Thursday, December 26, 2013

Frozen in Time

White crystals fall from heavy gray skies.
Bitter howling winds whirling cold fingers
that curl around this old house.
Whistling through cracks and crevices.
Winter in Michigan.

Snow crystals turn.
Hard driving icy pellets smother limbs and branches.
Growing heavy,
and then crashing to the cold unyielding earth.


I awake to the crashing.


Prayers instantly lift.
Whispering safety for us,
for protection of our beloved trees
and for the wildlife we feed.

Icicles cling.
Freezing rain driving down.
I look out frosty windows.
My heart craves southern warmth and sand between my toes,
not the frigid north and icy eyelashes.

A favorite ancient Wolf River stands stoic.
Clinging to deep red apples too high to pick.

"Wren Tree" succumbs. our hearts.
Splitting in two.
Our favorite shady maple that was so full and beautiful.
Birds found refuge there.
Our little wren made her home there every year.
She will have to find another.
We will miss her sweet song,
and hope that she returns to find refuge in the cherry trees instead.

Clean up is continuous
with wary eyes cast upwards at drooping, snapping branches.
Neighbors offer help. 
Our hearts full of gratitude.

The earth seems to sleep in the cold.
The generator hums.

Going to bed in warmth
but waking to cold for three days.
I feel grumpy instead of grateful.

And then...
sunshine from clear, azure skies.

Not warm, but bright.
Our eyes close against it,
seeing it behind our lids.

Amazed by the piercing color.

Wishing it would melt the ice,
but it does not.

The trees sparkle.
Twigs click their iciness.

Dark shadows dance across white under glittering treetops.

A walk to the barn brings numb fingers and a red nose.
The garden sleeps...frozen in time...

as I dream of Spring.

~  Eucharisteo  ~

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  1. This is so beautiful Laurie... both your photos and your words... I am sorry you lost some of your precious trees though... but happy you have generous neighbors to help you out... your birdies will choose yet another tree for their nest come Spring... Nature has a way of taking care of itself that we humans can't seem to get right... we need to pay closer attention to what God's creatures have to say... the sky with the sun out is so blue and brilliant... promising us of the Spring to come... it's coming sweetie... I am anxious for it to!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Are you without power? Luckily we didn't get it as bad as you did over her along the lakeshore. It's suppose to dip way down again in a few days. Stay snuggly warm!

  3. There is beauty even in the brokenness. Your words like a song coming forth from your sorrow. the crushing if your trees and hearts. While you are under ice we are experiencing unually warm weather... Like spring instead of the winter. We need rain.

  4. Your post was beautifully done. I am also looking forward to spring.

  5. These images are positively stunning! Magical.

  6. Beautiful your snow Pictures and a happy new year ! love, Barbara

  7. So beautiful - both photos and words. Praying you get some warmer temps to melt the ice and warm the heart.

  8. So sorry about your trees.
    The photos are amazing!
    Love your place and your blog!
    Florida hugs,

  9. Oh, Laurie, your emotions were so beautifully expressed.

  10. It is all a true Dangerous beautiful it all looks but feels so dreadful. I crave cooler temps, we are still using air conditioning. I am sorry for your tree. But am happy to see your neighbors helping you, that warms my heart for you.

  11. Beautifully glad you have power again.

  12. What a beautiful post of such a dangerously cold time.......I cannot imagine how cold and how worried you must have been... I am glad things are looking clearer and warmer and getting back to normal....I pray the ice and snow stays away from you for a while... Stay safe and stay warm. Blessings!

  13. Soon my friend Spring will be here.I am sure not soon enough but it will be around the corner before we know it.
    Such beautiful Photos though !!!! So much work though trying to maintain. Ughhhh !!!
    I too am dreaming of warmer weather.We have been having very cold weather for us here in Oregon.No snow or ice but Jan Feb can always be the worst time for us.
    I think I am dreaming of Texas :)
    Many Blessings Sweet One !!! ~Cheers

  14. A beautiful post Laurie, your photos make me feel as though I am there! Enjoy the rest of the holidays x

  15. Your post is amazing.We don't have any snow not yet.Adore your birds.
    Have a nice day Valadka

  16. Your photos are so beautiful!

  17. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words! You long for the warm sun and sand between your toes...I'm in Florida and have that but I'm tired of the air conditioner running in December...I long for some cool weather...I should be grateful! :)

  18. Lovely photos. Stay warm and safe.

  19. When the derachio hit our area a couple of years ago many lovely trees in my neighborhood were uprooted or split. From that destruction there is now sun where there once was shade. Places to grow flowers where only soft grass grew before. Look to the opportunity! Take care and stay warm!

  20. such lovely pictures, laurie--so sorry about the wren tree. we have several wrens that nest in our huge chocolate vine--i just love watching them through my new kitchen window:) stay warm and wishing you a wonderful new year!

