Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hearts of Hope


The Hope that I cling to on the hardest of days.

The strength of my heart and my portion forever.
-Psalm 72:26

His love is the first and last word in everything I do.
-2 Corinthians 5:14

Because, when all is said and done,
Only three things remain.
And the greatest of these is Love.
And when we have that, we have Everything.


During these past few weeks of unexpected fear, overwhelming love,
and abundant blessings,
I have been gently reminded how important it is to give back.
How each day is a blessing and even though we face some scary moments in our lives,
we have hope.

We have it tucked away in a special little corner of our hearts that is protected and nurtured by our faith.
It's only as strong as our faith is.
When we turn to it, it shines like a beacon in the night.
Always there. Always bright. Always comforting.

{You can read about my recent journey here and here.}

After a beautiful suggestion from a friend, my
Sacred Hope Heart
 is now available to purchase.
I will be donating half of the proceeds to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The rustic heart is handcrafted from natural clay and is approximately 6" x 4" x 1/4".
It is embellished with two tiny handmade clay rosebuds created petal by petal.
The heart is allowed to cure for seven days, 
and then painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 'Old White' (creamy white)
or 'Antoinette' (pale lilac pink lightly distressed). 
It is hung from a slender piece of natural jute.

Sacred Hope Heart $25
[+$10 shipping US ~ $14 shipping outside US]

Heart in 'Old White'

Heart in 'Antoinette'

The Sacred Hope Heart Set comes with a handcrafted rustic rose heart, a simple heart, and a cross.
The set is painted 'Antoinette' or 'Old White',
and each is hung on a slender piece of natural jute.

Sacred Hope Heart Set $60
[$12 shipping US ~ $16 shipping outside US]

'Old White'

'Old White'



If you would like to purchase a Sacred Hope Heart or the Sacred Hope Heart Set,

you can email me
or leave me a message on this post!

These would make beautiful Christmas gifts or unique ornaments, wedding or shower gifts,
or hung on your wall, door, dresser knob, or curtain rod.

[FYI: There is a two week turn around time.] 

Thank you to my Facebook friend, Barbara Falzone, for the beautifully inspiring idea of creating these hearts to sell and donating back to such a worthy cause; 


Thank you to my fellow blogger and Facebook friend, talented Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor, for your generous spirit in donating the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project.


You can purchase ASCP, as well as waxes, gilding, and artisan enhancements, directly from Amy here in her amazing Maison Decor shop and have it delivered right to your door!  

Without you both, this project never would have taken wing.
From the bottom of my heart.....thank you.

My Hope is in Him!

~  Blessings  ~

Update on my journey:  I will be having a "mini-lumpectomy" in November with no treatment needed after that. Thank you, Lord!  A follow-up MRI will be scheduled in three months.
Thank you all for your abundant prayers and encouragement!

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  1. Oh sweetie, I have checked each day for an email from you... not wanting to bother you as much as I have... I am soo happy to hear you are having just a mini lumpectomy and no follow up treatment needed... that is wonderful news!... I have thought of you and prayed for you each and every day... your Sacred Hope Hearts and Crosses are just beautiful and how generous of you to donate half of your proceeds to breast cancer research... you are an angel here on earth!... much love to you my sweet Prairie sister... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Laurie, I have read your blog for a long time and I love it. When I read about what you are going through, I had tears in my eyes. I cant imagine the fear you must have felt. I am so happy that everything is going well and you will not need treatment after the lumpectomy. I loved your sacred hearts since I saw them on your blog and I would love to buy one! What a wonderful and generous thing to do! I am honored to be able to own one! Big hugs to you, Amy

  3. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I would like it in old white. Thank you!!

  4. So inspiring. Laurie, your creations are beautiful, and so is the idea to give back. I love it. A big high-five to Barbara, and Amy. Still keeping you in my prayers, my friend.

  5. I love your hearts and it is so sweet that the chalkpaint was donated, I love your spirit and your sharing of words, and you art that you were able to create during a scary time are a testimony!!

  6. I worked for a radiologist some years back so PHEW on a lumpectomy...that's a good thing, considering what the other outcomes could have been! But how wonderful that you're giving back to such a wonderful cause. We're a bit strapped right now but for sure I'll be buying one down the road:)

    I'm so sorry you had to go through such a terrifying ordeal but so glad you'll be okay!

