Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romantic Ruffled Bedskirt

I ordered a five tiered ruffled bed skirt for my king size bed from Wayfair this past winter because I loved the romantic look of it.  They were sold out of white. I hoped that the "ivory" color wasn't too yellowy like I've quickly  learned that ivory can be.

Well....much to my dismay, it was.

So, I hauled out my trusty lavender scented bleach and bleached the dickens out of it.
(Like for 15 hours).
Then used White Brite to remove any remaining yellowy tinge.

Oh...just wonderful.
It turned a pretty shade of yellowy cream with alien green thrown in for good measure.

So, I bleached it again.

For another 15 hours ~
and used the whitener for about 8 hours.

It ended up being a tolerable shade of creamy white,
so I threw it on the bed thinking that The Husband and I were the only ones that had to look at it.

This photo doesn't show the sickly shade it truly was.

You guessed it.

By this summer, I was sick to death of it.
The "too many ruffles" that my eyes now saw, consistently looked wrinkled and scrunched up ~ which in my book ~ isn't romantic at all.

Nobody wants to look wrinkled and scrunched up in bed, do they?

I knew that I had a couple SSC duvet covers that I had successfully bleached to creamy white perfection that were just sitting in the willow trunk in the guest room.

Hmmmm.....I wonder......?

I called upon my favorite West coast seamstress/buddy/beloved blog sister for help.
 Shellagh at Ticking & Toile Linens was patient with my frustrated whining
and agreed to create a bed skirt from the duvets.

It arrived the other day.
I eagerly ripped open the box.

I think I heard angels singing.
And bells ringing.
There were bells ringing
(like on Christmas morning).

I placed the lovliness in the dryer with a damp towel and a couple Gain dryer sheets
(my favorite)
and let it rock and roll for about 20 minutes to get the wrinkles out
and then wrapped myself in those creamy ruffles, and pranced up the stairs to the bedroom.

I was going to manhandle this king size bed myself
because I wanted that bedskirt on in the worst way.
I HAD to see those ruffles in all their glory ~
and The Husband wasn't around so I could supervise him to help.

This is how you do it solo, girls:

1. Grab pillows and sheets and throw in hallway.
2. Stand on one side of bed and take a deep breath while grabbing side of mattress and heaving upwards.
3. Fall back against wall while mattress thumps back on bed.
4. Repeat #2.
5. Take deep breath and grunt loudly as mattress bends in middle and moves one measly inch.
6. Repeat #2.
7. Go around to opposite side of bed and try pulling mattress toward you.
8.  Repeat #2.
9. Stand there and say naughty words under your breath while trying to catch your breath.
10. Repeat #2 while simultaneously grunting loudly like a caveman woman and pushing
(glad that there is no one there to hear you).
11. Watch as mattress miraculously lifts.
12.  Quickly step up on box spring and push up with all your might.
13. Do NOT look at arm fat swinging like an apron in the wind.
14. Look up to see ceiling fan 1" from your head.
15.  Duck.
16. Get angry at arm fat and as adrenalin spikes, throw bed against wall.
17. Make sure bed does not fall on top of you and squash you and your arm fat.
(THAT would not be pretty.)
18. Step off bed and realize......mattress is now blocking doorway AND
beautiful new bedskirt is in the guestroom across the hallway!


19. Try to burn off swinging arm fat and position yourself at end of mattress and push.
20.  Squeeze through opening in doorway and retrieve beautiful bed skirt waiting for you in guest room.

21. Squeeze back into bedroom and watch as beautiful bed skirt gently floats down upon the box spring - marveling at the delicious double ruffles flowing and draping onto the floor.
22.  Spread out beautiful ruffles on floor and look up to be greeted by wet nose and furry face.

23. Kiss furry face and place her back on floor.
24.  Turn to grab camera to photograph ruffles and realize camera is on hallway floor.


