Thursday, April 19, 2012


"The only way to pray unceasingly is to do it with your eyes open."

I climb the stairs to change the bed linens
with aching back from a previous day spent weeding.
I gather the sheets from the linen closet, 
sweetly scented from an afternoon on the clothesline,
and look out over the back yard.
Grass needing to be mowed,
shrubs filling out with more bright, green leaves every day.
Peonies with large flower buds ready to bloom.
Lilacs spreading sweet scent.
Lady Slippers dancing in the breeze.
Cloud shadows race across the yard dotted with the season's first dandelions.
More weeding will be needed.

Grateful for this big, old farmhouse surrounded by green grass, flowers, and fruit bearing trees. 

The sheet floats above the stripped bed before gently landing on the puffy mattress cover.
I walk around the bed to straighten it, 
my bare feet making the old, wood floor creak
as the fan hums overhead.
I hear Maizie clambering up the stairs.
She jumps on the bed wanting to play.
I bend to kiss her soft head, she licks my nose,
and I scoop her off the bed.

Grateful for this evening when the husband and I will snuggle in a large, clean bed with linens smelling of the outdoors.

I gather up the clothes from the hamper for washing.
Lifting the heavy laundry basket onto my hip,
I descend the stairs.

Grateful for strong, sturdy legs and a body -
though aging and a bit saggy in spots -
rises to the demands I place on it.

The husband comes in the door asking me to come look at something he's found.
Jacket and sneakers on,
I settle on the golf cart seat next to him.
We ride across our property and into the woods beyond.
Dogwood sprinkling white.
Red bud trees splashing pink.
Birds calling out to one another.
Twigs and sticks strewn across the path
snap beneath the tires. 
Morell mushrooms spotted and tucked in a bag.

We turn into the neighbor's field.
Gray clouds hover over a huge meadow of purple clover and yellow wild mustard
reminding me of the western prairies.
The wind blows, making the grasses bend.

Grateful for the beautiful wide, open spaces that surround our farmhouse, and time spent with the husband.

He takes me to a pile of....discarded trash?
Tells me that I'm going to like what he found.
 He pulls out a tall, old reading lamp.
Rust has claimed a lot of it,
but the scrolled metalwork on it is incredible.
I can envision it refurbished to it's once known beauty,
and place it in the cart next to me.
We bring it home.
Grateful for a husband who sees beauty in a rusty lamp.

In the living room, I sit to check my emails
and gaze around the room.
White painted furniture, a pile of grain sacks, a coveted French candelabra,
and purple hydrangeas spilling out of a large, white soup tureen.
Gray shutters, an iron cross, a lettered pillow, and rustic baskets.
Clock ticking on the fireplace mantel.

Grateful for the joy found in simple decorating.

I pull the laundry from the washer,
eyes wander around the basement.
Heart cringes and sighs.
Such a mess.
So much work to do down here. 
So many things to start on and complete.
A rainy day chore.

Grateful for the safety of a basement during the stormy spring season.

Dark cloud gather outside the windows.
Trees, green against deepening darkness,
Maizie snores on the sofa beside me,
curled up and toes tucked under.
I hear the husband tinkering outside in his shop.
The mantel clock ticks away the quiet minutes.
The computer keys click beneath my fingers.

Door opening.
A fistful of fragrant lilacs
picked by the husband...
just for me.

An afternoon of complete gratefulness
for a blessed life
in this old farmhouse.

"The greatest thing is to give thanks for everything.
Whoever has learned this knows what it means to fully live."
~ Ann Voskamp 


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  1. As I read on Patty's ( post tonight,
    "Gratitude turns what we have into Enough."
    This is a fantastic post. Wonderful.

  2. Laurie, What a lovely post. It was very touching.

  3. Beautiful post; I don't often leave a message--I'm a lurker every day hough. You could be a successful author; pretty visualization with your kind words and gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a lovely post--you are a great writer. I feel more rested and thankful for what I have by just reading it. You have a beautiful place! TFS!