  7. They are lovely. That Antoinette color is so beautiful. How kind of Amy. And thank you for sharing my quote, though my name is with an 'ie' at the end :) Will continue to pray. xxo Kerrie

  8. These are beautiful and I wish I could afford at least one of them but I can't at this time. God bless you.

  9. So beautiful Laurie!
    I love them and I love hearing your news!
    Wrapping arms of love around your heart xoxo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  10. So happy to help you during this scary period of your life, Laurie. So nice to think you will soon be healed with one procedure. So many women have traveled this road. Wonderful advice and what a lovely way to give back with these beautiful creations. You inspire hope and your sharing is healing. xo

  11. Laurie you creations are beautiful! What a lovely way to give to a good cause.Keeping you in my prayers....<3

  12. Laurie,
    My heart is over~flowing with JOY at your newest design and your generous heart, dear friend!!!
    Prayers continue on your behalf!!!
    May He begin the healing within. . .may you feel His radiant love for YOU!!!

  13. So glad to hear that all you need is a mini lumpectomy. But even more glad to see that you will be getting an MRI because as I stated before, it's what saved my life. Love your sacred hearts!!!!!

  14. Hi Laurie!

    Oh it's been awhile since I've been on blogger, but thought I'd drop in to say "hello!" Alway enjoy the beauty and inspiration in your posts! Just lovely!


  15. These are soooo pretty! Love them!

  16. Hope, Faith, Love... These three are the greatest of all.
    I to love my girl Kerrie, we make sure that regular note cards are passed back and forth through the post, she has just a way of lifting ones spirits. I just sent her something that I had been working on special out of something she gifted me, and she gave me a challenge to do something with it, I sure hope she is surprised with the out come of something of common appeal to creating something of uniqueness from it.
    This is the kind of person Kerrie is, she is someone that all things bring joy to her simple life and a simple life unique to thy self.

    Laurie, you too have this same effect on others, like I said often in the beginning when you started out posting your connection to the ocean and the visions it gave you left me many times in tearfulness.
    Yes always leaving touched to the core with your profound words.

    Well, I hope to be finally doing something with some old shutters around her this week, if I do I will be sure to let you know, for you inspired me to get myself in gear and get mine up and enjoy what I have wanted to do for years.

    See you soon beautiful.


  17. Oh Laurie I am so happy for the good news of no treatment needed after your procedure! And of course you would come up with this beautiful way of giving is so you! The Antoinette color is so beautiful. Blessings to you are such an inspiration. xoxo

  18. Hello from Pam in Norway who found your beautiful blog via Livs Lyst. God bless xx

  19. so glad there won't be treatments, laurie:) your clay creations are so lovely! and bless you, amy and barbara!

  20. They are just beautiful. Glad to hear the good news.

  21. Hi Laurie ! wonderful hearts you are making and boy I'm so glad that you are only needing minimum treatment ! that's great news ! have a lovely autumn weekend .
    Gail x

  22. Hi Laurie,
    GREAT GREAT I love antoinette design !!

    xoxo Vlaďka

  23. Very pretty hearts and roses. Your post is inspirational and beautifully written. Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things and following via Bloglovin!

  24. Beautiful create dear friend-love all !!!!!! And yes-love is the big thing in the world and in the our hearts ♥♥♥
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy your day's!

  25. I am so very glad things turned out for you, and the treatments are not needed. This is a wonderful way to give back and honor the blessing that God has given you. The hearts are just gorgeous, I wish you much success with them. Blessings.

  26. Laurie, you have been in my prayers. So thankful things are not so very serious! Wonderful creations for an amazing cause! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. HI Laurie! Kim told me about your blog too and I'm so glad I stopped by! I look forward to reading more of your blog. I'm so sorry to hear of your recent struggles and will pray for you during what I imagine is a difficult time!
    Your sister in Christ, Chels

  28. Hello Laurie - what a delight - to be so inspired and to share such generosity through blogland - love your creative hearts - I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  29. Laurie, how wonderful! they look just so gorgeous, i love them! you are quite talented my lovely friend! I am so glad that you are all clear but do keep a check on your health, as they can change when we are least expecting them to unfortunately... as you know. My mum had breast cancer a few years back, it was very early and she had very minimal treatment, unfortunately she hasnt changed her lifestyle at all... just have to keep praying that it doesnt come back for her! anyway, hope your mum is doing alright! Sending love and hugs xxxx

  30. Laurie, So happy to hear the news. Thank you for sharing your story and generous donation for Breast Cancer Foundation. Your hearts of hope are beautiful! You are an inspiration to us all.

  31. They are beautiful Laurie and such a beautiful gesture to donate to cancer.

  32. It is wonderful to read your post and just feel the "uplift" in your words, Laurie. It is also wonderful to see that you are creating such beautiful art that will help so many:). I hope you are having a great week..... You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. Hello dear Laurie...

    Oh pretty, pretty, pretty hearts. How wonderful their sales will help breast cancer research.

    I am so happy everything was benign, Laurie. Oh, what a HUGE relief. I am so happy for you.

    God bless you always, dear Laurie. Susan


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