25.  Squeeze back through opening and retrieve camera.
26. Realize that you could'ave waited to take photos.  


27. Grab one end of mattress and slide it slowly toward bed
making sure cute furry face is not on box spring.
(Do NOT want to squash cute furry face.)
28.  Let wobbeling mattress fall back on box spring with a crash
as you take out the lamp on the side table.
29. Make note to pick up new lamp at store this week. 
(Smart move, cave woman.)
30. Scootch (yes, that's my word and I'm sticking with it) mattress across box spring inch by inch until repositioned.
31. Dance around bed as you tuck in clean linens (smelling deliciously of Gain) while sweet furry face helps by patting out wrinkles.

32. Lay on floor like contortionist and take photos of beautiful ruffles while cute little furry face (who somehow made her way back on bed) looks over the side at you and rolls around on freshly made bed ~
as deliriously happy with the new beautiful ruffles beneath her as you are.

(A bath in the ruffles sounds quite nice...

and a little more sprawling, of course.)

33.  Continue to contort on floor to photograph beautiful romantic ruffles..


(*big sigh*...)

until Husband's voice behind you warily says,   

 " down there...???"

And that's how it's done...


 ~ Blessings ~

[Want another laugh today?  Check out Suzan's blog.
But be sure you're sitting down.

And don't forget to visit Shellagh's beautiful blog and linen shop!]

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  1. I totally got the visual and sound effects with this! Looks marvelous!♥♫

  2. This post is so funny. And the bed are just gorgeous after your work.

    Have a nice day

  3. all looks verry great !! what you have done ...what a sweet from

  4. Hello Laurie!!
    Love it, beutiful pics as always!!

    All the best:)
    Love Malin

  5. Laurie,
    That skirt is beautiful! I too have a king size bed.And I know what a pain it is to change a bed skirt.I hate the one I have on now.I would love something like that or a bedspread that would flow all the way to the floor.But I am going to have to save up for that one!I'm a thrifty girl on a thrifty budget LOL.Your kitty is so sweet.Tabitha would do that same thing.She loves stretching out on our beds.And gets rather excited when I am making the beds.She thinks I am doing it for her.

  6. That is a beautiful bedskirt. I love your bed and so does the cat!


  7. You're a hoot!! Love the new bed ruffle. It makes th entire bed so romantic looking.

  8. Yup, that's how I move my mattress! Sloped ceilings are actually a help because they hold the mattress standing upright. You picked the right girl to make your lovely ruffles! ~ Maureen

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely...and funny, too! So glad I'm not the only one with a bit of wobbly arm fat. :)

  10. Oh my goodness girl!! You are so funny!!! LOVE IT!!! It looks so amazing in your room!!! Just lovely....and love that crocheted throw! Yummmmmmmmy! You are quite the cave woman! lol! Don't you just love a good challenge! And you didn't even get your head lopped off by the fan! hahahaha! Sorry about the flappy arms (seriously doubting you have such a thing!)....def.hate it when I gotta look at mine! lol!
    You are just too darn cute! In love with your whole house! :)

  11. Lovely and hilarious! My favourite part was #13! It was worth it for the bedskirt. I am so loving the wood trunk at the end of your bed. Perfect size and perfect colour.

  12. Looks wonderful...You are so funny..and this post made me giggle, because I have done things like that in the past! (:>)

    Just a little word of warning...because it puddles on the floor, be careful when getting up in the middle of the night. My friend slipped on a dust ruffle and broke her ankle. So be aware of it..and be careful.

    But your bed and your room are just lovely!!! Thanks for showing us!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  13. OH what we do for beauty LOL! Such a funny post...but it looks beautiful, Laurie!

  14. Laurie,
    A vision of divine loveliness are those tiers of ruffles! You had me at Step #23. . .if it had purred. . .that would have been my last step! Your cat is truly loving the freshly made bed. Nice to know someone else appreciates all your efforts, huh? Thank you, dear friend for making us laugh at ourselves...I need to do that more often!

