Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Threads

Time flies.
Days pass.
Hours slide by beneath an azure sky.
Summer shines in her fragrant beauty.

Peonies to cut and arrange
as their sweetness fills the air.

Blush pink roses wait for me on the workbench in my studio.

Sweet scented stock pose gracefully on the mantel.

Treasures discovered while antiquing at a new shoppe in a nearby village.

I pour my soul into new dream catchers.

Pink & aqua

"Lavender fields"

Another day kisses farewell
as the sun begins to set once again.

Content with accomplishments this summer week.

Dreams of what tomorrow will bring...

God has woven each one of us 
into a quilt of the world. 
Each thread a uniform part, 
and yet, also a unique individual. 
Alone, we lack structure, 
but together beauty is created. 
By the way He connects us, 
our lives are determined. 
He is our compass needle 
and we, His threads of life. 
~ by Hidden Poet

~  Sweet Summer Blessings  ~

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  1. Beautiful post, love the gorgeous peonies and dream catchers. xo

  2. I LOVE the gorgeous piece you are using as a curtain behind the dream catcher, Laurie!!!
    Your photos are all very pretty today.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely post! It makes me feel at peace looking at all these serene pictures. You are quite the story teller and I just love the pictures of your peonies and dream catchers. Sending a big hug!


  4. Beautiful post Laurie!
    If I come visit - I'm taking a bath - even if I only come for an hour - I want to spend a half hour at least soaking in that tub in that bathroom
    Just letting you know!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous, Laurie! My pink hydrangeas are looking so good, I want to cut all the flowers off and bring them inside. : ) Of course, the bushes would look kind of funny with no flowers on them, so I am restraining myself. I cut a few the other day and my granddaughter loved holding them and checking them out.

  6. So beautiful Laurie, but then everything you touch ends up that way!! :)

  7. So pretty laurie! so light and dreamy!! and your peonies are just to die for! what amazing gifts from god!! I do hope your photo shoot went well!! blessings to you sweetie!!

  8. I really love your today post! So beautiful photos you took for us! I love your new dreamcatcher and your flowers... like a dream! Have a beautiful sunny week, sweetie!

  9. Ohhh man, what scrumptious pictures! Your pretty home is all filled with flowers and light. It's all so appealing and magical, especially with your dream catcher in the mix...


  10. I'm in full agreement with Suzan's comment , if I'm ever in your neighborhood I'm disappearing in that gorgeous bathroom of yours, preferably with a large bottle of'd probably have to call the fire department to get me out of there!

  11. Sooo very pretty. Love your pictures. The flower are gorgeous.


  12. Every time I walk by the dream catcher you made for me, I stop and admire it.
    Beautiful photos of your dream catchers. I love it when you showcase them.

  13. Oh Laurie, visit with you is like a dream! I also love the peony flowers, they are beautiful flowers :) Can Dream catchers are great ... beautiful .. it's sight for my eyes ... greeting you very, nice day :)

  14. So nice to start the day off right with a new post from you! Lovely flowers, lovely dream catcher. Someday soon I still hope to get one ordered. Have a great week!

  15. What a beautiful post! Love all the peonies!!! I am planting some in the new house for sure. Are they easy to grow? They must be they are all over the blogs and I want them, hydrangeas in the new house and lilacs. You are so good in your garden, have any tips on these plants. I won't be planting until next early spring but I want to have ideas and save any tips now. Laurie, I would love for you to follow Cloches and Lavender on our journey!!


  16. You are such an inspiration, Laurie! Every time I visit you, I enter the magical world of fairies ; I am enchanted by it...

  17. So beautiful post ♥
    Love your peonies!!!!And the sun iny our window and your dreamcatcher and your new treasures-love all!!You have a amazing style!
    Have a nice week full sun!!!!!

  18. Laurie, I don't know if I've ever written to tell you how beautiful your dreamcatchers are. I don't know what it is about them. They're so romantic and dreamy. I love many things in the Native American culture, and I am always attracted to one of their dreamcatchers. It may be for the same reason that I adore a spider's web. A natural perfection.

