Sunday, June 9, 2013

Little Pink Table

I have a "thing" for pink.
I also have a "thing" for pink and chippy.
Put them together 
and pink...heaven.

So, when I wandered by this adorable vintage table at the antique market last month,
I stopped mid-stride.
(If you've ever shopped with me, you know that I do that quite often.)

Causing people behind me ram into each other like dominoes because of my sudden stops
is a very normal occurrence in my life ~ 
especially when treasure hunting.
(Unless, of course, I'm diving headfirst toward something, and that's whole 'nother story.)

As I deliriously walked around and around this little, pink chippy sweetness, 
she was singing my name ~ loud and clear.
She needed me and I needed her.
We were meant to be together.
I needed to see that perfect chippiness in Heaven's Walk.

So, while the throng of scattered people behind me picked themselves up off the ground...

(Hmmm...I can see this as a great diversion tactic in the future....)

I decided that I just had to take her home with me
(despite the fact of some unsuccessful bartering.)

She was covered haphazardly in original chipped, distressed layers of a delicious pale pink and creamy white
over a layer of vintage green.
She had knots, cracks, worn corners, and splits.
Perfect imperfection in my world.

Upon my arrival at home, and after giving her a good scrubbing,
I lugged the round, grey wicker table...
(see her there in the corner?)

out to a new home on the front porch.

and introduced Little Prairie Pink Table to her new one.

She looked like she had always belonged there.


When I placed the vintage rose pitcher on her 
(that also found a new home with me),
and filled it with stock in the most beautiful pale lavender color ~

a soft, quiet vignette bloomed in front of me.

Silver hearts: RASCC

Vintage lilac millinery crown: Rachel Pallas

Can you spell  L.O.V.E....?

I love you,
sweet little chippy pink table.

~  Chippy, Pink Blessings  ~

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  1. Can you spell in I want that little pink have the touch!!!

  2. L.O.V.E ♥
    Dear Laurie,
    I very much love pink colour and your pink table is-WOW-really love!!!!And again-no words-love love love!!!!!!
    Have a nice day's!!!
    Hugs!!! Vicky

  3. Oh, Laurie. The table are gorgeous. Love the soft, soft pink.

    Have a great new week, my friend.


  4. I can see why you stopped mid-stride for that beauty.. She is just "Heaven"....
    I love it sitting at the end of your couch... It looks great! Enjoy and Sunday Blessings!

  5. I have a thing for charming vintage tables, and this one is wonderful!! I totally understand why you grabbed this little sweetie. I would have done the same.
    Mary Alice

  6. Oooh Laurie... I LOVE your sweet little pink chippy table too!... it was definitely a marriage made in Heaven!!!... and your vignette is so pretty!... is your new floral pitcher Bavarian?... looks like... and your little grey table looks fabulous on your porch with your vintage pitcher of lemonade(?) in it... I think I want to llive at Heaven's Walk... sigh... (please forgive any typos, my hand is bad still)... I must remember your "techniques" for flea market shopping next time!... tee hee hee... much love, I emailed you too... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Wowww laurie like your pink table!!!!....lovely week Darling love!

  8. It is beautiful and looks lovely in your home.

  9. Pink chippy luv!!! Looks perfect in it's new spot Laurie.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. So pretty. Love where you are using itbb

  11. Hello Laurie....Shabby pinkie is darling, darling, darling. So happy she has come to the best home she'll ever have. Susan

  12. Very pretty! Your home decor is just so happy looking.

  13. That whole corner of the room looks so different now! It went from formal to shabby with just the changing of a table!! Your house looks so much like Tausha, and Rachel''s unbelievable!!! LOVE the pink chippy table, and the way you've decorated it. I think I'll be making a trip to the market next time....hmmmm.

  14. Oh my, it is soooo wonderful. and I totally laughed about stopping in mid stride and people running into you... I have completely done that around a thousand times!


  15. Great little table. You know how much I love distressed paint.

  16. Cute little table. Isn't fun to find just the right piece. Alaina

  17. Oh, you lucky girl! I am in love with your new (old) table. It looks perfect in this corner. I know all to well about the domino effect, I do that all the time taking pictures! ;-D


  18. Hi Laurie, after all the pink here, and the new issue of Romantic Homes July summer issue I am falling back in love with my roots for all things Romantic ooh la, la as the French say, it is filled with florals of pale in pinks and colour that makes you dream of love as your home has evolved into its own grace and beauty. I so need more space and footage to create all the different styles I so love.

    Thank you for this beautiful post and inspiring that beautiful pencil posted pink chippy farmhouse table.


  19. your photos are just dreamy, laurie! and that lil table is perfect in pink.

  20. Poetically beautiful!

  21. I'm not a real pink lover, but in this case, I must make an exception! Perfect!

  22. Oh she is precious as can be! What a sweet lil find, I sure would have scooped her up too.Great styling with your lil rose vase & hearts.Kim xoxo

  23. Yes I can spell LOVE...Shabby Pink Table........

  24. Hi sista !

    Happy Monday to you ! Hope your enjoying all thoses beautiful peonies in your garden. Love, love, love that chippy pink table ! You hit the jack pot on that one !!! I saw pink chippy table (small size) at The Country Living Show going for $ 255.00 dollars !!!!!! NO WAY was I spending that much..... I hope you got a much better deal !!!! Anyway, it looks so lovely especially with your Rachel Pallas veils and your Endurance banner above it !!! I also really love where you put the round white wicker table on your beautiful porch. I could could get real cozy their in that spot and quickly fall into a nice slumber...
    Have a blessed week my beautiful friend!

