Monday, September 1, 2014

Transitional Season

The soft pastels of summer are quickly slipping away,
being replaced by the Crayola colors of autumn.

Changes are taking place at Heaven's Walk, too.
It's a transitional time.

The tomatoes in our organic garden ripened beautifully with the rains and coolness of the passing summer.  It was time to can our infamous salsa.

After four sessions, 300 pints and quarts were ready for the pantry shelves
to be enjoyed in the cold months ahead
in chili, goulash, soups, roasts, and dips.

Numerous quarts of sweet corn and green beans were frozen and nestled next to the 15 quarts of blueberries already in the freezer.

I did take some time off to do some antiquing and hit the Allegan Antique Market on Sunday.
My radar is always tuned in to vintage rugs, old tables, and any bit of bling,
and was thrilled to take home this French-inspired upholstered chair.
It is an identical match to the one I already have at my desk. 
I couldn't believe it.

A soft gold and purple prayer rug was given to me for half price after standing and staring at it for a while.  I guess the vendor got tired of me drooling over it.
And, of course, who could resist that sweet blue vase?

The little primitive table stole my heart with her square nails, pine green chippy top, and deep mauve base. I had been looking for something a bit more rustic for my living room
to 'ground' all the white.

After debating whether or not to take my paintbrush to it,
I asked for help from my sweet friend, Tausha, and followed her trusted suggestion.
I lightly sanded the top to remove some of the stains and paint splotches,
then rubbed on a coat of ASCP clear wax to protect it.

It was shabby perfection.

It brought a feeling of depth, warmth, and coziness to the room.
Perfect with dusty mauves, blues, and pinks,
and complimenting vintage oak floors.

I also created a dream catcher for a friend of a friend who is battling cancer.
I felt honored to do this for her,
and pray that it brings her peace and joy.

I sold a member of my family, too.
My 1996 Blazer had served me well,
and it was time for her to move on.
We sold her in five days...

...and welcomed a 2009 Acadia into our fold.
We purchased it from my sister-in-law.
I must be honest and tell you that I have never had such a luxurious vehicle in all my life.
I am beyond humbled and thrilled. 
I love driving it.

So, with a full pantry and freezer,
a dependable vehicle in my garage,
and watching autumn quietly explode in the tree tops ~
I now turn my attention to selling my parents' house 
before winter makes its cold, snowy appearance,
when I will snuggle in to my favorite place to be...

here at Heaven's Walk.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. Bonjour,

    Lorsque l'hiver fera son apparition vous allez vous régaler avec toutes ces bonnes réserves... Un billet rempli d'optimisme...
    Gros bisous

  2. Oh Dear,
    this post is realy a heaven's walk to me. The tomatoes .... yummmmieee and this adorable table! You do have a lucky hand my friend and I'm happy with you!
    Have a great september!
    All my best from Austria

  3. Yammie...!! That table...and your car ...!!!!.....happy new week love!

  4. Salsa canned using home grown tomatoes, heavenly ! A new ( older ) car to meet your transportation needs , a blessing !

  5. It is that transitional time isn't it! I have seen a few trees with leaves that have turned color already. You get the sense that fall is moving in. It's been a good summer. Your new SUV looks wonderful. I'm sure it will bring you many years of good times. I know it must be hard to sell your parents home- I wish you well on the sale. Looking forward to apple season and apple cider!

  6. Hi sweets... wow, you make alot of salsa!... and it looks delish!... isn't it a great feeling to know you have all those yummy Summer treats waiting for you on a cold winters day (which we won't even think about now!)... I've canned or frozen just about the same things as you, just not the quantity you did!... so happy you were able to go to the antiques market and find some gorgeous treasures... I LOVE your shabby table!... it really does look perfect in there, and I am happy you did not paint it... after you told me about your new car, I was trying to picture what it looks like... thanks for showing it, she's a beauty!... cannot wait to see photos of Heavens Walk kissed by Autumn... I remember how stunning it looked last Fall... savor these lingering end of Summer~early Autumn days... much love to you, xoxo Moi

  7. A bountiful harvest, home canned goodness (yum!), new pretties for your home (I love the table and chair) and new wheels!
    Wishing you more beautiful end- of-summer days, Laurie!

  8. Hi Laurie, the salsa looks so delicious and wonderful to have all winter long. Great finds at the antique market and the table is divine and so shabby perfect. Love your new car too. What a beauty!!
    Enjoy the last days of summer as we head into fall.
    Wishing you many blessings as you prepare your parents home to sell. I had to do the same and I know what your heart faces.
    Much love~

  9. I bet your homemade salsa is delicious! Leaps and bounds above store bought I bet:) That's one thing I miss about So Cal...that amazing Mexican food!

    Your new finds are gorgeous, I love your new table...Tausha gave you perfect advice as it looks amazing:) Your new car is so pretty! We only have one car right now which my husband needs for work so I'm looking forward to ANY type of car:)

    I hope you're doing well, I know it's been a rough year for you but you are a strong gal:) Hugs!

