Sunday, August 25, 2013

Late Summer Days

Over the past few months, my summer days have been very busy creating dream catchers.
I love spending my hours making each one unique to the requests I receive from friends and customers!
No two are exactly alike.  :)

Among them, Petite "Chincoteague" and Petite "Starlight" are headed for London, England.

I also created a couple sweet little dream catchers for a friend's two granddaughters
for Christmas gifts.

Petite "Bella's Song"

Bella loves purple, green, and pink.

Colorful, playful, sweet and whimsical!

Petite "Lily's Dream"

Lily has a love for cottage.

Pink and white florals mix with rustic beads and little bells.

I have a new dream catcher style floating around in my mind that I can hardly wait to start on, too.
Stay tuned for that!

~~  ♥  ~~

Late summer days also bring a multitude of hummingbirds busily battling over our feeders.
They're refueling for their trek to Mexico or the Yucatan Peninsula.
They know when it's time to leave due to hormonal changes that are affected by the decrease in the late summer's daylight.

The males leave first with the females following a few days later.
Did you know these tiny miraculous creations flap their wings at 80 times per second?
They lick the sweet syrup with their long tongues
at a rate of 13 licks per second.

We will miss our happy hours on the back porch
(sipping our homemade FatCat*HappyDog wine)
listening to their constant chatter and watching them dip and dive
through the flowers and pines;
occasionally stopping to study us like we were strange beings in their world of speed and flight.

~~  ♥  ~~

Late summer days also mean harvesting our garden.
We had our second canning session last week.
After picking four bushels of tomatoes from our 8' foot tall plants...

we spent the day canning 90 quarts of delicious, homemade salsa.
Six hours of chopping vegetables, blanching tomatoes,
and taste testing to perfect our "recipe"....
which really isn't a recipe at all.
We totally wing it and go by color and taste.
Then in to the jars it goes before being hot bathed in the canner for 15 minutes.

Full of our organically grown tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, jalapenos,
celery, onions, and hot chili peppers.
We use it in most of our crock pot recipes, chili, goulash,
tacos, burritos, soups, and even in our omelets.

We'll can an additional 200 quarts/pints by the end of the season.

~~  ♥  ~~ 

Late summer days also mean BIG news!!

Doster Emporium & Heaven's Walk are having a HUGE
End of Summer Sale
Friday and Saturday
August 30 & 31 from 10am - 4pm!  

So, mark your calendars and stop by for some ice cold refreshments while you nab some great deals from
50 -75% off!

~  Blessings  ~

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  1. Love all of your beautiful new dreamcatchers Laurie... and two going to London, how exciting!... I have the very same vintage style bottle hummer feeder in one of my gardens too!... we have four feeders going at all times, and right now it is standing room only!... I miss our hummers so when they too leave in about a month... I blow them a kiss and say goodbye to them... "on a wing and a prayer"... seems forever until they return here in May... your salsa looks delish!... that's what I did all weekend too... not as many as you though!... good luck at your sales... can't wait for my "windswept" to arrive this week, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Beautiful garden, Laurie! Salsa looks delicious! Best of luck at your sale :)

  3. Oh yes, you've been busy. A good busy though. Your organic salsa looks sooooo good.

  4. Your dreamcatchers are beautiful, Laurie. I am glad you get so much pleasure out of making them. I think it is wonderful that it satisfies that creative urge AND thta you can sell them, too. Your salsa looks wonderful and I know what a lot of work that is to put together. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. I'm happy that you've found your niche', Laurie. The dream catchers have really been a blessing for you, and your clients. They are beautiful!!! Good luck at your big sale with Georgina.
    That salsa looks wonderful...yum! Have a blessed week.

  6. Pretty dream catchers, and amazing canning that you do with tomatoes from your giant plants.

  7. Our summer is made rich by the beautiful hummingbirds that visit and nest among our homes in our little village. You have amazing tomato plants. We have tried to grow tomatoes and have been unlucky.

  8. It looks like you have been very busy. The dreamcatchers are so pretty. I wished our garden did as well as yours, but we just had too much rain and heat. Maybe next year will be better.

  9. I am so jealous of all your homegrown tomatoes and canned homemade salsa. I am now hungry for something wonderful made with a tomato-based sauce.


  10. H- your blog is so beautiful and inspirational. I love your shutters, and your salsa looks awesome! My mom also cans boatloads every fall...we LIVE off that all winter!

  11. You have been busy, Laurie. Your dream catchers are all so beautiful. Your salsa looks delicious. xo Laura

  12. Good morning Laurie!
    Oh my goodness you have a real gifting for creating beautiful dream catchers! They are SO them!
    And those tomato! Ive never seen any that tall. ;)
    Does your hunny help you with the harvest? What a blessing to be able to do this and have enough and then some until next season!
    That's amazing!
    What beautiful hummingbirds and the feeders...lovely shots of them!
    Have a great week!!!!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  13. Oh boy my dear your making my mouth water !!!! You and Rog are real life prairie aren't you ? I am in awe of that magnificent veggie garden !!!! You guys work very hard to grow your own veggies and I admire and respect that immensely !!!! I wish I had the time to grow a huge garden like that !!!! One of these years I will. This was the first summer I didn't grow veggies in over 10 years..... I regret now drooling over your delicious jars of tomates. Anyway love, bravo to you both. I am in love with the spectacular shots you took of the hummingbirds. Aren't they just heaven sent ? What's Godly blessings they are to us. So sad they are leaving..... Well my dear friend, thanks for sharing your latest post. So enjoyable as always!
    Enjoy the rest of your fleeting summer days and we will talk soon.