  15. Shellagh did a fantastic job on your bed skirt, Laurie! It is just beautiful! I love it much more than the original 5 tiers you got it with. Your bed just looks so comfy, I can't blame your cat for rolling around and enjoying it! : )

  16. I KNEW you could do it all by yourself...because we are sistahs and can do all sorts of those things by ourselves....ummm....except I usually break at least TWO things accomplishing my "job". At least you didn't take out the ceiling fan-THAT is very good thing. Love the you took the old ruffled bedspread and had it made into a skirt- is that right? It looks great. I don't like a really wrinkled look either- it makes me feel xo Diana

  17. Love the new bed skirt and the crocheted throw! What an adorable helper you have. My furry kitty loves to help make the beds around here, too. I always have to tell guests, "I just changed the sheets, but you might find cat hair, because Smokey helped me make the bed." ^..^

  18. Shellagh's items are so beautiful! Your room looks so dreamy, love the new ruffles and the trunk at the end of the bed!!!

  19. You had me in fits of giggles especially the last line. I moved our mattress once on my own, I say once because I don't think I dare try again alone. I had the bruises to prove it!

  20. LOL! You are too funny and that bedskirt is drop dead GORGEOUS!

  21. Too cute! And in the end, we got to see your beautiful bedding. I ordered a spread, wanted white and when I got it realized I had ordered ecru. I was so disappointed and I didn't realize it until months after I had ordered it because it was a room in progress and I didn't open it for a few months after I got it. Oh well, live and learn! Kitty looks like she's ready to claim her new space:)

  22. Oh Laurie, you crack me up! Loved this post, love your cute, cheeky kitty and super-love that ruffled bedskirt! Take care :)
    Cas x

  23. Oh my... you are a brave woman to go solo Laurie. I admire your determination and it was so worth it. The whole room looks so romantic and beautiful.

  24. That is so funny!! Love this funny post and it looks great!!!!
    Hope you are having a great week

  25. I felt like I was right there with you. lol Wish you'd had a video. It's beautiful, Laurie.

  26. Bless your beautiful sense of humor, Laurie. Only you could make changing a bed skirt such an entertaining story. I love the new skirt - so worth all that effort and naughty words!

  27. Oh my goodness, no wonder you are sigh-ing Laurie!
    This is over-the-top gorgeous!!!!!
    You are also hilarious!
    Now about the arm fat....too funny!!!!!
    This is just perfect....all I can say is enjoy every minute of it; it looks like your kitty has got that down pat already!!!

    Deborah xoxo

  28. Laurie,
    Oh had me laughing as I read about your determination to get your new bed skirt on. It's beautiful!!! And kitty approved!!

  29. It looks gorgeous laurie, just lovely! I was thinking; with your first bedskirt, you could try dyeing it a pale blue..? Just a thought, i really love it, even a bit wrinkled!!
    Laura xxx

  30. Oooh I love it!!! It's always such a pleasure stopping by your gorgeous blog!!!


  31. you are amazing.....and funny :)


  32. You are too funny Laurie. I love your bed. I want it badly!! It is perfection!!

  33. arm fat, no way you have arm fat, but it sure was fun to read, laurie:) beautiful ruffles!!

  34. So funny Laurie and believe me I identify with you completely!! However after reading all this I now think that I need a new bedskirt!!!!!!! waaaaaaa

  35. And beautiful romantic ruffles they are! SO dreamy!

  36. OMG!! You had be laughing at this post!! And I am plum wore out just reading all you went thru, lol :) What a romantic bed you have now with your new ruffled bedskirt...LOVE IT!!