  21. Laurie,
    Intriquing post with poetic words, dear freind!!!
    Beautiful photography!
    Stay safe, stay warm. . .Spring will due time!

  22. What beautiful pictures! I love how the birds have their very own decor with the icicles hanging on the birdfeeder as well as their birdhouses. Perfect! Stopping by from Sweet n Simple

  23. eucharisteo!

    gorgeous magic captured here. i can feel the warmth in your words.



  24. Amazing photos!!!!We are not snow in our republic-its big surprise for all-every year we have more snow here...we are a little worried that the new year then come some big snowfall and destroyed us all ... Your birds certainly find refuge in other trees in your beautiful garden!!!!
    With love...♥....

  25. I'm dreaming of Spring too Laurie but you sure make Winter look spectacular!!

  26. Dear Laurie, it is very wonderful and romantickéfotky. We is not no sign of snow, 3 year ago, we also had so beautifully white :) Have a very nice and I wish you a happy new year 2014.

  27. Losing a tree is hard. The shade the birds the leaves turning or showing up green for early spring certainly something that will be missed. You captured such beauty with your pictures. I grew up in Indiana so I remember those cold walks to the barn and the crunch of snow below my boots. I almost shivered reading your words and yet they brought back many of the glistening memories of walks in the snow. Hugs

  28. Amazingly beautiful….Mother Nature can bring such range alongside such beauty. Last winter's blizzard brought single degree temps, unpassable roads, and no power/heat for days. I don't even ike to think of the cold. Yet, the photos were spectacular! Glad to have found your blog!

  29. Beautiful moving poetic words along with your icy wonderland photo essay.

  30. Ice is the worst, and you have so much of it. Beautiful as it is, ice does to much damage. So sorry that it took your tree, and your power.

  31. So sorry you lost a tree. Losing a tree breaks my heart. I get so attached to them because they give so much and take so long to grow. Your photos are stunning.

  32. So sad for you ! I'm so amazed that in the troubles you always see the best ! Such an inspiring quality !

    `*.¸.*✻✿✿✿*`*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014* *✻✿✿✿*`*.¸

    *.˛.°★。˛ °.★** **★* *˛.

    xoxo from PARIS


  33. Oh wow... Ya'll are encased in ice. I know... it is so destructive, but so so beautiful too. Sad about your tree... that's hard. Maybe it left some of its seedlings tucked under that snow to burst forth in the spring.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year beautiful lady

  34. Laurie, you have such a talent for writing, your words are just beautiful. As are your photos! But being from Michigan too, I know how you feel!! You got hit so much harder than we did by the storm. Im so sorry you lost so many beautiful trees. But am so happy you are okay. Your home is to die for and I love your property!!!!! I miss living in the country so much. I hope things have thawed more for you by now. And I cant wait to see what you and your hubby are working on right now :) I know it will be stunning. Happy New Year sweet friend!
    Love and hugs,

  35. Beautiful scenes. Just beautiful

  36. Laurie, I'm always inspired by your beautiful photographs, thank you. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2014 and all the wonderful things you will accomplish. You are an inspiration!!

  37. Such and incredibly beautiful post. A wonderful New Year's gift - to have found your blog & start following.
    Happy New Year!

  38. Nature can be breathtakingly beautiful, but so cruel at times. Your photos are awe-inspiring and yet I'm praying for your comfort and peace of mind, dear Laurie.
    Happy New Year and blessings to you in 2014!

  39. Laurie your photos are amazing. Living in an all year round warm climate as I do, I can't even fathom what it must be like to experience all that snow and ice. Makes me realise that I know nothing about life in the cold. Where did your beautiful garden go? Where do the animal go when it gets that cold? Gosh... how do you even walk in that snow? I am clueless... but I do admire the beauty.
    Happy New Year sweetie.

  40. so beautiful

    all the cold glitter
    of winter

    but like you
    my heart longs for spring

    just wanted to let you know
    that Fridays Unfolded
    is back in business
    and I hope you'll take a moment
    to stop by!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

  41. Dear Laurie hope you are doing a little better , you really write so beautiful and tell your story with such poetic passion and care it always make me cry , so beautiful thinking of you dear for you know that we have been though similar story's may GOD continue to comfort you dearest friend , <3

  42. Oh dear, I too am ready for Spring already, but I do marvel at the stark beauty left in the aftermath of all the destruction. Your images portray it so well. So sad about the trees. It amazes me how all the little wild creatures survive the numbing and bitter cold. Sometimes I just wish we could invite a few inside. Thinking SPRING and Pinterest has been an invaluable resource in the bitter cold, keeping me well stocked with garden images. xoxo

  43. Wow, you have a snow! We don´t have... Our winter has changed to the spring :) But it´s okay, never mind! But I have to say, that winter on your photos, looks very beautiful. Have a lovely days, xoxo Michaella


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