    LOVE YOU !

  14. Hi Laurie! So great to hear from you as always! I would like to order two dream catchers for our girls for Christmas...maybe more actually! They are gorgeous - you are so talented & sweet to share your talents with us all. God Bless You Friend, xoxo

  15. Laurie,
    You have nearly been going at the rate of speed as your hummingbirds, dear one!!!
    Warm August temperatures have returned here on our side of the Prairie. . .it's hot!
    Your Dream Catchers are exquisite!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. Beautiful new dreamcatchers dear-all!!!Love your creation!!!
    Have a nice day!

  17. Laurie, your dream catchers are the loveliest and most delicate that I've ever seen! Simply gorgeous! Boy did you get some great shots of the hummingbirds. We didn't have many this year. I hope it isn't because my neighbor has her yard sprayed several times during the summer for pests. Boy did you have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year! Your salsa looks and sounds yummy! I've never canned before. Sounds like you're getting ready for winter season ahead. Glad you're still enjoying summer. I'm hanging on to every last bit of it. So many bloggers are already talking about fall decorating. We still have most of September because fall begins Sept. 22. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments about my patio and living room makeover.

  18. You have been one busy lady Laurie! I can't imagine canning that many tomatoes. I don't can them because they give my husband heartburn so bad, that I don't use them much. I do can green beans and pears though, and will be starting beans this week. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


  19. Your dream catchers are all so beautiful Laurie! I love them all that you shared in this post.
    You have been so busy canning all your bounty and it looks wonderful. I always feel such a sense of pride when I see all my jars lined up and filled. Although it has been so long since I have really done much of it. It's a great skill to have when we want to organically.

  20. Your dream catchers are just gorgeous Laurie - I'm going to have to order one - one of these days............
    And talk about ambitious...................90 quarts of salsa -
    And I'm proud of myself when I make 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce LMHO - I feel like an under achiever right now!

  21. Your dream catchers are just gorgeous Laurie - I'm going to have to order one - one of these days............
    And talk about ambitious...................90 quarts of salsa -
    And I'm proud of myself when I make 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce LMHO - I feel like an under achiever right now!

  22. Hi, I love the dream catchers, they are really pretty. I can't believe all that canning you did! That is totally amazing to me! You worked really hard, but I bet the salsa is going to taste soooo good! I saw it on katherines corner.
    Julie from

  23. Oh my goodness that's a lot of canning. I like the designs of your dream catchers very much.

  24. Loved seeing the beautiful photos that you have shared here. The dream catchers are stunning. I visited from Katherine's Corner this morning & am glad as I was able to enjoy the beauty you have created for your family!

  25. I'm a new follower and I LOVE your pictures! Carrie,

  26. Beautiful. I ♥ the purple one. gorgeous, all of them! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

  27. wow love the humming bird photos !! and love all the veg you are preserving ...I know what it's like to spend hours preparing veggies but it's so rewarding having them in the winter months...hope you have a lovely weekend !
    Gail x

  28. Love the picture of your creations all packaged up and ready to mail. What a lovely thing to receive. Visiting via "thurs fav things" blog hop from over at where I gush about all things related to paper and letter writing.

  29. For en nydelig blogg du har,masse lekkert her inne. :)
    Ha en fin dag.

  30. Beautiful as always sis! Nice job ;)

  31. Suzan those petit dream catchers are lovely and I just love humming birds or any birds for that matter. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  32. Your dream catchers are beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your hummingbirds. The hummingbird feeder in the picture is very pretty, too.

  33. Hi Laurie, end of summer is a busy time. I have salsa and relish on my 'to do' list this week. Yours looks delicious! I love your dream catchers. When I post my guest bedroom I am going to invite you to look at it and create one that would be perfect in the room. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  34. Gorgeous dream catchers! I love the pastel colours! Your photos of the hummingbird are lovely! I hope your last weeks of summer have been lovely!

  35. My goodness girl, you've been so busy - love your dream catchers, the hummingbird feeder is gorgeous and I bet your salsa is delicious! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  36. Laurie, Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays. I'm in love with all your dream catchers! Each one is so unique and beautiful. What a thrill to have some go all the way to London, England. The hummingbirds are so precious too, love the photos. Thanks for stopping by with your busy schedule, by the way, your garden looks awesome!


  37. you have been one busy girl, Laurie. your dream catchers are wonderful, and that salsa looks incredible!! yum!!


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