Friday, November 25, 2011

Hangin' It Up

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday
surrounded by loving friends and family!
I counted my blessings
and YOU are certainly one of them.
Thank you all for your kind words and sweet friendship!

Yeah....I love ya MUCH more than this.....

Now....the diet begins in earnest
as well as a bunch of Christmas crafting!


got some plain, old, boring wooden hangers hangin' around...?

How about prettying them up a bit?

They'd make great Christmas gifts.


you could just keep them for yourself.

I purchased these at a local grocery store.

Paint the hangers with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Pure White" and let dry
(which as you know, takes only a whisker of time).

Take out a pretty filigree stamp, and with your gray stamp pad

stamp it at the center of the hanger where the arch is.

Then, lay a piece of paper towel across the lower portion of the hanger.
You don't want any wayward stamping down there.

Take your favorite French script stamp,
(you could use a pretty music stamp, too)
and with a different color ink,
stamp over your filigree impression.

Spray the hanger with a clear matte spray sealer for protection.

{I went back and painted the hook part of the hanger
because I didn't like the bright silver.}


much better.

A pretty, vintage JDA inspired hanger.

I stamped a couple with my favorite little bird's nest, too.


go hang up something pretty ~

on a rack made from a piece of old trim and vintage wire hooks

that you made yourself, too.  :)

Hook rack painted in ASCP 'Old White'.

And stand back and smile.

You did well, my friend.

Have a wonderful creative day!

[ Blessings ]

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  1. Amazing how you have turned something so ordinary in to something so lovely! Looks GREAT Laurie!!!

  2. Laurie, come sempre fai cose meravigliose!

  3. You totally amaze me. All the gorgeous, simple projects that must be whirling around in your brain ... this is brilliant!

  4. These are so simple yet beautiful Laurie!!

  5. You are so creative! :) Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

  6. Just lovely, Laurie! I would hate to put these in a closet!

  7. What a sweet idea!!!
    Thank you for sharing
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  8. Have a wonderful creative weekend

  9. I would love to receive the hangers as Christmas gifts. To pretty to hang my clothes on, I would want to display them. Maybe in a kitchen with some vintage aprons on them. Beautiful:)

  10. Oh my gosh! When you said you were "hanging it up", I thought, "Oh no! She's leaving blogland?!"
    Yah got me! hahahaha! Great hangers! You are so unique! xo

  11. these are beautiful laurie! what a fab idea. : )

  12. Fabulous ideas as always Laurie!
    Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.
    Congratulations on winning such a pretty necklace.
    Have a great evening,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  13. This looks so pretty. What a great gift a bunch of these would be tied up with a ribbon and some sachets!


  14. How great is that! You always have wonderful ideas and beautiful results.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you.

  15. Love the hanger, wonderful little project! Laura

  16. These are adorable! As well as your french script candles. Lovely ideas. And thank you for the reminder to back up our blogs. I've been fortunate but you can't be too careful! Off to back it up now! :)

  17. These are just charming! I just discovered your blog and I love it. I'm in California, but originally from Battle Creek. Your home reminds me of my grandparent's.

  18. Very nice. Great photography too. Why did I give my stamping blocks and ink away?

  19. Simply gorgeous Laurie!! Love these! Into my 'project file' they go! I see lot's of these old wooden hangers at thrift stores:)
    Hope Tday was wonderful for you!

  20. Perfect little gift for the girls. Looks so elegant, yet so easy. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Gosh those are awesome! I have tons of matching wooden hangers in my closet. I threw out every odd ball wire or plastic hanger and bought the wooden ones...I would LOVE to do this! You are so smart. I should go on the diet with you and drop ten before Xmas Eve!

  22. Beautiful Laurie. So simple and elegant.

  23. how simplelovelychic are these? i adore them. and the hooks!

    have a wonderful weekend, laurie.


  24. What a great idea. i love those hangers! Thank you so much for sharing how you did it.

  25. Darling hangers!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!

    Aimee from

  26. Oh my, I MUST get some French script stamps now. I see that I NEED them!!

  27. I love this idea and posted on the ranch's FB page.

  28. Those hangers are so cute Laurie! I haven't tried stamping before, but may give it a try. Great job!


  29. Gorgeous coat hangers. Great christmas gifts. Amy x

  30. THE most beautiful hanger EVER!! clever...Happy decorating, Mariaelena

  31. LOVE that first photo Laurie!
    Pretty little project...thanks for sharing!

  32. Hi Laurie, I have had stamping wood hangers on my list for awhile. Thanks for encouraging me to get going with it :). Your hangers are beautiful!
    And your French script candles look great too! Thanks for always sharing the 'how-to's'.
    Have a great week!
    ~ Julie

  33. Such a good idea for dressing up a plain hanger. I love it.

  34. That certainly is clever! This is the first time I've ever seen a craft like that. It's adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  35. I love this idea! Your hanger is fabulous! What an inspiration! You've given me a great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  36. This would make a lovely "add-on" gift for a lingerie shower.

  37. So simply beautiful. I never thought to paint coat hangers, but now the possibilities are endless. Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  38. STUNNING!!!!! I am blown away by them...WOW!!! All the best,Chrissy

  39. That is just too clever!!! And so cute - love 'em! Linda

  40. Oh Dear! English is my second language and there is only few words to describe something pretty in the first place, so...I am out of words to say how much I love this idea and the hangers !!
    Another lovely visit !

  41. Oh these are lovely Laurie !! I showed them to my husband and he said in a suitably impressed voice " oh very nice , they look pricey !!"
    Love the hanging rail you have made too and the little puppy sat on it's friend hee hee ! Have a lovely week ! Gail x

  42. Oh my goodness - those are gorgeous! I wouldn't want to hide them in my closet though!

    Please come link these lovelies up at Knick of Time Tuesday - happening now!

    Feel free to enter to win a Canvas Photo Print that makes gorgeous wall art - just in time for Christmas!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  43. How pretty - great idea.
    Kylie x

  44. Love these!!! Thanks for sharing,

  45. the look of your hangers! So adorable!

  46. This is gorgeous! You are super talented. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  47. Oh- I have been off my game with visiting lately! Love this idea, Laurie. Wouldn't they look neat all waiting for guest's coats in a front hall closet?

    I've been baby busy and have missed lots of blogs lately- Bear with me! xo Diana

  48. I love these hangers what a great idea, and just in time for Christmas!!

    So glad I came across your blog by way of "Laughing with Angels". I'm a big fan and a follower now!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  49. I love your ideas! I have that same nest stamp!!! I use it all the time!

    Carole you think I use !!!!! too much!!!!???haha

  50. Just what I'm looking for -- something to make for gifts that won't take my entire week to create! These are SO beautiful -- you are so creative!

  51. Simple, yet elegant! My kind of project!

  52. Oh Laurie, I am so making these. I cannot even believe I have every single thing already to do this...the exact same nest and french script stamps and of course the wooden hangars. Thanks so much for this JDA inspired idea. You are AMAZING. xo ~Lili


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