    From a fellow Michigander, warmest, Brenda

  37. You should be a sitcom writer...and be the leading star! That was hilarious! I love the gorgeous bed skirt. It's worth every grunt and groan :)

  38. Your story and bed are truly lovely!!

  39. Oh the tears in my eyes....much needed at this moment. Glad the neighbors are far enough away they can't hear my peals of laughter!!
    SO glad you weren't injured and the fuzzy face if having a lovely time on your GORGEOUS bed!! Wonder if I can put something like those on my arm fat would throw me across the room if it got out of control!
    Blessing and enjoy!!

  40. Laurie, you are hysterical! I loved reading each and every word. Truly a funny story. I think we can all relate to getting the bedskirt under the mattress before hubby gets home. When we want it done, we want it done, NOW! Love your new bedskirt, it's perfect.


  41. Laurie: This is such a romantic look--I am smiling! You are one funny woman, and so is your furry-face helper--I have a little Siamese if you please who loves to help make the bed or put on slipcovers on the couch! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment--I appreciate it very much!

  42. Laurie you are too funny! Shellagh is amazing she has made things for me too~love her!! Your bedskirt and bedroom look gorgeous!! xokathee

  43. I have come to look at this post twice today. Oh how I want a new bed skirt like this!
    I'd be very happy if you came over to my blog to link this up to the party...

  44. Oh Laurie, I could visualize each and every step. Sounds just like something I would do. Scootch is definately a word I use and yes, do! I can't imagine any arm fat swinging from you. Now me, that's another story. That bed skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Does your sister make them for people? If not, she should! I have a sleigh bed, thus no ruffled skirt. Getting tired ot it and would like something new sometime. Don't know which I love more, the skirt or the story! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  45. Hahaha...hilarious! I have done the exact same thing myself with our Cali King sized bed! Fun isn't it! It was worth it...your ruffles look divine!

  46. OMGoodness!
    This is the funniest blog!!! It's two in the morning here so that kind of helps with the delirious laughing BUT I still insist this is too funny! I can picture it all the way, every step and sounds just like how I would do it... or should I say, that it would happen!!! : )
    Thanks for giving me laugh... I needed one in the worst way right now!
    Definitely going to follow you!

    OH! and I almost forgot... LOVE those ruffles.... been wanting to make some for my bed... great job she did! She always does!

  47. I am seriously almost crying .... why???? because I am laughing sooooooo hard!!! that whole move the bed thing ... right now and do it yourself.... cracks me up!! That is exactly ME!!!! SOOOOO FUNNY...... oh btw...... "Gorgeous" and yes romantic ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So glad little fur baby did not get squished!!!)

  48. I shouldn't read your blog ever while I'm drinking tea! I almost spat it up all over my laptop...swinging arm fat LOL!!! I never have the patience to wait for my husband to help me with stuff, I'll just crash and bang around with sweat pouring off me doing it myself while he's at work so I think we can all relate to this post Laurie!

  49. Beautiful Photos and Belly laughs...what a wonderful combination! Love, love love those ruffles!

  50. Thank you for the play by play- I could so imagine it because that is indeed how it's done! :) I have the same dislike of yellow tones- just had to (re)make a set of curtains for my bedroom because the first fabric looked yellow once I got it on the windows- arg!!!

  51. Oh, Laurie, this is absolutely dreamy! Great job in lightening it. If you can find and add bluing to the water it will brighten the white even more negating any yellow - if you wish. Your kitty is too precious! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  52. Ahh, a fellow Michigan girl! I got a kick out of your post and visualized it very well! LOL... kitty looks like she's really lapping it all up too! They do seem to know when fresh linens are available don't they! LOL about the lamp!
    Sounds like something I would do! Eager and no patience...that's me!!

  53. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard (mainly because I would do the exact same things) It looks gorgeous, so well worth the effort. :)

  54. This is another beautiful post. I love the pink blanket. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  55. Laurie, I just love the ruffles. So beautiful! Every time I visit your blog I just swoon! I love all your soft colors and style. I've given you an award. Come visit my blog at

  56. That had to be the best blog post of the year! I laughed so hard, and omg, your bedskirt is insanely wonderful! Those were some beautiful pictures too. Soooo funny with the cat in the mix. Awesome post,... i've so been there moving mattresses and furniture, i'm sure alot of us have!