  5. Beautiful post, Laurie, and so true. Sometimes we take so many things for granted. You have a lot to be grateful for. Your property is gorgeous, and you take joy in the simple things.

  6. Oh how I adore you!! (And your house I am um....shall I say coveting......Nahhhh ;) )
    No seriously....lovely post....felt like I was right there with you enjoying your life at Heaven's Walk!

  7. what a wonderful post!!!!
    your home and land is amazing!

  8. A simple day made lovely by your gratefullness. What a wonderful attitude you have. Your photos are so beautiful!

  9. Laurie, I do believe you have found the true meaning of life...... beautiful, heartwarming post. You write so eloquently. xo

  10. Oh Laurie, that is so beautiful - and the music.........just wonderful.

    Grateful for a talented, sensitive grateful blogger friend.


  11. Hi Laurie,
    Simple sweet and so so beautiful!

  12. Beautiful post, and wonderful pics. I just love lilacs, with I could smell them here on your page. Mind should be blooming any day now:)

  13. Ah this is just what i needed to read before i put my head on my pillowcase...which i decided i will wash tomorrow!! hehe~lovely poetry here and i totally agree and am on the same page, grateful for my tired but strong body and my husband who loves me like no other..yes its good.

  14. So many things to love here, but most of all a precious husband who loves and appreciates You! Have to say the linens are wonderful!!

  15. Beautiful post Laurie. You have a beautiful place as well and to be so grateful for all the little things is wonderful.

  16. Thank you for a beautiful post reflecting on your day with gratefulness. My goal is to live a grateful life. Thank you for the reminder that nothing is too small to be grateful for. ♥

  17. Hi Laurie ~ Such a touching Post, I just loved it....
    not only the sentiment, but the beautiful photos~
    You are Blessed, thank you for sharing~

  18. thank you for your gratitude and sharing the beauty you are surrounded with : )

  19. Well, that was just wonderful reading all of that. Sweet and sincere.

    God bless you sweet lady.

  20. Such beautiful sentiments. I believe you would like the book I am currently reading~ The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay. I got your email and am glad to hear my letter arrived safely to you. Looking forward to receiving the bunting. I will let you know when I do! ox

  21. What a lovely post and what a georgous old house ~ you are very lucky to live amidst such beauty.

  22. What a lovely post. We sometimes forget to see the beauty in our own surrounding. Thanks for reminding us that God's beauty is all around us.

  23. Beautiful, Laurie!!
    I took a walk with you, felt the fresh air, saw the trees and the flowers!
    I am so grateful for my life too and even for imperfections, like my son's shoes or backpack on the floor... It is so great to be together, to be alive and healthy! I also have a wonderful husband, which took me so long to find...
    I am so glad you are happy and content with your life!

  24. What a beautiful post Laurie............perfect !! from

  25. laurie, how utterly beautiful. you have a transporting way with words. wishing you continued blessings upon blessings.

  26. I love every word you said!! It's warming my heart.


  27. Beautiful post....sweet thoughts....I can smell the flowers and feel the gratefulness.....thank you....Linda

  28. What a lovely post. Great photos, your farmhouse and surrounding land are beautiful. We all have much to be grateful for if we just think about it for a moment. Great reminder,

  29. The joys of the Lord overflow, don't they, Laurie, when we observe the bounty of His blessings and lovingkindness toward us. What a sweet aroma of His love this post is, and what a delight to read. Thank you for sharing some of your bounty with us...simply sublime...simply divine.


  30. Laurie,
    I always enjoy reading your posts.I feel like I am right there with you.Your home is so lovely and the property too.Yes we all should be thankful for all that God has blessed us with.So many days I get wrapped up in things I forget to look around at Gods beauty my family,and all that he blessed us with.Thank you for the reminder.Have a wonderful weekend.How is your shop doing?It's not been so well for me.

  31. Blessings fill our life everyday....what a sweet reminder of pausing through out our daily routine to thank him for all he's done for us.

    Counting my blessings daily,

  32. Oh Laurie, this post is just moving. You are truly blessed in your writing, your creativity, your photography and for such a happy life. Thanks for sharing this most lovely post.

