Friday, November 11, 2011

A bit of nurturing nature...

Autumn tends to nudge our hearts to bring more of the outdoors inside.

I think for a lot of us, 
it has to do with the cold, dreary, winter days ahead.
We feel the need to capture the sweet warmth and rustic-ness of summer
and continue to hold it close and surround ourselves with it.

With that need in mind,
not to mention
the cold weather knocking at my door,
I wanted to incorporate more nature-inspired vignettes throughout this old farmhouse.

In the living room~
a simple vignette of neutrals.

French gathering basket: antique market, grapevine heart:  Michael's, nest; Save-on-Crafts, cement urn: antique market

The combination of textures are soothing
and remind me of my walks in the woods this past summer.

The urn was whitewashed in "Old White" ASCP.

In the kitchen,
sits the newest member of the family.

She was purchased at Micheal's a while ago.
There was just something about her colors
and sweet look on her face
that prompted me to take her home.

She happily sits on a piece of Florida driftwood in the vintage birdcage I bought at an antique market last summer ~
next to her nest full of eggs.

"Toby's wings" shelter her cage protectively.

{thank you again, Sandi....}

In my study/studio/office

(what am I calling it today...?)

I hung a shade-bones from a small rack I made from a piece of distressed bead board
and a vintage wire coat hook.

Not quite ready to put my lavender away for the season,
a vintage galvanized bucket holds an armful of it
on my bistro chair
that Courtney tipped us off about this summer.
I painted it white.

Pashima: antique market find, lavender: Hobby Lobby

On top of the bookcases next to the bistro chair
is a vignette that whispers of summertime memories

 that I'm still clinging to ~

with my favorite old shell
and a vintagey tin heart.

Tin heart: The Beautiful Life, seashell: Florida, hubby: mine

This sweet, new treasure is from Bilancia Designs.
Lisa Moran creates the most amazing things from paper.
Be sure to visit her shop.
You'll find yourself ooohing and aahhhing over her beautiful creations.

I used a gift certificate that I won
to purchase this sweet paper gardenia topiary in a vintage creamer.

The petals look so incredibly real, I almost expected to smell it's sweet fragrance
when I unwrapped it.

It will look so Jeanne d'Arc when it's nestled in the midst of some cedar boughs
at Christmastime.

I'm very anxious to start draping pine boughs throughout this old house.
After spending hours inside the pages of last year's JDA Christmas book,
my inspiration is overflowing 
and I'm ready to create a simple, dreamy, rustic, Nordic Christmas atmosphere 
here at Heaven's Walk.

Bringing nature into your home - whether real or faux -
 creates a warm, "alive-ness" that is both cozy and nurturing during this time of year.

Listen to your heart when decorating for the seasons.

You'll know you have it right
when you hear it sigh...

Be blessed....and be nurtured,

my friends.

[ Blessings ]

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  1. Beautiful post, Laurie! The images and words are beautiful indeed! xo Diana

  2. You have some great nature vignettes. I think the Nordic look will fit right in at Heavens Walk for Christmas. I'm not putting my lavender away at all. You can't make me. lol

  3. Love your topiary!! Your home is going to be amazing for Christmas!!!! Can't wait for the pics....or should I say pins....;)

  4. Hi Laurie, Your nature inspired decorating is beautiful. Love the birdcage.

  5. Laurie, your vignettes are fantastic. Your new baby and the birdcage are just wonderful.


  6. Beautiful post. I know what you mean about putting away the lavender...there are a few things from summer that are so pretty that I find it hard to put away...but they do need to move aside for Holiday pretties. Your home and posts are just beautiful!

  7. I love your comment about the heart and knowing it's right when you hear it sigh...sweet....

  8. Wow Laurie, What a post full of lovelies!! That topiary is just so beautiful, and so is your charming bird and cage! Love it all!

    I, too, am so looking forward to seeing your vignettes all decked out for Christmas!! JOY!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Coming over here makes me "happie"!! When I first saw the photo I thought your sweet birdie was real! Everything's beautiful! thanks for linking up, Laurie! xoxo

  10. Hy Laurie - your post is very nice! I am very interested in your christmas decoration - enjoy it plenty!
    I have already done it! I couldn't wait - in both, our modern appartment and the cosy weekendchalet. It takes always a lot of time, so I started early.
    Have a cosy weekend, hugs, Barbara

  11. What a beautiful post ... your photographs are so dreamy. You've made a beautiful world there ... can't wait to see what you do at Christmas.