  57. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks! Your kitty is adorable!

  58. Bobby G. used to be totally amazed at what I could move when he wasn't home and what I couldn't move when he was home! Your new dust ruffle is pure perfection and a gorgeous color. I tried to bleach and oxi and dye whiten a red slipcover. I did it so many times that the fabric shredded and ended up doing what you did. Had someone make me a new one. sigh!

    Loved reading your story! :)

  59. That was all so worth looks beautiful!
    And of course he comes in when you are all done!

  60. Too funny! I can relate though :) I like your new ruffles better than the first. They flow just right. Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  61. Ha! I giggled all the way through this post. You are a hoot. That is EXACTLY how solo bed skirt changing goes! I've even tried "light as a feather, stiff as a board" with no luck. Your bedskirt is beautiful! Gorgeous room.

  62. Wonderful photos-love the shots of your kitty!

  63. Now, why is it that this sounds all too familiar...I think we all have done it this way:)I LOVE your new is so pretty!

  64. I'm your newest follower - I found you on Anastasia's blog - I was also awarded the "Liebster Blog Award". You have a wonderful blog! I'd be so pleased if you would followed-back:
    PS - I also live in Michigan!! :-)

  65. Loved this, I needed a good laugh! Your bedroom is beautiful! Jean

  66. Hi Laurie, I have done just that, (bleaching linen that is) it would even say white and come to me in a shade of winter white, not white enough!
    Love the outcome of the new bedding Shellagh created, she is a dream to have, kind of like your personal seamstress :)

    Well I am off to wash some linen and hits the flea, our local flea.

  67. Oh your bed looks so cozy!! Just beautiful!

  68. Oh my goodness, your bed looks amazing! Love, love, love the ruffles. I think that your kitty does too! :)

  69. I have so been there! With me it's trying to wrestle a big fluffy duvet into a lovely duvet cover. Yes, I have watched all the how to videos. Lets just say it's not a pretty sight.
    Your ruffle turned out beautifully!

  70. Worth all the work--especially the way you tell it! Soooooo beautiful!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  71. Ah, ha, ha! So fun to watch and listen to someone else do that. It takes forever to get a dust ruffle straight and conveniently for them, no one is ever available to help.

    So what did you do with the old one? Did you make something out of it?

  72. Oh my gosh, I needed your sense of humor today and the belly laughs it brought! Thank you so much!!

    Looks great now!


  73. Hi Laurie, I buy my boots at a local boot shop or Ebay has all of them too! Though you should go to a store for accurate sizing.

    Love the bed skirt, Sheila made mine and it's awesome!

    The kitty is pretty sweet too...~Cheers Kim xox

  74. Hello Dear Laurie, Your post is so funny - we all can relate to those large, heavy king-sized mattresses! Love your kitty - that face is soo cute! I'll be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday party,
    Hope you're having a wonderful week,

  75. Laurie, I laughed so hard reading your adventure in bedmaking. It sounds like about 99% of my projects, except my piano-like legs and ankles usually make sure I'm aware of them during the process. Your new dust ruffle looks beautiful, but not as much as that furry-faced helper of yours.

  76. Laurie, You are too funny! Thanks so much for sharing this cute post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I'm loving that ruffled bed skirt! And your kitty loves posing for the camera. So sweet!

  77. Your bed skirt is beautiful, I would be like your cat, and NOT leave! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  78. So elegant and your photos are stunning.
    I hope you'll stop by Friday for our link up.

  79. Just read this post - peeing my pants - and you say I'm funny girl???
    But thanks so much for the shout out :)
    I'm beyond honored!
    Big hugs -

  80. Oh my goodness! I don't have any kids, but you make me wish I did...just so I could throw a party like this. I think it would also work for a baby shower or mother-daughter tea. Thanks for the inspiration. I followed over from Coastal Charm's party! Great work.