    XOXO ~ Steph

  25. I am in heaven! Lovely post. I love pink too! Thanks for starting my morning out great!

  26. Always so pretty over here Laurie!! Love your little pink table!! xo

  27. What splendid and gorgeous little table! It is like "Heaven" over hear all the time.


  28. Laurie,
    Remind me, should we e v e r go shopping together to be in front of you, dear friend!!! Too, too funny!!!
    I agree, that pink, chippy table looks right at home in Heaven's Walk living room!!!
    I LOVE the wicker table on the porch!!! A win~win, I'd say!!!

  29. Laurie, Your little, pink table is heaven indeed. You were so lucky to stumble across her. Perfect where you put her. Wish I lived close enough to go shopping with you-always seem to find such awesome things. Diana

  30. ilove the whole corner, laurie! the table was such a great find, and i love the endurance flag above it:) have a great week!

  31. I love it, Laurie. A little chippy pink milk stool just came home with me :)

  32. This is so strange Laurie - out of the blue tonight I thought let's go see if Laurie has some pink - I swear to God!!!
    It's beautiful - and your staging is just gorgeous as always - love love love it!
    Ok - got my pink fix - thanks!

  33. Good Morning Laurie...just catching up with you over morning coffee.
    I enjoyed a beautiful stroll through your gardens and also enjoyed seeing where your new pink purchase has nested ~ all so lovely!
    I also saw on FB that you had some very special visitors, so happy for you! Any details on when?
    Have a wonderful day!

  34. Oh my I love your pink table sooo much! Everything is beautiful!

  35. Yep. L-O-V-E for sure! And that picture of the silver hearts on the table is just the sweetest! You did have to have that table. For some things you must just pay what you have to. This was one. You made an excellent choice. It's perfect in every way!

  36. Soooooo beautiful! I don´t have a words... I must say it again: love your home! Your new table is perfect, I can´t find something like this. But - this saturday we will go to Vienna on the flea market! I hope, that I find some beautiful treasures. Have a beautiful sunny day sweetie!

  37. It's very beautiful and as always I love that it has pink. Thanks for coming by and partying with us at Fluster Buster's Creative Muster.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  38. Pink prairie perfection! Love her stout sturdiness with the delicate vase and flowers.

  39. Perfectly pink! You must be thrilled.

  40. I'm a "pink" girl too! I just adore it, and it makes me so happy! Did you make the "Endurance" banner above it? It is absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoy your blog,


  41. Hi Laurie,
    I was visiting Fifi and noticed she posted names of the homes but not the blogs and I think she visited you, it looked like a snippet of your tub, and dinning room am I wrong. It's about time girl. I am going to be spending time with her in Santa Barbara Ca. This week fun fun, can not wait to talk about your beautiful home with her.


  42. Hi Laurie, your pink table is just perfect, really! good find.
    I wanted to let you know also, that I saw you were featured and I was too, I was right after you on Rooted In Thyme with Jody and Stan, love their blog!
    AND, I made a post about those napkins. I saw your copyright below and I used a picture so the asking is a bit late but I'm asking now if I can use the one with the napkins? if not I'll take it out, but I mentioned your blog and linked it all to you. And the Shabby "napkin" situation is now finally being resolved, sighhh.....please let me know if it is ok. blessings, lady

  43. Ooooooh, I just love your chippy, pink table. I've been painting with CeeCee Caldwell Chalk Paint lately and now I'm thinking I may need to find a bit of pink to add to a side table I have that is already a beautiful chippy sea-green. Your pics are beautiful!

  44. Hi Laurie,
    table is sooo lovely. Love them at first sight :)
    Have a nice day Vlaďka

  45. What a beautiful chippy pink table for sure. It looks wonderful in your home, Laurie. All of the pictures are beautiful!!!

    You have such a lovely touch with everything!

  46. She's perfect in her new home! What a find it was!


  47. I loooove your table laurie!! what an awesome find!! and it looks perfect in heavens walk!!! just heavenly!! how are you enjoying summer? how I wish wish wish it was summer time! I am seeing all these blogs from the states in full summer glory and I am freezing at home!! lol! we need the rain here though as it gets extremely hot in summer!
    lots of love!

  48. This is an amazing find - Pink gorgeousness! Looks good in your lovely home, I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  49. Laurie, Love your new chippy table addition! I'm loving the pink color! Thanks for sharing...


  50. Yes Laurie... she was absolutely perfect for Heaven's Walk. So glad she acme home with you. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  51. This is very gorgeous. I can understand why you stopped and caused the domino effect for this table. I love the subtle pink tones. Thank you for this gorgeous post.

    Please visit My Website: Split-Site PhD

  52. I do believe it's a perfect mach to your lovely home!

  53. Beautiful!! Thanks for linking up at sharing at Romance on a dime!!


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