  33. Beautiful post! I love where you live, one day soon The Mister and I will be in the country where life moves slower and softer!
    Blessings, friend!

  34. Hi Laurie, Thank you for sharing your day with us and all you are grateful for. Your beautiful farmhouse and all the gorgeous surroundings we all have so much to be thankful and grateful for! Thank you for sharing...:) you made my day!!!!

  35. Beautiful writing along with pictures, is that really your farm house? I think I would never leave it, such beauty I can't even imagine it.
    You are so very blessed.

  36. Amen Laurie!!~
    I think sometimes we take for granted the beauty and gifts that God has given us, at least I do.
    Thank you for reminding me to be grateful today!!~
    Have a lovely weekend.

  37. a little bit of heaven on earth...beautiful writings, laurie:)

  38. What an inspiring post, Laurie! Such prose, reminding us all to take gratitude in daily moments of life.
    You have much to be grateful for indeed, in that beautiful romantic farmhouse of yours. :)

  39. Laurie, I try my best to thank God everyday. For even the smallest of things. Your place looks so pretty. Smiles to you, Susie(She Junks)

  40. What an absolutely beautiful post. So good to hear positives and gratefulness in this sometimes ugly and ungrateful world. I do love visiting with you. xx

  41. Oh I just LOVE your farmhouse and all the beauty around it!! Soooo amazing the changing of the seasons!!!!

  42. I love this post Laurie and I love that you are finding God's beauty in the simple gifts that surround you. Thank you for sharing and blessing me.

  43. Laurie your photos are divine!!!
    Your home is so beautiful alot to be grateful for. We all need to
    feel gratitude everyday...there is always something no matter how small
    to be grateful for!
    Pamela xo

  44. What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. I love the linens and the flowers and the peonies about to bloom. But my favorite thing.....your wonderful writing.


  45. Like I've said before....You are my "Zen" blog...amazing how calming you are.
    xo wendy

  46. I believe this is my first visit. Reading your blog was like snuggling up on a feather bed on a warm afternoon and reading an incredible novel! This post is absolutely amazing, and I know I will be back soon. The only problem I have - I live in California and can't come to visit your store!

    Blessing to you and your sweet husband,

  47. Hi Beautiful friend, everything down to the old farmhouse is just divine!
    I am in love with the linens, I need to add more to my bedding and sofa :)

    Thank you Laurie for visiting you always add beauty to my comment list and I thank you for that.


    "The only way to pray unceasingly is to do it with your eyes open."


  48. Awesome!!!It's looks part of Heaven.

  49. Stunning - the words and the pictures. Thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving such a nice comment about my old fence. We are so lucky to be surrounded with beauty and that we are able to find beauty around us.

  50. What a powerful and uplifting post, my friend. I needed this today!

  51. What a beautifully inspiring post! Thanks for this post! And the lovely images... everything looks divine! Fragrant lilacs rejuvenate me every time...Have a blessed week~Poppy

  52. As I sit here on this rainy Sunday, I am grateful I stopped in to visit.
    The beautiful thoughts and pictures you are sharing makes me smile and comforts my heart to know a dear blog friend is happy.
    Thank you Laurie!

  53. While visiting around blogland, I found you. So glad I did. I feel like I've had a little walk through Heaven. Yes, you made me smile. I am new at this. I am following you. Hope you'll push my button and follow and make me look good:)

  54. Laurie,
    What a beautiful post. Such a wonderful day with the one you love. You have a way with words I wish I had. Thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  55. How very lovely. So well said. I could identify with how you feel when you see all that needs to be done. Trying to learn how to lean on the Lord for His strength for the heavy load and aching old muscles. Your post gives me peace inside that God knows our hearts and our weakness.

