Monday, July 26, 2010

Victorian to Coastal...

Good morning, everyone!
How are you?
I am so glad to see you!

I'm meeting you in my bathroom today.

LOL!  Weird place to meet, I know - 
but I wanted to share some befores and afters with you for Metamorphosis Monday!
(Meet us all over at Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch here.)

I fell in love with this room the first time I walked in to it.  The beadboard.  The high ceiling. The beautiful shimmering glaze over the white paint. A pedestal sink. 
The original clawfoot bathtub! 
It was love at first sight.

I originally brought in some seaside inspired treasures to try to brighten the room up a tad, 
but quickly discovered that it was just not enough. 
Hmmmm...something was still wrong.

Ugh!  Like the icky brown window trim.

(All right, stop drooling over my tub. I know you are...) 

Ugh! And the icky brown Victorian-looking linen closet. 
So dark and gloomy.

Now take a look at the afters....

After a weekend of serious 9-5 painting, the entire 'feel' of the room was changed.
Lighter. Brighter. Very much more coastal beach house.
Very much more to my liking.

Amazing what a little white paint will do, huh?

 From dark Victorian...

to vintage coastal!

Actually, I even painted the bottom part of the tub, too.  The original color was dark green.  Double ugh!

The bathroom door trim was on my radar, too,
so I primed that next.

Ta da!  

(Yes, I can read your mind, and yes, I really really wanted to paint that door - but I didn't want hubby to have a cow. He was already going to have kittens over the fact I painted that linen closet.)

 I added a beachy wire basket to hold the rolls,
and the transformation was complete!

You like?

Cheers to white paint!

{And hugs to you!}

~ laurie

(Oh, and before I you think I should paint that little cabinet over the loo? 
Would love to hear what you think!  :) )


  1. Hi sis....I could sit in your bathroom all day...actually, in your tub! with bubbles and a glass of Rog's homemade wine....and a book would be good.
    LOVE all the changes you've made in there.
    I would leave the cupboard the way it is....I think it would get lost on that white wall without any contrast.
    Happy Met Monday!

  2. It looks wonderful....definately coastal! If you were to paint the cabinet over the loo, I would go with the color of your towels...not white...

  3. Good Morning Sweetie!
    DON'T paint your little cabinet;>) It looks lovely just as it is. And you didn't dare paint the door? What's the matter-didn't all the eyelash batting and smiling oh-so-sweetly work for you? LOL

    You did a GREAT job with the bathroom. And how unusual for an older home to have that big of a bathroom. I'm wondering if they converted a former bedroom or something? No matter-it is wonderful.

    Geez-I hope when I come to visit and have to use the bathroom I don't find Debbie sitting in there drinking....xxoo Diana

  4. Hi Laurie,
    How did you guess that I was drooling over your clawfoot tub?! I have always wanted one of those, and I have serious bath room envy! :) Ours is stuck in the 80's, so yours is my dream bathroom for sure! What a difference the paint makes! I love the coastal look. As far as the little cupboard, how about a nice light beachy blue?

  5. I love it!! Great idea and good for you for sticking with your idea, no matter what the hubby says! You did a great job!

  6. Your bathroom is like being at a beach cottage getaway!
    Beautiful job, painted door or not.

  7. beautiful bathroom, love the changes. the little cabinet looks fine as is i think. painting it white would make it disappear. i like the contrast.



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  9. Your bathroom is lovely and so charming. I love that you painted the built-in and it made such a huge difference . Love it!
    Sorry about the deletion above. My mistake.
    Hugs, Sherry

  10. Love it--nice and cheerful and beachy.

  11. Okay....what's wrong with spending a few hours in the tub? When Diana gets there, she'll probably be in there with me! drinking Rog's wine!!! I think I'll try to lose a few pounds tho...don't want to crowd anyone.

  12. LOL-And you gals think I'M FUNNY? Seriously.....

  13. LOL! Ohhhh my gosh! LOLOL! You two crack me up!!!! :) You two have serious tub-envy. Are you getting help for that...?

    (Oh, and I guess I'll leave the little cabinet alone...for now anyway. Thanks for all your suggestions, girls! I loved reading them all!)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  14. LOVE it ! You're right, white paint makes everything better !!!!!

    thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us and for stopping by Lavender Hill !

  15. I love you bathroom! Just found your blog - anxious to explore. Thanks for the nice comment. Be brave - glazing and waxing make all the difference!

  16. I love, love, love your bathroom!!! Thanks for following. I am following you back.
    Bonnie :)

  17. very pretty bathroom! i love all the white painted wood! i think you should paint the little thing over the loo a lt. blue green or oceany color (light of course)! and thanks for visiting me at cottage romance today and for your lovely comment!

  18. Your home is amazing and you certainly are living the dream! I've just spent my morning coffee time drooling over your blog. I giggled over your post about painting lattice because I did my share this spring and I thought the end was never going to come! Your dogs look precious and yes, Aussie's are amazing. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming my second follower.

    Take care - Lisa@Suburban Retreat

  19. I just love your bathroom! I think it is so charming. I really love the tub, and the beadboard.You did a great job on the painting...Kathy

  20. It looks fantastic!
    I'm going to have a bathroom very much like your darling one here, so you're giving me GREAT ideas! :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  21. I love the all white look a lot, just so beachy and fresh! Great tub!!!

  22. all so lovely
    enjoying my visit


    barbara jean

  23. Just found your blog and yes, oh yes, your are a delight. I laughed out loud. What a great makeover and like you, not much passes my doorway that I don't want to paint. I had been going cray in my bedroom but decided to step back, take a breather and remember that my original intention was white and blue. Feel free to take a look at my blog and I warn you ahead of time, with the camera on the blink at the moment, this week's column was just a little different:


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