Friday, September 13, 2013

Dancing with Autumn

Sweet Autumn is knocking on the door of this old farmhouse ~
announcing her gentle presence with bronzing oaks and golden maples.
Whispering of the gown of  rich colors she'll be dancing in.
Singing of cool, crisp days with deep turquoise skies,
and even cooler nights with glimmering stars close enough to touch with your fingertips.

I welcome her.

The change of seasons can bring a change of heart, too.
A need to change up the rooms in our home.
A need to tuck away airy lightness for a while and embrace comforting warmth.
A need to layer colors like we layer our cool weather clothes.
We put away the pastels and replace them with deeper, richer colors
that warm our souls on cold, dark evenings.

Heaven's Walk is dancing with Sweet Autumn and singing her song.

A beautiful Florentine tray,
a gift from a beloved friend,
now sits on the old green board on the bathtub.

The rich gilding brings even more depth to the room
and is the perfect place for a bar of rose scented soap in a vintage gilt-edged dish.

A favorite RASCC patterned chair slip, 'Somerset',
was tied on to the French dining chair at the desk in my sun-filled studio.

I love its purple tinted denim color.

A lavender scarf with tatting and tassels is draped across the back and falls onto the seat...

and dusky lavender roses grace an elegant shabby chic vase nearby.

A turquoise blue needlepoint piece is tossed on to a wooden serving tray next to soft pink roses and mini carnations, adding another level of rich boho color. 

I've been physically dabbling in color, too.
A RH linen pillow slip purchased on eBay a while ago for a great price
(because the initial on it was a little wonky and a bit off center)
was originally a drab shade of dark oatmeal.

I wasn't currently using it because,
although it was once perfect for my French-Nordic decor a couple years ago,
it's neutral color didn't jibe with my shabby prairie bohemian style now.

 I dyed it with a touch of purple and a bit of denim blue.
Due to it's original color, I didn't add in any tan or taupe to the dye recipe like I usually do when wanting a dusky shade.
It turned a beautiful faded smokey shade of what I call "Prairie Plum".

It picks up the plum shades in the roses in my overdyed 'Somerset' pillow slips.

A Florentine tissue box was added to my planked side table to create a vignette of lavender, mauve, and turquoise.
The lavender prayer candles were a thoughtful gift from sweet Rachel.

And yes....I'm still working on reworking that tri-fold door....  :)

Fresh cut roses, carnations, delphiniums,
and a charming little purple flower plunked into a rustic, galvanized pail
bring deeper shabby chic autumn colors to my chippy pink planked table in the corner.

And all the while autumnal colors are blooming inside this old farmhouse,
my little girl waits patiently for her papa to come home in the fading light
on an early autumn day.

~  Blessings ~

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  1. How beautiful sweetie!... I am so happy you love your florentine tray... it looks like it was meant to be on your shabby board on your gorgeous clawfoot tub in your beautiful all of the soft yet warm layering Autumn colors you have added everywhere... and your description of Autumn at your farmhouse makes me sigh... your baby is so precious waiting for her daddy to come home!... I have been without internet or housephone since Wed afternoon... still no housephone but can now visit and was able to do a post tonight... thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and equally beautiful prose... Autumn at your farmhouse is just enchanting... much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Fall is in the air here as well. Love your leaf photo...beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. The last few mornings there has been a chill in the air, so I can feel that fall is just around the corner here too. Your home is looking as pretty as ever! I love the photo of your sweet pup gazing out the window. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  4. Beautiful! Love that tray, it reminds me of one I bought on a long-ago Italy vacation. xo

  5. I love your tri-fold door. Perfect for hanging your beautiful dream catchers.

  6. Lavender is one of my favorite colors. There are two seasons I really like the best, Spring and Fall. The Earth seems to come alive during those times.

  7. I always love to see what you come up with!

  8. Hi my dear friend! So beautiful photos you took for us!!! I saw florentine tissue box, looks great as everything in these photos! Lavender candles are perfect, I can´t find this colour, every is too dark for me. Your doggie is so sweet!!! I want to cuddle with her :) Have a nice weekend! Send hugs to you, sweetie! Michaela

  9. Laurie, The little hints of purple(lavender) would make my mom swoon...she loved that color more than any other. Your home looks so sweet. Hope you have a nice auntumn...your leaves look better than ours...seems the tree are just dropping all dried up brown leaves. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. It all looks so lovely at Heaven's Walk, Laurie.
    Fall must feel very welcome at your house!