  12. Very pretty, Laurie! I love your little topiary in the silver creamer. I have that same little bird! He is clipped onto the top of a birdcage keeping watch over the nest that is inside.

  13. I had to pin that topiary in a creamer. How pretty is that thing!!

  14. Just stopped by for a visit - lovely, lovely photo's!

    All the best for a great weekend - Katie from

  15. Thank for you comment .Lovely photos . Your photographs are so dreamy . Hugs Karina

  16. many pretties in your farmhouse!!
    ~and won't it be wonderful stringing the pine boughs everywhere, dreaming we are decorating our nests french nordic style?
    my christmas jeanne d'arc issue should be arriving anyday, and just in time, as all my past issues need a break ~ lol!!
    xo, Rosemary

  17. All beautiful vignettes as well as beautiful photos. I can't wait to see your Christmas decor:)

  18. Beautiful it....enjoy a happy from

  19. How I look forward to hearing from you. You're always so gracious and inspiring. In today's entry you mentioned called "JDA Christmas book". Could you expand more about the book? Thanks.

  20. Beautiful post! I enjoyed all of the pictures of the vignettes in your home. I am sure your entire home is beautiful, filled with your love of texture and sweet, soft colors.

  21. Very pretty pictures of your office, Laurie!
    Great mix of textures.

  22. Ooh you sure are making things look purdy over there!!! We have had so many yucky days it is fun to kind of floof around the house. :) I love the topiary, that is gorgeous.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! I think I saw some leaves in your pond too. hee hee!!!

  23. So beautiful Laurie!
    I've been looking at last year's JDL too, making lists, checking them twice so I am ready to deck the halls after Thanksgiving!

  24. so pretty and inspiring! I love the little birdie!

  25. Everything looks so pretty, Laurie! I love the feeling of nature in the house too, especially with winter coming. That topiary is so gorgeous. I can't get over that it is made of paper. Hope you've had a nice weekend ♥

  26. Everything looks so pretty, Laurie! I especially love that French gathering basket... the perfect shade of weathered grey. :)
    Have a great day!

  27. This is such a lovely post, Laurie! The topiary is gorgeous! It's so-o-o pretty in the silver pitcher!

  28. gorgeous post, laurie. the paper gardenia took my breath away. i love love love it and can feel something very nurturing and soulful from that piece.



  29. Laurie your decor is beautiful. I love your pretty white cage with wings. Everything looks so serene.

  30. Beautiful post and gorgeous pics. You are the winner of the French Grainsack Pillow offered by Ann @ On Sutton Place. Be sure to email her your address so she can get it off to you. Thanks for entering and congratulations. Hugs, marty

  31. I'm a sucker for white and anything with birds. Love, love your beautiful tray with the heart wreath and bird's nest. You have a true talent for putting things together in a lovely way.

  32. HI Laurie, this is my first visit to your blog, I am so happy to have found it! I love all your vignettes. The topiary is GORGEOUS, especially in that little creamer! I'll be back!!! XO, Pinky

  33. Hi Laurie,
    I love your vignettes for both seasons:-) I like you can't let go of the summery favorites! Your gardinia topiary is amazing, and will be PERFECT at Christmas!

  34. What a gorgeous, muted vignette! So lovely!

    Thanks for linking up to Knick of Time Tuesday.

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  35. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  36. Just breathtaking! I'm also from Michigan! :) I live in Livonia & grew up in Novi!

  37. Hello, mmmm lovely heart is sighing ahhhh ! I agree about bringing some of the outdoors inside at this time of year, it adds a little something to the house. That gardenia is sooo clever and looks lovely in the creamer. I don't like to put my lavender away yet either, the smell is so evocative of hot summer days ( not that we had many this year !! haha) so mine will stay out a little longer. Have a lovely week !
    Gail x

  38. Lovely post and gorgeous pics. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  39. So many pretties Laurie! Love your sweet little bird. Your photographs are wonderful!

  40. Laurie, it is all really pretty! I love this look. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  41. You are restored! So happy to see that Blogger did not lose you forever. I've been trying to copy my blog today and it won't print. I don't know why. Do you know what happened...or did your blog just return?

  42. I see that you are up and running again!

  43. I love bringing nature inside too! Your touches are just lovely!

  44. Really lovely mouth dropped open when I saw the topiary. What a treasure. Glad to see your blog back where it belongs. Have a wonderful weekend...Ann

  45. Oh so beautiful Laurie! I especially love the bucket filled with lavender. Soon it will be time to hang garlands of greenery.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx


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