  19. Just lovely Laurie... like everyone else, I want to live in your bathroom... sigh... your new dreamcatchers are so pretty!... wish you could see my Prairie Girl you made for me softly blowing in the Summer breeze through my open bedroom window... and the little tinkling of seashells and trinkets on it... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  20. Your photos are so beautiful Laurie! I love the florals and romantic feeling they invoke. So, so pretty!
    hugs from here...

  21. They are truly beautiful blooms Laurie... as are your lovely dream catchers.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  22. Absolutely beautiful, each and every image and sentiment.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Stopping by via Kathryn's.

  23. drooling over your peonies! Mine are long done, I wished they lasted longer. Love the dream catcher too:)

  24. There's so much beauty here! All the flowers are gorgeous in your wonderful white rooms. Those shots of the light through your dream catchers really are dreamy!

  25. Look to your beautiful photos make me feel so good darling Laurie: beauty is a real good terapy!
    Love your settins and the dream catcher is so romantic!

  26. Your flowers are just gorgeous. So much beauty surrounding you, no wonder you feel inspired to create such wonderful dream catchers!

  27. It was hard to choose one pin so i pinned three of your lovely photos!

  28. What beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing such loveliness.

  29. beautiful peonies!! I can almost smell them.

  30. Beautiful post - stunning flowers :) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  31. Your peonies are superb and so many too! Soft and dreamy!
    A beautiful post indeed thanks to Patti at Ivy and Elephants!
    Another greeting from Australia!

  32. I love the beautiful peonies, they look gorgeous in your home. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  33. Thinking of you this morning. Lovely & shabby little finds, flowers and dream catcher. Summer blessings to you, too.

  34. Laurie,
    Today, dear friend, you fed my very soul!!!

  35. I am in agreement with all of your followers. Stunning, enchanting, delightful, mesmerizing-talented women you are!
    Happy Hugs-

  36. Oh I am just drooling over these photos Laurie. Your flowers look amazing and I just love your new vintage pieces and how you style everything together. Dreamy, sweet dream catchers - a perfect reflection of your beautiful soul.
    xo, Susan

  37. Oh what scrumptious flowers !!! especially the peonies nice ! hope you have a nice midsummer weekend...Gail x

  38. Beautiful post.
    Visiting today from Common Ground.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. Hi sis !

    So are we in peony heaven or what !!! Your pics are so stunning !!!! Your dreamcatchers are so incredibly beautiful and I see that you put all your TLC into each one. Must be so hard to have to let them go.... But to know that you've made them for someone who will adore them and pass them onto someone they LOVE is a great feeling I'm sure. I bet your realy taking a load off right now with the photo shoot behind you. Must be kinda nice to have a bit of a messy home right ? Anyway doll, you know I LOVE you dearly and wish a blessed and lovely weekend. I should have my blog post up tomorrow morning, so be on the lookout. Ive gone koo koo with all my roses and peonies of course.....

    XOXO~ Steph

  40. I love visiting your beautiful blog. Every time I stop by your beautiful photography makes me smile. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  41. Gorgeous photos! I love all of the pink flowers :) Always a pleasure visiting your blog!

  42. Wonderful room...I love the combination of textures...delicate lace and flower petals, rough wood shelf and weathered straw hat...You did a wonderful job of making this room inviting and interesting.

  43. Beautiful Laurie. Your Peonies are stunning! I totally missed mine. Bloomed while we were away. I came home to spent blossoms. :( Your dream catches evoke beautiful dreams! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Loved the poem.

  44. So pretty Laurie~ love your flowers and treasures and beautiful post! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  45. Beautiful Laurie! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  46. Love all of the peonies. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Blog Hop. The party will be back this week starting Tuesday and 8:00PM mountain time. We can't wait to see what you have to share this week.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  47. I adore peonies and roses! I love these vignettes Laurie. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!



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