  11. I enjoy your site so much! Its like taking a breath of fresh air and beauty in the middle of the day! Your photographs are just lovely. I too love fall so very much, love the feeling of bringing outdoor colors in, and cooking my favorite dishes, and cinnamon rolls, and candlelit evenings..ahhh

  12. Laurie, I love your poetic style of describing the changing season. Your photographs are stunning and describe your elegant home beautifully. I have a little boho vibe in my home too. Your sweet girl gazing out the window would make a beautiful canvas print. She is gorgeous!

  13. Laurie, I looked at the photo of your sweet girl again because it is mesmerizing. Seriously, this would make a stunning print for any dog lovers (me)! You have an excellent eye for photography.

  14. Fall is such an inspiring, gentle season, isn't it!? I always love my visits here, Laurie. Your home is enchanting... Enjoy the changing seasons!

  15. My heart signig-LOVE ♥ Always out of your house feel such peace that fills my soul-it's beautiful,amazing feeling-thank you for it Laurie!!!And I love your bathroom-it is a fairytale!
    Hugs ♥

  16. Beautiful Laurie! As always its' so refreshing to visit with you romantic and fresh and warm! Thank you! Deb

  17. I am starting to embrace fall.But with some softer hue colors of gourds and pumpkins this girl is keeping her soft pinks in with the mix :-)

  18. I'm ready for Fall, my favorite time of year. I love your "Prairie Plum" pillow slip.

  19. Beautiful-I loved seeing all your pretty touches. All your pics are beautiful but the last one stole my heart!


  20. Oh gosh, everything is just so pretty... and i love the way you talk about it all too. That plum pillow is luscious... i just want to hug it...


  21. The bathroom is so lovely and the tray so feminine.. Looks like a luscious room to spend a bit of time soaking in.

  22. Julie was a doll to send you a treat to you, the tray is divinely you and well suited for that tub.
    Love all the beauty you have created here Laurie, you are going to needanothermshoot for many magazines with all the changes an additions you keep,adding herein your home that speaks romance.
    Love all the soft lavenders, rose, and the back drop of whites.

    Looking forward to the holidays and how you will work all this romance you are creating into it.
    Lots of fall love.



  23. Din stil er fin og poetisk. Det kan jeg godt lide.

  24. love seeing your beautiful soft colors as you dance into Fall!

  25. Prairie Plum! You have to market that color. I came to see how you incorporated autumn into prairie style. I had guessed gold with a purple, but you just amaze me.

  26. So beautiful Laurie - and even I - ( who am in serious denial about Fall even being here ) have fallen in love with the cooler days - went for a walk up on the mountain yesterday - and the air was so crisp and clear it was almost like looking at in 3D ( or else my eyes are far worse than I thought LOL )
    I could look at your photos all day!

  27. Such a beautiful post. My favourite photo is the last one, so peaceful and pretty. :-)

    Thank you for sharing.

    Found you through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  28. I have enjoyed seeing all of your special touches in your decor. You surround yourself with beautiful things....and that's so wonderful. I love how all of the pretty colors work together! Can't wait to look at the rest of your blog! Hugs!

  29. Oh Laurie, beautiful and so soft. Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  30. Hi Laurie ...what a lovely ,sweet, pastel post ! and the last photo ... what can I say ...what a sweetie !
    Gail x

  31. Love this soft and beautiful romantic post! You always add the
    perfect touch. Gorgeous!

  32. Thanks for sharing love the shades of colours. Everything is so inviting.
    Have a great day

  33. The tray is lovely and a perfect addition to your already beautiful space. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. thank you for introducing us to your friend Julie Marie too

  34. Love your serene post - your view from that desk must be marvelous - wonderful slipcover for the chair - gorgeous fabric - the Florentine tray is stunning! So delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  35. You photos are so lovely! I wanted to spend hours looking at your fabulous vignettes. Your studio is so charming, what a great place to create. We're following you now, we don't want to miss anything!!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  36. Always so lovely over here Laurie- romantic and charming and sweet!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  37. It looks beautiful! I love your little one waiting for dad!

  38. Hi Laurie, Congrats! You were featured at Feather Nest Friday today!

  39. The blues and golds of the Florentine tray and all those roses are just so so lovely. You really have me sighing with each scroll of the page.... xoxo


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