  56. So very lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and words. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  57. Hello Laurie, I have been working on a post quite similar - my husband brought home something I have been wanting for a very, very long time...can't wait to share - I love how you've gently taken us through your day - beautiful - we all individually are blessed and have a lot to be thankful for. If God has so richly blessed us hear - can you just imagine the joy of Heaven. Can't wait to meet my fellow sisters there!
    God Bless,

  58. Beautiful blog !! I even love Jim Brickman playing in the background. Your pics are so pretty. I am looking forwarding to visiting again soon !!! Have a beautiful and creative day.... Chickie

  59. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing! Jean

  60. Really beautiful. A great reminder to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the simple pleasures that envelope us each day. I enjoyed this so much.


  61. It is for me the simple things that make me smile, count my blessings and love life!
    You are a gifted writer Laurie which comes with wisdom and beauty from within.
    P.S. Congratulations on your shoppe opening you will love this journey.

  62. This post touched my heart. You wrote so beautifully.

  63. Lovely reminder Laurie. I feel very blessed today!


  64. A M E N !!!!
    Beautiful post to read first thing in the morning Laurie.
    Thankfulness to God~the only way to greet the day and fellowship with it
    until our heads rest on the pillow come days end.
    Love all the beauty here, especially the beauty in your own heart my friend xo

    All my heart...Deborah xoxo

  65. What a beautifully written post. I love your writing style. When I come to visit I always feel my soul has found some comfort, a place of calm. Thanks for sharing your creative, calming inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  66. Laurie, there is indeed so much to be grateful for. Love this beautifully written post. Your photography is amazing! What type of camera do you use?


  67. lovely!! ditto on the fluffy bed to crawl into with the smell of warm summer air! :)

  68. Thanks for this encouraging post!!! I'm so glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime. It was good to hear reminders of being grateful today. :)

  69. Oh I love this. Lovely photos and I like your poem. Thanks for sharing.

  70. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow but I dont see twitter or facebook in here??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  71. This is such a lovely post, Laurie. Such a good reminder to take the time to be grateful for the many blessings of daily routines we can take for granted. Beautiful photos (as always). You have a gorgeous patio and back yard area!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments, Mary Alice

  72. Blessings for daily routines....from my house to yours.
    Joyce M

  73. Very beautifully written, honest post that comes from your heart. As we grow and learn it becomes easier to live fully and find joy in the ordinary ...You certainly know how to do it . I am grateful for our virtual connection; your comments always make me happy !

  74. You are such a deep sweet person...I love your blog,the music and the peaceful feel I get here. God bless you.

  75. Hi Laurie....visiting you always makes me take a deep, restful breath. Thank you:) Congratulations on your business. Yes, so-o much work but rewarding in so many ways:) Thank you, also, for stopping is always lovely to hear from you.

  76. What a moving post. What amazing photos! ♥Linsey

  77. Absolutely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  78. morgen du liebe
    ach sooooo traumhaft schöne fotos.
    wünsche dir eine schöne restwoche.
    herzlichst daniela

  79. Amen to all of it. Love just sets that path straight doesn't it?

  80. Sweetest Laurie,

    Lovely post, and absolutely lovely photos...! ♥

    Wishing you a magical weekend...

  81. Just stunning love everything here, grateful for visiting you again my friend I have enjoyed looking over your past posts too just divine as always.
    I wish you a lovely weekend of love & laughter.

    Always Wendy

  82. Laurie: This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It's special to find other Christian bloggers who appreciate simple decorating and love Jesus too :) I find that super refreshing! Your blog & home are beautiful. Would love to have you guest post if you would ever like to :)

    Blessings to you!
    Lauren @

  83. Beautiful words - beautiful sentiment - so moving, and to cap it all absolutely gorgeous images. Pure perfection - thank you. x

  84. Wow.


    Grateful for a blogger who sees with such open eyes and open heart.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  85. very beautiful and romantic. thank you for linking it up at our party at

  86. This was a beautiful post, Laurie. You know I just love it when you empty your thoughts out on this blog. You are so grateful. And yes, how wonderful to have a husband see the beauty in that lamp!


  87. Looks like you've been gone longer than I have. I've missed your beautiful posts that always make me go, ahh. This one was especially lovely.


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