get husband to make me some hehe !
    Gail x

  27. Downright glorious!
    Love them and what a darling husband to help make this dream happen once again! pretty...and pink
    Hugs xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  28. Hi sweet Laurie,
    your today post is absolutely amazing !!! Looove these your shutters-perfect color and perfect looks !!! Your livingroom is so BEAUTIFUL ! The combination of pillows,rugs,shutters,banner,dreamcatcher-all is WOW !!!!!!!
    Have a nice week,hugs !!!xoxo

  29. Wow love that they that they are separated, kinda like a dutch door way way cool, and I will say it again as I say everytime I see your farmhouse love that you kept the wood trim and the contrast that it adds, lends itself more to the prairie look and adds the rustic farmhouse feel to the shabby chic love love love it and your photos are amazing! I also love the fabric you chose for your dreamcatcher!! so pretty girl!

  30. How neat that Rog is on board with your decorating ideas. I think it's great that he is helping put things together, I'm sure he feels a sense of pride in the house, as you do, Laurie.
    I'm happy for both of you!!!

  31. Oh I'm just in love with your new shutters! Even better that they were handmade by you and your husband. They fit that room perfectly. Your room has that perfect prairie style with a Rachel Ashwell touch too. I like the banner where it is because it balances out the lamp on the other side. That was so nice of your husband to take the time to build those. Good to have a handy husband.

  32. Laurie, what a great job and design on your new shutters..I adore them! It appears that I'm still not receiving your post alerts....waaah! JP

  33. Shutters look very nice. I have been thinking of louvered shutters for our breakfast room, Like the idea of solid shutters but may not be good with my style of decorating.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  34. Your shutters look great and your room is lovely.
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  35. Oh my goodness, they turned out awesome. What a great idea. Love the shutters.

    Hugs and Kisses.

  36. Your shutters are wonderful. Even the pink which I'm not usually a fan of but look so pretty with the white. Very serene.
    I've been wanting shutters on inside windows for while. It gets pretty cold here (western CO) in winter and in summer, whew it's a cooker. Shutters would be quite helpful. We open and close curtains, shades as the need arises at different times of day, especially in summer. Back of house faces west and it gets super hot. Can't touch door to open/close it's so hot. Shutters would be quite helpful. So glad I clicked on your post. Happy spring Pinning

  37. Beautiful!!! So pretty against your old woodwork! Great idea! Celeste

  38. Very pretty! Now I want some...not only pretty but pratical!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  39. This was a huge project that turned out beautifully. Pretty and practical.

  40. Love all your pictures, so beautiful to look at and the shutters really put an original touch to the room.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  41. Oh, Laurie I love you twist to creating a bi-folding shutter. They turned out sooo cool !
    I have yet to get started on mine, and with all you inspire here you would have thought that I would have jumped on it by now.
    I have been busy creating, doing some of the allure plank flooring in 3 smaller rooms and a short hallway, and getting ready to paint my front room floor....shutter next ? I know could I barrow your handy hubby, perhaps he could make the shutters for me? Laurie I bet your Mr. Could take orders, custom that is :) you with dream catcher business and he with the shutters :)

    Always so inspiring here, what a way to start out my day with a beautiful visit here with you.


    Ps. Your paint of pinks has come to see the light on those beautiful shutters :)

  42. You always amaze me with all your creative projects. I love your new shutters, great design!!

  43. laurie, these are so adorable! great example of what a clever mind and handy husband can do! and the banner would look lovely in either spot:) enjoy your day!

  44. Love this...these are so cute and you made it look easy. IT might be worth a try. Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  45. So creative, you really solved a problem in a pretty way. The room is very beautiful and calming.

  46. The room looks great. I love all the white. I would have more white in my home if the little hands wouldn't mess it up. Love my boys though. The shutters look wonderful. A new linky party starts at Bacon Time tomorrow, hope to see you there.

  47. Oh your house is so soft and pretty and those die for!

  48. They look awesome! You have a beautiful blog :) Can't wait to check more of your posts out!!

  49. Laurie - Your shutters turned out awesome! You are very talented. I am new to your blog and am your newest follower.


  50. Laurie,
    . . .and Husband Approved!!!

  51. yipppppeeeeeee! what a lovely lovely addition to an already stunning room. rachel would be (is?) eatin this up like a pale pink macaron from heaven. we have similar wood exterior shutters created by my husband so i remember that happy dance. shake that booty. get down. put some oogie in that boogie. now FREEZE. keep makin those prairie dreams come true, sista.


  52. What a combination you two are Laurie - seriously !!!
    We installed shutters behind our couch also - ( but California style ones ) and I have to move the couch to open them !!! )
    Wish I'd thought of this - absolutely gorgeous ( and functional ) things are either one or the other in my house - never both at the same time lol !!!!!!!!
    Just love them!
    Keep dancing :)

  53. Hello sweet friend... I am doing the happy dance with you over your beautiful new shutters, they are fabulous!... I think it would be so nice to have shutters like that, to keep out the cold in the winter... and let in the Spring sunshine like now... what a stunning room!... and that first photo of your pastel fleurs and dainty china makes me sigh... love you dear lady... enjoy your quiet time in that peaceful spot... xoxo Julie Marie

  54. Gorgeous!! Love everything about those shutters!! Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime

  55. These turned out beautifully! I've had hand made shutters in mind for a while, but have various obstacles in different rooms. This inspires me to think through it and get busy!

  56. You know me and pink....we have a great love for each other <3 .You and your husband did a beautiful job....and shhhh don't tell anyone....but I am not a neat painter either ;-) Absolutely gorgeous Laurie...and a beautiful labor of Love <3

  57. LOVE these - so beautiful and such a creative solution! You two do beautiful work together ;)
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  58. You go right ahead and do that happy dance Laurie because the shutters are gorgeous and the perfect shade of pink. I'm delighted to be featuring them at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Hugs and happy Easter,

  59. Hi Laurie,
    again great project. Your hubby is amazing and talented. Enjoy your new shutters. Beautiful!

  60. Oh My Gosh! They're wonderful! I love them, no wonder you were doing the happy dance. So functional and pretty at the same time! That was a very very clever solution!



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