  10. What a wonderful bounty you have, sweet friend. Although I am not ready to let summer go yet, I know fall will descend upon us soon. xo Laura

  11. Sounds like a beautiful season for you Laurie. Love your treasures and especially the new table. Isn't it great to have trusted friends you can bounce ideas off. I'm sure you'll enjoy the seasonal changes at Heaven's Walk.

  12. Laurie,
    Amazing the harvest at the hands of your labours, dear friend!!!
    Much has happened in your life this past Season. . .
    allow yourself some time to make the transition from this Season to the next.
    Your primitive table looks "at home" in your living room!
    Love the treatment you did to preserve its natural beauty.
    "To everything, there is a Season".

  13. The table and chair are so lovely. I still drive my 1996 Blazer - it is called the coffin carrier because of the large cargo area. The leaves are gently falling though this is the hottest time of year for us.

  14. Your homemade salsa would inspire my chef. '-)
    Looks like smooth transitions at Heaven's Walk.

  15. I so love the fall and wish it lasted longer but not the winter:( Love the primitive table so my style!!!

  16. love the chair and weathered table, laurie:) your salsa looks yummy, and the new ride look comfy! prayers to your friend--i know your dream catcher lifts her spirit every time she looks at it:)

  17. The chair the chair... it is wonderful. ... and i love how you left the little table raw. It works perfectly with everything. You found such good treasures!
    Your salsa looks so yummy. I should do that with some of the 18 million tomatoes we've had. I didn't know you had such a veggie garden too!
    Congratulations on your new car. It must feel luxurious. I know you will also miss your good old car too. '
    You've just had such a summer... you know... wow. It's nice to see you savoring the bounty of your garden and creating your beautiful dreamcatchers, and finding treasures for the house again.


  18. Laurie,
    Wow and I thought I've been busy ... LOL. The rewards from your harvest will nurture your palate in celebration throughout the winter months, hopefully ahead more mild winter months this year. All your vintage finds are wonderful, you have a very keen eye. I think of you often and know it's puddles and memories through the grieving process, we share in this journey and I wish you comfort and love.

  19. Looks like you had a successful garden this year. I love your new car! I agree that it's always nice to be able to feel like you have a reliable car and good food in the house. You've got your priorities straight! I adore your new table and other new finds. Tausha gave you good advice on how to clean it up. It has wonderful patina. Good luck with listing your parents house. I hope a new owner will find it soon.

  20. Whoa that is some loads of Salsa for sure lol Sounds so good right no w! I haven't done much in preserving Summers Bounty this Summer and I will be so sad when the time comes and there is none.

    A beauty of a new car for sure ! I hear ya I don't buy lots of new cars and there sure is some really fabulous ones out there.

    Loving all your new found treasures :) Hugs

  21. Oh so many lovely must have a successful garden this summer! Looks so good!
    Your home is also so beautiful, really cosy and nice...
    Have a great week, take care!

  22. Move over Martha Stewart.... Laurie the salsa looks divine it will warm up your chilly day this winter with a bowl of salsa and chips yum!
    What a harvest of beauty here. I am tiring of so much white in my home, even though I am drawn to the calm it has on me, I so am wanting to mix in some of these aged pieces like your now side table perfectly placed to love everyday when you relax on the sofa and set your coffee/tea cup down on it. It's rustic in every way possible and I love the charm it adds to your room.

    You are one busy lady, without your busy days what would there be to enjoy?
    So inspired my day, and now what can I tweak in my home adding some old.

    See you soon.


  23. Oh almost forgot,
    Ps....your new baby is a doll :)
    I am on the hunt for a SUV. Perhaps a Jeep for us :)

    Enjoy your new ride!


  24. Love the table Laurie and so glad you left it unpainted goes perfectly in your room cosy....
    looks like you have had a great harvest's so nice to preserve things for the colder months ....we usually freeze the veggies and make preserves with the fruit..... lovely !
    Gail x

  25. Loved seeing your bountiful harvest! You are truly ready for winter! Congrats on your new vehicle, it sure is a beauty. Loved your finds, the table is awesome!

  26. I just canned bunch of tomatoes.It was allot of work but so worth it! Love your beautiful new found treasures,they all fit perfectly in your home! Looks like a Rachel Ashwell photo shoot! Congratulations on your new car! We will have to make that same move in the next couple of years.

  27. My husband loves the Acadia! Looks great!

  28. You are having a wonderful time - that's a lot of salsa - looks great - well done on the table - love the patina and love your new car - your other one looked good for her age ;) I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  29. Laurie, the little table is perfect!! And, congrats on your new ride! You are one of the features at The Round-Up from the Before & After Wednesday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to check out your feature. Hope to see you again tonight at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  30. Love your new finds-all are very beautiful dear !!!! And yes agree with lovely Tausha-the table looks now perfect !!! I must give your beautiful pics on my pineterest awww love them all !!!!! xoxo Vicky


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