    Amy {}

  81. hilarious, Laurie, I laughed thru all 33 steps, except my arm fat takes more steps to deal with. and gosh, your kitty is adorable. each time I change the sheets I have to throw cats off multiple times. It's like hide and seek! LOVE your new ruffled bedskirt!! it's divine!!

  82. Just lovely! And your cat is DARLING!

  83. You can NEVER have too many ruffles...and I love your sidebar "Love at our feet" We have a wolfhound, so mine would have to say: "Love at our elbows." So glad I found you and am now a follower.

  84. Your blog is just beautiful... I wanted to curl up on that bed for a nice long nap. I want to thank you for stopping by Posed Perfection and leaving me some comment love on the Making Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again post. I am now a follower of yours. I hope you will visit again and maybe even follow me back. Have a lovely week.
    Blessings, Nici

  85. Love the bed skirt...loved your story even more! Great Post!

  86. Congratulations on your feature with French Country Cottage!!!!
    So deserved

  87. Oh, that step by step is going to come in so handy someday! ;-)
    It's beautiful! Totally worth it!

  88. Hey Laurie! I popped across from Kerryanne's blog at Shabby Art Boutique ... and think I've pulled a muscle laughing at your bedroom rearranging! Tee! Hee! Hee! I think it was SO funny to me cos I can totally relate ... how many times have I got myself into weird positions/situations because I want some decorating thing done NOW ... before the husband is home to take instructions?! :0) The payoff is ... your new bedskirt looks gorgeous and you have a happy ruffle-bathed kitty ... and have spread smiles and laughter to the rest of us - enjoy a nice nap in your prettily decorated bed! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  89. Hi Laurie, this gorgeous post has been featured at Shabbilicious Friday today.
    Hugs - Kerryanne

  90. I'm a bit tardy, but wanted to leave you a note that you are featured on Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  91. Hysterical post because it is all so true!! I don't know anyone who finds putting a bedskirt on easy, the last time I attempted it alone I pulled my back out. Alas, I did not have that gorgeous bed to recover in - I LOVE your throw and this bedskirt, well frankly I love the whole room and would happily come love there. ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend and kiss that sweet kitty for me!

  92. I'm visiting you from I Gotta Create. Your bed skirt is beautiful! I love the whole room. I hope you’ll link this up today (or anytime this weekend) at One Creative Weekend on

  93. I cried with laughter are hysterically the ruffles...will keep reading for most entertaining blog ever..

  94. I’m so glad you linked this up at One Creative Weekend! I love it! Hope your week is fantastic.

  95. You are so much fun Laurie!! I could totally picture the whole scenario and it's so like the type of things I do too being impatient to wait for help. Your sweet kitty was the perfect illustration of total enjoyment lost in the gorgeous ruffles! It is perfection!! Loved every bit of this post Laurie! xoxo ~Lili

  96. Ja ja ja ja Oh! Sophie! Loving and curious cat! ja ja ja

  97. Beutiful bedromm-romantic and shabby chic!!!Cat is very nice-I love cats:-) Vicky

  98. Where did you buy the white bedside tables? Or do you know where I could find some like those

    1. I purchased one of them at Doster Emporium in Doster, MI. It's a small, unique antique/treasure shop where I have a booth and sell my Heaven's Walk painted furniture and interior decor items. The other table was passed down to me from my grandmother. I would check antique shops and flea markets for some!

  99. Don't know which fabric is prettier, the lovely white or the stunning "calico" (lol.) When I change my sheets, my cat Valli (Siamese) crouches on the bare mattress while I make the bed right over her beginning w/ fitted bottom sheet and continuing layer upon layer. When i'm finished she's nothing but a small lump under the bedclothes.

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  105. This romantic ruffled bed skirt looks amazing in the bedroom.
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